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Prologue *Thoughts*

Hermione sighed and put down her pen once again. It was that time of year again where she sent Harry a present and a letter by owl post, wishing him a happy birthday. "What to write..." she chewed on the bottom of her pen, thinking. She would always tell him how she was doing and would ask him to meet her and Ron somewhere for their yearly ritual of buying their school supplies. But this year was different; she didn't want them to see her like this.

Hermione lifted up her sleeve and winced at the ever-growing purple bruise on her left arm. What was she going to do? She wouldn't be able to hide all the bruises for very long. Everyone would eventually get suspicious of her long sleeve tops and pants in 100 degrees weather. Her parents were already worried about her odd behavior.

Crookshanks jumped on her lap and purred, scaring Hermione out of her disturbed thoughts. She sighed again and picked up the pen.

Dear Harry,

Hi! How are you? Can you believe how hot it's been lately? How is Sirius? Okay, I hope. I can't believe we only have a month until our first day of our last year of school begins. Excited? I'm studying my ass off, as usual. Hope you're doing the same .. Well, I hope you like the present I got you. You know, it's getting harder and harder to buy birthday presents for you. Happy birthday, Harry. I can't wait to see you and Ron again.

Love Always, Hermione

"There, that should do it," Hermione told herself and tied the letter and her present (a book on secrets to playing quidditch and some unmeltable chocolate bars) to her owl's leg and sent him off. She thought her letter sounded a bit formal but shrugged it off. She had to hide everything from him and everyone else. Things will get better soon, she reassured herself, not believing it in the slightest.