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Chapter 7

The last week on Midgard for Harry had been a blur. Like the previous week he had been insanely busy, leaving him little to relax and ponder. He found this to be a good thing however as he didn't have much energy by the end of the day to contemplate the dark days. His sleep was still abysmal, but somethings never change.

Harry and Sif had been living on the Hellicarrier up until today where they would finally get to move into their new house. Apparently the house was pretty modest, with SHIELD tech inside of it however, and the fact the estate was rather large it cost him six million dollars. Which pretty much actually cost him nothing as SHIELD just took it out of what they thought the gold was worth which was a fair ten million dollars. He felt he probably could've gotten more out of it, but took their generosity of the land that was probably worth more, and equipment that they practically got for free. He wasn't sure what it was about the gold, but it was clearly something that interested the director of SHIELD.

He had also been caught up on recent history by Agent Coulson. The last decade had been an interesting one apparently. Two towers in New York had been destroyed, costing far to many American lives. The Americans went to war with Terrorism. The American by the name of Tony Stark established temporary world peace due to the Iron Man weapon. Tony Starks' inventions have also dominated the world since about the late 90's.

He kept up with his sword training with Sif, which apparently was improving drastically. Hawkeye even watched over a practice and decided to teach Harry the basics of knife throwing. Even testing his archery skills which he said were better than some, but not on the same planet as his. He had watched Hawkeye do some incredible things from the top of the hellicarrier, including shooting a coke can off the very tip of a plane in the hangar without barely even taking aim.

He only saw Agent Romanoff at nights, which she was usually thoroughly annoyed by that time with the acclaimed genius that was Tony Stark. Harry couldn't wait to see this Stark Expo, it was the talk of Hellicarrier for those who had the chance to visit it.

A problem had also arisen in the mind of Harry over the week. All this time he was spending with Sif, was it dangerous? Did she even genuinely like him? Or was it all for the life debt? Harry honestly had no way knowing for sure either way. He wouldn't even consider probing her mind without her permission, and he couldn't even bring himself to ask. It was driving him a little crazy. He did take a small comfort that she seemed to enjoy their time together, and the two kisses that had taken place on Asgard had been instigated by her. He wasn't sure how living with the Lady was going to be, considering it would be just the two of them. Well Hawkeye was pretty much coming to live with them until Tony Stark was recruited or denied. Harry liked the archer, it seemed the two had actually had a lot in common as well. Hawkeye and himself had even swapped stories of a war that they had fought in. He was more in a war zone then an actual war, but Harry knew above all else it was the actual battles that scarred any man.

Today Sif and Harry were to adjust to their new home, because tomorrow they were going to be heading to the Stark Expo. Hawkeye was even going to stay on the Hellicarrier for one last night to let the traveling companions pick rooms and setup the house however they wished. They had been informed that military stylist were designing their uniforms for the Avengers team, but more importantly at the moment they had already picked and bought wardrobes for both of them. Harry was excited about his new home. He had never actually owned a home before, sure he Griummuald place, but that wasn't really his. Neither was Godrics Hallow. All that belonged to family, but this, this was his first real home.

They had already finished up their training for the day and the sun was setting nicely in the distance. As Harry began walking towards the hangar Hawkeye came over to him about half way there, "Morning Harry, listen there comes a time in every man's life when he has to do something important in their track to manhood."

Harry stopped in his tracks looking at Agent Barton in confusion, "What the hell are you talking about Clint?"

Barton put a sarcastic hand on his shoulder, "You are moving into a beautiful knew home that you and your 'traveling companion' are going to be sharing for who knows how long. As an American tradition when you move into a place with someone of the fairer sex, you take them to bed."

Harry gawked at the man as he began striding off towards the hangar. He had to wait a moment to gather his wits and follow the man before he groaned, "But remember what I told you. Its not right, she can't say no because of the life debt!"

Clint shrugged, "Seems to just make things even easier to me!"

"Yeah well she would have your balls on a plate if you suggested such a thing to her." Harry spat.

The archer just gave him a feral grin, "I know your first time is always the worst, but that girl looks like she knows the rounds. I have a feeling she could teach you a few things."

Harry growled, "I'm not a virgin Barton!"

"Ah that is pleasant to know. Then this should just be a reminder at how its done. Good lord man if you don't I might!" The older man joked.

"I thought you and Natasha were a thing?" Harry inquired.

"Why are you interested?" Clint asked suspiciously.

"Dude have you seen her? Of course I am interested! But I would never seek her out. Something about the red head makes me feel really uneasy."

"She has that effect on people."

"How did this end up back at me! Don't you two have a thing?"

"Nah, more like friends with benefits!" Hawkeye boasted.

Harry shook his head, "What a girl to make that arrangement with."

As the two pulled into the hangar Harry saw Sif chatting with the female pilot. He wondered if she had gotten the same talk from Natasha, or another girl on the hellicarier. He had been a popular guy at nights on the brig or in the cafeteria. At least in female company.

Harry was glad to see Sif in something different then her armor. She was wearing a SHIELD uniform that hugged her body very tightly, that left little to the imagination as far as her figure went. It looked a lot like Natasha's, but Sif's actually seemed a little to small. He would never complain about such a thing as he approached his companion, "Ready to go see our new home?"

She smiled happily, "I have never lived anywhere outside of the Asgardian capital, it will be an experience to live out on my own, with just one other. Asgard is a little to shadowed for any privacy."

Clint grinned at the female warrior, "Well I don't know how much privacy you'll have. SHIELD probably has the whole place wired with cameras."

Harry laughed, "Not for long they don't. Electronics and I sometimes have a disagreement. IF there is even a micro camera in my house I will find it and destroy it."

Hawkeye snapped his fingers in a sarcastic manner, "And here I was going to make sex tapes of the two of you and pass them around the hellicarrier."

Harry blushed lightly while Sif laughed, "Not on your life you wouldn't Clint of Barton!"

Barton gave Harry a knowing look as if saying, 'there was no denial in that voice of pure sex! If you don't take advantage you must be gay.'

Harry inwardly groaned, clearly understanding the message. The female pilot however rejoined them, "Wheels up in two minutes, all aboard."

Harry and Sif grabbed their travel bags that easily fit on their backs and immediately entered the back entrance of the plane. Hawkeye stood a good distance from the plane waving to them, as even Agent Coulson and the director had entered the hangar to wave them off. Director Fury tossed them two encoms, "Turn these on first thing tomorrow morning. You will have a dossier sitting on your kitchen counter with everything you need to know about the Stark Expo."

Harry offered his hand, "Thank you Director, we will be in touch."

Fury took his hand and immediately retreated backwards as the plane engines activated. Harry grinned at his traveling companion, "Did they tell you how we were getting off this plane?"

Sif looked at him in alarm, "What do you mean? Aren't they just going to land it on the property?"

Harry laughed, "Don't you think that would gather some serious attention if a military plane landed on the property of the neighborhoods newest neighbors."

"Please don't tell me we aren't jumping off of this thing." Sif pleaded.

"Oh don't worry we aren't jumping."

"Oh thank the All Father."

"We are flying!"

What!" Sif cried.

Harry laughed as the plane kicked off into the sky, with the pilot coming on the intercom, "Arrival time in five minutes. Remember Director Fury didn't think jumping from the Hellicarrier was to smart, so please be careful as you exit the plane."

Sif appeared to be attempting to steel her nerves as the minutes ticked away. Finally the hatchet in the back lowered and plane slowed to the point it seemed like they were suspended in mid air. Harry reached into his bag pulling out his shrunken down broom and enchanting it to expand to its full length. He offered his broom to Sif, "You step on it first my lady. I will have to be behind you to guide this thing."

She groaned, "You can't be serious! I thought you were going to literally fly us down!"

"I am, just not with magic, by broom!" Harry exclaimed.

Sif looked like she might pass out as she put her leg over the broom, mounting it carefully. Harry came up on the broom sitting tightly behind her, wrapping his arms around the girl tightly whispering in her ear, "Don't worry, I was one of the best fliers in my world. You are perfectly safe."

She nodded quickly, "If this was your way of wrapping your arms around me, there are much more subtle safer ways to do so!"

Harry laughed at her attempt of humor, "Hang on tight!"

With that he surged the broom forward. They were clearly a few thousand feet in the air still at they plummeted towards the ground Sif screamed, but it was lost in the skies. As Harry could see they were approaching their destination, he cast a disillusionment charm and leveled out the broom a bit. He knew his home was the one surrounded by trees on two sides, with a large gate protecting the front, and ocean water on the backside. It was pretty recognizable even from this far up. Sif whimpered, "That wasn't to bad."

Harry laughed, "Are you ready to find our way home?"

"Harry James Potter don't you dare do anything crazy." Sif screamed.

He knew she was upset with him when she didn't call him Harry of Potter, or Wizard. However he grinned at how flustered she was and barked into the wind, "I have to put his down pretty quick or we could lose the flight in the broom. This thing isn't designed to fall for so long, nor is it built for two people."

"Do what you have to do, just get me off of this thing!"

"Your wish is my command!"

With that Harry pointed the broom nearly straight down, tightening his arms around Sif's waste as they dive bombed the ground. Her scream was barely heard through the piercing winds, which Harry found highly amusing, but they were approaching the ground fast. At about hundred feet above the ground he leveled the broom out giving Sif an all clear, "We would survive the fall at this height, but perhaps you should open your eyes and look to see what's in front of you."

Harry's eyes were glued out to the horizon. A beautiful sunset was in the distance, right on top of the New York Ocean Water. It was truly a breath taking site. When Sif opened her eyes even she gasped, "Never in my two hundred odd years of my life have I ever seen something so serene. Is this our new home?"

Harry looked directly below them to see a fairly good size two story house. It looked out of place around the mansions that were on both sides of it, but it was a beautiful home no doubt. The grass of the land was nice and extremely green. A green that would've made his Aunt and Neville extremely jealous. All he could to grace his companion with an answer was, "This is home my lady."

Sif sighed shifting her body weight back towards his chest. He gently kept his arms around her waste, but now encircling her whole body as he slowly brought his broom towards the grounds. When they touched the ground Sif quickly jumped out of Harry's arms and off the broom. She then roughly punched him on the arm, causing him to wince at the sheer force of the blow, "Never again! We can go for nice rides in the sunset sure, but never again will you force me out of a plane that is thousands of units in the air."

Harry grinned, "Of course Lady Sif, I would never defy such an order without your permission."

Her glare turned to a soft smile as she began walking towards the door. Harry placed his broom back in his string back back and moved to catch up with her. She laughed, "You know in another life you probably carried me into this home in a very cheesy romantic way."

Harry laughed along with her, "An Asgardian with a sense of romance! Who knew?"

She shrugged her shoulders ever so slightly, "I am still a women Harry."

The Green eyed boy stopped for a moment, "Then let me treat you like one."

She gave him a questioning look as he grinned and shot an opening charm at his front and scooped her up with now practiced ease and began walking towards the door as she giggled, that's right, the Lady Sif giggled. He wished he had recorded the moment because Thor would never believe it. As he reached the door, he turned sideways to allow the two in the house and it was truly amazing. He instantly sat her down so she could turn and take it all in. The front room was clearly a formal family room of sorts, with a fire place and two pieces of couch furniture. To their immediate right was two french doors that went into an office and a bathroom. To their immediate left was a formal dining room. But what lied before them was an entrance to the informal living room, with a couch, love seat, and flat screen TV. Also was a staircase that took you upstairs. Harry had seen the blue prints to the house. There were three bedrooms upstairs and a small media room that would be used for briefing sessions with SHIELD. The master bedroom however was through a door on the right, a long with an entrance to the backyard that held a small pool, and a basketball court. A sport that Harry had recently picked up with the male SHIELD agents over the past few weeks. He was also aware that the muggle game of pool could be played on the table upstairs.

Sif took a step forward looking back at him, "So what are the sleeping arrangements?"

Harry however walked over towards the comfortable looking couch that lied before the fire place taking a seat, "Its up to you. The master bedroom is honestly larger than my school dorm room that slept five. It is also the biggest room I have ever even thought about sleeping in. The three bedrooms upstairs are all comfortable though so if you want the master bedroom that's fine with me."

Sif questioned, "Can we go take a look at the master bedroom before we decide?"

Harry shrugged snapping his fingers starting the fire in front of him, "Why not?"

When they walked through the door one large bed was in the middle of the room, while a desk was on the left. A TV and a dresser were on the right corner closest to them, while the bathroom was also on the right center of the room. She said quietly, "Only one bed."

Harry nodded, "One ridiculously huge bed!"

She said nothing and walked over to the bathroom. Their were two sinks in the large room that were on opposite sides of each other. There was also one small toilet room that had an actual door to it. Their was also a large shower that even had a place to sit in. The bath tub was also ridiculously big. When they walked down to see the closet Sif gasped, a fully stocked closet for both male and female rested on opposite sides of each other. It had everything from fancy dresses or suits, to work out clothes or lounge around clothes. It also for Sif he noticed had different types of under garments, like lingerie, lacy and all. Harry had the satisfying moment of realizing that would be his traveling companions only type of undergarments. He felt like SHIELD was trying to get them to do some kinky shit, by the looks of some of Sif's clothes, so he would definitely be frying every camera in the house. He couldn't detect any in the immediate vicinity, so he was thinking they must just be in the common areas, not the bedrooms. Which was a relief that they understood at least a little of what privacy was. The technology in the house wasn't that impressive compared to what they were used to, which Harry was grateful for because he didn't really understand half of it, so he was rather satisfied with everything as a whole.

Sif seemed to be fingering a few outfits that Harry hoped she would try on, but spoke softly again, "Lets view the upstairs before we decide."

Harry nodded in agreement as they walked back out into the main entrance and up the semi circle wooden stair case. When they reached the top Harry saw the pool table in the middle of the room, along with the dart board on the far left wall. He was aware of both of these billiard sports as he played them pretty regularly at bars after the war. Sif however barely glanced at these as she followed the left wall into a bedroom that looked rather like an old style bed and breakfast room. Two small desk were in the room, one looked rather hand built, while the other seemed a little newer and clearly factory built. The bed was pretty large as well, and with no TV in the room, it seemed a little old fashioned that Harry did like. She barely glanced over at the bathroom that held a smaller closet and a sink for the bedrooms occupant. The room directly across from this one was painted a dark blue that made the room feel a little cooler as far as temperature went. This room was probably the least furnished as a desk was on its immediate left along with a dresser in the corner. Other than that a smaller bed sat in the middle of the room. Harry knew this was a guest bedroom if he had ever seen it, it didn't really have much of a flare to it, very basic. As they made their way to the last bedroom on the opposite side of the second floor he was clearly mistaken as it had been turned into a small workout room. Not much other than a treadmill, dumbbells, pull up bar, and a bench press machine, but it could have room for stuff added, especially if Harry threw a few expansion charms at it.

The Last Room of the house was clearly intended to be a theater room that muggles are so fond of, but instead it held a long table in the middle of the room. This table faced three TV consuls hanging parallel to each other. Harry knew this was the conference room that director Fury spoke of.

Sif gave an appreciative smile, "The house is wonderful Harry. But I do have a question."

She said this as she walked back out towards the game room area where the pool table was. She grabbed the stick on the wall and pointed to the table, "I don't understand what this is for."

Harry gave her a smile as he walked over to the table bringing out two balls, the cue ball and the eight ball. He put the cue ball in front of her and the eight ball near the back right pocket. He grabbed a stick and bent over the table shooting the cue ball at the eight, sinking it in easy. He grinned, "Easy, fifteen balls, using only the white ball you have to put all the balls in the pocket. Its a two player game usually."

She gave a sort of confused look as he pulled a ball back out of the pocket putting it in the same place, "Do as I did, try and put it in."

Harry refrained from laughing as she bent over attempting to bend over the way he did and line the ball up with stick. When she hit the ball she topped it causing it to spin away out of control. She frowned, "Is the game supposed to be a difficult one, I don't understand how you hit it with such precision?"

Harry shrugged, "I will show you some other time. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it."

She just nodded her head and went back downstairs with Harry following right behind her, "I grow tired Wizard. We have had a long day. Tomorrow we have the afternoon to explore the grounds and decide more things on the house, but we must choose sleeping arrangements now."

Harry waved it off, "If you want the master bedroom take it."

"But it is to large for a single inhabitant. I could fit twenty in there." Sif proclaimed.

"But there is only one bed." Harry said.

"Then we will just have to share. You did say that the bed was ridiculously large." Sif challenged.

He thought about arguing, but then he realized that a sexy girl was trying to get him into bed. Why the hell would he argue with that, "That's find with me. As long as you are comfortable with it."

She nodded her head firmly, "I am indeed. Now if you will excuse me, I do believe I will go get ready for bed."

Harry nodded as she walked towards the bedroom and he walked back into the kitchen. He saw the dossier that Fury had promised him sitting on the kitchen counter. He flipped it open and began reading the contents slowly trying to take in the details of what he might see at Stark Expo. After what felt like probably an hour he yawned and closed the dossier heading to the bedroom. He didn't even chance a look at Sif as he went to go change. He put on a simple white t-shirt and loose basketball shorts that he could sleep comfortably in. Or at least as comfortably as possible.

When he came back in the room he could only see Sif's head and her eyes were closed. She was on the left side of the bed and left him with plenty of room on the right. He gently and quietly swept into the bed laying down comfortably under the blankets. He tried not to look and see what Sif was wearing, because he knew he would see it in the morning. He laid their for only a second when he felt Sif stir and move closer towards him. Her eyes were looking up at him as she snuggled towards him, "This is a beautiful home we share wizard."

Harry whispered lightly, "That it is. Larger than we need, but it feels like home."

A few moments of silence passed when Sif asked suddenly, "Do you not find me beautiful wizard?"

Harry was stunned by the question as he looked down at her, "That has to be the dumbest question you have ever asked me. My Lady you are more than beautiful, completely stunning. Why would you ask me that?"

She finally sat up to look at him, and Harry really wished she hadn't. He knew any hope of keeping his excitement down was gone. She was wearing a lace bra strap that made her breast look fascinatingly large and he could see the base of her panties, that were so little they were almost non-existent, "Because here we are. Just the two of us. In bed together, in our own home, yet you have made no attempts into making me a women that belongs to you."

Harry didn't need to ask what she meant by that, but he put a gentle hand on her cheek, "I was afraid. I didn't want to ask or try, because I didn't want you to feel entitled to say yes just because of this life debt."

A knowing look suddenly appeared on her face as if the thought had just occurred to her, "Now wizard I know you are powerful, but I don't believe you could force me to bed, even with the life debt over us. I would do anything you ask of me, even pleasure you, but I would not go to bed with you if I did not want to."

Lemon Warning

She rolled her body over to where she was mounted on top of Harry, a leg on each side of him. She slowly began rocking her hips into him causing Harry to harden instantly, "Now Wizard, know that I have wanted to do this since we got here. I have been thinking about it since our time on Asgard, I want you. You saved my life, you displayed more power than most Asgardians ever could dream of. You are the epitome of a warrior, with honor, respect, and modesty. I could not ask for a more fitting partner."

Before Harry could say anything else she slammed her lips onto the green eyed man and began to take his shirt right off. It wasn't the first time she had seen him shirtless, but now she seemed intent on memorizing every scar as she broke the kiss. She even went down on him to kiss some of them. Running her tongue across others. If her goal had been to turn Harry on, she had been successful. She even pulled his shorts all the way down, leaving just boxers and panties between them. She stood up on the bed now towering over Harry, as she turned around to give a good look at her firmly shaped ass. She removed her bra strap slowly as if she were teasing the young wizard. And even slower pulled her thong down to leave her completely naked before him. It wasn't until she turned around however did he get the chance to oggle at her breast. They were much larger than he realized, he couldn't believe that the bras she wore didn't snap trying to hold her D size boobs in. As she sat back down firmly and nakedly on top of him, she was again began grinding against him.

Harry moaned as she slipped her hands inside his shorts gripping his man hood that stood fully erected. She leaned over to whisper into his ear, "You are much bigger than I thought. You will easily please me with this all night long."

Harry could have cum right there, but he was much to stubborn to do that. He waved his in a quick motion banishing his boxers straight off of him and rolling Sif around on the bed, "Are you ready."

She grinned at him and used her muscle to roll them back around and sitting straight on top of his manhood. She nearly screamed in pleasure as Harry filled her all the way in. Harry had to do everything he could to not cum inside her right there. She was tight, and no girl, not Susan or Ginny had been able take him all in. But she just rested there with his entire magnum straight inside her. He was clearly in some type of heaven. She rested her hands on his chest as she slowly began bouncing up and down leaving the pleasure swelling inside of both of them. She screamed his name, "Oh dear Odin. Wizard, fuck me, fuck me like an animal. Show me your skill. Show me your power."

Harry bucked his hips into her making sure she got his fully erected cock with each push. The screams got louder and louder, "Harry, oh gods, oh gods, please fuck me harder, harder, faster, faster. HARRY!"

Harry felt a little bit of cum drip down him, but he knew she had not hit a complete orgasm yet. So to help her along he took her hips slamming her all the way down with his strength on top of him. Causing her scream to nearly shatter the glass. However Harry couldn't hold it in any longer as he shot cum so deep and hot into her, he was glad he remembered the contraceptive charm for the morning. She however was not cumming no matter what he did. He gently took her off his dick and pulled her lower body straight down to his face. He dove into her extremely tight and wet pussy with his tongue causing her to put a hand on the back of his head, forcing him to go in deeper and deeper, with not just his tounge but his fingers and lips to. She finally let go of his hair and gripped the sheets powerfully as she screamed, "OH gods Harry, don't stop, I'm going...I'm going to...UUHHH!"

Harry finally felt the women climax right under neath him, right on his tongue. He licked up every last bit of it to, as he always wondered what a goddess would taste like. Harry thought she was done, but instead she layed next to him planting his dick straight into her ass, with only the cum as lube. With that she just rested their. Harry felt the tightness of her ass as she flexed it occasionally. He was still hard as a rock, but didn't move, as he didn't think he could. She whispered lightly, "That was amazing wizard. Your experience as a lover must be great."

Harry shook his head, "You were only the second that I had actual sex with."

"Was it just sex wizard?" Sif questioned quietly.

Harry shrugged, "I don't know, I am not sure I know what love is, if that is what you think?"

Sif withdrew his dick from her and crawled on top of him, "Then I will teach you, forever if thats what it takes. But for now we must rest."

She kissed him one last time, nearly shoving her entire tongue into his mouth, but he didn't care, he was in heaven. She then laid next to him, fitting as tightly into his body as she could and closed her eyes.

Lemon end

Harry was tired and exhausted from the activities he went straight to sleep, completely forgetting the silencing charms.