Wilder in the Mist

By: Rikku24 of the Green Ajah


In the days that followed their leave-taking, Egwene and Gawyn traveled together. They explored the world together. Egwene eventually bonded Gawyn as her Warder at age 24 and a few years later became his wife. They lived a happy life and kept their oath. Egwene and Gawyn didn't even speak of the Elven world to each other. Egwene never forgot about the elves and sometimes wondered about them.

At age 28 Egwene had her first and only daughter who she named Guinevere.

Guinevere was a smart child and loved nature. The ability to Channel was born in her and wanted to use her ability to heal, but she couldn't until she went to the Tower and trained. Egwene often thought of sending her to the tower but decided that Guinevere could wait until she was 13. When Guinevere was 8 she wondered about the forest and when she came home, Guinevere had quite a story to tell. She said she had seen a woman with a harp singing a song so beautiful it made one both laugh and cry. Egwene had said nothing. She had sworn never to speak a word of the Elves and their secret world and she was forced to hold to that swear.

The years past and eventually Guinevere was sent to the White Tower. The test to become an Accepted was so hard for Guinvere she backed down twice but, luckily, on the third time she succeeded. At the age of 20, Guinevere was raised to the Shawl and chose the Yellow Ajah.  

The Elves eventually forgot of their human visitors. They once again live their calm and peaceful life normally. Amethyst and Opal, however, would never forget about Egwene and her lover Gawyn. But they kept their memories to themselves. Opal continued to go to the human world and sing. Once she saw a girl who looked a lot like Egwene. The girl could channel too. But Opal ignored her. Opal didn't want another problem like Egwene to happen all over again.


That's the end to Wilder in the mist. Hope you liked it. Yeah, this was probably the shortest epilogue EVER but that's okay.

A BIG thanks to all of my reviewers. I am glad that you read my story and even gladder that you reviewed it. Well, a big thanks to MOST of my reviewers. I got my fist flame EVER, it mad me pretty pissed off. I did kind of hasten the ending and I will admit it was rushed. But that's only because I am absorbed in another story I am writing (it's for Yu-Gi-Oh and is called To Remember Light). If you look at all my stories none have been updated except for Wilder in the Mist and To Remember Light. I only updated this because I had a few reviewers that wanted to see what happened, if they hadn't reviewed I probably would have NEVER gotten around to updating. That's why I thank them, especially Channeling Wisdom. You remained loyal to the story and reviewed as soon as it was updated. And for that I thank you. Also, I got one of the most inspiring reviews I have ever received ever; Lynette Sedai of the Brown Ajah submitted this review. I thank all of my other reviewers as well for each of you helped me to go on, inspired me really. To The Eldest: Yes I realize that I spoiled a lot in the first chapter. It's just when I write stories I barely plan, I just write as I go along, insert what I think would go good in the story. This was also my first EVER fanfic so I didn't have TOO much experience at the time despite the fact I am well known at school for my poetry.  Yeah, I did reveal a lot in the first chapter. Maybe I should have splitted the stuff up in a few chapters but as I said before, this was my first fanfic. I was just wondering, are you a Dark Friend or something because you signed yourself The Eldest of the Shadow Council, just wondering though.

I also realized that a handful of my reviewers like elves, I love them. Being a Lord of the Rings fan, they are my favorite Race and would LOVE to be one, pointy ears and all. To Dark Comet- yes, I think elves WOULD get along quite well with Ogiers.

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