Hey. So it's been a long time since I've done fanfiction, but I decided to write something a little more concrete this round so it doesn't become too convoluted. I'll try and update the fanfic as much as I can in the future, but no guarantees with school and all. Fortunately, I do have break coming up, so I plan on writing more in the near future.

Anyways, so this fanfiction is a Kingdom Hearts/Avatar the Last Airbender crossover piece. I'm going to keep it in the world of Avatar (for the most part), but that doesn't mean that people from other world won't show up. We will just have to see about that.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender nor do I own Kingdom Hearts.

Also, the following content takes place four years after the events of the Avatar the Last Airbender finale (so there will be spoilers to the finale and other, earlier content) and there will be spoilers to Kingdom Hearts content all the way up to Dream Drop Distance (at the time of writing this, Kingdom Hearts 3 does not exist nor do I intend to update this content to the canon).

The following content will obviously diverge from the events that occur in Legend of Korra, although still including content released in Legend of Korra, since this piece will not be in sync with future canon.

Well, I don't know how long this fanfic will be, but please give me feedback and do enjoy!

Aang woke up in a grassy plain, a dense fog surrounding him. Other than the outlines of nearby trees, Aang could not see anything around him. He looked on the floor and noticed that he was standing on a familiar platform. A memory came to him as he recognized the same hexagonal shape underneath him, the familiar patters decorating it.

I'm on the back of a Lion Turtle. Just like the day of Sozin's comet…

Recalling the fateful day he defeated the fire lord, he looked down and realized he was wearing the same clothes from the day of Sozin's comet.

Is this a dream? Or am I reliving that day?

He went to the edge of the fog and walked into the trees, but as he was clearing the brush, he decided to walk back into the clearing, as if something was calling to him. Remembering his actions, he sat down and meditated. A blue aura surrounded the Avatar as a familiar figure appeared In front of him, wearing the red robes of the Fire Nation.


"It's good to see you, Aang," Aang gave a respectful bow and Roku returned it with a nod.

"Roku, why am I here? Why am I reliving all of this?"

"I…do not know," Roku looked as puzzled as Aang, "but there is one thing that I have been meaning to talk to you about, something of grave importance."

"What do you mean? Fore Lord Ozai has been defeated, Zuko has ascended to the throne, the nations have been rebuilding. What have I missed?" Aang's frustration seeped out of him. Over the last four years, as much as he did not want to admit it, his life has been anything but peaceful. While he believed that peace would be restored to the world, instead he was left to pick up the pieces. He was aware that he would have to do this, but his job lately has been requiring him to be less of an Avatar and more like a janitor.

"I understand that keeping the nations in check, especially after this war, is not an easy task…"

"No, it is not an easy task. My job isn't to pick up after people; my job is to keep balance between the nations. As much as I want to rebuild the world, I haven't even had a moment to spend with my friends, with Katara…"

"Aang…" Roku looked with a sympathetic smile, and Aang calmed down.

"I'm sorry. Please, go on," Aang took a deep breath and adjusted his seating.

"Raava has been meaning to speak with you for a while now. It seems that a dark force is settling in the spirit world and it is very likely that it may play a threat is left unchecked."

"Wait, who is Raava? And what do you mean by a 'dark force'? Is the spirit world in danger?" Aang took another deep breath.

"Raava is the ancient spirit of peace and light that fused with the original Avatar tens of thousands of years ago. She is the reason why the Avatar can bend all four elements, and her spirit has lain dormant within every Avatar since then. This dormancy, however, has abruptly ended with the arrival of shadows within the spirit world, fierce beings whose only goal is to consume. It seems as if these beings are attempting to force a connection between the spirit world and the mortal world."

"So if these spirits are attempting to consume the spirit world, what can I do about it? My bending doesn't work in the spirit world. I'm useless," Aang's eyes descended downward, tracing patterns within the familiar looking platform.

"This is why Raava wishes to speak with you. You will need to undergo a test, however, before you can speak to her. Perhaps that is the reason why you have been called here. I hope you are decisive in these upcoming events, and I wish you luck, Aang," Aang reached out to Roku, calling his name as he faded.

Aang suddenly felt sleepy. He laid down, forgetting everything that Roku warned about for the split second that his head hit the lion turtle's back, his eyes closed, and he descended into darkness.

Aang woke up on an orange, red, and yellow stain glass floor surrounded by darkness. His head bobbed before he gained bearing on his surroundings.

Where am I? Is this the Spirit world?

He decided to test his bending, attempting to airbend, but failed. He tried firebending, but no luck. He didn't even bother to test his water or earthbending, for there was nothing to bend.

Perhaps this is the Spirit world…?

No, it feels different from then. This is something else entirely.

But why am I here?

Aang looked down to the stain glass and found himself in the middle of the art, meditating with glowing tattoos, showing his Avatar spirit resonating deep from within him. Around his figure, he could see several circles containing his friends: Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, even Monk Gyatso, Iroh, and King Bumi. A larger circle was saved for Katara, the girl he loved. On the outside, a plethora of stain glass circles surrounded this larger, inner circle that he stood in, and this was the first time he realized how big this stain glass platform was. He assumed that each circle contained a past life of his, explaining why the stain glass seemed to go on for miles.

A soft, female voice spoke, "So much to do, so little time... Take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it?

"What's going on? Who are you?"

"In time, young Avatar," Aang saw three platforms rise in front of him. One held a sword, another held a shield, and the last a staff.

"Power sleeps within you...If you give it form... It will give you strength. Choose well," Aang seemed to gravitate towards the staff.

"The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin. Is this the power you seek?" Aang thinks it over, remembering the Avatar spirit that rests inside of him, the cosmic energy that radiates in his being that controls the Avatar state. He can control this power, but he has not yet mastered it; perhaps it was the time to do so.

"Yes," he grabs the staff.

"Your path is set," the soothing voice said as the staff disappears from his hand.

"Now, what will you give up in exchange?" Aang instinctively walks towards the sword.

"The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. You give up this power?" Aang nods, thinking back to when he fought Ozai, how he hesitated, how he took the most peaceful approach, even has he had the opportunity to kill him. Aang was not capable of taking a life; he did not need destruction. The Avatar has to keep balance.

"Yes," Aang said as the sword disappeared from the pedestal.

"You've chosen the power of the mystic. You've given up the power of the warrior. Is this the form you choose?"

"Yes," Aang nods with conviction.

"So be it. You have always been a gentle, yet powerful spirit, young Avatar," the voice sweetly says as the pedestals fall into the stain glass, breaking the miles of floor as he fell into the abyss, only to land on another stain-glass floor. This floor was purple and depicted Sokka with all of his friends in circles surrounding his portrait, an especially large circle for Suki.

Aang's original glider appeared in his hand, but the glider somehow felt different, as if an embedded power has been placed inside of it.

"You have gained the power to fight in the Spirit world," the voice said as light surrounded the glider, "use this power to protect the world and those who are closest to you."

Suddenly, a Shadow appeared out of the stain glass, rising with haunting yellow eyes as it appeared with crooked limbs and antennae.

"What is that? A spirit? Is this what Roku was talking about?" Aang readied his glider.

"There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong," the voice faded as the Shadow sprung and attacked. Aang blocked it with his glider and attempted to airbend, but realized that he couldn't bend. He instead struck the Shadow with his glider and after a parry of blows, the Shadow disappeared.

More Shadows appeared, surrounding the air nomad. Aang swung his staff at the jumping Shadows, knocking them back before moving quickly on his feat to knock one down with his staff, destroying it. He turned to one behind him as it was about to strike and swatted it away, striking the other two around him with his staff before they, too, disappeared. He turned to the Shadow he swatted away, only to see that it melded into the ground underneath him. He attempted to strike, but the Shadow evaded him, moving underneath him before molding back into form, but before it could act, Aang delivered the final blow, and the Shadow was no more.

Aang turned around only to see a pool of shadows washing over the stain glass platform, swallowing him as he began to cry in fear. Swallowed into the darkness, Aang felt himself free-falling again before appearing on another stain glass floor, except it was green and it was a portrait was that of Toph. As he landed, he saw a white door on the other side of the platform.

"Do not be too hasty to open the door. Reflect upon the things that matter the most to you before you open it," the voice advised. Aang took the voices advised and meditated on the floor. He was transported to the Southern Air temple.

Three figures he respected awaited him on the Air temple grounds. King Bumi, Guru Pathik, and Monk Gyatso.

Aang walked up to King Bumi and smiled.

"What is it that you value most, Aang?" he asked.

Aang immediately answered, "My friends, the people who are closest to me." He thought of Sokka, Toph, Zuko, all of the people who have helped him and who he cared about. He thought about Katara and how much she meant to him.

King Bumi smiled and laughed manically before fading away.

Aang put on a more serious face as he approached Monk Gyatso, a rush of guilt building up inside of him.

"What are you afraid of, young Airbender?" Gyatso asked calmly.

Aang looked down, "Losing the people I love. Losing my people, my friends, failing to save them and the world. I fear that I will fail them all." Aang recalled feelings from the day after he woke up from his coma, several weeks after Azula shot him down and took Ba Sing Se, as well as the day of the invasion when he made the wrong call, when he had to flee and let the others be captured.

Monk Gyatso gave a reassuring smile before fading away.

Finally, Aang calmly walked up to Guru Pathik, who returned a calm stare.

"What is it that you seek in life, Avatar Aang?" he asked.

Aang considered this for a few moments before answering this, "To keep the world in a state of peace and to rebuild the Air Nation."

Guru Pathik nodded his head with a smile before disappearing. Aang looked at the clouds in the distance.

"You value your friends, you are afraid to fail them, and you wish to keep peace and rebuild the Air Nation. Your journey will begin in the dead of night. Your road will not be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journey's end."

"Alright," Aang says with conviction as light overcomes this scene and he exits his mediation. He walks over to the door and opens it.

He enters another room with a stained glass floor, except this time it was a blue altar of Katara. The usual circles showing each of her friends encompassed the portrait, but a larger circle was reserved for Aang. Aang smiled at this.

"This is your last sanctuary before you will face what lies beyond the door. Trust in yourself and in the people who care about you," Aang thought of Katara, of how he wanted to be with her, but was not able to because of his Avatar duties. He knew that she believed in him, that all of his friends believed and him and Aang walked with resolve over the stain glass floor and found a set of stain glass stairs that led to another platform. He calmly ascended the stairway until he reached the other platform, this one a red portrait of Zuko.

"The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes," Aang saw his shadow elongate before a large figure rose, a bald, black figure with tangling, dark hands and yellow eyes glowing fiercely. The figure had a large, heart-shaped hole where its core should be and glowing Airbender tattoos glowing as yellow as its eyes extended from its head, down its back, to its arms and legs. The Darkside looked exactly like him, except menacing.

With the stairs gone and nowhere to run, Aang raised his glider in a defensive position, getting into stance as the Darkside prepared its swing. He cartwheeled to the side, dodging the incoming blow as he struck the incoming hand with his glider, light illuminating the spot he struck. He propelled himself off the glider and onto the Darkside's arm, racing up to its face before striking several blows to its face. Aang retreated as the Darkside attempted to swat him off and landed safely on the ground just as the Darkside kneeled to the ground, shooting several beams into the sky. Raining down were several balls of energy and Aang spun his glider defensively to block the incoming attacks.

Ugh…fighting without my bending is extremely crippling. Now I understand how Sokka feels…

Aang dodged to this right as the Darkside launched itself from its position and threw a punch into the ground. Several Shadows emerged from a dark portal appearing where the Darkside struck and Aang decided it would be better to eliminate the easier targets to avoid them becoming a pestilence. Using his glider, he cut a path through the Shadows as he approached the Darkside's glowing hand and used it one more time to run up the length of its arm. Striking the head multiple times, Aang decided it was enough, and with a grunt, Aang jumped into the air and delivered the decisive blow. The Darkside began to waver and Aang jumped aside, allowing the colossus to fall onto the ground.

Aang breathed a sigh of relief until the Darkside faded into the ground, overtaking Aang. Unlike last time, Aang did not scream, but silently struggled to get out of the whirlpool of darkness. He felt his staff disappear in a burst of light. He was looking up at darkness as he fell into a pool of darkness.

"But do not be afraid. And do not forget. For you hold the mightiest weapon of all," Aang disappeared into the darkness, seeing a image of Katara flash through his mind as he was about to close his eyes when a light began shining. He realized that his Airbender tattoos were shining, as if he were entering the Avatar state, and that an orb of light appeared in front of him. Although the orb did not take a form, he knew what it was.


"So don't forget: You are the one who will open the door…"

The light flashed as Aang was overtaken by it.

So yeah, most of this chapter is basically the Keyblade dream ceremony, but I did try to get in some background and set up the basic premise. I will try and get the second chapter up as soon as possible, but I cannot promise anything. Also, make sure to give me feedback to see how I am doing. I hope you enjoyed it!