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A silent plaque. Like water washing on the shores, making the ground sink, then slipping back quietly, deftly.

Sigyn was like that with her golden hair and eyes of china blue. Her beautiful face and little red, rosebud mouth, her lashes, it was said, like long strands of satin. A smile that should be the only one to charm a laughing figure of mischief. Some might have shuddered at such a thought, but it would have made Sigyn smile.

Come then, how could two such brilliant minds fail in anything they undertook.

It would be a fine destiny indeed, to choose the moment and have the younger son of Odin follow her every word.

But these were but shadows, things that might come to pass if the cards were played right, else... Perhaps Sigyn could see glimpses of the future, perhaps she had been warned, that if she could not win the heart of the son of Odin she would not see the summer of her five hundredth year. Still so young in the world she was open to the commonest era and never guessed where might lie her opposition.

The only thing she had seen were the dark eyes, framed with black hair, lips that seldom smiled, but blossomed when they did. The lady Sif was the only obstacle she had considered. And with years going by it had become clear, she held no part of mischievous heart.

Time was cutting the corner for Sigyn, ticking toward, and then into, the summer that would be her last. She should have seen it, the shadows of her future playing with his life. She saw the great ship of Malekith that collided into the hall, crashing the pillars and all before it, but only that, for no one, not even the stealthy eye of the gatekeeper, saw the shadow that slid back in after.

The news of the Trickster's death reached and distraught her and still her eye never caught sight of the real man who sat on the throne of Asgard. But something went wrong with his planning, something that let slip his guard for a moment so the gatekeeper saw the before hidden truth.

Thunder roared again through the halls and Odin came back to his own, leaving Sigyn laughing insanely with her own giddy joy. She felt recalled and began to plan, but she had no idea where her plots would take her, first to the door of a home on Midgard to tell the absent Thunder what was going to happen to his brother back in Asgard if he did not return to intervene.

But the shadow of Thor, though long, was not a danger to the nine realms and she was determined to go further if life demanded and demand it would. Forcing her to move on, down to the depths of Muspelheim, where fire was born, there lived the leader among his kind, the powerful Surtur.

He was a creature of vision, not able to see the future, but the present, to the detail of it's smallest ant on Midgard. A hundred names he was known by, the eye of the gatekeeper, the trickster of the mischief maker and the sound louder than thunder. All those who saw him shuddered in fear.

Almost all. It was known that the Thunderer had gazed unflinching into those eyes when but a lad of a hundred and that greater years and wisdom had only made him, if possible, fear less.

Surtur loved to see men tremble before his gaze and perhaps this was the reason why he would embrace a chance to do anything that would show Thor his power. To achieve what even the mischief maker had failed and have Thor, trembling in fear...


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