Summer Jobs

By, Rikku24

  Every Kingdom Hearts character has or had some kind of summer job. Even the villains like Ansem have had a job. Of course, the villains always have the strangest jobs and Sora gets the worst end of all or most of the jobs.

Riku's Swimming Lessons

  Riku is a very good swim instructor but fails to carry out instructions. Unfortunately, Sora was one of his *victims*.

  It all started one summer day; Sora had just arrived at Destiny Islands and was anxious to learn how to swim. He had two choices, Wakka's Wacky Swimming Lessons or Riku's Swimming Lessons. Not much of a choice, don't you think? Wakka and Riku had been competing against each other ever since Selphie came up with the idea. Everyone was afraid to go to Wakka's lessons because his teaching was whacked up. Riku, on the other hand, was the commander of the Heartless and no one wanted to run into those creatures.

  Sora chose his fate, Riku's Swimming Lessons. As I said before and will continue to say throughout this chapter, Riku isn't good at explaining stuff and despite his hotness he never will be able to explain anything unless he really feels like explaining stuff. 

  Well, Sora ran out onto the beach in a bathing suit but NO sunscreen! By the way, he ends up as red as a lobster afterwards but this is the only time you'll hear of it.

  As I was saying, it was a hot day and Riku was standing by the water with ALL of his clothes on. This was really stupid because he was a swimming instructor and would get wet. However, due to the powers given to those when they become video game characters, he could not get wet.

  Sora, all happy and waving, ran towards Riku. Riku, however, was not as happy. Sure, he had a smile on, but it was a smile that belonged on a wolf. Riku had his hand out as if to say Give me 5 dollars or Take my hand, if you dare or Give me chocolate, NOW! Whatever it meant, it did not mean: Take my hand and we'll have fun. Sora ran towards Riku, reaching out for his hand. All the while Riku had on a wolf grin and just stood there, dangerously.

  There was only 5 feet left between Sora and Riku when a 200-foot high wave appeared. Sora ran faster reaching out for Riku's hand while Riku appeared not to notice the wave.

  Down came the wave with a giant splash. Its current carried Sora and Riku into the water.

However, they were not wet due to the powers given to those when they become video game characters. Riku calmly floated through the water while Sora struggled against its current.

  In the end, Sora was carried to his house (the water's current was that strong and accurate) as wet as a fish and as cold as Antarctica (his video game character powers must have broken). His parents made him New England style Clam Chowder to help warm him up.


  The next day Sora went over to Riku's house with his Key blade.

  "HEY RIKU!!! OPEN UP! I WANT MY MONEY BACK! YOU RIP OFF! YOU'RE SWIMMING LESSONS WERE AND ARE THE WORST!!!! I LEARNED NOTHING EXCEPT THAT YOU CAN'T TEACH!" yelled Sora breathing very heavily and trying to catch his breath at the same time.

  "ARE YOU LISTENING? ARE YOU EVEN HOME? OPEN UP RIGHT NOW! IF YOU DON'T I'LL SMASH THE DOOR DOWN WITH MY KEYBLADE!" Sora continued to yell until Riku finally opened the door with an EXTRA-Large Dark Chocolate bar in his hand.

  "HiSora! WhatareyoudoingSora? WantsomedarkchocolateSora? IalreadyatetenpoundsofitSora! SorrySora,can'tgivebackyour$20Sora. Spentitonatwenty-pounddarkchocolatebarSora! ComeoninSora." Riku continued to babble on due to the fact that he was hyper after just eating 10 pounds of dark chocolate.

  Since he was babbling on and very hard to understand, I'll be nice and translate his speech.

  "Hi Sora! What are you doing Sora? Want some dark chocolate Sora? I already ate ten pounds of it Sora! Sorry Sora, can't give back your $20 Sora. Spent it on a twenty-pound dark chocolate bar Sora! Come on in Sora."

  Sora walked into Riku's home muttering to himself that he should NOT have went to Riku's Swimming Lessons and that he could have spent his $20 on candy.

  The house was a mess. Dirty clothes and dishes were everywhere. Pictures of Selphie and Rikku24 were hanging on the walls. For some strange reason, however, all the pictures of Selphie had devil horns and mustaches (thanks to me, Rikku24).

  "Here Sora" said Riku handing Sora a quarter-sized piece of dark chocolate.

  "Oh, thanks' said Sora eating the chocolate crumb in one bite. "Now can I have my $20?" asked Sora.

  "I told you, I bought this twenty-pound chocolate bar with it" Riku explained.


  Whoa, I really need to stop yelling thought Sora when he started to go hoarse.

  With a yell, Sora took out his Key blade and got ready to attack Riku.

  POOF! Rikku24 appeared between Sora and Riku.

  "LEAVE MY RIKU ALONE! YOU WANT 20 I'LL GIVE YOU 20. 20 SLAPS!" Rikku24 yelled. 'NOW WATCH AND WITNESS THE POWERS OF A…KEYBOARD!" I *cough cough* I mean Rikku24 yelled.  

  All of a sudden the Ultima Key blade appeared in Riku's hands.

  "You are the TRUE Key blade master after all, right Riku," Rikku24 asked with a sly grin.

  Before another word was said, Sora ran out of Riku's house as fast as he could. "I DON"T want the $20, you can keep ALL of it!" yelled Sora before he disappeared.

  "THAT WILL TEACH YOU TO MESS WITH MY RIKU!" Rikku24 yelled after Sora.

  *It wasn't until one year later that Sora learned how to swim, thanks to Tidus.

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