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Chapter 6: Sephiroth's Freak Show

By: Rikku24

Sephiroth was poor. He was a freak. A poor freak without a job. His appearance scared customers away and got him fired, some storeowners just took one look at him, laughed, and told him to join a freak show.

That's it! Sephiroth thought. I'll create a freak show! I'm sure that Ansem, Cloud, and Ansem's heartless buddies would be thrilled to be a part of it. Especially since they don't have any jobs. I'm sure I can gather other people to join it as well. He excitedly thought. 

Soon Sephiroth went to the store and bought a REALLY BIG TENT that was purple and blue. He also got a pet Heartless Monkey named Bob from the local Heartless Pet shop. Then Sephiroth went to a custom shirt-maker place and ordered 200 Sephiroth's Freak Show shirts that he designed all by his freakish self. Um… if you want to know what they look like um well you see Sephiroth still draws like an um (Sephiroth fans PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!) four year old. Yeah. Um so it was more like a scribble drawing of himself with the words SEPHIROTH'S above his self-drawing and the words FREAK SHOW below it. I think my sis could have drawn a better picture. But Sephiroth wasn't thinking straight and he was in a rush so you can understand why it ended up looking so bad.

~~~At My House in My Room where I am typing this story~~~

Riku: Come on ADMIT IT!

Me (Rikku24): ALL RIGHT! THE MONKEY DESIGNED THE SHIRT! *Sniff* I just wanted to make Sephiroth look bad.

Riku: We all try to, but we all fail due to guilt.


Riku: Oh, then in that case. We all try to make Sephiroth look bad but due to EVILNESS of some kind we fail.

Me: Oh… just wait. This story isn't over yet.


So the shirts, tent, and monkey were all bought and paid for. Now Sephiroth needed people for the freak show.

Cloud: Hello, who is this?

Sephiroth: It is I! Sephiroth!

Cloud: … Okay. Is this a prank call?

Sephiroth: Is your refrigerator running? Do you need a job? Are you lost? Do you have one wing?

Cloud: Um, if this is a survey what is my reward for answering?

Sephiroth: A JOB!

Cloud: Just what I need! Okay, yes my refrigerator is running, yes I need a job, no I am pretty sure I know where I live *muttering* do I make a left or a right at this street. Yes, I have one wing. Happy?! *Holding his cell phone and trying to remember which street he lives on*

Sephiroth: THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING THIS UNOFFICIAL SURVEY! You are now part of my freak show, if it pleases. $2 an hour, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, Tuesday to Saturday.

Cloud: YAY! I HAVE A JOB! Now where did my house go?

Sephiroth: Okay, meet me in Traverse Town at lunch tomorrow. BYE!

Cloud: Now where's my house? *Wandering aimlessly about the streets*

|||1 Hour LATER|||


So he set up his Freak Show tent, came up with performances for his Freaks to perform, and printed ads for his Freak Show. Sephiroth was very busy and didn't realize what Ansem and Cloud were talking about.

Ansem: So Cloud how much did he promise you?

Cloud: *Sleepily* $2 an hour, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Why?

Now Cloud was very tired because he had spent the night on the cold hard ground due to the fact that he couldn't find his house. Just so you know the cold hard ground was the sidewalk right in front of his house.

Ansem: *Outraged and whispering* WHAT?! That's more than he promised me. I was promised $0.50 an hour, 7 hours a day, and 5 days a week.

Cloud: Oh, too bad. Hey, Ansem? Do you know where I live?

Ansem: Did you forget again?

Cloud: Yeah. *Wondering where his house was*

Ansem: I'll show you where you live later. Now to plot mutiny.

Cloud: I don't want to plot mutiny now. I want chocolate.

Ansem: Whatever. *Walks off plotting mutiny*

Cloud, however, went to go buy chocolate. He passed his house several times and every time he stopped, looked at it, and thought that house is so cool. Lucky Sora. It is his house, I think. So Cloud was pretty lost. He went to Ansem's reopened Candy Shoppe and stole some chocolate while Ansem was in his office plotting mutiny.

A/N: I am thinking this all up randomly so I'm sorry if it is not my best writing.

Traverse Town @ 1 week later

Sephiroth: *Yelling triumphantly* YES! IT IS COMPLETE! MY FREAK SHOW IS OPENED!

After a week of rehearsals, printing ads, and setting up, Sephiroth's Freak Show was finally opened to the public. There was a long line of people waiting to get in. Tickets were flying out the window, literally. Sora was in line by himself (due to Credit Card borrowing, see last chapter, he was barely able to afford his own ticket therefore giving Kairi up to someone else). Kairi was there with some young man. And Riku was there accompanied by none other than me! ^_______^ Leon and Aerith were there as well. This was the largest event in Traverse Town since the Moogle Circus! Soon everyone was seated and Sephiroth was rich.


Audience: Yay!


Audience: YAY!!!

A/N: I put you in this story Cloudic but since I didn't have a description I tried my best and I hope you are not offended or insulted in any way whatsoever. If you have a problem, tell me what it is in a review and I'll fix it. ^_^

Kairi: So Cloudic, do you like Freak Shows?

Cloudic (See I'm nice, you're in my story ^_^): Yeah, I guess.

Kairi: Ok, share the popcorn and the soda, will ya?

Cloudic: Ok, luckily I got two straws and extra large popcorn.

Kairi: YAY! ^__^

Yugi, Joey  (Jounouchi), Tristan (Honda), and Téa (Anzu) [If you haven't guessed, they're from Yu-Gi-Oh]: What are we doing here?

Sephiroth: Welcome to Sephiroth's Freak Show. I am Sephiroth! Oh, I see we have some newcomers. What are your names?

Joey: Let's get outta here.

Yugi: I agree.

Tristan: Come on! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Téa: I'm right behind you guys!

Sephiroth: Okay…that was um different.


Sephiroth: All in good time.

Rikku24: Errrrrrrrrrrrrr

Riku: You need to be patient Rikku24.


Riku: Oh…

Sephiroth: -_-' Okay. ON WITH THE SHOW!

All the freaks come out and do their routines, receiving much applause. They didn't care if they were freaks or not. I mean they were getting PAID! Soon the show was almost over when…

Audience: *Chanting* MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! (You get the point)

Sephiroth: -_-' Uh, but that's all I have.

Audience: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Police: Is Sephiroth in the building? We have come to take him to the asylum.

Sora: Oh no. I'm a runaway too…

Police: Hey kid, aren't you Sora?

Sora: *Hides behind Riku* Save me!

Rikku24: You mean this kid *pointing at Sora*?

Police: Yes…

Rikku24: Yep, he's Sora.

Sora: Eep!

Police: Come on now. The people in the white coats are friendly.

Sephiroth: Someone looking for the Great and Almighty Sephiroth?

Police: Yes we were. We have come to take you to the Asylum. The law officially closes this Freak Show.


Rikku24: This can't be good. Let's make a run for it!

Riku: Yes, let's run. I wouldn't like to be here when the audience goes insane.

Kairi: Um Cloudic? I think we should make a run for it.

Cloudic: Good idea, I don't want to stay and find out what the audience is gonna do.

Kairi: Come on! We'll go to some movie instead!

Cloudic: Great idea!

Sephiroth: NO MY SHOW! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Police: Come on boys! *Pushing Sora and Sephiroth into some vehicle that had the asylum as its destination*

Rikku24: Bye Sora! Bye Sephiroth! Have FUN!

Sora: *Groan* Why me?

Sephiroth: My show! My beautiful show! *Crying*

Health Inspector: Is there anyone with the name of Ansem in the building.

Ansem: Here I am!

Health Inspector: Your shop has been reopened due to the mobs at the Health Inspector HQ demanding that it be reopened. I suggest you go open your store RIGHT NOW.

Ansem: Cool! Okay, Bye Guys! *Runs off towards his Candy Shoppe*

Rikku24: *At Wendy's* I guess we escaped the angry mob.

Riku: Yeah.

Rikku24: I wonder what happened to my story…

Riku: Hey! Look, Ansem's Candy Shoppe is reopening. Let's go get some Chocolate!


Riku: Let's go!

Rikku24: Chocolate ^___________________________^

Sephiroth: *At the asylum* My show, my wonderful Freak Show.

Sora: Hey at least you haven't been bashed throughout this whole story.

Sephiroth: You have a point there.

Sora: Rikku24 is EVIL!

Sephiroth: I am beginning to wonder why they put you in the mild treatment program.

Sora: HEY!

Ansem: I feel SO happy. My Shoppe is reopened! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rikku24: Okay, so this chapter is VERY pointless and cheesy…

Riku: And stupid

Rikku24: Yes, that to. But PLEASE no flames, my head is filled with Yu-Gi-Oh story ideas, plots, etc. so this chapter was kind of forced.

Riku: Traitor….

Rikku24: Hey! At least I like you more than Malik. You should feel VERY special that you're my favorite bishie.

Riku: Oh… I feel SO loved.

Ansem: *laughing like a maniac* MY SHOPPE! IT'S OPENED AND READY FOR BUSINESS!

Riku: 2 Dark chocolates please.

Ansem: Ode to joy, my first customer is the person I hate the most besides Sora…

Riku: Here's your money. We'll be leaving now.

Ansem: Good…


Okay so this is very stupid, pointless, and badly written. I just didn't know what to write about for a Freak Show. You should feel lucky that I even took the time to finish the last chapter for Summer Jobs. Yes, it's true. I am working on Yu-Gi-Oh stories so my mind is filled with them. That's also the reason why THE Three won't be updated for a while. I will, however, release my YGO story real soon. A Reviewer's Ceremony for ~this~ story will be out really soon. If you don't want your review in the ceremony, just say so in the review. That's all I have to say. Oh yeah, Summer Jobs is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!