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"If only you were thirty centimeters taller, you could've become a superstar." Said Tsukishima to Hinata.

If someone asked him whether he remembered having saying that, of course he remembered. But he never thought much about that. Yet, he would correct himself. Because if Hinata was thirty centimeters taller, he would've become more of a monster than a superstar.

The day began like usual. He woke up and got ready for morning practice. The practices had been turned up a notch, especially now that Karasuno was going to face Aoba Jousai for the second time in semifinal nonetheless.

After showered, dried himself, and put on his school uniform Tsukishima then realized something was amiss. His Karasuno jersey that he usually hung above his desk was absent. He wouldn't admit it, but he got just as much pride as his other teammates of the jersey.

"Kei, are you awake?" His mother's voice called from the other side of his bedroom door.

"Yes, I am awake." Tsukishima replied before approaching the door and opened it.

"Oh, you already prepared? So soon." His mother strangely looked surprised. Didn't she already know that every school day he prepared early for morning practice?

"Uh, yeah." Tsukishima mumbled distractedly.

"Good then, come downstairs for breakfast, okay?"

"Yes, I will. But Mom, where is my volley club uniform?"

"Your junior high school volley ball uniform?"

"Not that one, the Karasuno one."

His mother's confused face raised a bad feeling within him.

"Kei, this is your first day in high school. Of course you don't have the uniform yet." Her mother replied with furrowed eyebrows. "Or, did you dream of joining Karasuno's Volley Ball Club already?" His mother added with a chuckle.

Tsukishima was taken back. He even almost recoiled physically. "First day?"

"Exactly. Come on, move now." His mother playfully commanded.

Tsukishima could only blink and stood under the door frame. Unknown dread suddenly strummed all over his body. He took a deep breath, a shuddering breath, before closing the door.

Tsukishima frantically searched for his phone. When he found it, he unlocked it and stared at the date there. His shoulders slumped and the small panic at the back of his mind grew when the date on the monitor was indeed the date when he had been a fresh student in Karasuno.

"You got to be kidding me." He mumbled to himself.

At first, Tsukishima's brain helpfully suggested that it was a big prank, a well thought prank, a geniusly executed prank. He was about to ask for explanation from Yamaguchi when all of his classmates didn't recognize him. Even the teachers only smiled and greeted him out of formality, no recognitions in their eyes.

He forced himself to calm down when the panic started bubbling again. Everyone stared at him when he was close to hyperventilating, and he didn't believe in making spectacle out of himself would do him good. Yamaguchi tapped him by his shoulder and instantly concerned for his bestfriend when he saw how pale Tsukishima's face was.

"Tsukki, are you okay?!"

Tsukishima nodded. "Do you have a bottle of water with you?" He really needed that, for his wrecked nerves.

"Yes, wait." Yamaguchi said before fishing out a bottle of water from his bag.

Tsukishima mumbled a small thanks to the shorter boy as he accepted the bottle. He drank the water in large gulps and when he gave it back to Yamaguchi, it was emptied for about three quarters.

He exhaled and inhaled deeply while gradually forced himself to accept the strange phenomenon he was currently in. He needed his calm and straight thought back if he ever wanted to survive this. He didn't know how and why it happened, but everything started anew.

"Tsukki, what club will you join? Volley ball, right?"

"You already know the answer." Tsukishima mumbled. Somehow it felt like dejavu for him.

"Ahahaha, yes. Sorry, Tsukki."

Tsukishima's mind was still in disarray. Some things, he remembered had happened before. But some other things or events, were new to him. It was like, he started the time over again, but in different version of development. He needed to look this up on internet.

"Parallel universe, huh?" Tsukishima mumbled. That was the result of his mini research. But that multiversity theory was still hypothetical. He still felt uneasy with all the familiarity, but somehow new, of the events he had encountered so far.

Without him knowing, his feet led him to the gym the volley ball usually used for practice. He heard ball slams echoed from the gym. Good, he really needed to confirm this phenomenon one more time. He steeled himself before walking straight to the gym doors.

The closer he got to the opening of the gym, the more he heard shouts. The more wrecked his nerves became.

"What are you doing here? You should be in Shiratorizawa!"

Tsukishima snorted, that familiar voice, Ou-sama.

But, wait. What was he talking about? Shiratorizawa? And who was he talking to?

"Like hell I would let myself be in the same team with Ushijima-senpai again!"

The voice stopped Tsukishima in his track. He knew that voice, but it was different. The voice he knew was higher in pitch. That voice though, although different, lower and gruffer, still had the similar tune in it that made Tsukishima sure that it was Hinata's voice.

As Tsukishima arrived at the opened entrance doors of the gym, a volley ball flew to his head. He instinctually caught the ball and lowered it slowly.

What he saw stopped all thinking process he should be doing.

"Ah! I am sorry!" Hinata said after shaking off his surprise. "Kageyama, stop provoking me!" He added while still jogging to Tsukishima.

Hinata stopped before him and smiled sheepishly. "Er, sorry. We were overexcited."

Tsukishima looked up, LOOKED UP to Hinata. Damn, never in his wildest dream he thought of looking up to the shrimp that was Hinata.

"Hello?" Hinata waved in front of his face when Tsukishima just stared at him with wide eyes and gaped slightly.

"How tall are you?" Tsukishima's mind was in chaos but he managed to ask the most important thing.

Hinata blinked, didn't expect that question. "192 centimeters." He answered casually.