Acting Without Thought.

Harry had beeen hiding behind his glasses for the most part of this year; his fith year. Sure with the Tri-Wizard tournament slowly taking over his life he could blame the stress on his inability to eat or manage a decent night's sleep...when in fact it wasn't his fear of dragons or merpeople that had him so worried; he'd crossed paths with a basalisk and Lord Voldemort and lived to tell the tail. His worsening conflict of emotions was caused by his ability to question his sexuality. Harry was hopelessly in love with a person of the same sex. It wasn't like he could feel falsely in love or mistake these feelings for warmth or comfort because the one he has fallen for has a spot reserved for Harry on his prominent cold shoulder. Even still knowing that his love was unrequited, he couldn't shake the tugs on his heart strings that had became more painful than 'butterfly-like'.

School life went on and people just assumed that Harry-s behavior was a compilation of hormones, angst and exhaustion. His friends; Ron and Hermione tried to get the overly confused teenager to spill the beans on why he had been so perplexed for such a lengthy part of the year. Yet Harry could only force out excuses everytime they would ask: "I'm just tired" or "I'm just overly stressed about the O.W.L.S" such problems were easily relatable and so his friends brought them not wholely but it kept them quieter for a while longer. Harry felt rotten, deciving his friends, when all they wanted to do was help him but Harry felt too in the dark like nobody could ever know how he feels.

Today was to be like no other day Harry would wake up depressed, go to breakfast depressed he would more or less spend the entire day moping around in self-pity. Once again he made his way down to the Great Hall and picked at his food. A teacher approached him; the sound of premium leather shoes and the rustling of a cloak stopped behind him. These two sounds were all too familar to Harry, he had memoried them in fact he dreampt about them almost every night. The fact that the one he loved so dearly was standing right behind him made him stop moving, his body became rigid and his eyes exploded to unnecessary lengths. Several images flashed before him, said teacher could hug him from behind or run his fingers through his hair, despite those possibilities being rather impossible it still made his heart beat possessively much so he was frightened of anybody being able to hear it.

"Potter." Hearing his name called in such a husky and manly tone made him shiver with excitement. "Need I remind you that you have to keep your strenths up?" Harry considered the odds for a moment, was his potions teacher actually concerned about him? Such a thought sent hot flashes to his face and under his mess if hair Harry's cheeks turned s crimson red.

"I'm not hungry Professor." Harry spoke, without making eye contact for he was too ashamed of his glowing cheeks and whatever perverted or insightly romantic ideas that would spring from doing so.

"Very well." Snape span around and marched down the isle. Harry couldn't help but watch his Professor walk away from him through the gaps in his bangs, it felt so lonley to watch Professor Snape distance himself from Harry.

"What was all that about?" Ron asked before he sat down. "Did he hit ya' Harry? Your all red in the face." Harry kicked himself mentally because he was embarrassed by the fact that his cheeks still shone.

"No...I It's just a little hot today." Harry lied. Ron looked side to side and took note of most of the students who sat wrapped up in a scalf and extra layers.

"If you say so. Hang on...where's Hermione?" Hermione had been spending the majority of her time with her new boyfriend Victor Krum. Ron was obviously jealous of how close they were but he too kept his feelings in the dark.

"She's in the library with Krum. Why?" Harry knew that his best friend had feelings for their female friend and Harry wanted Ron to tell him so it wouldn't be so tense. However, if Ron was as secretive as he was then it would be like getting blood from a stone.

"I thought so. What does she see in him anyways?" Ron felt threatened, Krum was his competition and Ron merely pales to Krum's standards.

"I guess he's attractive, athletic...assertive." Maybe Harry could have answered in a more masculine way he could have avoided the absurd look on his friend's face.

"I wouldn't go that far...the guy's an absolute twat." Ron huffed with defeat. Harry could only shake his head disapprovingly.

"Not more than a month ago you were at his feet. You would have hexed yourself if he asked you to." Harry could remember as clear as day, Ron bigging Krum up...he was practically swooning.

"That was because he's an amazing quiddich I've gotten to know 'im he's an arse hole..." Ron mumbled on to himself.

"You haven't even spoken to the guy, Ron." Ron was hardly ever a hating person, sure he disliked Malfoy and his gang but that was the extent of it, rarely does he speak badly of him unless it's to cheer Harry up.

"I know him enough to see that he's a tosser." Ron put his head in his arms it seemed like he was sulking.

"That's enough Ron." Harry snapped. Ron sighed even deeper into his robes. Whilst Harry turned his attention to the center of his world, Snape. Just something as simple as watching Snape eat made Harry happy. Sure, he realized that Snape was a weird choice for a first love considering how robot like and stiff he is but all those things that Harry hated most about him disappeared. It's when their eyes met from across the distance of the hall, or at least Harry thought that Snape was staring at him. Either way he spun his head round and picked up the morning paper so it seemed like he had something to do. Snape had left The Great Hall shortly after because perhaps Harry's lustful eyes were rather uncomfortable.

Harry slept really well this night unlike many others. It was quite obvious to what kind of dream he was having, this dream was shapping out to be quite a musky dream, full of lust and various fluids. It was certainly not the first dream like this that he'd had and it sure beat dreaming about death or Lord Voldemort.

In his sleep Harry felt himself grasp hold of the bed covers as the dream he was having progressed.

" can't make a sound. Got it?" Professor Snap placed a hand over Harry's mouth to silence him before they get caught or before they disturb the paintings on the wall. It wasn't conventional or all to comfortable but Snape had Harry pressed to the wall in the corridor leading to the girl's bathroom.

"Professor..." Harry breathed out horsley. Harry was not going to make a sound or at least he'd try to. Harry currently had his legs wrapped around Professor Snape's waist just waiting for his teacher to fill him.

"Potter, prepare yourself." Snape slowly inserted his erection into Harry's waiting hole. Inch by inch all of Snape fit inside the boy.

"Mnn!" Harry flung his arms around his Professor's neck as Snape began to move his cock around inside him. Harry resented the fact that he couldn't scream out with pleasure.

"You've been dying to have me inside you for so long Potter." Snape hissed before infusing his mouth with Harry's. Snape came in for the tongue but a set of teeth barricade his entrance.

"Huu..." Harry opened his mouth and Snape's tongue invaided. Harry tasted so sweet that Snape gently groaned into the young Potter's mouth. Snape reached a hand up and began to carress Harry's chest and fondle with his nipples. "Need you..." Harry moaned out loud.

"I'm going to make you suffer, I'm going to hold you off until you want to scream." Snape kissed along the side of Harry's neck. Even the feel of hot breath against his skin made him tremble with pleasure.

"No. I can't take much more..." Harry was a virgin and this was the first time he had sex. It felt so new and alien that he was desperate for orgasm.

"Not until I say so boy." Snape began to pound into Harry's arse at a quicker pace than before and precisely hitting the spot-that-must-not-be-named. Harry's hair continually flopped into his forehead as it became damp with sweat.

"Take me!" Snape need not do anything more than grabb the student by the cock and begin rubbing it down. "Ah!" Harry was caught off guard by the sudden pleasure and moaned a little too loudly.

"You like that Potter?" Harry nodded vigorously. The only thing he could think of that would stop himself from moaning was to kiss Snape a combination of having his dick pumped and being fucked up the ass lead him to start ejaculating pre cum.

"Yes. Professor Snape!" Snape would never admitt it but he was close to cumming too. So he gave it his all for the final minute before his legs turned to jelly. "I'm..I'm..." Harry's back arched and his head hit the wall as a surge if hot energy overwhelmed him. He came in hot white spurts onto Snape's black cloak.

"Right now..." Snape grunted as he gave one final thrust and he too came, all inside Harry. It was marvelous. The two were caught panting and twitching not moments after release.

Harry lie in his bed, soiled and sweaty as though he had actually engaged in sexual intercorse. Sadly, no it was all a dream even if it felt so real that Harry creamed his boxers.