Don't kill meeeeee! Ok I'm not gonna give an excuse, as I'm sure you've heard it all before. I did some thinking and there really isn't anyone I can think of who can be Kirito's son, so I guess he'll be an OC, hope you like him.


Kirito wandered around Aincrad for a while until he ended up standing in front of Sachi's grave, not really sure how he got there. He stood there hesitantly for a few minutes before speaking, his voice raw with emotion "... Hey... I really miss you, Yuki too. He's so much like you, you'd be proud. Yesterday he asked me if you were lonely without us with you. I told him that no matter what happens you'd be there with him... But I find myself asking the same thing... It's hard without you here..."

"One whole year, huh. It feels like an eternity yet it also feels like a second. I miss her too." Kirito turned around to see his two sisters Leafa and Shion standing behind him. "What're you guys doing here?" This time Shion spoke up, "What, are we not allowed to see our brother and visit his wife's grave with him?"

Kirito shook his head and smiled a little. "It's good to see you two. Haven't seen either of you since Yuki's birthday about two months ago." Both girls nodded.

"That reminds me," Shion spoke up, suddenly serious, "Tell your friend Klein that he will be missing something between his legs if he dares hit on me again." Kirito sweatdropped while Leafa just laughed. "O-ok..." Shion backed off and nodded triumphantly, "Good."

"Oh, Nii-chan, we're staying at your place for a week to catch up." "That's fine. Yuki is at a friend's house tonight, but he'll be back in the morning. We should head there now, it's really late." His sisters agreed and they walked home.


The next morning Kirito woke up to Yuki shaking him, "Papa! Papa! Aunty Shion and Aunty Leafa are here!" Kirito groaned and sat up, "Ya, they got here last night." "Aunty Leafa said she'd teach me how to cook! And Aunty Shion's gonna teach me archery!"

Kirito smiled at the five year old. Suddenly he got out of bed and threw Yuki over his shoulder, running out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen, planning on getting breakfast started. Yuki squealed in delight, his aqua eyes closed in delight and smile wide.

When they got to the kitchen, Kirito saw Shion trying (key word here) to make breakfast. There was egg all over the counter, once frozen blueberries on the floor, and a sister with more batter on her than in her bowl.

Shion instantly turned bright red when she noticed her brother staring at her in shock. "Um... Papa?" Kirito set his son down on the ground and looked into his eyes, "This is why Aunty Shion is never allowed in the kitchen." He then turned his son around to see the mess. Both boys bursting out laughing.

Kirito ruffled his son's onyx hair before shooing Shion out of the kitchen, telling her to "take a bath." With one disaster taken care of, Kirito started on the other, simultaneously cleaning and cooking. He just finished when Leafa and Shion walked down stairs together, the guest rooms being on the second floor.

"Good morning!" Leafa smiled wide as she greeted the two boys downstairs. She had heard what happened from Shion, who had begrudgingly asked for help getting the batter out of her hair, and had a good laugh. What better way to start the day then to laugh at your big sister's expense?

Kirito set the dining table with a plate stacked high with blueberry pancakes in the middle. Everyone sat down and dug in excitedly. It was comfortably silent until Leafa spoke up, "Nii-chan, do you have any plans for the day?"

Kirito was about to answer until he heard a knock on the front door. He got up to answer it, gesturing to his family that he'd be a minute. When he answered the door he was suddenly pushed back from the force of a small child suddenly hugging him.

"Yui?" Kirito looked to the front door to see Asuna standing there. "You're going to choke him to death." Yui pulled back and smiled, "Sorry." Kirito shook his head, "it's fine," Kirito then turned to Asuna, "why're you two here?" "Yui just got back and insisted on seeing you this very moment."

Kirito shook his head in exasperation and chuckled.

He invited the queen and princess in, leading them to the dining room where they sat down and helped themselves to breakfast, at Kirito's insistence. "The council meeting will resume tomorrow, but other than that nothing has changed." Queen Asuna replied to Kirito asking for the real reason behind her visit. He nodded in understanding.

For the remainder of the meal, Kirito sat silently, listening to his family and friends catching up and all around enjoying themselves.