Welcome to the first chapter of the Whirlpool Trainer.

This story takes place in the Hoenn Region and is for the new Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire release in 11 days, so it will include Mega Evolutions. The pairing of the story is undecided but I'm leaning towards Naruharem.

So enough of me talking so please enjoy the story.

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It was a dark night in Lilycove City as everyone slept in their houses and all the stores were shut down. Now every person may have been asleep, but the same cannot be said for the Pokémon creeping in the dark. Two blurs silently ran across the town looking for something, well one was running the other was flying. While the Pokémon that was running appeared to have a basket in its mouth, the flying one looked to be carrying an incubator.

They passed under a light which revealed that the one running was a large brown lion with green eyes and a mane of red and yellow hair that looked like fire signifying it as a male Pyroar while the flying Pokémon looked to be a large crow with a white chest and red eyes, it looked to have had a strange hat on its head. This was Pokémon was known as Honchkrow.

Before long the duo arrived at the Uzumaki residence where they laid down the basket and incubator in front of the door. Pyroar looked at Honchkrow for a moment before it took one last look at the baby inside the basket, the baby had tuffs of red hair and was currently looking at the two Pokémon with curiosity in those blue eyes. The lion smirked before he banged his paw on the door and the two took off back into the night.

A few minutes the door swung open as a very tall male came out rubbing his eyes, "Who the hell knocks at the door at- well hello who are you?" he asked as he picked up the baby and the incubator. He looked around only to see no one on the streets and sighed "Looks like Kushina got her new little brother."

-Eight tears later-

An eight year old boy with tanned skin, short and somewhat spiky red hair with an orange strip of hair in front of his left eye was sleeping in the middle of a large clearing next to a small lake. On his cheeks were six whisker like scar marks and around his neck was an orange scarf with a small red circular swirl on it plus he had a small light pink crystal dangling from a black colored thread.

His name is Naruto Uzumaki, the adopted son of Evan Uzumaki, an ex- champion of Hoenn known for his tenacity and skill over his Pokémon's unique skills and abilities and Mito Uzumaki a famous coordinator that ruled the stage with water types, and the brother of Kushina Uzumaki a fiery red haired child who was going to follow in her mother's footsteps as a coordinator and become a master of fire types, he still didn't know which path he was going to follow.

Around Naruto were the sleeping forms of Pokémon such as Buneary, Flaeble , Ralts, Zigzagoon, Pidgey and even a sunbathing Milotic in the nearby lake that acted as the guardian of the lake and was his mother's main Pokémon.

A small fox with blonde fur and red slit eyes approached the sleeping blonde with a small grin on her face. It was followed by a six tailed golden fox along with a white swan like bird that had silky like wings that wrapped around its body and a small ferret like creature with brown and light brown colored fur.

"Fenne- Fennekin," The blonde fox stated waving her tail around.

"Vul?" the golden colored fox asked with a tilt of her head as her fox counterpart licked her paws.

"Swanna," the swan sang as he flapped his wings and patted the head of the small ferret like Pokémon.

The ferret ran over to the boy before curling up in a ball on his chest, "Furret."

The other three Pokémon face palmed before they shrugged and decided to take a nap with said boy, Swanna placed its body under the boy with care as to not awaken him while Vulpix curled up at his side and Fennekin decided to take a nap on his shoulder.

A few minutes later a girl around ten with long red hair dressed in an apron and jeans walked into the clearing with a clearly annoyed expression on her face. She had amethyst purple eyes and a roundish face that went along nicely with her lightly tanned skin. Around her neck was a purple diamond that sparkled beautifully in the sunlight. The girl huffed before she walked over to the sleeping Naruto before crouching down and placing her mouth next to his ear, "WAKE UP!" The Pokémon all jumped in fright as the wild ones fled, flew or dived away from the redhead. The four from earlier jumped along with red haired youth.

Naruto looked up with blue eyes to see Kushina staring down at him with a small smile on her face, "Hey Kushina-neechan what's up?" he asked a bit nervously as her smile turned all too sweet. A demonic mask appeared behind her that radiated death and pain.


Naruto bolted like a Zubat out of hell and ran back home while being chased by his older sister who was threatening him along the way. Before long Naruto bolted through the open door of the Uzumaki household until he was closelined by an older red headed female in her late twenties.

"What did I say about running in the house?!" she yelled before she delivered another closeline to Kushina. This was Mito Uzumaki, the mother figure to both Uzumaki children. Her hair was the same shade as Kushina's, but hers was done into two buns and even their eyes were the same shade of purple. "And you!" she turned around as fast as lightning and glared at the Pokémon that tried to sneak past her, especially her Swanna, "I thought I asked you bring them back."

"Mito-chan ease up on them," a man in his late twenties said from the nearby couch. He had short white hair, somewhat pale skin and easily towered over all three readheads at an impressive and at the same time scary 6'4, his eyes were a sparkling green and had a clean shaven face. He was built like a pro boxer and fought like one to. This was Evan Uzumaki, the ex-champion of Hoenn who retired after ten years as champion and never losing a fight, his Furret ran up his leg and curled around his neck. "Naruto probably just fell asleep in the forest like he always does."

Mito huffed at her husband, "I know that, but we have guests coming over today and they have kids around Naruto's and Kushina's ages."

"Mom, it's not that Minato guy is it?" Kushina asked with a pleading frown. She hadn't really liked him all that much, but he liked her a lot and he followed just about everywhere she went and for some reason he really didn't like Naruto. Kushina couldn't see why, Naruto was an adorable boy who loved Pokémon just as much as she did, a good cook, and he would make some girl very happy someday. Even though he was adopted she loved him just like a brother and he loved them as he would his biological family.

"No Kushi-chan, if I invited Minato that means I would be inviting his parents Tsunade and Jiraiya, and Arcreus knows I can't stand Tsunade just as much I can't stand her older brother Hashirama," Mito stated with a frown.


"Come on Mito just do it already," an eighteen year old Hashirama Senju said as he took Mito away from her birthday party. He had held out a long time to bag Mito, not to say he didn't have some affairs during their relationship, but an eighteen year old Mito was in a class all in her own and after tonight she would be his.

Mito looked unsure as her boyfriend undid her hair buns and let her hair fall to the middle of her back, "I'm not so sure about this." She had heard of Hashirama's affairs from her friends, but she wanted to know why he would do that. Hashirama's face turned into a snarl.

"Oh come on!" he yelled as he punched the wall next to Mito's head, "I've been waiting for two years this and you being a scared little bitch isn't going to stop me today!"

Mito closed her eyes and rapidly shook her head, "I won't do it!"


"Yes you will and you will like it!" he yelled as he reached down pick up the shocked and crying redhead only to be punched in the face and sent to the floor. The culprit was Mito's longtime friend Evan (no last name) and behind him were the last three people Hashirama wanted to see. All three were girls and the proclaimed guardians of the somewhat childish Mito Uzumaki.

Together with Mito they were known as the Four Tyrants. (Their appearances are later in the chapter)

There was the Earth Tyrant Mina, the Sky Tyrant Gale, the Flame Tyrant Pyrrah and the Sea Tyrant Mito. They were ruthless in their battling styles and they have been the best of friends ever since they met.

Evan cracked his knuckles, "Would you girls mind leaving me and Hashirama alone for a moment?"

Mina growled, "Now how come you get to have all the fun?"

"Because the last thing Mito needs is a male to be around her at the moment."

"Tch, fine but make sure you leave something for the rest of us."

Evan tilted his head to the side, "That might be hard to do," he said as he picked up Hashirama by the scruff of his collar "This teme is going down hard."

Hashirama attempted to squirm his way out of Evan's surprisingly strong grip, unfortunately for him he left his Pokémon outside in their Pokeballs, "Let go of me dammit! Tell me you wouldn't do the exact same thing if you were in my position you've liked Mito since for eleven years and she hasn't even bothered to give you the time of day!" Mito's eyes widened significantly at this, Evan liked…her for eleven years?

Evan slammed Hashirama into the wall, "I wouldn't! I know Mito is beautiful and I would jump at the chance to be her boyfriend. I'm saddened by the fact I'm not her boyfriend, but I also know she is her own human being and I happy she is happy. You made Mito cry Hashirama and now you've lost two things the first is you've lost the kindest woman ever." Mito blushed in response.

"What's the second?" the Senju asked before he was punched in the stomach with all of Evan's might actually leaving Hashirama in crater on the wall.

"Your damn consciousness," he said before he walked out the room.

Gale the normally level headed member of the Four Tyrants walked to Hashirama's body before she squatted down, "You just got knocked the fuck out!"

-Flashback End-

But up until this day Hashirama had always tried flirting with her every time Tsunade invited him to one of the Uzumaki's parties and for some damn reason Tsunade had been trying to hook them up, maybe it was because Tsunade herself had a crush on Evan when they were kids and she had actually married Jiraiya in an attempt to either make Evan jealous or to replace him.

"I actually invited the some old girlfriends of mine and their family," Mito said but left out a very important part. She looked at Naruto who was looking all over the house, "What's the matter Naru-chan?"

Naruto frowned, "I can't find Kris." Kris was a very special Pokémon to Naruto because she's been with him since he was a four. When he arrived at the Uzumaki household Kris was in a white, black and pink egg and she hatched from the egg a few years later.

Evan yawned before he tossed Naruto a blue poffin with pink sprinkles on top, "Catch."

Naruto tilted his head to the side, "What am I supposed to do with thi-" he was tackled by a pink and white blur to the ground. The culprit was a gray, sylph-like Pokémon with a white chest and arms resembling a dress. Its headdress consists of pink crystals, four short ones cresting along top pointing upward and two long ones on either side of its head pointing downward, with a diamond-cut centerpiece framed by its slim gray ears. A smaller pink crystal is also embedded in the back of its head and a gold nugget is embedded in its forehead. Its eyes are red with pink irises. A gold crescent circles its neck, with the ends joined by a rhomboid gem. Its lower body resembles a large oblong chunk of stone, with a large pink crystal protruding from it. Around it's neck was a blue scarf with a pink spiral on it.

"Diancie!" the jewel Pokémon cried out as she swiped the poffin and began munching on it with glee. Yep this was the mythical Pokémon known as Diancie or Kris to the Uzumaki family, she was friendly and adventurous much like young Naruto and at times a bit lazy.

Naruto grinned as he rubbed the Jewel Pokémon's cheek, "Hey Kris."

"Dian Di Diancie," she replied lavishing in Naruto's affection. She was a bit of a spoiled Pokémon and loved Naruto the most out of everybody. There was also a small streak of jealousy whenever Naruto seemed highly interested in a new Pokémon or a new girl.

Evan scratched the top of Furret's head before a question mark popped above his head, "Which girlfriends are you talking about?" He picked up the nearby cup of coffee and began to take a sip as Mito gained a nervous smile.

"Um do you remember Mina, Pyrrah and Gale?" Evan sprayed out his coffee on the kids or would have if Diancie didn't use Reflect.

"Tou-chan that's gross," Kushina mumbled from behind the Reflect shield.


The ex-champion bolted out the room before Mito managed to open the door. He then yelled, "Every man for themselves as loud sounds began ringing through the house signifying his other Pokémon had just woken up. Naruto looked towards Kushina who just gave him a questionable shrug.

When Mito opened the door three women stepped through the door along with three kids around Naruto's and Kushina's ages. One woman had long flowing chocolate brown hair with green eyes behind a pair of pink glasses , one had red hair in a ponytail with blue eyes and the final woman had grayish blue hair done into a bob cut. Naruto's breath hitched at what he assumed to be their daughters. "Mito!" the three women cried giving Mito a group hug.

"Hey girls how've you been?" she asked as they separated from the hug. Once she got the confirmation that they were all fine she turned her attention towards the three little girls behind their moms. "Now who are these little ones?"

The daughter of Mina went first. Like her mother she had chocolate brown hair, but her's was done in buns with loops. Unlike her mother her eyes were a ruby red that were filled with curiosity and sparkling in wonderment. "Hi, my name is Roxanne it's nice to meet you." She was dressed in shorts and a brown school dress and she looked to be around Naruto's age. Standing next to her was a small green Pokémon with a red belly and a single horn on top of it's head and it looked to be shy as it shifted from side to side with red eyes darting everywhere. "And this is Lavitar."

"M-my name is Flannery, it's very nice to meet cha!" she whispered the beginning and yelled the last part. This was Pyrrah's daughter and she had fiery red hair similar to mother's, but for some reason hers flared out from her ponytail, her eyes were a similar shade of red as Roxanne's. She was dressed in jean pants and a black shirt. She looked to be about a few months older Naruto. Next to her was a Pokémon with dark blue fur with six red spots on the back fur on top and vanilla skin on the bottom. "And this is Cyndaquil."

Gale's child was last, she had her mother's bluish gray hair and had a pair of stormy gray eyes. "I'm Winona, it's nice meet you," the little girl said with a voice full of confidence as her long hair swayed from side to side. She had black jeans and a blue shirt with fluffy white clouds on it. Winona looked to be around Kushina's age. In her arms was a white Pokémon with an crown shaped head and had an outer layer egg shell as it's body. "This is my Togepi." (Togepi's final evolution is Togekiss which is a flying fairy type Pokémon.)

Mito grinned, "They're so cute, they act just like their mothers. I would like you to meet my children Kushina and Naruto," she gestured to the grinning female redhead that was like a mini version of herself and the boy who sometimes acted like a mini version of her husband.

"Nice to meet you, dattebane," she said giving the peace sign, "And these two are Kurama and Vix," she said pointing to the Vulpix and Fennekin respectively.

"Hi," Naruto said with a small wave, "Nice to meet you, this is Kris," he said pointing to the Diancie who just scoffed and turned away. "Sorry about that Kris doesn't like anybody right off the bat." The Diancie floated behind his back and glared at the girls over his shoulder.

"Do you girls wanna play?" Kushina asked getting a nod from them before they all ran outside to play with their Pokémon.

The mother's giggled before Mina said, "They're so cute, hopefully they're friendships lasts just as long as ours has, and now" she took her glasses as her expression turned deadly, "Where's that wimp of a husband of yours Mito?"

"I heard that you brute of a woman!" Evan yelled out from his hiding spot.

Mina's gaze turned murderous, "Your scrawny ass is mine now!" she yelled as she ran to the sound of Evan's voice and a few moments later loud crashes were heard throughout the house. Pyrrah soon followed to stop the conflict that was sure to escalate once she said the wrong thing… again.

Mito laughed, "Some people never change, right Gale? Gale? Hey stop eating all the Ice Cream!"

-With the kids in a clearing-

"Larvitar," the rock type said as Naruto pet her forehead while Togepi was sleeping in his lap and Cyndaquil, Kris looked at the four before she pouted and crossed her arms again. Kushina sweat dropped, Kris really did love her trainer she just hoped her little brother would manage to find a girlfriend someday.

Roxanne looked on in wonderment, "That's amazing; Larvitar has never been so open with strangers before."

"Cyndaquil has always been so timid around people other than myself ever since hehatched from his egg," Flannery said in wonder as the flame mouse Pokémon curled up in a circle next to the male redhead.

Winona agreed, "I'm more surprised he got Togepi to sleep, she's usually very hyper and will never hold still."

Kushina smiled fondly as she scratched Kurama's and Vix's ears, "That's one of Naruto's talents he's had ever since I can remember, in his presence all Pokémon become a bit more relaxed unless they're really angry and when Naruto sings everything is quite peaceful."

Naruto smiled as he looked at the three girls, "You three take really good care of your Pokémon, would you like to be friends?" he asked with a tilt of his head. Behind him Kris shook her head no and waved her arms around erratically, the girls nodded much to the dismay of the Diancie.

"Dian, Diancie Cie!" the jewel Pokémon whined in response before Naruto's unoccupied hand pet her forehead. Kris squealed in delight under Naruto's touch and sat down beside him getting the girls to giggle in response.

"What are your dreams?" Naruto asked, "Mine is to become the strongest trainer or maybe the strongest coordinator, meet all the Pokémon in the universe and have a really big family."

Roxanne poked her fingers together, "I want to be a teacher, a gym leader and the strongest rock-type trainer alive."

Flannery gave a wide grin, "I want to surpass my grandpa who was a member of the Elite Four and run my own gym!"

Winona smiled fondly, "I want to soar in the skies with my Pokémon and meet all flying type Pokémon."

Kushina put her finger to her temple, "I'm not really sure, but I want to surpass Kaa-chan and Tou-chan in some way."

"That's-" Naruto began until a loud rumbling began reverberating through the clearing. The source of the sound was charging through the forest as many trees were being knocked down. The sound grew closer before a horde of large rocky grey rhinos came charging at the children, they were known as Rhyhorn and they lived in the Safari Zone that was nearby, but there were something different about these Rhyhorn, there normally red eyes were misty and purple and they looked to be quite angry.

"Everybody move!" Naruto yelled as the children and their Pokémon attempted to run, but unfortunately everywhere they ran they were followed by the rampaging Rhyhorn. 'I wonder,' Naruto thought before he split from the kids and his hunch was right as the Rhyohrn followed him.

"Naruto!" Kushina yelled as her little brother lead the Rhyhorn away.

"I'm fine go get Kaa-chan and Tou-chan and keep Kris with you!" he yelled back as the Rhyhorn started gaining on him as he is still an eight year old kid. The chase lasted for a few minutes until a small brown bipedal bunny with two tuffs of light brown fur at the top of its ears its feet and around its bottom stumbled into the clearing, it looked like it had just came out of battle if the cuts and bruises were anything to go by. "Dammit," he muttered before he picked up the bunny and continued to run.

"Buneary?" the bunny Pokémon asked weakly as it watched Naruto run away from the Rhyhorn.

Naruto continued running until one of the Rhyhorn had gotten smart and decided to use Rock Throw at the running redhead causing him to trip and fall while trying to protect Buneary. When he stopped rolling he looked up to see the Rhyhorn only a few yards away from him, he heard people shout his name as his parents, sister, new friends and their moms, Pokémon ran to aid him, but they would never make it there in time and the Rhyhorn were to close for one of their Pokémon to use a long range move.

Everything slowed down as the Rhyhorn were now on nearly on top of him and with the sheer number of them it was highly unlikely that he would survive, so he tossed the Buneary near his parents so it wouldn't get trampled.


"DIANCIE!" Kris was the last thing Naruto heard as everything went black and a blinding flash well blinded everyone. And because the light blinded everyone no one could see Naruto's eyes turn golden and became slits.

When the light died down everyone was shocked to see that Naruto was alright and looked completely alright, but it was even more surprising to see him laying down face first in a crater about eight yards wide with Rhyhorn knocked out all around him.

"What the heck just happened?" Mina asked as they ran towards the fallen redheaded male. No one could answer the question, but Evan had a thinking expression on his face he had felt something like this in his earlier years as a trainer, 'Naruto could you be?'

The Buneary looked at the group before it limped into the forest to heal, but not before it's gaze lingered on Naruto's sleeping form with a look of curiosity, it had actually seen what had happened and a normal human could never come close to what that kid just did. This would be the last time the Buneary would see human for a long time.

-6 years later-

"Nii-chan! Nii-chan! Wake up!" Naruto cracked his eyes open to see two female children bouncing up and down on his bed. One was a girl with short red hair around five with a white headband and green eyes similar to her father's (in Naruto's world her eyes are black) while the other girl was around five as well, but she had long white hair and Mito's purple eyes.

"Honoka-chan, Eva-chan get off," Naruto mumbled raising the covers over his head before the two jumped on his stomach. "All right you little monsters I'm up," he said as he tossed the covers off along with the twins. The twins giggled before they ran off to play with their parents Pokémon. Naruto had changed a lot in eight years, his hair had grown out just to his neck and the orange hair in front of his eye has gone into his left bang. His frame had become similar to his father's and he had grown to a height of 5'7. His outfit had relatively stayed the same since he was a child except for the addition of the burnt orange jacket with black linings on it.

"Naru-chan wake up!" Mito yelled from downstairs, "You have to get Littleroot town in an hour, your Tou-chan's Salamance won't wait forever!" Naruto grumbled before the twins ran out his room and he began to change for his first day of a new adventure. Kris who had been sleeping next to him soon woke up and yawned before she helped Naruto pack his things.

Naruto pulled out the Cherish Ball and held it up to Kris, "Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?"

"Dian Ance Diancie," the jewel Pokémon replied with a large smile before she hugged her trainer as she reminisced about the day they met.


A four year old Naruto was watching his sister Kushina battle his mother Mito all the while holding the incubator he was found with. On Kushina's side were her Vulpix and her Fennekin battling against his mother's Milotic, a beautiful sea serpent Pokémon and her Vaporeon, a four legged light blue Pokémon with a white frill around its neck and a mermaid like tail.

"Vaporeon use Water Pulse and Milotic use Blizzard," Mito ordered as Vaporean fired off a pulse of water that turned into a massive wave of water that was soon turned into a frozen wave of ice.

"Vix use Flamethrower, Kurama use Inferno!" a six year old Kushina said as her Vulpix launched a spiral column of flames while the Fennekin launched a Flamethrower through the center that managed to hold off the icy tidal wave heading for them.

Naruto smiled with childlike enthusiasm, "Just think someday we'll be able to battle just like that too," he said as he took the oddly colored egg out the capsule and held it in his lap. The egg began heating up and glowing brightly gaining the attention of his mother and sister, soon the egg began changing shape. When the light died down Naruto had been tackled to the ground, and the culprit was snuggling into his chest.

"Diancie!" she said looked into Naruto's blue eyes with her red ones. Mito's and Kushina's jaws dropped at seeing a legendary cuddling with their little Maelstrom. They walked closer to see it up close only to be attacked by a storm of diamonds.

Kushina who had inherited her mother's temper snapped, "What's the big idea?!"

The Diancie pulled her eyelid down and blew Kushina a raspberry as she hugged Naruto's neck. Mito eyes lit up in understanding, "It appears that Naruto's new friend is very protective of him."

"But how didn't it just hatch?" she asked as her Pokémon got the same treatment from the Jewel Pokémon as she did.

"It did, but I also know that ever since he could talk he has done so to that egg everyday," Mito said as she remembered peeking on Naruto right before he went to bed talking to the egg.

Naruto rubbed the jewel on top of Diancie's head, "You deserve a name so I think I'll call you Kris, how does that sound?" he asked as the Diancie cheered in agreement.

-End Flashback-

Naruto smiled as returned Diancie to her Cherish Ball before he ran downstairs.


"Do you have everything?"

"Yes Kaa-chan."

"An extra pair of rations to last you until you get to Petalburg City?"


"You got your extra pack of clothes?"

"Yes Kaa-chan."

Mito grinned deviously, "Do you have protection to use when you have to satisfy your beastly urges on an innocent girl?"

"Kaa-chan!" Naruto yelled with a red face.

Mito giggled before she grabbed Naruto in a large bone crushing, "It only feels like a day since we found you, and you're already leaving for your own journey. Be sure to call once you make it to Littleroot and be careful Team Magma and Team Aqua are getting active again. If you see Kushina tell her to call home we get worried." Soon Eva, Honoka and even Evan joined in the hug.

A few minutes later Naruto was riding on the back of a large bluish gray dragon with a long neck and red wings. It had four short legs and a seriously long tail, it's ears were sharp and rigid and looked kind of like horns and had four fangs sticking out from its jaw. This was a Salamance and more specifically his father's Salamance one of the fastest fliers of the Pokémon world.

But unknown to Naruto he was being watched by a Pokémon with the appearance of a sheathed is dark brown with curved lines across its surface. Its appearance unsheathed is a silver sword, with a gem that looks like an eye engraved on its hilt. Attached to the pommel is a long, dark blue cloth with a swirl design in lighter blue at its four-split end. On the top of the pommel was a camera.

Nearby a pair of glasses gleamed from the sunlight as the figure rested on a couch with their legs dangling over, "So that's Naruto Uzumaki, my my at least this mission will be interesting."


A few hours later Naruto was waving goodbye to the flying dragon type Pokémon as it flew away back to his home in Lilycove. "Now where's this Professor Birch tou-san told me to find?" he asked himself as he walked around Littleroot town.

"SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!" a male voice cried out from the nearby forest that led to the next town over. Naruto ran over to the source of the noise to see a slightly chubby man climbing up a tree from a barking hyena like Pokémon with a grey body and a black face that had yellow eyes. This was the Bite Pokémon Poochyena.

Naruto deadpanned for a moment as he saw a full grown man being chased by a Pokémon that didn't even come up to his knees all the way. He was tempted to call out Kris just so she could see this, but decided against it. Professor Birch spotted him and waved at him, "Hey could you do me a favor and grab a Pokémon out of my bag to subdue this Poochyena?!" he yelled as the Bite Pokémon tried to take bite of his rear end.

Naruto sighed, he could deal with the pooch pretty easily if he got close enough, but on the flip side he could see a new Pokémon outside of his books. He opened up the bag and saw three Pokeballs and picked up the one on the far right. "Come on out," he said as he released the Pokémon inside.

The Pokémon inside was a small amphibious quadruped Pokémon, with a blue body with a light-blue underside. It has a large head with a blue fin on top, and a light-blue tail fin and orange, star-shaped gills on its cheeks. "Mudkip Mud."

Naruto's eyes sparkled for a moment before he kneeled onto one knee and gently pet the Mud Fish Pokémon, "Hello Mudkip I'm Naruto it's nice to meet you little guy." Naruto had to dodge a stream of water that was aimed towards his head, "My bad girl." Mudkip nodded.

"Could you do me a favor Mudkip?" he asked getting the water type starter's attention, "Can you help me calm down that Poochyena before he takes a bite out of that man's pants?"

"Mud Mud," she agreed as she turned towards the barking hyena.

Naruto grinned, "Alright then use Water Gun to get its attention." Mudkip fired off a Water Gun straight towards Poochyena and hit its mark on the back of its head. The Bite Pokémon turned towards the new team and barked before it began running towards Mudkip. Naruto began with the next attack, "Wait for it to get in close."

Mudkip nodded before she stood her ground as the Poochyena charged until it almost right on top on her, "Now use slide under it and then use Tackle to send it flying!" Mudkip slammed her head into the Poochyena's unguarded stomach and sent it flying. The Bite Pokémon shook off the Tackle before charging in again with its own Tackle. "Mudkip use Water Gun on the ground and then alide in with Tackle."

"Mud Mudkip!" she said as the ground became slick from the water gun before she charged at the now slipping Poochyena. Mudkip then tackled the pooch with an increased speed sending it into the bushes.

"Good job Mudkip," Naruto said as the water type jumped up and down.

The man slid down off the tree before running up to the pair, "That was some remarkable skills for a trainer and a Pokémon that just met, my name is Professor Birch."

"So you're the professor Mito kaa-chan told me about, nice to meet you I'm Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto said as Mudkip climbed on top of his shoulder.

Birch gained a sign of recognition on his face, "So you're Mito's and Evan's son, I was an old friend of theirs. Might I ask you a favor?" he asked.

Naruto tilted his head to the side, "Sure."

"My daughter left her Pokedex here at the lab when she left for her journey a few hours ago and if it's not too much trouble could you deliver it for me when you see her, I'll go ahead and give you one yours as a new trainer. You can also have that Mudkip as your starter Pokémon, she seems to have taken a shine to you."

Naruto fist pumped as the Mudkip on his shoulder cried out its name in enjoyment at having a new friend, "I think I'll call you Mimi, how does that sound?"

"Mudkip," Mimi said to her new name as she nuzzled her trainer's face only for Diancie's Cherish Ball to snap open releasing the Jewel Pokémon. Said Pokémon glared at the new addition to the team before grabbing onto Naruto's neck. "Mud?"

Professor Birch had promptly fainted after seeing a mythic legendary Pokémon so close up, the redheaded Uzumaki sighed before he dragged Birch by his leg while Kris tried to establish ground rules with Mimi, "I have a feeling this adventure is going to be very, very troublesome."


Kris (Diancie) level 25

Diamond Storm


Moon Blast


Mimi (Mudkip) level 5


Water Gun


In the next chapter we get to meet Naruto's companion and no it is not Birch's daughter, but his companion's main Pokémon is not a starter form Hoenn.

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