A/n: I have not written any other Tokyo Ghoul fics so this may not be as great as it could be, but none the less here it is... Uta x OC, mature content warning.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Ghoul or Uta.

Uta walked down the deserted street, barely recognizable beneath the dark shades, hoodie, and a hat. Despite the disguising clothing, several piercings could still be seen, along with a tattoo in Greek that wrapped around his neck. He carried a small black case as he made his way towards the subway. As he turned a corner, he ran straight into another person. Utas sunglasses clattered to the ground, and he looked up to see he had run into a fairly dazed girl.

She had long black hair that hung lifelessly around her shoulders, pale skin untainted by makeup. Her attire, though fairly simple, was exquisitely odd, consisting all in black of a corset, skinny jeans, a trench coat, high heeled boots, and an elegant ebony mad hatter hat to top it all off. She had a steampunk feel to her, accentuated by a complex belt that had several pouches of varying size attached to it, a silver buckle offsetting the smooth black leather.

"Sorry," she muttered as she bent to retrieve the dropped glasses. When she straightened, she looked into his eyes. The red irises and the black sclera meeting in stark contrast to her pale blue orbs. She blinked a few times before placing the glasses back on his face, brushing her fingers along his skin as she did so. The young man looked at her curiously, watching her as she stepped around him and continued on her way. He noted that after a few steps, the girl lifted the hand that had made contact with him to her nose, as if smelling an echo of his scent. He continued watching her until she turned a corner and was lost from his sight.

Something about her... Seems very delicious. The man thought to himself as he turned back to his previous path, on his way to deliver a mask to Anteiku.