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What did he mean 'fun way of marking you?'

Tamashī moved quickly through the alleyways of the fourth ward, taking note of the fact that it was dusk already, causing her to frequently be blinded by the low angle sun. About ten minutes into her rushed walk home, the girl realized she had been heading in the wrong direction. She turned on her heel and made her way back to HySy so she could head home and take a relaxing shower. When she was three blocks from the ArtMask studio, suddenly a garbage can rolled toward her from an alley she had just passed.

"Crap. Not again." She turned to face the stranger that had kicked the can at her. The ghoul wore a black hoodie and odd mask with a simple white base and evenly spaced grey nails sticking out of it. The ghoul rushed at her with incredible speed, barely leaving room for Tamashī to dodge the attack. "Look, I don't want to hurt you. I would really just like to go home and take a flippin' shower!" The ghoul rushed her again, forcing the girl to jump out of the way before taking off running towards HySy.

I really don't want to kill this asshole, maybe Uta-san could scare him off. But what about that whole marking conversation? Ugh, I'll deal with that later!

It didn't take long to reach HySy, and when she did it was fairly easy to duck inside. Unfortunately the ghoul that was trying to kill her followed her in without so much as a seconds hesitation. Several display stands toppled over as the unnamed ghoul charged again, causing a very loud crash to resonate through the shop.

"Did you think you would be saved by hiding in here? This is home of the mask maker, friend to all ghouls."

"Oh really? Since when am I friends with people who attack my property and destroy my shop?" An ominous, black aura emanated from Uta who stood behind the other ghoul.

"U-Uta-sama. I-I was just trying to catch this girl, she smells so delicious. I had no idea you had claimed her..." The ghouls voice had shrunk to little more than a feeble whisper as Uta loomed over him, a disgusted look in his eyes.

"Leave." The other ghoul bowed and scrambled out the door.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know what else to-" Uta cut off the girl by enveloping her in a gentle hug. "I... I..."

"Well, it looks like I've officially claimed you. That means that you will be mine for the rest of your life. Though I understand if you're too... Innocent to be anything more than my friend." The closeness of their bodies was overwhelming for the small woman, sensations washing over her like a flash flood.

Utas scent, gentle and comforting, flooded the girls nose. His strong arms held her tight to his body, giving her a feeling of security as she leaned into the ghouls sturdy frame. The proximity was addictive and intoxicating, lulling the girl into acceptance of the lewd thoughts that flitted through the back of her mind, all but unnoticed. "Whoever said I was innocent?" The words were soft, mumbled into the white fabric of Utas shirt, making the ghoul unsure of weather he had heard her correctly.

The girls mind had slowed drastically, her movements as well, giving her an almost drunk appearance. This only served to further excite the ghoul, who was slowly losing his self control. The girl pressed even closer to the ghoul, her hips grinding against his forming erection.

It's almost like she's a completely different person! She is going to make me lose it, and if that happens there is a good chance I will break her body. Utas half lidded eyes scanned around the shop, coming to rest on the staircase to his second floor apartment. He briefly pondered forgetting about going upstairs, and instead taking action in the shop, but he discarded that option quickly.

"You're going to make me lose control..." His voice was a low warning tone that escaped through gritted teeth.

"Your smell... It drives away the darkness in my heart. It makes me drunk and careless. You could probably do anything right now and I wouldn't care, not even if you ate me." The small form in Utas arms quivered slightly on the word 'ate,' almost as if she had felt a cool breeze.

Finally, the Uta broke the contact, striding quickly over to the front door of the shop. He locked the deadbolt and flipped off the lights in the blink of an eye, plunging the room into the dim light of a distant sun. Uta started up the stairs to his apartment before turning back to the still girl that stood frozen where he had hugged her.

"Are you coming?" Even in the low light, the ghoul could see the deep blush that engulfed the humans face.

"I-I-I..." She stood staring at the floor in a confused embarrassment, almost as if she had just come to her senses.

Uta sighed as he strolled over to the once again timid girl. "You sure are a strange girl, even by my standards." He lifted her chin to stare deep into her eyes, then bent and whispered in her ear, "You have made me far too excited to stop now. I am going to take you, body and soul, and unless you want to stop me, all you have to do is accept the fact that a ghoul wants to do unspeakable things to you. So now you face the decision, do you want me to stop?" Uta could see the tips of the girls ears redden at his words, but when he finished speaking she shook her head 'no', nonetheless.

He gently took her hand, leading her up the stairs and into his apartment. The low angle sun cast golden bars of light across the floor, though neither the human nor the ghoul noticed the beautiful streaks. Uta closed the door and turned Tamashī around to face him, carefully cupping her chin in his hand as he pressed his lips to her own. She readily accepted the heated kiss, quickly granting him access to her mouth. Uta groaned into the kiss, something within him clicking into gear. He backed the woman up, sliding her trench coat to the floor along the way, until her back was pressed flush to the brick wall. He ran his hands up and down her body, exploring the subtle curves, and kicked off his boots without once breaking the kiss. Tamashī was the one to finally break away, bending slightly to unknot the laces on her heels so she could kick them to the side. Without the shoes she was even smaller, about half a foot shorter than Uta who wasn't to tall either. Uta pressed his lips against hers, trying to be gentle so as not to harm the girl. This gentleness subsequently took all of the ghouls self control.

Tamashī slid her hands down the ghouls chest, finding the hem of his shirt before sliding it off. She surveyed Utas fairly muscular chest, noticing several elegant tattoos, then returning to their heated kiss. Uta slipped his hands down the girls back, firmly grasping the thighs that wrapped around him as he made his way to his bed. He set the girl on the bed, lithe fingers carefully fumbling with the latches on the front of her corset. Once the restricting object was removed, Uta stared at the exposed form before him. Once again, Tamashī blushed, attempting to hide behind her arms.

"Don't." Utas voice was strong and commanding, and the girl reluctantly lowered her arms. Then a sudden flurry of hands were exploring the girls body, finding every sensitive spot that was exposed to them and exposing the ones that weren't. One moment Utas hands were caressing the small of her back, the next exploring the curve of her breasts, never lingering for long but always leaving hot and sensitive skin in their wake.

The girl had nothing left to hide behind by the time Uta paused for long enough to remove his pants, tossing them into the nether of the now dark room. One glance at the exposed man before her, and Tamashī was hiding her face behind her hands. Uta joined Tamashī on the bed, running his hands up and down her body in a soothing motion until the girl lowered her hands. Utas hand came to rest between the girls legs, exploring just within her sex till she moaned for more. A tingling sensation crept through Tamashīs skin, her breath hitching every time Uta moved his fingers within her, and when he withdrew she was left whimpering in disappointment. Then her entire body froze up when she felt something pressing against her entrance.

"Relax." The girl nodded her understanding and took a deep breath to calm her mind, and then he entered her in one rough movement that made her cry out in pain and pleasure. After a few moments, Tamashī relaxed again and Uta started slowly rocking back and forth. He lifted her hips and continued thrusting into her until she cried out in ecstasy. He redoubled his pace, never once missing the spot that had made the girl see stars, causing something deep within her stomach to coil and knot. It didn't take long for the human to reach her limit, and soon the knot in her stomach erupted sending immense pleasure to every nerve in her body. As the girls back arched, she moaned Utas name and her vision flashed pure white. The contraction of her muscles forced the ghoul over the edge soon after, and he called out -what Tamashī would later swear was 'Tama-chan'- in his release.

Uta collapsed next to Tamashī, gasping for breath. The petite woman buried her face in her newfound lovers chest, who subsequently pulled the sheets over the two exposed bodies.

"Your mine, and no one else's," he whispered into her black hair.

"I love you too."

Curse you for understanding me, odd woman. Uta smiled at this thought, pulling Tamashī closer to himself before falling into a deep slumber.