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THIS IS MY LAST ONESHOT. I've been writing and posting a lot of Destiel, so I'm going to take a short break. However, I do have more on the way. I actually have a lot of things in the works; it's just a matter of finding the time to write them. In the next month, I'll start posting three new stories (though only one is Destiel). More info is in the footnote.

THIS INCLUDES SPOILERS FOR SEASONS 1-9. This oneshot is a compilation of people's thoughts on Destiel- mainly people who have died so far on the show. (I have only watched through episode 5 of season 10, so there will be no spoilers for that.) READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.



So Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel have finally gotten together. It happened all of a sudden, but their relationship is strong. In the five realms of this world (Earth, Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, and Limbo), all sorts of friends and even enemies are getting word of the recent event. What are their thoughts on the newly formed "Destiel"?


Sam Winchester: "I've dealt with the eye-staring for long enough. I'm glad they're happy, and I'm glad they're not being too obscene about it. Cas is still my friend, and Dean is still my brother, so things haven't changed that much. There's just more little touches and things. And I'll take that any day. We've been through Hell (literally), and Cas has been pretty amazing. He's not perfect, but neither are we. He and Dean are good together."

Gabriel: "Thought I was dead? Nope! You can't take the trick out of the trickster, remember? Naturally, I've been keeping an eye on those Winchesters and my baby brother Cas. Hell yeah I'm happy for Dean and Cas! Those two kiddos have been crazy in love since the apocalypse, and God knows it's time somebody fessed up."

Crowley: "I really prefer to keep myself away from the Winchesters. They seem to ruin a lot of my plans, so I don't really like them that much. Castiel, I hate a little more than them. So what can I say? I suppose it's 'good for them' as long as they stay the hell away from me."

Garth Fitzgerald IV: "I can't say I've met the famous Castiel more than once or twice when he stopped by to see Kevin, but Dean sure talked about him a lot. I'm a little surprised, but it's not all that crazy. I imagine they're happy together, just like Bess and I are. Castiel is one of the good angels, from what I've heard, and Dean is a good guy and a good hunter. Maybe one day, the world will slow down enough for them to get on their feet and really live their lives. I sincerely hope so."


Mary Winchester: "It's been sad for me to hear how much my boys have suffered, growing up. All I ever wanted for them was a normal life, for them to be happy. I can see that Castiel makes Dean happy, so I'm glad for him. Especially because of how much Castiel obviously cares about him. Sam seems to be doing well, too, and I think he's as happy as I am to see Dean happy for once."

John Winchester: "I'm… conflicted. I want my sons to be happy, of course I do. What kind of a father would I be if I didn't wish for their happiness? So, in that respect, I'm glad. But did it have to be another man? I certainly didn't raise Dean to be gay. I thought he liked women."

Bela Talbot: "I don't know what to say. I certainly saw Dean as straight, and I mean straight as a ruler. You can imagine my amazement when not only is he in a relationship with another guy, but with an angel, no less. Oh my God, it's unbelievable."

Samuel Campbell: "If I were to describe my feelings about this in a word, it would probably be 'indifferent'. It's not that I don't care about Dean, Sam or Cas. And I do feel guilty about everything that happened. But they still betrayed me, and they ruined my chances of saving my daughter, their mother. So their love lives don't concern me."


Joanna Beth Harvelle: "This is kind of funny, actually. I had a crush on Dean for a long time, and I thought it was mutual at first. I figured out later that he just happens to be really flirty, and he started thinking of me as a little sister pretty soon after we met. Now, he's with Cas, and I guess I'm glad. Dean always seemed to me like he was trying too hard to be just like his dad, or to make him proud, so I'm glad he's not denying himself this just because of other people."

Ellen Harvelle: "I'm so happy for Dean. God knows that boy needs a little love in his life. He deserves this. And Cas is a good guy, I think. Dean trusts him, which says a lot. He doesn't trust easy."

Bobby Singer: "I knew it! I watched those two idjits stare at each other for years. And, with all that extreme loyalty and trust going on between them, I knew there had to be something. I mean, I was there when they met, and damn that room was tense. Everything about them is tense and extreme. Dean is an all-or-nothing kind of person, and I'm not quite sure what kind of person Cas is, but at least he cares about the boys. I'm real happy for both of them."

Kevin Tran: "I always wondered what was up between Dean and Cas, but I was never really sure that they thought of each other like that. They definitely make a great team, and they deserve each other. They did a lot for me, and it wasn't their fault what happened to me. I'm glad to have met them."


Ruby: "Can I be pissed about this? I had to pretend to like them for so long. Not that they aren't okay people, but they never understood what mattered. I did kind of like Sam, but mostly because he was useful. So this whole thing isn't really something I'm happy about. The Winchesters are happy, which I don't like, and on top of that, Cas is going to be around them even more now. The carnage is going to be ridiculous."

Eve: "Here's the thing. I didn't create angels or humans, and I don't particularly care about either. Dean and Castiel weren't my favorites either, though I suppose they did do the right thing. They screwed Crowley over, which I appreciate. They work well together. As long as they don't start targeting my children, I'm fine with it."

Meg: "Damn. Sometimes I forget how long I've been gone. It's a little bittersweet for me but ultimately, I'm happy for them. I mean, Dean didn't exactly trust me, but he was fair. And Cas was always kind to me. He was my unicorn. And now my unicorn has found a new unicorn to play with."

Benny Lafitte: "Am I supposed to be surprised? I knew pretty soon after I met Dean that he had feelings for the angel. The guy was determined to find Cas or die, so it wasn't hard to figure out. Though, I didn't really think either of them would man up to anything so soon. Dean is emotionally constipated, and Cas is… well, he's an angel, so there's not a whole lot of feelings in his repertoire. Seems like he's pretty dependable, at least, and Dean definitely could use a little more of that."

A/N: I decided that "Limbo" is where angels go when they die, just like monsters (and I think demons) go to Purgatory when they die.


Annael: "I'm stunned, honestly. Dean didn't seem into guys when I knew him. Especially before I got my Grace back. Though, I probably should have known how Castiel felt. He was so protective, and Dean changed him a lot in a very small amount of time. I still don't really understand why Castiel took such a liking to him, and why he's so devoted to the Winchesters. But at least he's happy. Well, most of the time."

Balthazar: "This is hilarious! I mean, I knew - obviously - but I thought Dean was too dense to ever figure it out. I was rooting for them all the way. Of course, I'm still a bit upset at Cas for murdering me and all, but he's not all bad. Nor is Dean. I do wish they'd had the decency to regret my death, at least. It doesn't seem like a few tears were too much to ask for. Oh well. Good luck to them."

Samandriel: "I should say that I know what happened to Castiel, and I'm not angry with him for what he did. It wasn't his fault. Besides, at the time, I felt like I deserved death for what I did. I'm grateful to both Dean and Castiel for rescuing me, anyhow. I think their relationship is unorthodox, but still acceptable. I noticed when I was with them that they seemed to have an unusually strong bond, so I have no doubt that it will last for a long while."

Gadreel: "I care for both Castiel and Dean because they came to see me as a hero, even though I made a lot of mistakes. I remember how much it seemed to hurt them both when I made Dean send Castiel away, and I realize now that this is why. I wish them the very best."


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