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Zekk was unpacking later that night when a knock sounded on the door.

"Come in!" he called.  Luke opened the door and came in.  Zekk bowed as Luke sat down.  He gestured for Zekk to sit.

"You want to talk to me, Master Skywalker?"  Luke nodded and Zekk sighed and sank onto his bed.

"There really isn't much to talk about.  When I left the Academy, I decided that I would travel the stars, to find where I belong." 

Luke leaned forward.  "And did you find it?" he asked.

"At a lot of places, I thought I did.  But something was always missing.  There was a feeling that something was wrong. So I would leave and go on to the next system."  Zekk looked at Luke.

"But the only thing I found was that I belong here, with…with my friends."  Zekk, realizing he had almost said that he belonged here with Jaina, hurriedly changed the subject.

"Who's this 'Taren'?" he asked.  Luke gave a slight smile. 

"He's a prince from the system of Eago.  He came here about two years ago, under rather unusual circumstances."  Zekk frowned

"What do you mean, 'unusual circumstances'?" he asked. 

"Well," Luke said, "the Solo family was on a trip, when they picked up a distress signal from a remote, deserted moon.  They of course landed and found who was sending the signal.  But before they were even able to ask his name, there was an earthquake, and the man was hit on the head with a couple of tons of rock."  Luke spread his hands.  "He couldn't even remember his name.  Jaina found it written on his clothing.  They brought him here.  He recovered, and his Jedi ability was soon apparent.  Taren's been here ever since."


 Luke changed the subject.  "Have you talked with Jaina yet?"

Zekk nodded stiffly.  Personally, he would rather continue talking about the Eagon Prince than about the conversation he had had with Jaina up there on the roof.

"What did she have to say?"

Zekk gave a rough laugh.  "She slapped me, gave me a hug, called me a jerk, then said that if I wanted her back, I would have to work for it."  Luke grinned.

"Well, at least she didn't kill you."

"Yeah, I guess I'm lucky."  Zekk paused.  "Luke, what does Jaina think of Taren?"  Luke's grin widened and he stood up.

"Good night Zekk."

* * *