Three's A Crowd-Ch 1

Derek Morgan exhaustely follows his team inside a bar for a few drinks after a very hard case, they had spent almost 4 weeks in South Carolina chasing an unsub that kidnapped children and abused them before killing them. Derek looks up at his friend Emily when she says, "I can't wait to get the hell out of here".

Derek weakly grinned and said, "yeah me either Em, me either", JJ laid her head tiredly on her husband Spencers shoulder and said, "I just want to get home and hold our son". Reid kissed her lips gently and said, "how about when we get back to the hotel we face chat with him"?, a smile covered her face as she happily nodded her head yes.

Hotch wrapped his arms around his wife and said, "how about a dance Mrs. Hotchner"?, she grinned and said, "lead the way", he took her hand in his as he led her to the center of the dance floor. Dave looked at Derek and said, "all of our cases are hard but the ones with children are the worst", he downed his drink and said, "they sure are Dave".

Dave looked up and saw the face of a beautiful woman that said, "how about a dance"?, he grinned and said, "sure, why not", he gets up and puts his hand on Dereks shoulder and said, "you my friend need to blow off some steam". Derek downed another drink and watched as the older man led the beautiful red head to the dance floor and pulled her into his arms.

Derek headed to the bar because he needed another drink, he ordered a beer and turned to glance at the door and his heart started racing, he couldn't help but smile when he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walking through the door. She was with several women and they all slowly made their way over to a table.

He watched her throw her head back and laugh and he knew that he needed to talk to this beauty, he sat there and bit down on his bottom lip as she headed over to the bar. She leaned forward pressing her perfect breasts against the bar and ordered a round of drinks for her and her friends, she glanced over at him and smiled.

She was waiting patiently for her drinks when she sighed and said, "it's been a long day hasn't it"?, he nodded his head and said, "it sure has, hell it's been a long month". She sat down and held out her hand and said, "Penelope, Penelope Garcia", he gave her his famous smile and said, "Morgan, Derek Morgan".

Derek said, "so Penelope Garcia, tell me a little about yourself", she smiled and said, "my momma warned me not to talk to strangers", he laughed and said, "well I'm hardly a stranger now am I"?, she winked at him and said, "wellllllll technically you're not a stranger sooooo I guess it's ok", they both laughed.

Penelope smiled as she told him that she was in town for a computer seminar and that how tonight was the last night she would be in town, he nodded his head and told her that he was with the FBI and they had just closed a month long case and that he along with his team would be leaving to head back to Virginia in the morning".

The bartender put Penelopes drinks on the bar and smiled as she handed him the money, she said, "how about I take these drinks over to my friends and then I come back and we get to know each other a little better"?, he smiled and said, "I'd like that baby girl". She grinned and said, "baby girl huh handsome"?, he nodded his head yes as he watched her carry the tray of drinks over to her friends.

He watched as she leaned over and whispered something to one of her friends and then turn and head back over to him, she put her hand on his and said,
"how about a dance"?, he took her hand in his and led her to the middle of the room. Emily looked up from the table and smiled and said, "it looks like Morgan has found a friend".

Reid laughed and said, "he needs to relax and have a little fun", JJ took a sip of her beer and said, "it looks like he's in good hands", Dave walked over to the table with the beautiful red head and said, "I'm heading up, I'll see you all in the morning". They all watched as Rossi wrapped his arm around the beautiful younger woman as they walked out the door.

Derek pulled Penelope into his arms and smiled as she wrapped her arms loosely around his body, he took a deep breath and smiled as the scent of her perfume filled his senses. Their bodies moved as one through several dances before he caressed the side of her face and leaned in slowly and pressed his lips against hers.

When they pulled apart he whispered, "how about we get out of here and go back to my room"?, she bit down on her bottom lip and said, "lead the way handsome". He walked over to the table and smiled at his friends and said, "catch you guys later" and they all smiled as they watched a very happy Derek intertwine fingers with the beautiful blonde as they disappeared out of the bar.