After a man-made earth quake shook the Glades killing over 800 people, Moira Queen who was charged with conspiracy to kill and have a part in the undertaking was found not guilty. On her return to her home Queen Consolidated was left heavily open for a takeover. Moira knew that the publicity amongst her family was not a good one. She had sat with her lawyers and PR team trying to work up how to boost QC's image and the Queen family's image.

Her PR team had said the best way to boost QC's and the family's image was for some good publicity such as Oliver being in a committed relationship, married and children on the way.

Moira had sat alone in her office thinking of what she could do to ensure Isabel Rochev did not steal her family's company. Moira thought back to something she had done 6 years ago where her son Oliver had come to her and told her she had gotten a girl pregnant. Moira had approached the young girl and had offered her money to tell her son she had lost the baby.

Moira knew that someday her decision would come back to bite her in the ass but she knew that she had to get in touch with her Grandchild and boost QC's image. Moira had contacted her lawyer and had told she had recently learnt that her late husband and had paid off a young girl to stay away from his son.

Moira regretted having to lie and tarnish her husband's name and cause any hatred towards him but she knew she couldn't tell the truth otherwise she would lose her son and possibly her daughter. Moira sat in front of her son who didn't say a word as she told him the news.

Oliver Queen notorious play-boy billionaire had been shipwrecked after his father's boat went down. He had survived 5 years in purgatory to come back and become something else to fulfil his father's dying wish. He had become the vigilante and he had found himself not alone in his crusade. He had help, help from his bodyguard John Diggle. He was unable to stop the man-made earth quake machines after learning about them too late. Now he sat in his mother's office where she dropped the bombshell. Sandra hadn't lost the baby, his son or daughter was out there somewhere. Oliver didn't know how to process this information, he didn't know what to do with this information, he was the Hood, and he killed people, hurt people he had yet to complete his father's mission. He was far from over with the list of names his father had passed in his journal.

"So what now?" he questions his mother a part of him wonders why his father hadn't told him this when he had told Oliver of the list just before he had shot himself in the head.

"The lawyers will be here soon they have some information" Moira replied as she folded her arms.

Oliver left his mother's office and went to find his sister he had told her everything, he needed someone to vent to. Thea his sister had listened cried and hugged him tightly telling him that now was his chance to get to know his child. But that was the thing did he really want to get to know him, did he want to damage his child in a way. Did he deserve to get to know his child, did he deserve to be happy, could he give his child everything they needed and he didn't mean money, love, care, trust? Could Oliver Queen really give all these things to his child?

"Oliver" his mother called.

Oliver and Thea walked down hand in hand coming to a stop when they saw their lawyer Jean.

"So" Oliver says taking a seat opposite Jean with his mother on one side holding his hand and Thea on the other.

"I found what happened, so Sandra was pregnant during this time her parents had kicked her out and she did not handle it well during her pregnancy she had drank and took drugs this caused the baby to be born prematurely at 6 months" Jean said sadly.

Thea and Moira gasped whereas Oliver tried to remain as neutral as possible. Moira felt the tears what had she done.

"What happened?" Thea asked squeezing Oliver's hand.

"After Sandra's C Section she had a cardiac arrest and did not make it unfortunately, she had a boy who was in hospital for almost 4 months growing, you have to understand when he was born he was tiny, his lungs, his organs still hadn't of grown" Jean said shaking her head. "Children's services sent over someone from the Lofts, the Lofts are sort of like an orphanage but the number of children living there is very limited".

"I don't understand" Oliver finally spoke.

"The Lofts sent their head manager who then sent one of their old residents a girl of 21 who used to live at The Lofts, since she left at the age of 18 she had volunteered and worked at the Lofts, she spent every day with your son, Oliver" Jean said.

"Ok and then …" Moira was started to get impatient.

"This girl fought for your son, the records shown that he was so tiny that there were many times when he hadn't made it but she had fought for him, she even filled a suit against the hospital for negligence and not caring as they kept trying to convince her to turn off his ventilator" Jean said passionately.

Oliver remained still watching Jean sending her death glares as to get to the point.

"Right so once he got better, Connor that's his name the girl adopted him, Connor Smoak lives with his mother Felicity Smoak she owns a small computer company called Smoak Industries …"

"Smoak Industries?" Moira questioned, "Wait don't we own a 5 percent stake in the company and vice versa?"

"Yes, she worked on a project closely with Walter which ended in both companies taking a stake in the other it's a small investment but Walter believes the SI will be the future in high tech equipment and online security" Jean admits.

"OK, so Connor is adopted lives with his adopted mom who funnily enough owns a stake in the company and Walter knows her, so how do we go about getting to know Connor?" Thea asks surprising both her mother and brother with her maturity and level headed question.

"I have been in touch with Miss Smoak's lawyer who has spoken to her, she wants a DNA test and once we know for sure Oliver is the father she said she is happy for you to get to know your son, she is cooperating but asks for privacy and to be left alone until the results of the DNA test, she has given us a sample of Connor's DNA, Oliver we will need yours and …"

"Wait" Moira yelled getting to her feet, "How do we know she hasn't faked the DNA that it belongs to Connor and asks to be left alone until we know the truth, in that time this girl could get up and leave taking my grandchild with me" she shouts.

"I don't think that is Miss Smoak's intentions she was very cooperative and …"

"Until she gets up and leaves with my grandson" Moira yells throwing her arms around.

"Mom" Oliver glares.

"Oliver my beautiful boy we need the lawyers to file a suit, we need to take her to court, we need to get full custody we are his family, our blood, our future he needs to be here with us and not with that woman" Moira heats up, she knows part of her outburst is because she feels guilty for what happened.

"Mom stop we will play it by ear I want this I want to get to know my son but you have to remember this woman is his mother, she raised him since he was born so stop" Oliver says strongly now facing his mother and looking at her intensely.

A few days had passed and Oliver was still waiting on the results, he had decided that he was going to listen to his own advice and wait for the results. After working as the Hood every night and spending his days training he finally picked up his keys and walked to his bike he needed to see his son.

Oliver drove to his son school and parked outside and waited patiently, finally school children ran out and Oliver spotted Connor. He saw the blonde hair and blue eyes and even from the picture he knew Connor was all him. A part of him was glad that he looked like Oliver instead of Sandra after what Jean had told.

Oliver saw Connor run towards the woman who had adopted his son. He had googled her and saw pictures of her at her time at MIT, she graduated with a Masters in Computer science at the age of 21. Her own mother had died at birth and she lived at The Lofts her whole life apart from a few foster families nobody had adopted her. Oliver saw the blonde hair she had it down and it bounced on her shoulders. She was beautiful and he could tell she had electric blue eyes behind her glasses. If people didn't know about the adoption there was no denying that Connor could and was her son.

He watched as Felicity Smoak crouched down welcoming his son into a tight embrace, after letting she looked at a picture he had with him smiling brightly at the little boy she rubbed her nose against his and he giggled. He watched as she took his bag and threw it over shoulder and grabbed his hand. Oliver followed them all the way to the frozen yogurt store and he watched as they sat happy, talking, laughing, joking. A pang of jealousy hit Oliver, he wasn't there, hadn't been there now a stranger was raising his son. Not thinking anything of it he entered the frozen yogurt and ordered himself one and took a seat.

Connor a few minutes later got up to go to the toilet and that was when Felicity got up and approached him.

"I asked for privacy until we find out the truth why have you been following us Mr Queen" Felicity said angrily her hands on her hips.

"No call me Oliver, Mr Queen was my father" he says quickly.

"Yeah but his dead … I mean he drowned … oh god … and you didn't and you found out you have a son … possibly why can't you just wait until we get the results … why … Mr Qu … Oliver I am not going anywhere and if he is yours then you are more than welcome in his life" she hisses as she takes a seat across him.

Oliver smiles gently, "I know I just … I needed to I am sorry I just …" he smiles when she tilts her head.

"Oliver please … I … we need to know the truth before anything happens I can't have a five year old get to know you if you turn out to be a nobody to him" she voices her concerns.

"I know and I am sorry I just needed to see for myself, the resemblance is uncanny" he jokes.

"I know but we get the results in two days and I promise you if you are his dad then you will be in his life"

"Really, you won't stop me?" he asks voicing his own concern and that of his family.

"Of course not, he knows he is adopted and knows about his biological mother and if you are his father I know he will welcome you with open arms but I have to ask … your concerns are my concerns you will not" she shakes her head "try and take him away from me".

Oliver can see her trying to hold back her tears. "No you may not have given birth to him but even I can see you are his mom and no Felicity I will not try and take away from you".

Felicity swallows and nods and then she turns and goes back to her table just in time for Connor to come back. Oliver watches as the finish up and leave and he and Felicity share a nod of acknowledgement.

Oliver knew everything was going to be different, if Connor was his even though he knew deep down in his heart that he was he knew it wouldn't only be Connor he would be welcoming into his life but the woman who raising him too.