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Chapter Twenty-Three

Two years later

Jaina Solo-Fel shifted impatiently and transferred her squirming daughter to her other hip, while she maintained her glare at the old dockmaster in front of her. The man was severely trying even her Jedi patience as he waved reams and reams of paper work in her face, demanding documentation for this and that, telling her that she had improper paperwork and a whole lot more bureaucratic nonsense.

She rolled her eyes and glance down at her daughter. Alyssa seemed to have sensed her impatience in and in her childish way, even shared it. She offered a finger to her daughter and Alyssa seemed content to wrap one of her tiny fists around it. Jaina tuned the annoying dockmaster out as she once again marveled at her daughter. Alyssa had inherited her father's black hair and her mother's brown eyes. It made for a very interesting combination.

As the man droned on and on, Jaina let her mind slip back to the events of the past two years. After that final battle they had slipped away unnoticed to a planet in the Outer Rim. They had stayed there for two weeks. It had been their first vacation in years and they had spent it blissfully ignoring the galaxy and enjoying each other's presence. They had also used the relative quiet to further discuss their future. In the end after many long painful discussions, they had decided to walk away from the life that they had known. It had been thrust on them, not decided by their choice and now they wanted something else. The only thing Jaina had even slightly regretted about the situation, though was their decision not to contact her family. They would know by now of course, that she was alright, even if they didn't know the specifics. However, Jaina knew if she went back, in the end she would get sucked back into that world of galactic service and for the moment, that was what they were trying to escape.

They had sold Jag's clawcraft and her x-wing to the local militia and gotten jobs on the first cargo ship leaving the planet. Within six months they had bought their own freighter and were toying around with the idea of creating their own shipping company. Somewhere along the line they had even stopped asking each other when they would go back or check in with Galactic Alliance forces. They lived in the moment.

It had been a blur of happy carefree moments and even the tenser moments had been nothing compared to what they had faced during the war. Two moments from those years, though, stuck out in Jaina's mind. The first was the birth of her daughter. It was also the first time she had seriously considered contacting her parents.

She had gone into labor three weeks early as they were finishing a delivery to another Outer Rim planet. She had been forced to wait for hours in their freighter by the planet's strict quarantine policy. Even with Jedi pain suppression techniques her pain had grown steadily worse. Jag, who faithfully stayed by her side trying to keep her calm and as comfortable as possible, had lost all pretenses at being the steadfast, unflappable Chiss trained Colonel and spent the entire time filled with a first time father- to-be's worry.

For the first few hours he had been her rock, supporting her simply with his presence, calming her with his gentle reassurances and giving her strength with his soft "I love you's." By the time they had made it to the closest medcenter, with Jag driving like a madman and breaking every regulation in the book, her feelings toward him had changed. One moment she was screaming at him that he was just a Sith spawned Imperial Bastard and the next she was tearfully murmuring apologies and telling him she loved him.

The twenty hours Jaina spent in labor had been torturous for both of them. It had been agony for Jag to watch her in pain and be able to do nothing. The moment Jaina, exhausted from labor, had first held her daughter, with Jag's strong arms wrapped around them both made everything worth it, though. The peace and utter joy Jaina felt was something she had been prophesied to never feel again. That moment also marked another significant occasion.

It was the only time in the past two years that she had reached out to her twin brother. No matter where they were in the galaxy they had always been able to feel each other through the force, regardless of the distance. This was no different. They connected easily, two halves of one whole.

Jacen's reaction had been filled with joy. He had missed his twin as much as she had missed him. Still he had marveled at the changes in her. He could feel the sense of peace in her that had been foreign to her for years and he shared her sense of joy and wonder at the birth of her child. When she had slowly begun to pull away from him again, it had been one of the most painful experiences of her life. The pain and sense of loss he had felt as she had pulled away still lingered with her. It tinged the joy of the brief reunion with sadness.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

She and Jag had spent the next few months after that brief mental encounter, caught between the chaotic joy of new parenthood and the hectic work of sustaining their new shipping business. Their new life, while hardly perfect, allowed them to fly without the deadly element of battle that had marred their previous career. Their flights now, had, in fact, been so safe that they had taken little Alyssa with them. It gave Jaina, at least for a short time, a solution to the problem her family had been trying to solve for years, how to manage a family and a career.

Alyssa had been about six months old when their comfortable routine of daily life had once again been interrupted. They had stopped briefly on Corellia. It had been unusual that they ventured so far coreward since they were much more likely to be recognized closer to the center of the galaxy.

As they had waited for their freighter to be unloaded, they had decided to take a walk through the city. Jag had surprised her on that trip, by taking her to an expensive restaurant. The evening had started off beautifully.

Alyssa, who was still growing rapidly like most children her age, had been the model of the perfect child, as Jag carried her to the restaurant with his free arm linked with Jaina's. It wasn't until they were seated and waiting for their first course to arrive that Jaina noticed that Jag was acting oddly. He seemed almost..nervous and for Jag. Well, that was quite unusual.

Taking her watchful eye off of her daughter for a moment, Jaina reached her hand across the table to place it on top of Jag's. "Hey, are you all right?" She asked softly.

"Of course," he said with a quick smile. That in itself wasn't unusual. Jag smiled much more these days. His response, however, was a little too fast and his eyes showed the anxiety that his smile tried to conceal. She didn't push him to tell her what was troubling him, though. Jag would tell her if there was some immediate danger to worry about and although she was worried about him, she would wait until he was ready to talk to her about anything else.

"Okay," she said easily and leaned across the table to give Jag a kiss to reinforce her reply and her love for him. His kiss was full of love and reminded her off everything she had fallen in love with about Jag.

They were interrupted by Alyssa's ear splitting wail. Jaina jerked away, rudely startled out of their kiss. "What's the matter, kiddo," she asked her daughter, not expecting a verbal reply, but reaching out to her daughter through the force as she picked her up out of her child seat and placed her in her lap.

For a moment as Alyssa continued to cry, Jaina was puzzled. Her daughter didn't need to be changed and had just eaten. She wasn't even a child who usually cried for attention. She could feel her daughter's distress through the force though.

"Is she okay," Jag asked after a moment had passed, noticing Jaina's slightly worried expression immediately.

"I think she has a slight fever," Jaina supplied as she felt Alyssa's forehead with the back of her hand. That just happened to be the moment that Alyssa picked to throw up. For such a small child, she did manage to have an incredible range. Not only did she manage to cover her mother, but she also managed to cover her father too.

"I think we might need to take her to the medic," Jaina said dryly as they sat momentarily frozen. She was worried about her daughter, but she also knew that if she seemed worried, Alyssa would pick up on that too and that would make her even more distressed.

Jag only took a moment to get over his unpleasant shower; he was almost used to such things now and changed gears quickly. It was only a matter of moments before they were out of the restaurant and headed to the nearest med center. Jag kept a protective arm around Jaina as she carried Alyssa through the streets, using the force to soothe her and ease as much of her discomfort as she could.

In the end, the medic said that it was simply a small virus that would simply have to run its course. That night, however, wasn't pleasant for any of them. Alyssa was fussy, miserable and unable to sleep all night. Jaina and Jag ended up taking turns pacing the halls with her all night, both of them staying up together for moral support or in case something else happened. Finally about the time the sun was rising on that particular part of Corellia, and the time that they had been scheduled to leave, her fever had broke and Alyssa settled into an exhausted slumber.

After her equally exhausted parents laid her in her specially crafted child's bunk, they sank to a seat in front of it. Jaina sleepily laid her head on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around her. It was just like old times when they were constantly fighting the Vong and lived off of three hours of sleep a night.

"You okay," Jag asked quietly, not wanting to wake Alyssa again.

She nodded without speaking and he kissed her forehead, gently.

"I love you," he said sincerely with a tired smile.

Jaina looked up at him, her eyes bright, despite her exhaustion. "I love you too, Jagged Fel," she responded with her own smile. She couldn't resist adding, "Even when you are covered with your daughter's puke."

Jag nudged her lightly with an elbow and laughed, "You don't have any room to talk on that score, Goddess." She laughed and smiled ruefully. He was right.

They sat in comfortable exhausted silence for a moment, neither willing to move yet, and enjoying the moment of brief peace and quiet.

Jaina let out another quiet laugh and looked up into Jag's eyes, grinning. "I bet when you came up to me on Ithor and introduced yourself, you never thought that we would end up like this."

He smiled and let out a chuckle of his own. "No," he said reflectively, "I certainly didn't." He looked into her eyes with a tender smile that he reserved only for her, "but I definitely don't regret this." He reached over and took her hand in his and Jaina noticed that the nervous look that had been in his eyes at dinner the night before had returned. "Jaina," he asked seriously, "Will you marry me?"

Loud pounding on the hatch and the blare of the ship's proximity alarms alerted them before she could reply. Both of them were on their feet in an instant. Jag was already collecting his charric and a spare blaster and moving towards the noise as Jain paused for a second to make sure that Alyssa was okay and nudge her into a deeper sleep.

Jaina drew her lightsaber as she ran to where Jag was waiting for her. "Are we expecting anyone," she hissed into the silence.

Jag shook his head. This was not an expected visitor. To most people this would have been nothing, but Jaina had Jag had fought for too long and had to many enemies to expect every surprise to be a good one.

The camera trained on the outside of the ship only revealed on being whose features were obscured by a hooded cloak. Jaina relaxed slightly as she realized that there was only one person out there and reached out to the force to get a feel for the being.

Her jaw dropped and she had exclaimed in shock, "Kyp!" Almost before she knew what she was doing she had slapped the hatch open and thrown her arms around the older Jedi Master. She had missed her family, but she had also missed her partner as well.

Jag still standing inside the hatchway looked at Kyp and Jaina and groaned. He walked down to Kyp with a scowl etched into his features. He held out a hand to him and Kyp took it cautiously.

By way of greeting, Jag growled, "You always had bad timing, Durron. Only you could have interrupted as I was proposing to Jaina."

Kyp looked startled for a moment and then properly chagrined and even repentant for a moment before he turned his gaze to Jaina. "Well what did she say, Fel?"

"She didn't," he answered, turning his own gaze on Jaina, "As I said you interrupted us."

"Well please continue," Kyp said, but Jaina and Jag weren't paying any attention to him then.

Jaina had let go of Kyp and walked towards Jag. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked up at him. "What did you think my answer would be," she teased him softly, before she leaned in to kiss him. When she pulled away a moment later, she whispered, "For the record, that was a yes."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

"Girlie," the gruff, patronizing bellow of the dockmaster yanked her out of her thoughts with the suddenness of a Dovin basal mine pulling an unsuspecting ship out of hyperspace.

She bristled before she even had a chance to respond. Being addressed as "Girlie," wasn't conductive to this man's health. Still, with admirable restraint, restraint that her Aunt and Uncle would have been proud of, she simply snapped back, "What?"

The man shook his head in disgust and muttered under his breath, "Breeding women, shouldn't even let them be pilots. Always spacing out."

A normal person wouldn't even have heard it, but Jaina with her force enhanced senses heard it easily. She only hesitated a second. It almost wasn't even worth it to teach the man a lesson. Surely a dockmaster this stupid wouldn't last long. She changed her mind.

The man was sprawled helplessly on the floor, her hand crushing his face into the floor before he even knew what was happening. There were certain things like being called scruffy or implying that she was a bad pilot because she was a mother that people didn't get away with. "What did you say," she asked the man furiously.

"Nothin', Nothin," he said hastily. Apparently he was smart enough to know not to repeat that while he was being held down by the woman that he had just insulted.

"I said, what did you say," demanded Jaina, fishing for something else now. There was no way if she let the dockmaster back up now, that he would willingly or even grudgingly give her a multiple day docking slip, which was what she was after. It was the only downside to her actions, now she would have to force it out of him.

It only to the man a few seconds for him to catch on to what she wanted. "Take the Sithing slip and get the receipt on your way out."

Jaina let him up easily, stepped away and snatched the receipt off of the desk as she marched out. "Did you watch how I did that 'Lyssa," she asked her daughter half-seriously. Alyssa was only barely two years old, but she had already begun to learn the basics of self-defense. She might be young, but Jaina never wanted a child of hers to go out into the galaxy unable to protect themselves.

Her danger sense only gave her a split second of warning. She whirled to face the danger, using that split second to swing her daughter protectively behind her and catch the vibroblade that was flying through the air towards her.

The dockmaster stood in shock. There was no way she could have caught that. It was impossible.

With a casual flick of her hand, Jaina used the force to slam him into a wall and let him dangle a meter above the floor. "What kind of slime are you," she demanded with fury. If she hadn't caught the vibroblade, he could have injured or even killed her daughter.

For a moment she considered returning his vibroblade to him, blade first, by way of his throat, but she stopped. On most fairly lawless words that would be acceptable. But this world, ravaged by the Empire, was already starting to return to its former glory, and prided itself on its sense of justice. She settled for knocking the man unconscious and taking his vibroblade with her as she left.

She strolled onto the street and started walking. It was only a matter of minutes before she was into a better part of town. She slowed and let Alyssa down to walk beside her as she glanced around. The surrounding streets and buildings contained an elegant, beautiful charm that made Jaina fell instantly at home despite the danger she had been in moments before.

She had business to take care of on planet, but she could take care of it tomorrow. Kyp, who had agreed to keep their private lives, just that private, hidden from the view of the rest of the galaxy, had also eventually decided to join them in their business venture. They had recently head that Naboo was interesting in hiring a fleet of freighters for off world trade.

Naboo had been a prosperous and beautiful world at one time, but after the end of the Clone Wars and the Empire, the planet had been devastated. It had been relatively spared from damage during the Vong war, but was only now starting to truly prosper again. If Naboo continued to grow as it had been and regained even a sliver of its former glory then the company who gained that contract would most certainly prosper as well. That was why she was here.

It wouldn't hurt though, to gain a feel for the world before she stepped into the competition for the coveted deal. It was something her mother and most other good negotiators did before they started negotiations with a being or government. She would use all the advantages that she could get, whatever they were.

Making sure that Alyssa was okay, and keeping her pace slow so that Alyssa could keep up as she toddled along, Jaina kept walking as she opened herself up to the force. She knew of no better way to get a sense for the world and its inhabitants. It had been a very long time since she had been able to do that without getting bombarded by hate, anger and every other negative emotion she could think of. It was nice to feel the pride of the people of Naboo at the beautiful towns and cities, the joy of the young couples as they walked past and the security the people felt. It was soothing compared to the paranoia and suspicion that she was more familiar with.

It also gave the disturbance in the force even more contrast, making it even easier for her to pinpoint its location. She considered ignoring it. She had given up the duty as an officer of the Galactic Alliance and as a Jedi Knight the day she had fled away from NERP 1587 with Jag. It was no longer her duty. She picked Alyssa up and started towards it for only two reasons.

It had been ingrained in her for to long to be a protector of the innocent to walk away now and as unusual as it sounded the force was urging her towards it. No one, not even Jaina Solo-Fel easily bucked the will of the force. Still she approached it carefully.

She fleetingly wished she knew someone on the planet well enough to trust them to watch her daughter for a while, but she didn't and with Alyssa with her she wasn't rushing blindly into an unknown potentially dangerous situation. She found her perfect observation spot on the top of a nearby building.

It was a fight as she had expected and an unfair one at that. A Gamorean, a Twileck and a Rodian had ganged up on a human woman. Jaina watched the fight for a moment. From her vantage point several stories up, it was hard to catch some of the details but one thing was obvious. The force had directed her here because the woman was a Jedi. And, Jaina realized a moment later, she was also a Jedi that she knew.

"Alyssa," she said softly, "I need you to do something for me." She looked into her daughter's intelligent brown eyes to capture her focus. "Stay up here," she added, "and put up your force shield like I taught you. Don't let anyone but me near you okay? I have to go down here for a minute." She waited a moment and mentally reinforced what she had said, using their force connection.

She kissed Alyssa on the forehead and jumped over the side of the building. She had timed her jump to land on the Gamorean, whose species was notorious for their incredibly thick skulls. He smashed to the ground, hard and she rolled off of him with a grunt of her own pain. Still in his stunned state it only took several harsh blows to bring him down.

Jaina looked up from where he lay just in time to dodge a slashing vibroblade directed by the Twileck. It was only a matter of moments before the Twileck and then the Rodian joined their Gamorean companion in lying on the street.

Jaina straightened up, drawing her previously concealed lightsaber out on a well honed instinct. Her violet blade slammed unyieldingly into a blue blade, just as she found the green eyes and distinctive tattooing scars behind it, that marked the face of Tahiri Veihla. The intensity of the fight glowed in Tahiri's eyes for a moment hindering comprehension, then it was replaced by shock and disbelief.

"Jaina?" She questioned her, but nonetheless she took a step back and lowered her lightsaber. "We thought you were dead," she blurted out.

Jaina followed suit, but flicked her lightsaber off and reconcealed it. "I think I'm pretty alive." She shrugged off the rest of the query. She had questions of her own. "What was this about?" Jaina could see a faint blush come up against the pale white of Tahiri's scars.

"They called me a traitor and servant of the Vong. I, er, told them they were wrong."

From how she said it, Jaina thought that wasn't all she had said to them, but she didn't comment.

"They wanted a fight and I gave them one," Tahiri added.

There was something else going on here, Jaina knew. The force wouldn't have guided her here if it wasn't, but it would be up to Tahiri to tell her. "Did Uncle Luke send you here?" She asked with a cautious curiosity.

"No," Tahiri replied quickly, "I haven't seen any of the Masters in months."

"What are you doing out her, Tahiri," she asked quietly, although she was beginning to have a few ideas.

"Just wandering," she said defiantly and then looked down. This was Anakin's sister. She could talk to her. "I don't fit in there, Jaina. All I am to them is a reminder of darker times. I don't even have an essential function that will make them tolerate me." She shrugged with forced nonchalance, "I'm better off out here, where I can disappear, travel and make my own way. It's better."

Jaina felt fury rise up in her. She had always had a problem with her temper and now she was filled with anger at the people who were treating this young Jedi, who had already lost so much, so badly. She was also a little angry at Tahiri, her often angry and defensive reaction to everything didn't help the situation any.

"Why don't you come with me," Jaina said, before she could change her mind. She had worked very hard to keep Alyssa's existence a secret. The galaxy was filled with beings who would love to kidnap Jaina Solo's child and she was determined to keep her daughter safe. She didn't want Alyssa to go through that.

The first real smile she had seen on Tahiri's face appeared. "Could I," she sounded eager and Jaina smiled. If nothing else, Tahiri would be a good source of information about what had happened to her parents and the rest of her family in the aftermath of the war.

"Sure," Jaina said, "but first you have to meet someone. Alyssa," she called raising her voice. Her daughter's tiny face and dark hair appeared over the side of the building and Jaina could barely hear her daughter's answering call of, "Mama!"

Instead of replying verbally she sent her daughter a mental image in return. She gently used the force to lower her down to them. She caught Alyssa in her arms and smiled at her infectious laughter. "Tahiri, this is my daughter, Alyssa Fel," she said unnecessarily. The resemblance between mother and daughter wasn't exact, but it was obvious.

Once Tahiri had gotten over the shock of what had happened in her friend's life since she had last seen her, they continued to stroll through the city. They threaded their way easily through the crowded streets of the older part of the city with the ease born of years of training. The two women talked easily, catching up on the other's life, when Jaina suddenly stopped mid sentence. Something had caught her attention, something that she couldn't quite place. She didn't however, have time to figure out what had caught her attention as the briskly flowing crowds of people jostled an older woman roughly into her.

Before she knew it, she was laying on the ground staring up at Tahiri, her daughter, and the woman. She was more stunned than hurt; it had been years since she had found herself knocked to the ground in anything other than a life threatening situation and it had been years since even that had happened. Accepting Tahiri's outstretched hand, she rose to a standing position and brushed off her friend's concern.

She froze as the woman who hit her looked up. This was what had caught her attention. She didn't know what it was, but there was something here, something that was demanding her attention.

The woman brushed a strand of long, still dark chestnut hair away from her face, and offered her hand to Jaina. "I'm sorry I ran into you. My name is Padme."

"I'm Jaina, and this is my daughter Alyssa and my friend Tahiri," she introduced them quickly, finding herself entranced by this woman for some reason.

Padme smiled easily at them, but as she looked into the older woman's eyes, Jaina could see the remnants of pain and a life that hadn't been spared the harsher ravages of the galaxy. Without even realizing it, her attitude towards the other woman softened this woman just from what she had seen in her eyes and sensed about her, had much in common with her.

"Would you and your friend like to come back to my home for a meal? It's the least I could do after knocking you down like that."

The words were on the tip of her tongue to refuse Padme's generous offer, but without even realizing what she was doing, she found herself agreeing. She saw the slightly startled look that Tahiri had shot her, but ignored her. The woman didn't appear to be a threat and if this was the direction the force was pushing her, she was willing to go with it for the moment.

When they walked into the small, but elegant apartment that the older woman called home, Jaina immediately felt at ease. It was a feeling that surprised her. She usually didn't feel that way except for in the presence of Jag, but then again the whole day had been unusual. She joined Padme in the kitchen, as Tahiri kept Alyssa happy in the other room. She wouldn't usually have left her daughter with the other Jedi, but Alyssa had seemed to take immediately to Tahiri. They already seemed to be fast friends and Jaina had a feeling that soon enough Alyssa would have an adoptive aunt in Tahiri just as she had an adoptive uncle in Kyp.

She watched the woman move around in the kitchen for a moment before she said informatively, "You know, normally I wouldn't have accepted your invitation, but there was just something about you." She trailed off, feeling suddenly unsure of herself and why she had even said that.

Padme smiled at her and replied, "And I normally wouldn't have invited you_"

Before she could finish her sentence, a sharp intake of breath, a harsh painful gasp of shock, had cut into what she was saying. Immediately concerned Jaina whirled and moved quickly towards the other room where Tahiri and Alyssa had been. She found them right where she had left them. Her worried gaze flicked to Alyssa first, but found to her relief that her daughter was fine.

It was Tahiri that caught her attention. The blonde woman looked as if she had been gutted by an amphistaff. The smile on her face had crumpled and been replaced by a look of utter devastation that Jaina had become all too familiar with during her days in the war. It was the look of a person who had lived through the loss of a loved one. The question was why was Tahiri acting that way now?

"Tahiri," she asked quietly, "What's the matter?" She walked towards her and reached a hand out.

Padme came up behind them. "Is she okay?"

But Jaina, nor Tahiri had heard her, because at that moment, Tahiri had chosen to speak the name that had caused her sudden violent reaction. "Anakin."

All of the women in the room froze at the mention of his name. Jaina looked as if she had been slapped and Padme's face paled, as both women saw what Tahiri had been looking at. It was a holo image of a young couple. The woman in the couple was obviously a younger Padme, but the man, could have been Anakin Solo.

Except for his hair, Jaina suddenly realized, her brother had always had dark hair, not the light brown almost blonde that the young man in the holo displayed, but other than that, it was her brother.

"Who is he?" The quiet rational tone of her question seemed to surprise everyone, Jaina especially, but it was enough to snap Tahiri out of her grief enough to realize that the man in the holo was not the love of her life.

The moment the question was asked a strangely defiant look, filled Padme's eyes. She pulled herself to her full height, and met Jaina eye to eye. "He was my husband and he was a good man." She took a deep breath, "It's been decades since anyone but me has seen that holo, and certainly no one has seen that in recent memory that has smiled fondly on it. How do you know his name?"

Jaina felt her brain freeze. This wasn't possible; it couldn't be happening. "The man in that photo could be my brother," she heard herself say quietly. The force had been guiding her actions all day. This planet seemed charged with the force, in fact. She would trust her feelings for now. "His name was Anakin Solo and he was named after his grandfather Anakin Skywalker."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Jaina Solo-Fel lay on the bed that she had been given by her grandmother, unable to sleep, the events of the day foremost in her mind. She had almost been killed by an angry dockmaster, found one of her former best friends in the middle of a fight, and found her grandmother, a woman the galaxy and her family had long thought dead.

The trio of women had spent the rest of the evening watching Alyssa and talking, after they had gotten over the shock of their discovery. They had talked about Jaina's decision to give up her duty to the galaxy, in exchange for having a husband and child of her own. It was the hardest decision Jaina had ever made in her life. It meant leaving behind the only family that she had left and she had done it for her daughter and for the man she loved. It was a decision that would, at various times in her life, come to haunt her, but one that she would never regret making. She had defied a prophecy and her duty to the galaxy for one man and it had been worth it. She might have lost her family, but she was content in the knowledge that they were still out there. She was building a new family, she had met her grandmother for the first time today and she had Kyp and Jag and Tahiri, and of course, Alyssa.

She had been named the Sword of the Jedi at the tender age of twenty and that roll had defined her life for years. She was free of that duty now, but that was also who she would always be. For now though, she was just happy to be alive and surrounded by people who loved her, however unlikely her situation was, and to be able to live her life without a constant threat of death. It was happiness, contentment and love, and that was more than enough for her.

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