Chapter 9: Epilogue Rise of the 7th Hokage

A.N: This is the epilogue. This chapter will be about the status of the rookie 11, their remaining sensei and most importantly Naruto's celebration as he rise as the 7th Hokage (I find the end of pain arc better than the ending because I expected an end like pain but bigger.) I would have like Naruto did a speech as Hokage and people celebrate which is basically what happen in this time skip. Plus, there will be another timeskip about Naruto's family. I may have hinted pairing here and there, but I didn't pair just for the sake of pairing. And there is no fat Anko, for those who wonder. But you've got a flashback with crud Sai that tried to help his teammates in their training, always find that funny, so I guess I wanted to see it once. Somehow, I manage to top the longest chapter I made. I even cut idea. See this one as a lot of mini-stories. I divide it inside to help .

UPDATE ABOUT FUTURE SIDE STORY: since I talk about the jonin exam so much, I've begin to tried picture how I see it. It might take a while but my next story will be about the jonin exam. Creating interesting character will be what takes time, because the way I see the exam, I need character for it. Some might take it as well, so it should be worth checking out and it's a good way to see how I fair with action scene as well.

Update 2 : I've started the Jonin exam story already. So bear in mind that this epilogue might contain spoiler about that story since it happen some time after

It's been 4 years since the 4th great ninja war end. It's a beautiful sunny day in the hidden leaf village. Today was an important event is about to happen for this village because it was the dawn of a new era, the era of the 7th Hokage of the leaf. It's the first time that Kages from the other villages came in Konoha to see an Hokage's nomination, but it surprise no one at the same time, because that future Kage was the hero of the last war, the ray of hope for peace, he was Naruto Uzumaki. He couldn't have done it without his friends. Let's see how they have grown.

Kiba as join the anbu black ops squad with Akamaru. He is the leader of the tracking unit. Yamato, Sai and Anko are also part of the anbu. Yamato his the captain of the black ops in general and is the one to reported to the Hokage about the corps.

"Ok everybody, today is a big day so I want everyone on high alert if an attack hit , though I believe nobody is stupid enough to attack Naruto during his Hokage ceremony, I want standard security procedure." just in case said Yamato

"I can't believe Naruto did it. I'm still remember that fight where I laugh at his dream. Guess the joke on me." said Kiba

"WARF" , Akaramu added.

"I know how you feel, I'm mean dickless got everything he ever wanted, even ugly love. I guess he did succeed. It's a good ending like in a book I read." added Sai.

"How come you train with them by calling them name like that and still be in one piece?" Kiba asked.

"I supposed they grow fond of it, he answered with a fake smile, remembering he was the one who help during their first training session to prepare them for the jonin exam."


"Naruto. Sakura. Kakashi asked me to help you train for the jonin exam."

"Thanks Sai, but how are you gonna help us, asked Naruto ."

"Simple, as you know you cannot use kurama chakra during the jonin exam. So the goal of the training is to lay a punch on me."

"Easy, the blond claimed"

"I'll agree with you, it seem way TOO EASY. What's the catch?" asked Sakura.

"Oh nothing really, except that I'll be flying over your head."

"How are we suppose to hit you?" asked the blonde.

"Sakura, we discover that you had water chakra so you use that or ninja weapon, Naruto you can either use wind style or tried to understand how your father jutsu work, because I would be hanging on to this, Sai show him a kunai."

"Dad's Kunai?"

"Right, Kakashi said you need to figure this out on your own, you're both good in close combat but I have to help you develop in a long-range too. You have 30 min to destroy the bird and punch me. Well let's get started."

Sai hope on a bird and then fly high. The other ninjas were concentrate, until Sai asked nonchalantly

"By the way dickless, I heard you grew a pair to finally asked ugly out"

Both lost their concentration instantly.

"Why you?" Naruto said

"You don't know what you're talking about Sai." Sakura shout while a vein pop on her forehead.

"Oh, so you had sex with him"


"How come you had an erection with ugly."

"Sai come back down here so I can kiss your ass."Naruto shout.

"I'm sorry, the point of this training is that you both need to stay focus, even under stress so you can't let me get under your skin. Plus you waste 5 min. trying to deny you had sex with another woman Sakura."

"I never had sex with another woman."

"Woman are dickless, you had sex with dickless here and I read in a book that we call that what was the word... ah yeah lesbian."

And the insult continue for 30 min. Naruto and Sakura never hit Sai during those 30 min. However, after that well, that was another story. Kakashi did take over their training after that and Sakura heal Sai after he apologize.

(End of flashback)

(I'm lucky Sakura is the best medic in the world, I did tried to help them, after all they are my friend. They did ask me about reading this book about being crud. I should start this one after the nomination. )

"Everyone get their order, so you're dismissed." cut Yamato.

With that, the anbu were deploy for security in the hidden leaf village.

Elsewere, the ninja academy class where about to finish. The children were excited because it was finished earlier due to the special event. However the class was too loud to the teacher taste and he have an announcement to make.

"Silence everyone, I have something to say." demand Iruka.

Everyone decide to stay quiet.

"Ok, as you all know, class will be dismissed earlier. I wanted to take the chance to present you the new trainee for becoming a teacher here. You can come out."

A figure appear while having a green hood and sunglasses. Some of the students find the guy weird, other did find him normal and other just knew who it was.

" Hi, my name is Shino Abruame, from the Abruame clan. I'm a special jonin of the hidden leaf and I've applied to become an academy teacher. I was in the same class as the soon to be Hokage. I will try my best to make you exemplary ninja out of you. I hope the best for you."

The students as similar reaction, some were freak out, other were comfortable. Well that's school for you.

"Hi Shino-sensei." the crowd did all answer.

"Shino will help me in the class. He'll be observing at first how I've done my class, then he will give you class on his own. Be nice to him. OK, class dismissed."

At the sound of those words, the class was emptying itself.

"Thank Iruka-sensei, to give me this chance."

"You're welcome Shino, but may I ask why you decide to go as a part-time teacher?"

"It's simple, Naruto wants for us to aim for peace. We need to teach our children about peace and it's cost if we want to keep up that peace. I'll still be available for tracking mission if they need me, but I believe I could be more useful here. Plus perhaps, I might help one of those kid to become Hokage, like you did for Naruto."

"I see, thank you Shino. Iruka said while thinking of his past with Naruto." (Civilian now feel safer than ever and you inspire most of the ninja. Naruto, I'm sure you'll be the best Hokage yet.)

Meanwhile, in the Hyuga estate, the ninja of the Hyaga clan were preparing too. Hinata and Hanabi were able to convince their Father that they can both lead the Hyuga clan. The two sister did train together. For Hinata, it was more to keep in shape while Hanabi prove to be a genius in pare with the late Neji. But she was young and brash, while her older sister has wisdom gain over her experience in the field. Their co-leading start a year ago and the Hyuga clan as since prosper and being respected among all 5 nations. Today, they both were walking side by side to see their father Hiashi and the elders of the clan. They wanted to ask for their approval about a new law project within the clan. They called this meeting now to make the law pass before the new Hokage's nomination. Hanabi started the meeting.

"Greeting everyone, my sister and I called this meeting because we want to pass a new law that might change the way of the Hyuga for the better." Hanabi stated.

"We believe that we should take the opportunity of having a new Hokage to begin a new era for the clan. We have discuss this over and we believe it is time for the main branch to remove the cage seal from the side branch of the clan." added Hinata.

"You do know why we made the side branch in the 1st place don't you girls?" asked one of the elder.

"What would you decide if we have to sacrifice for any reason 1 of our fellow clansmen. How are you gonna decide who is ready to die?" another elder added.

Hiashi stay silence, waiting for the answer of his daughters.

"We let our fellow clansmen decide their destiny and if not one of them wants to do it, I'll be ready to do it." state Hanabi

"I'll be ready to die for any of our clansmen, that's our duty as leader of the clan. We believe that we shouldn't chose by birth who is less important. All life have value. The decision Hizachi and Neji made to sacrifice themselves wasn't because they were from the side branch. They did it because they love their people enough to die for them. It is not a burden we should put on anyone from birth. Plus they are some people from the main branch who abuse of the cage seal to enslave their fellow clansmen from the shadow. We cannot turn a blind eye on that." said Hinata with a determine look.

"You've got a point but for this law, we did have an approval of the Hokage office back then (Danzo didn't want anyone to have the byakugan and I believe he did want to test the cage seal). To pass your law, we will need the approval of the Hokage's office." said Hiashi

"Well, Naruto did come by yesterday with this paper from Kakashi, to approve this law projet, said Hanabi."

"Since when Kakashi had an interest in the clan structure." asked an elder.

"It was Naruto's idea he came 8 days ago." added Hinata


Naruto arrived at the Hyuga compound and then asked for Hinata. The guy told her where she was, and Naruto head toward a Hyuga training ground, where both sisters were sparring. When he saw them, he interrupt by saying.

"Hey, Hinata … Hanabi"

Hinata turn around and said

"Naruto-k" POW

Hanabi had started a gentle fist strike. Hinata should have, if she was not distracted, block it. When she turn around, Hanabi was to late to stop her attack.

"Sis, are you okay, I'm sorry, I was sure you would block that strike."said a worried Hanabi.

"It's okay, you did tried to stop it, so it wasn't at his maximum power." reassured Hinata.

"Oh I'm sorry girls, I believe it's more my fault."

"Well yeah." confirm Hanabi.

( Look like she scratch more than her sister kid)

( Yeah I already knew that)

"Anyway, what is it Naruto-kun, you were searching for us?"

"Yeah, I've got a good news to tell you. As you know, Kakashi announce me officially as the next Hokage next week. He asked me to come up with a law project. At first, I was like help expand Ichiraku ramen, so everyone in the village knows how good it is. Teuchi did agreed but Sakura-chan told me that I can't possibly pass a 1st law over food. She told me to think back instead about everything I said, as a kid when I said I'll be Hokage. Most of the time, I talk about never giving up, can't lose because I'll be Hokage. Then it hit me. I did said that I wanted to change the Hyuga way. I believe that everyone should be able to choose their destiny. That why the 1st law I did was to erase the cage seal from the side branch. Kakashi-sensei did chuckle a little and told me he was expecting something like free ramen for everyone, but he then said that this law was indeed serious and that he will approve it. He put the Hokage seal on the project to approve it. It will enter in vigor when I'll be officially announce Hokage, if you want to pass it of course, so I wanted to gave it to you personally. What do you think?

"Ramen law, men really do think only about their stomach" said Hanabi while giggling. "But the cage seal law is a great idea. I mean we could then teach to the whole clan the jutsu reserved to the main branch to everyone so the clan will be overall stronger."

"I'll agree with both you vision. Neji will be proud to know that you did keep your word, Naruto-kun."

"Thank you girls, well I must be going, it's ramen night tonight, home cook by Sakura-chan. I must go, take care girls."

"Say hi to Sakura-san and thank her for convincing you not to pass a ramen law." said Hinata while smiling.

"Yeah send her our regard, Lord Hokage" said Hanabi

Naruto turn around and said

"You don't have to call me that. It's not because I'm not Hokage yet, but because I consider both of you friends, we're not bound by destiny or title either." Naruto said. He then turn around and leave.

"You know, I've kind of understand how you fell for him. Even though his probably the most powerful ninja in the world and become the leader of one of the 5 nations, he's not corrupt by it one bit and prove all his critic wrong." added Hanabi.

"Naruto-kun is a sweet guy. But we both know that I might need someone a little calmer. I think long and hard about what he said to me when he reject me. He's right, though he is a kind person, I don't see myself with him like that anymore. Plus I know he is happy now." added Hinata

"Well sis, you did grow up too." Hanabi conclude, glad that her sister was over it.

Both girl smile to each other before calling it a day.

(End of flashback)

(So the boy did really want to help our clan, I will believe in my daughters and his judgment then) thought Hiashi.

"How about we do a hand raise vote for it" Hanabi suggest. "We're 5 here, so if we got a majority, the law is pass. If not, we'll forget about it. So who approves it."

Everyone in the room, to the sisters surprise, has raised their hand up to approve the law.

"If the new Hokage decide that his 1st law concern the Hyuga clan, we can't disapproved his judgment." said an elder.

"Plus both of you as show us your point of view and show that you had the well being of your fellow clan members before anything. You will grow to be fine leaders girls." added the other.

"You made me proud today." said Hiashi.

"Thank you everyone, well that was the only point of this meeting so it is adjourn." Hinata said.

"After the Hokage ceremony, we will talked about how we will proceed to remove the cage seal and how we're going to teach the side branch the jutsu they didn't get access." added Hanabi.

With that they all exit from the council room and prepare to go to the 7th Hokage's nomination.

Meanwhile, at the Yamanka's flower shop, Ino was waiting for the last hour of her shift to end. That will give her 1 hour to get dress before going in the crowd for the nomination. However, it was one of those boring day. She had a rush for 3 hours until she has sold out all flower bouquet. After she put the sold out sign for that, no one has enter the store. What would she give to have someone enter the store. Until she hear the door bell.

"Hi Ino."

"Choji, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I was talking with Shikamaru. He said that in approximately 3 hours, no one would come to the store and you will be bore out of your mind. I decide to check up on you, after all, it's been a while and I believe we could catch up."

"Shikamaru is indeed right. Before you were coming, I'm sure that I could hear a fly breathing."

"So how are you doing."

"I'm fine. I know I didn't see Shika and you for the last 6 months. I've become a special jonin in interrogation and a poison expert. I've train under Ibuki for the last 3 month but he did pass me as a special jonin. Now I'm trying to develop a new mind reading jutsu."

"That's awesome Ino, plus with your base as a medical ninja, you really become a key support for a team."

"Thank you Choji, so what have you've been up too for the last 3 months."

"Well I begin to get use to be the head of the Akamichi clan. I've become a special Jonin myself, in pills. We've tried to develop new food pills, to boost specific parameter. Like stamina, chakra, chakra regeneration, antidote pill, healing pill... well a bunch of pills. We trying have of course some specific for the clan, but we trying to make some for the other as well. I've been reading the scroll from our clan too. Plus I might have for project to open my own barbecue."

"Just try not to eat all your profit." Ino said while chuckling.

"Don't worry, I won't." reply Choji while laughing with her.

The door bell ring again

"Well I knew I found you both here." Shikamaru said while entering. "What's up."

"Nothing really, we were just catching up." Choji said.

"Mind to join us." asked Ino?

"Well might as well stick around a bit."

"So Shikamaru you're a Jonin now right?" asked Ino

"Well, it was a drag but I did pass the Jonin exam last month?"

" You could have done it sooner." Choji said.

"Yeah, but 3 years ago, I just was tired with the war and all. I found it to be a little too much for a year, even with Temari on my back. 2 years ago, well Naruto and Sakura did the test so I didn't want to end up against them and boy was it a good decision. The most logical choice would have been to give up, but I do wanted to fight ninja that are at Jonin level, so I wait this year to pass it."

"Yeah it's quite logical when you think about it."

"Plus all those travel between leaf and sand must have worn you out." said Ino with a smirk.

"I knew this wasn't going to be long before you tease."

"Yeah, but I'm know I'm right, don't forget that I train how to detect lie, when you said Temari was on your back, you didn't seem so upset about it, so look like you two have finally hook-up. That explain why you smile by saying her name even if you made it seem like she was a drag."

"If you really had to know yeah." Shikamaru admit.

"Explain why I see you less too." Choji added.

"And why you're here, you did wanted to catch up with us but you came to buy her a flower, after all, she is in the village right."

"You've really become even more dangerous with those skills Ino. Just tried not to squeeze every gossip out of the people."

"You know me"

( that worry me)

" I hear that"

"You're a mind reader too without jutsu now".

"No silly, I wasn't reading your mind, I'm far from mind reading without touching or using a jutsu for now, but I know you long enough to know you better."

"I see, well may I bought a red rose."

"I'll bought one too. Choji said."

"Oh this is interesting who's the lucky girl." Ino asked.

Shikamaru pays for his rose and was about to leave before Ino said

"Don't you want to know who will received Choji's flower."

"Already know." Shikamaru said while leaving.

"So would you mind sharing it with me." Ino asked

"Well it's for you."

That took Ino by surprise while she was blushing.

"Come with me to the nomination, afterward we could continue our discussion."

"Like a date?"

"Well yeah, like a date."

"You know what, you're on Choji, it's a date then."

"Ok I'll pick you home in let's say 30 min."

"All right."

"Well I've gotta go see ya."

" See you soon." Ino said while smiling. ( Hmm, at least Choji see me as a person instead of just my body unlike the other I date. He might just be the right guy. Maybe not, let's see where this is going. )

Choji then exit the flower shop only to meet Shikamaru with Temari. The couple were holding hand while Temari was holding a red rose.

"So, how did he goes?" asked his friend

"Well look like I've got a date after that nomination tonight, I need to get back home to prepare." said a grinning Choji. I'll see both of you later, hi Temari by the way.

"Hi Cho.."

He did left them before she finished his sentence.

"Someone is in a happy mood."

"Well, he did have a crush on Ino, he just found the courage to act on it."

"No wonder he's that happy then."

"By the way, not that I don't appreciate having your company for myself, but where are your brothers?"

"Gaara did want to go on his own, so Kankuro decide to head to the weapon shop to buy material for puppet and I decide to search for you."

At that answer, both of them were blushing slightly. Shikamaru then said.

"Well, I guess we have a little spare time so how about we go to grab a snack."

"Sound good to me." Temari answer.

So they head out to a restaurant.

Meanwhile Gaara was wandering in the leaf training ground. He did observe someone training with shadow clone and that person use a jutsu he knew as well.

"Rasengan" the boy said. Then he tried to put chakra nature to it. The Rasengan began to change color, flame begin to engulf i but he couldn't infuse it perfectly and the flame just dispel. Damn it, he said

The Kazekage approach the boy and then said:

"Impressive, you master the Rasengan and tried to infuse it with your own chakra nature. That could create a powerful jutsu in the class of the Rasen-Shuriken. You must be his unofficial student. It's Konohamaru right."

"That's right, that my name. Big brother Naruto told me that this was the next step. I had to take it if I want to make the Rasengan even more powerful. Though it is even harder than I expected. But I can't give up now, after all I'll be the 8th Hokage."

"The 8th Hokage heh, you really are just like him, so I don't see why not. Are you still a Genin like him?"

"Nah, I passed the Chunin exam 2 years ago. Now I'm getting ready for the special Jonin or the Jonin exam."

"You do know the difference between a special Jonin and a Jonin right?"

Konohamaru look at Gaara with a face that cleary tell that he doesn't know

"Let me explain it to you. There is no special jonin exam officially. That title belong to chunin that specialize in a category. For example my brother Kankuro could be consider a special jonin in the puppet master department. In other word you specialize in a category. Another special Jonin teach you and if he think your good enough, he made you special Jonin. However, a ninja that pass the Jonin exam become a Jonin. Meaning a special Jonin can pass the exam to become a jonin. The difference is that a Jonin outclassed a special Jonin, because he prove his leadership and his skills to analyze a battlefield and in combat in general. Becoming a Jonin open door like being a Kage bodyguard, vote in the Jonin council and getting A and S rank mission more often."

"Okay, then as I was saying, I'm gonna beat the Jonin exam, that the next step before becoming Hokage right."

"I believe so. Keep working hard. Naruto is keeping a spot for you. He told me that he want Shikamaru as the head of the Jonin council, but you as part of his Kage bodyguard, so you can learn how to be a good Hokage. Shikamaru or Sai might have to fill up for your spot until you ready."

"He did?"

"He believe in you and by seeing you so do I. By looking in your eyes, I see your determination very much like I saw back then in his eyes. You can definitely do it."

"Well thank you Gaara. Just you wait, I'll be Hokage before you know it."

"Though you should probably change now. You wouldn't want to miss Naruto's nomination. Continue training at this pace might make you pass out on this training field."

"You right, I need to go home, hit the shower and go see big brother realizing his dream. Thank you Gaara again."

With that Konohamaru head home quickly leaving a thinking Gaara

( You inspire so much people, your village can only prosper and we will help you in any way we can.) Gaara thought happily while disappearing in sand.

At Konoha hospital, the soon to be former Hokage was paying a visit to an old friend.

"Hey there, how you're doing."

"Kakashi, nice of you to drop by, what bring you here." said Guy in a wheel chair.

"Nothing really, I just wanted to see how an old friend was doing."

"I see, well I feel wonderful. Sakura schedule me for an operation in 2 weeks. Saying that if it were to succeed, I'll be able to walk again. Though she's already warn me not to over do it after walking."

"I'll guess I'll have to keep an eye on you then."

"Gai-sensei will walk again, Sakura-san is amazing." said Lee while walking in the room with Tenten.

"Glad to know you will feel better sensei." the weapon mistress had.

"Don't you worry one bit, I'll be up before you know it, so I can trained you properly for the next Jonin exam. After all, we can let team Kakashi get all the glory in the village isn't that right."

"Right, I'll train even harder so I can be the best ninja in Taijutsu in the village."

"Well, I do want to surpass Tsunade. I open a weapon shop and I want to create weapon that put those of the cloud to shame. I'm working on scroll that seal the Ninjutsu of your opponent. You can after the battle recopy the scroll, for multiple use. I intend to be one of the best Kunoichi of this village."

"That's my students, always aim higher. I'm sure that your former teammate will be proud of both of you. NOW HOW ABOUT SOME SERIOUS BUSINESS."

"Watch out Tenten, Gai-sensei is getting serious." said Lee while his eye were shining. Tenten feel glad that her sensei was doing better, though she never get used to those antic.

"Kakashi, I know you didn't come out here just to watch on me. You came here to tried to get a 2 point lead in our DEADLY GAME OF ROCK PAPER SCISSORS."

(I didn't came for this but it's been a while, why not play the part) "You see right through me." said the 6th.

"Gai-sensei, since your are unable to take the consequence, let me do it for you, if you lose, I'll do 500 laps around the village on my hand."

"That's the spirit Lee."

"Are you insane? they name Naruto Hokage today, you can do that today. Plus you might collapse before you able to complete it." said Tenten

"I know, that why I'll wait to begin after Naruto's nomination. Plus, if I collapse, I'm counting on you Tenten to bring me here. I know you'll have my back."

"hmph... I don't really have a choice aren't I?"

" Great now that this is settle, let's begin."

"Wait, as the Hokage, it wouldn't be really fair if I didn't have a consequence as well for losing."


"I will cease to exist."

"WHAT?" both Lee and Tenten scream surprised.

"Excellent, you're on."

Then both the older man scream: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. One has the scissor, the other has the paper.

" I won. Meaning we're tie in our series." said Gai

"I'll be sure to tell Naruto to come see you, after all Sakura will throw a tantrum if you get out of the hospital. Well I'll guess this is it, see you later kids, Gai. Kakashi said before poufing out of existence."

"That was a shadow clone all along." asked Lee.

"Seem so." said Tenten

"That's why you both still needed training. Don't worry, I'll teach you how to discern a shadow clone too. Trust me, by the time I'm done with you too, your Jonin exam will be talk about as much as the one they did."

"Thanks sensei."

"Now go said congratulations to Naruto for me. That kid is much like you Lee. Always aim higher and you will surpass your limit and all your dream can be reach. That goes for you too Tenten."

"Yeah Gai-sensei. Common Tenten let's go"

"Get well Sensei." With that both Guy's student leave him in that hospital room (Did you see that Neji? They still working hard toward their dream. I'll promise you that I will make sure they both reach it. After all, it is a job of a sensei)


(We are tied in the series it seem.)

Kakashi was at the Hokage desk working some of his last paper work. They were 10 min. left before Naruto was officially become the 7th Hokage. The crow was already gathered in front of the Hokage buildng.

(Hmm. They probably should arrive by now)

"OYE, Kakashi-sensei."

"Right on time Naruto. Oh hello Sakura."

"Hi sensei."

"So Naruto, how do you feel about realizing you dream."

"Right now pretty nervous, you sure I'm ready."

"Having butterfly I see. I suppose it's normal. If you want we could always wait next year."

"THE HELL WE WAIT NEXT YEAR." exclaimed Naruto. "But maybe an hour or two, I should check my speech."

"He stay up all night writing it sensei, you should have seen him. He didn't sleep at all during the night, well so am I since he was nagging me about it and I help him the best I can."

"I see, well I'm about to go out there and to officially retire before announcing you. Listen to me well Naruto, you deserve it. You've trained for 2 years and show the leadership you needed to take care of the village and skill that surpass the Kage level. Plus you've got friends here to help you if you need. It was the dream you always clung onto and all you're hardwork finally pay off. So I will be the 1st to congratulate you officially. Now I'm gonna announce my retirement as the Hokage."

"Kakashi-sensei, what would you do after you retire." asked Naruto.

"Well I guess I'll continue Master Jiraiya work. I believe I've got an idea for his sequel."


"Indeed. And I know it will probably work. Right Sakura?"

"I don't see what you mean Sensei." said the embarrassed blushing girl.

"Well that explain some of the thing we ... OW," before the blond receive a punch on the head.

"Naruto, Kakashi still there. And don't tell me you never peek once in those book."

"Of course not. I don't need to. Pervy sage told me all about it and his research technique"

"Research technique EH." Sakura said while cracking her knuckle.

"Great, you won't become Hokage because you find a way to die here."

Naruto then said

"But I'll never had to use it. After all, I'm living my dream with my dream girl right."

Sakura's anger vanish instantly

"Smooth kid"

(Well at least he now know how to talk to girl too, time sure as change) "Anyway get ready Naruto 'I needed to go talk to the crowd." said the sensei.

With that Kakashi go out on the balcony of the Hokage building to address the crowd while Naruto still checking his note stressfully. Sakura seeing this decide to comfort it by placing both her hand on his shoulder and said:

"Naruto, look at me. It's gonna be okay, you don't need to read a speech if it stress you more. You should go out there and just tell to the world what it meant for you. I believe your good when it come to talking with you heart. I know you wanted to be more responsible as Hokage, but stay true with yourself. I'll be at your side the whole time so don't stress."

"Thanks Sakura-chan, I appreciate it." Naruto said while smiling

"That more the face I want to see from you." answer Sakura while smiling back.

"What she said, I mean she beat me to it."

(Thanks for the attention Kurama, how about going getting that Hokage title now)

"Damn straight"

"Let me help dress you up Naruto"

"Thanks Sakura, last thing we want is to be late. (Don't want her to tease me again that I've become like sensei.) But don't stay here, I want to share this with you."

"Of course, I wouldn't have been anywhere else."

Meanwhile with Kakashi

"So to conclude, it's been an honor for me to have been the Hokage over those past three years. But that wasn't really my cup of tea, if I am to be honest."

Naruto begin walking, holding Sakura's hand.

"That is why I really have to prepare someone to be a worthy successor of the Hokage title if I want to be in peace with myself for leaving the office and I couldn't think of a person more fitting than your new Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto appear dress with an black coat with orange flame. On the back, it was written 7th. He still as the classic Hokage hat on his head. Kakashi shake Naruto hand said his congrats and then go back in the Hokage building. The crowd was cheering, everyone was happy that this kid finally has reach his dream. Naruto begin to raise his hand, the crowd begin to calm down because they knew he was about to speak. Then he said.

"Thank you, I really had a speech written but I believe I should speak with my heart."

He turn around looking at the pinkette before winking at her and then continue.

"Since I was a child, I have always dream of this day, the day I've finally become Hokage. At first, I've wanted the title because I wanted to have the acknowledgment of the people of my village. I wanted to prove that I was the strongest ninja of the leaf. But something happen along the way. After defeating Pain, I've gain all that. People respect me, want my autograph, girls wanted to go out with me. So why would I needed to be Hokage. After seeing my predecessors and how they all sacrifice their life to save the village, I understand. A friend remind it to me along the way. They become Hokage to make sure the Leaf future. I've fought with some of you in the war to ensure the Leaf future and to restore peace. I'm glad the other Kage are here because I want them to hear this, I want our alliance to prosper, not to the detriment of one village for another, but all together. I will tried my best to make the leaf prosper and to ensure that our children have a promising future to live in. I don't know if I'm worthy of the Hokage title, but I will damn sure tried to be each and every single day until I'll retire and everyone who knows me know that I never go back on my word. I promise this to each and every one of you, believe it. Now, let's start the celebration."

Naruto ended the speech with a thumb up as he grinned. The crowd applause and continue to cheer for him. From the rookie, to the other Kage, to the civilian, in other word, everyone was applauding. The festivities begin. Rose bouquet where thrown and all. Joy filled the crowd. The now officially 7th Hokage go back to Sakura, gave her a quick kiss before they go back to the Hokage building.

"So how was it?"

"I wouldn't have done it with the thumb up in the end, but then again, it wouldn't have been you. It was great Naruto. You've put your heart to it and you express yourself well."

They were back in the Hokage office where a blond figure was waiting for them.

"My lady, Grandma." the couple said

"Don't call me that brat. Hmph. I just wanted to say congratulations to you and I've come to tell Sakura that she have 2 weeks off from the hospital."

"Why, I don't need two weeks off."

"2 things, you need all your strength for Guy operation. You never take a day off in the last 2 years. You've always either train or work. Live your life my dear."

"But sensei."

"No but."

"Man, granny can be so bossy sometime, though I agree with her, You should take it easy a little. I don't want you to burn out from work."

"All right,I'll do it if you take at least 3 days off. You too needed some rest Naruto."

"I can still ask Kakashi to replace me for a couple of day. I'll tried to focus on my new Hokage duties only and be done with work as soon as possible if he can."

"Meaning be at the office and not go on mission." Sakura said while smirking

"I'll never do that." said hesitantly Naruto

"You sure?" .

"Don't worry Sakura, I'll keep an eye on him, after all, Koharu and Homura has retire and being an elder of the leaf and as former Hokage, I believe I can get use to watch Naruto and have a spot in the council. Plus it kind of pay well."

"You need money for gambling, right granny?"

"I'll never do that, Shizune would attest but she's in the hospital." said Tsunade with the same intonation as Naruto

"So 5th is a gambler, 6th a perv and 7th a prankster. I wonder what were the other Hokages flaws. But I won't change any of you for anything." Sakura said.

"Well kids, it's been fun but I've got to go. The party as started and you know that sake is 50% today so I'm off. Naruto, seriously congratulations, Jiraiya would have been proud of you for being Hokage." Tsunade said with a smile.

"Thanks granny, he meant a lot to me. Don't drink too much ok."

"Don't worry about me, see you around kids."

With that Tsunade was gone.

"Well Naruto, I suppose we should be get going as well." said Sakura

"Yeah we should, but I just want to know how much did he hear?"

"Who?" Sakura begin to concentrate and did felt another presence.

"I see you both notice me."

"Wouldn't be worthy of my title otherwise would I?"

"I suppose so, said Sasuke while dispelling his cloaking technique."

"Cool jutsu man."

"Thank you, I came to congratulate on fulfilling your dream. Well, both of them."

"You knew about us?" ask the blonde.

"I bet with Kakashi that revealing this information should both make you finally confess."

"What did you bet?"

"Between sensei and me."

"Wouldn't that be Kakashi-sensei Icha Icha collection Sasuke?" asked the pinkette


"That is why he want to continue Pervy sage work."

"What, Kakashi is gonna wrote sequel?"

"Yeah and Sakura-chan will probably force me to buy them. Ouch"


"Well I win them for Karin as well, if that can make you feel better, I'll probably have to bought them too."

"You're together?" Both asked at the same time, while Sakura release the chokehold she had on Naruto.

"We did hook up after a year in my trip."

"Just threat her well Sasuke, she's the only member left of my clan that I know."

"Don't worry, I didn't get how precious she was to me until someone almost got her. How did you know about her being in your clan? "

"During my Hokage training with Kakashi, I'll check the report of your team, I didn't read it all but I've got the file. I was shock to see her family name."

"I see."

"Wait how come you comeback in the village and never even say hi until now, Sasuke. I should beat some manner into you. Especially for playing me four years ago." said a seemingly." irrated Sakura.

Sasuke gulp, thinking that if they were to break into a fight, Naruto would either brake the fight, or if he dare lay a finger on her, join her to beat him up. He heard about the jonin exam and though he did become stronger, he cannot see himself winning versus the two.

"But it is because of you that we were together sooner, so I'm just gonna say thank you, tried to pass by our house next time, we could cook you dinner or go to Ichiraku just to catch up. We both missed you know." said the pinkette who was smiling sincerely now.

"Sorry, I'll tried next time. Karin did want to know more about you dobe since she learn you're an Uzumaki too."

"Yeah no problem, you are welcome anytime. You should have seen your face teme, you almost pissed your pant. Sakura totally play you."

"Shut up loser."

Naruto was laughing while Sakura give herself a mental tap to the shoulder, thinking that now they're even.

"Anyway, Sakura, may I ask you a question. Suigetsu keep nagging me about it."

"What is it?"

"What the hell a kunoichi name Karui did to you at the Jonin exam. From what I gather, you had her trapped in a paralytic genjutsu or with a drug, meaning she was neutralize, but you hit her with superhuman strength, sending her flying and breaking 2 or 3 of her ribs while knocking her out. That doesn't seem like you to go overkill like that."

"How did he get that information?" said a surprised kunoichi.

"Suigetsu want to learn Killer bee fighting Style, with 7 swords. We had business with the cloud village to update our bingo book and when the cloud ninjas that participate in the Jonin exam came back, that Karui girl was shock by her humiliating defeat and the fact that the same ninja heal her after the match. Her partner talk about seeing every worst case scenario possible and he didn't see this one coming."

"Teme, it's kind of your fault."

"What do I have to do with that?"

"Sasuke, Naruto is partially right, but it is mine mainly. I did lost control a little and that girl was too brash to be a Jonin if you ask me." answer the pinkette embarassed.

"What did she done for you to lose control like that?"



Karui was teamming up with Omoi to face their the opponent.

"Look Omoi, it's the kid that didn't want to sell out his friend. This time I won't hold back on the beatdown."

"Beatdown ? You can possibly be serious, you cannot possibly have beat up Naruto. I would have known of it . Right Naruto?"

"Right" he answered with a fake smile.

"I know that smile so you better spill it."

"Ok, ok, remember when Sasuke join up the Akatsuki, report where about him taking Killer Bee to them and dead. You weren't there when they asked information, I refuse to sell out anything and propose to bear their rage. I've kind of let her beat me up for a while."

"I see nothing to worry about." Sakura said with a fake smile.

(I guess I'll just have one guy to watch, her anger is at her peak when she put that faked smile.)

(Prepare to stop her if she goes too far)

(Nah she won't, I hope)

"All right everyone, this is a 2v2 match, the contest ended when either both opponent are knocked out, incapacitate or if one opponent give up. Begin."

As soon as those word come out. Sakura disappear in the air and throw 3 kunais at Karui's direction.

"You need a better aim if you hope to beat me." said Karui with confidence while the kunais missed her.

She didn't have to move much, the aim was off. However, what she failed to see was that the kunai as a small pocket attach to it with substance smelling like Sakura's flower in it.

(Hmm, it smell good. Now it time to make my move.)

Karui tried to move but to no avail. The odor was getting stronger.

"What happening, I can't move?"

"Karui, snap out of it, you'll might be judge incapacitate", state her teammate while having a kunai clast with Naruto

What he didn't see coming is Sakura at an unimaginable speed strike Karui right on the chest saying.

"This is for beating Naruto up."

Karui was defensless and was knocked out in mere sec. Omoi back down from Naruto as soon he realzse her partner was out. Sakura then turn to give a death glare at him while asking her teammate with a serious tone.

"Did he beat you up too?"

"No he didn't I guess we should really start now."

"Not necessary, Ref, I give up."

"Omoi give up, which mean Naruto and Sakura are the winner."

End of the flashback.

"Dobe, you shouldn't have done that for me. I didn't deserve this kind of loyalty back then, even now you shouldn't do it."

"You were still my friend, I didn't want to sell you out, though the plan of getting myself beat up was pretty stupid." The blond respond while scratching the back of his head.

"YOU THINK." both Sakura and Sasuke yelled

"Anyway it's all in the past. I apologize to the Raikage and Sakura did heal Karui. Gramps told me that this was a good reality check for her too, because being overconfidence and that her action toward me wasn't necessary. I understand what he meant because if it was someone higher up back then like Kakashi or the head of a clan, we might have enter at war with the cloud for nothing, after all, every village were threatened by the Akatsuki, the leaf was weaken and the Raikage was emotionally back then. But it didn't has come to that and I believe that make everyone even. Enough about the past, what happen with your team?"

"Well, Suigetu has master 5 of the 7 swords of the mist, he got 2 left. He is in the cloud training to improve his chakra reserve so he can wield Samaheda and want to learn the 7 sword style, as I were saying earlier. Orochimaru tried to find a way to cure Jugo, he is with him as we speak. That the last thing he wanted to do before passing."

"Passing?" both his teammatwe ask in disbelief.

"YES, I mean dying. He use the forbidden immortality ninjutsu. To remain alive, Orochimaru must stole a body every 3 years. The cell it took for Kabuto might prolong it from 5 or 6 years But in the end, he will die."

"Unless he stole a body right." asked Sakura .

"Yeah but that won't happen. He told me that he was afraid to die before, because he wasn't able to trust anyone anymore, that he had to be alone to discover the secret of the world and to know all existing ninjutsu. His vision change when I revive him. He understand what I was going through and how powerful I've grown. We share a similar past and yet, I didn't take the same route as he did. So he decide that he has no reason to be immortal and to sacrifice the life of other. He don't see his life worth more than the others now."

"And what if it is all an act?" state the girl

"Well, let just say that 1 way or the other, he die but I rather not have to do anything with it. While traveling with me, he teach me most of his jutsu so I'm pretty sure I can handle him."

"I see, well keep me inform of that situation." said the new Hokage

"I will."

"Do you still travel with Kabuto?"

"Well he stay in the Hidden rain village at their official head medic. He decide to settle there, since thanks to the Hidden Rain close border, no one know him and he never had to spy on them. So he live there now and collect some information about the situation there."

"Did the internal war is over?" the blond wonder.

"We're waiting for Kabuto mission briefing but strange occurrence seems to happen there. Rogue ninja tried to take over from what I gather. I'll keep you informed about that."

"Enough about politic. Sasuke, how about the real question Naruto and I really want to know, when will you be coming home?"

"I want to at least settle the rain conflict. That could take another 2 years. I know I can do the bingo book while I have a home here, but not yet. Maybe when we will be ready to start a family, I'll move back."

"Sasuke talking about starting a family? That something I never expected." Sakura said teasingly

"God, you were so much easier to deal when we were young."

"And so not really myself around you, don't you find it more fun, less annoying."

"You will learn to deal with it Sasuke"she so adorable.

"Says the guy who love her for like, as far as I know you. Anyway, I should take my leave, I've been here long enough, check with your anbu if they notice me, I'm curious about it, the other are waiting for me outside the village. I wanted to know about the efficacy of this cloaking jutsu."

"Well good-bye Sasuke, take care of yourself. said Sakura while hugging him."

"Tried not to get into too much trouble, I've tell you about the anbu when you get back here and don't forget, we always got your back and you always have a home in the hidden leaf."said Naruto while showing Sasuke is fist.


Sasuke then fist bump with Naruto before saying.

"One last thing, Naruto, how come no girls harass you. I mean when I was here, every girl were after me. You've become quite popular, yet, no one seem to bother you from what Kakashi-sensei said."

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan scare them off by smashing a table on our first date because of the 3rd girl trying to flirt with me while saying he's mine, anyone who want him go through me."

"Stop embarrassing me Naruto." said a red Sakura.

"Figure, I suppose I should prepare for something like that from Karin."

"You might do that for her yourself, said the medic. After all, Naruto did punch a guy who tried too much to flirt with me. I crashed a table but because of he's action, I had to heal the perv afterward. The guy was unconscious for a while, he barely hold back."

"Sakura-chan, he was asshole. No one should watch you and threat you like a piece of meat."

"Those stories seem interesting but that will be for another time, maybe when I came to visit you for diner. See you guys. With that, Sasuke disappear from of the room."

"He accept our invitation ?"

"Told you, deep inside he missed us." answer the Hokage.

"Well Lord Hokage, I believe your people are waiting for you." said a flirting Sakura while wrapping her arm around Naruto's neck

"I suppose we could join them, but after that, it's you and me." the blond answer while holding her waist.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

The couple then kissed before going celebrate with their friends.

2nd Timeskip (9 years later)

Naruto was over his office when a messenger came with a message. He said that he came from the hospital. Naruto open the letter and read

My beloved, I told you that I will get the kids at the academy, but a student was injured during the shuriken training and told a nurse that Satoru is missing from school. Would you mind having him found while I get Haruka out of school. I'll ask her if she knows something about her brother. Send Kakashi or Kiba to find him, he like those two and they've got the skill to find him. If I've got any piece of intel, I'll deliver them to you personally.

Love you. Sakura

(Looks like your brat is doing a prank)

(What makes you think it's a prank, he could have gone sick or something and decide to head home)

(Because he is your son and apple doesn't fall far from the tree)

(I don't get what you mean)

With that, Naruto make a shadow clone to pose as himself, doing the paper work while he goes to search for his son. He did want to skip paper work and found out what happened. What Satoru didn't know was that his dad did put a Hirashin seal inside his bag pack. Naruto appear and what he saw was his son doing his personal prank. He was painting the Hokage's heads. He was about to paint the 4th head until he heard

"Satoru." yell Naruto at the bottom of the statue.

"Dad oh oh OH" he was about to fall but the Hokage was fast enough to catch him. He put him back down and then asked him:

"What do you think you're doing here?" he ask calmly.

"It's simple dad, everyone at school think that I'm good because I've got special treatment since I'm the Hokage's son, so I'll prove them wrong. I'll prove the whole village wrong. I wanted them to acknowledge that I'm good not because of anyone else than me. That's why I decide to surpass the Hokage dad. I'm gonna tried to surpass you."

Naruto was listening carefully to his son. His word as reach him in a way he didn't expect. He put his hand on his son head before telling him :

"You want to be surpass the Hokages eh. Well you better do better prank than this then. At your age, I could have paint all the Hokage's head before getting caught."

"No fair, they were only 4 in your time."

"That's why you need an accomplice. I help you finish the prank. We let it rest for a while, afterward, I help you cleaning it. A Hokage can have fun, but must be held responsible for his action,that is why after that, I'll help with your homework, knowing Haruka, she will probably get them for you."

"Yeah I'm doing a prank with dad. But hey, wouldn't mom be mad at you."

"That's part of your training too, what she doesn't know can't hurt her right. We have to do this quick then. After the homework, how about some ramen."

"OH yeah let's do this."

While the father and son were doing their prank, Sakura arrived at school to pick Haruka.

"Hi mommy."

"Hi sweetie, how was your day?"

"It was great, I've just receive an exam result and I've got an A+."

"That's my girl. I've got a question for you, did you happened to know where is your brother?"

"Don't know, he just say something about proving people wrong and say something about pulling the ultimate prank."

"Did you say prank?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I send you father to get him, well more like to put some ninja on that task, but he said to me last week that he missed the prank he used to do."

"You don't think dad would join him?"

"Well, I know that he will scold him and put him on the right track, but if he find the prank good, he might join him."

"Well we should tried to figure where they gonna hit then."

Then they heard some villager.

"What are they doing?"

"The Hokage is doing prank again, it's been a while."

"Is going back into painting the hokage face?"

"His son with him."

"OH MY GOD! what have they done."

Sakura just take Haruka's hand and decided to follow those voices.. When the Hokage's head where at view, she couldn't believe it.

"Baka, both of them. A vein was popping from a Sakura's forehead."

"They paint grand-dad and grandma Tsunade, said Haruka."

"Oh they're gonna get it."

"Calm down mommy, they seem to have even paint daddy head. The only one they didn't paint is the 6th one."

Sakura's forehead return to normal, then wonder why he didn't paint Kakashi's head.

"You right, I promise I won't touch a single hair from either of them. But I will have to talk to your brother, he can't skip class like that" (Your father probably take that has an excuse to skip the paperwork at the office and plant a clone there instead, oh he'll hear about it tonight)

When they arrived at the scene, the younger girl greet the other.

"Hey Daddy, Satoru."

"Hi sweetie, Sakura-Chaaaaaaan! It's not what you think it is?"

"Dad, we're busted. We shouldn't have waste so much time on the 6th head."

"We wouldn't if you didn't have ask me such a hard question."

"cough cough, boys, may I asked what was the question before you both got scold and probably get in trouble."

"Well Sakura-chan, if you don't know the answer on that question, would you mind give us a pass."

"Dad, you know mommy is one of the smartest ninja in the village, there is no way that she shouldn't know the answer." said a confident Haruka.

"Good, then you can even help her."

( This is bad, Naruto is too confident and he know that I won't back down from this kind of challenge. Since he want a pass, I suppose he already scold Satoru, so no need to do it again.)

"Find, you'll get a pass, but you clean up this mess QUICKLY before we get home."

"Of course mom, we must take responsibility for our action, right dad?" said Satoru proudly.

"That's right son."

Sakura couldn't help smiling at this.

"So what's your question?"

"The reason I didn't paint Kakashi-sensei head, it's because Satoru asked me this, what Kakashi-sensei look like without his mask? So I ask you both."

Sakura and Haruka as no idea. They did talk with their children when the old team 7 tried to successfully peek under Kakashi's mask and failed. They don't know how he look like, even after all this time.

"Ok ok, you win, Haruka, dear, would you mind helping your brother and father cleaning this mess. I'll help you too."

"We're family, of course I'll help them, I've got your homework Satoru by the way."

"Thanks sis."

"You don't have to do this Sakura-chan."

" As our daughter said, we're family. Beside you seem to have forget something quite important. Remember back then Naruto, the 3rd was the official Hokage at the time and they were only 4 face, you know that right."

"Of course I remember Sakura-chan."

"Yeah Hiruzen Sarutobi was Hokage because grand-dad die as the 4th." her son added.

"You're good with your history lesson boy. Back then, that prank was let's just say, less risky and I help you because I want the paint to be gone fast."

"What do you mean less risky." asked the older blond.

"Because Lady Tsunade wasn't Hokage, what will happen if she knew what you've done."

Both Naruto and Satoru gulped in fear.

"Boys don't think things through." said their daughter,

"Well our boys are rash, that why we have to watch their back." answer her mom.

"Sakura-chan, take the children and go, I'll clean it up. Make sure that they make their homework. Satoru won't do this kind of deadly prank again."

"I'm sorry mommy, I won't do it again."

"It's ok, mommy has already forgive you, but don't skip class anymore ok."

"Ok, I'll tried my best."

"We'll all go to ramen after you finish you homework kids."

" Yeah." both children exclaimed.

" I'll see you home then." Sakura said before giving a quick kiss to Naruto and take their children.

"Time to clean this in an instant."

Naruto made 5 shadows clones. He then proceed to remove all the painting at a unbelivable speed.

(All clean, let's head home)

So kid, you seem pretty happy.

(I'm proud of my family, I think Satoru understand what I meant and he really make me think of us younger, the way we both did want to be acknowledged, though more me since I've wanted to be recognized by the village and have the same dream for the same reason. Haruka wasn't forced to help and understand what a family is for. I see Sakura-chan and myself in both of them. Plus she is an awesome mom and wife. So I suppose I'm really happy and lucky. In the end, I've realized every dream that I had when I was a child. I've become Hokage, I get Sakura-chan affection, I've got a family where I'm happy. We're not at the perfect peace yet but we continue to tried to advance toward it. I didn't give up on anything and ultimately, it pay off. )

You follow the path you believe in, all the way through the end, honoring your late sensei and Nagato will for peace. I'm proud of you.

(Thanks Kurama, I should tried to help them with their homework, though they both kind of smart, but I want them to know that I am here, if they need me. Plus I think I should talk to Sakura and Sasuke about a new peeking under Kakashi's mask operation )

I'm sure they know that both their parent love them. About your sensei's mask, Why don't you just ask him?

(So he can pull another mask trick, no thanks. Plus, he takes the fun out of it. I'll check their schedule when they're free.)

(You really haven't change over the years much.)

With that Naruto joined to have an evening with his family.

So here end the tales of the boy now grown into a man. The boy had a the nine-tails demon fox spirit seal inside of him, making him a monster to his own people. The boy had to fight for acknowledgement as a human being and he aimed for the top. On his journey, he found friend, comrade, love and even a family. He past through the pain betrayal and the horror of war. He unwavering spirit has kept him going his way and in the end, the man has everything he has desire. The demon-fox has grown into a guardian fox for him and his village. In the end, he never give up on his dream and made it all come true. Now he is the pillar that will support the village hidden in the leaf, the 7th Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki.


A.N: I didn't expect the epilogue to be this long. DAMN LOL. I didn't expect 32 000 words story either when I started this. So thanks for the people who support me. I've tried to do the best story I could think while respecting what happen in the 698 chapters. I'm not really satisfy with the epilogue chapter, to be honest, because I wanted to adress what all the rookie 11 would do in life. I did that but I felt like I develop some more than other. It might go with my own personal preference or the fact that some has a big loose end in the original (like Hinata was supposed to grown as leader of her clan and it never happen, the change of the Hyuga way, never happen either)

Plus, this story has no combat in it, it's really more about what those character has become. I think of Tsunade late in the process of writing, so I've found it a little poor. I include her before Sasuke, but having the 2 back to back wasn't such a great idea. I include a Karui flashback, because I felt like it's a point that you can't ignore. She beat up Naruto in a way that wasn't necessary back then. Making her the girlfriend of any rookie who was a little close to Naruto make no sense for me, that why I didn't hook her up with anyone, for those who wonder why this flashback was in it.

Future epilogue with Naruto and his family is just to show that Naruto having done the same prank when his was young should at least scold his son, but not by saying that it ruined his image. That make you a father that care more about image than ethic and your son. That's why I tried to portray here, a father that can understand his son action, can play with him and scold him if necessary.

I didn't describe the two children in the story. if I were to describe them.

Satoru is like 8 years, he would have orange or blond hair with green eyes in my mind

Haruka is like 6 year,. She would have pink (but a little darker than Sakura's) hair but get blue eyes

Why orange ( mix pink and yellow, you've got orange)

Well hope you guys enjoy it all. R&R. When I post this chapter, I'll begin reread the whole thing and I'll update it for the grammar error and computer error as well.