Dancing Cheek to Cheek

Gossip Girl

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Dan and Blair, Dan and Serena, Chuck and Blair.

Summary: Dan and Blair dance at his wedding reception.

Authors' Note: This is canon compliant but I will not acknowledge that Dan was Gossip Girl because that's ridiculousness.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything mentioned in this story.

It's at his wedding reception when it happens.

Somehow, he's not sure how, they end up dancing together.

They rarely speak nowadays.

She's busy being a mother and running Waldorf Designs.

He's busy writing bestseller after bestseller.

It's a slow song, of course.

Dan puts his hand on her back. Blair puts her hand on his shoulder.

They begin to sway to the music.

There is an awkwardness about them.

No one in the room notices them. It's the best friend of the bride dancing with the groom. There's nothing unusual about it.

One may even say it was sweet.

Except there was nothing sweet about these two.

These two used to be best friends. These two used to be lovers. They used to be intellectual equals. They used to be soulmates.

All of that was in the past now.

No one talked about the brief time when Blair and Dan were closer to each other than anyone else in the world. Everyone seems to have forgotten they shared a deep connection.

Everyone except Dan and Blair, that is.

It's still there in the way they inch closer and closer as the song continues. It's still there in the way she rests her chin on his shoulder. It's still there in the way his thumb caresses her skin of their intertwined hands. It's in the way she shivers when their cheeks touch.

His lips brush against her ear.

In a soft whisper that is barely audible, he says, "I love you."

She stiffens in his arms as the song ends.

Blair leans back so that she is staring into his eyes, they are still tangled up in their embrace.

The seconds tick by as they stare at one another. Each of their souls laid bare for the other to see and a life they could have had if they had each made different choices, better choices, flashes before their eyes and mingles in the breath they share.

She whispers a reply.

"I love you more."

Then before he can stop her she is out of his arms and gliding about the room.

He goes back to being a doting groom.

She goes back to being a loving best friend.

Each of them acting like nothing happened on that dance floor. But everything happened on that dance floor.

The truth happened on that dance floor.