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Story Start!

Two unrelenting forces fought against each other in a never ending struggle to try and gain the upper hand, neither one wanting to lose to the other. The first among these forces was Naruto Uzumaki, a young 17 year old boy that wore a golden flaming jacket on top of his black bodysuit he wore underneath it. His hair was aflame like golden fire, and on top of the golden cloak was black circles on the shoulders and nine magatama lined up in a square on his back underneath a strange circular design. On his stomach was a golden circle with a black circle inside of it. He wore golden sandles with armored tops. On his forehead was a golden headband with a stylish leaf on it.

Over the top of his eyes he had orange pigmentation, and his eyes were colored golden with cross pupils. His skin wasn't glowing, the only non-glowing thing, and it was a shaded with a light tan. On Naruto's right palm was the circle that represented the white sun, and on his left palm was the symbol that showed a black cresent moon. Originally, he only had the white sun until his opponent had killed his partner in this battle, and he had been gifted with his friends half of the power as well that had been gifted to them seperately. Behind his back were nine floating black balls that were so inky black that it was like looking into a never ending abyss.

In his hand was a tenth black orb, named the Truth-Seeking Balls, and he was thrusting it towards his opponent.

His opponent was woman older than himself. She was Kaguya Otsutsuki, and she was woman with soft, delicate features that were befitting of royalty. She had milky white skin without any flaws visible at all, and a slim and slender figure. The rest was unknown, since over her figure she wore a bulky transisional hime-style kimono with large sleaves with magatama going down the front of the white kimono on at the dges on the sleeves. Her eyes were pure white without any pupils and her eyebrows were cut short as a sign of royalty. In the middle of her forehead was a third eye that was colored red with rings around the pupil. On each ring were three magatama as well. Her long hair reach so far down that it was twice the length of her entire body, and sticking out of her head were two long horns shaped like rabbit ears with points.

Above Kaguya was a moon-sized and growing Truth-Seeking Ball.

"Oh hell no you don't!" Naruto shouted as he moved quicker than lightning itself and appeared in front of her with his Truth-Seeking Ball forming white blades around the edges of it. He was thrusting towards Kaguya, and she reabsorbed her own Truth-Seeking Ball and formed a portal behind her. She escaped through the use of the portal, and Naruto followed right after her into the void. In an instant the two of them were once again facing each other in a new dimension. Bone spikes erupted from her back yet again, and Naruto got only a quick look around him as he dodged an All-Killing Ash Bone that erupted from the palm of her hand and tried to murder him.

The new area around them was... nothing but colors, endless and joyous colors that ranged from everything he could think of. The entire place was a stretch of colors for endless miles, like looking through an ever changing scenery. Naruto saw that there was ground, and he flew towards the ground and slammed onto it with enough force to shatter it and make a resounding boom that ecoed endlessly through the area. Naruto looked up at Kaguya, before he sprung from the ground and slammed his fist into her gut. Her eyes widened as a hole appeared where her gut was. Spinning upside down, he kicked her in the chin and sent her flying into the never ending void of colors... if that made sense.

"Come on guys, give me a helping hand!" Naruto called out as golden energy exploded out of his body. The giant form of a giant nine tailed fox with similar black markings around his energy body appeared around Naruto, with him being located floated in the middle of the giant energy fox's head. The torso of the fox was humanoid in nature, and so were it's clawed hands. Naruto croctehd and the fox crouched, and both of them shot off towards Kaguya as she healed rapidly from having her gut blown open. She glared down at him as he approach her, but both of them were surprised when a roar was heard.

Heading towards both of them was a giant red... dragon. The dragon was red colored obviously, and it had a thick body with a long neck that stretched to 100 meters long for more. On it's snout was a great and sharp horn, and it had glowing gold eyes. It seemed to be heading towards them, but Kaguya only sent it an annoyed look as she pointed her palm at the creature. A single bone spike shot at the creature, and it didn't even try to avoid being hit by the miniscule ash bone that soared at it. Kaguya smirked when the All-Killing Ash Bone struck it's target.

Like the name suggests the All-Killing Ash Bone did just what it's name suggested, one hit was all it took to kill anything that lived. It was an instant kill technique unique to her that would destroy ANY living thing that it struck at an molecular level, and then leave behind only the ash from the destroyed molecules that had made up the beings struck with her technique. Even now, the great dragon creature was being turned into ash and dying off. It only lived for a few more seconds, before it's body turned into nothing but ash that scattered and flew away. Kaguya smirked at that, before Naruto appeared in front of her already in mid-spin. He hooked his arm around her neck, before he held his other hand out and changed the shape of one of his Truth-Seeking Balls into handcuffs. They wrapped around her wrists, and Naruto let go of her for a second before he placed his hands on her breasts.

The second his hands touched her boobs, she moaned for a brief moment... before her eyes widened when her third eye started to close against her will. She started to fly up into the sky as the entire dimension that they were in started to sent huge chunks of rock and earth up towards her, even clouds rushed towards her. Her body grew in size, turning into a huge creature with a single eye and ten tails... before she became more like wood and screamed in pain as rhe rock and energy started to collect at her body and quickly form a huge moon around her, consisting of ALL of the nearby rock that was surrounding their newest battle grounds.

Out of the moon nine sources of energy started to collect and take nien different shapes under the giant moon above them. Naruto dropped down the the ground and smiled to himself when the giant creatures were finished forming. Every single creature being about 200 or more meters long in the body, and all of them towering over him. Naruto was panting only a little, and both symbols on his hands had vanished, showing that he had defeated Kaguya once and for all. The first creature was a giant brown raccoon-dog with blue marking sover it's body, black rings around it's eyes... and golden eyes with four pointed eyes. Behind it was a single bulging tail. This was Shukaku, the one Tailed Raccoon-Dog.

The next creature was a giant cat covered from head to toe in blue and black flames with both a golden eye and a green eye. It had two long and thin tails of blue flames shotting from it's rear. This was Matatabi, the Two Tailed Cat. The third giant creature had no back legs, and was covered in a gray turtle shell with three huge shrimp tails sticking out from it's back. This was Isobu, the Three Tailed Turtle... another allie of his. Next was a four tailed and red furred giant ape with bone spikes coming out of it's back and going down it's tails. It had two large fangs sticking from it's mouth. This was Son Goku, the Four Tailed Monkey.

Next was a giant white horse with the head of a dolpin and five tails coming out from behind it. This was Kokuo the Five Tailed Dolphin-Horse, and next to this creature was a giant white slug with tiny human arms and six tails coming out of it's rear. This unique creature was Saiken, the Six Tailed Slug. Next to it standing in tail order in the circle was a giant beetlw creature that was mostly green with glowing yellow eyes. It had a horn on it's head, and it had six wings and a single tail. This was Chomei, the Seven 'Tailed' beetle and one of the stronger tailed beasts.

Next was a giant light purple Ox-like creature with bulky humanoid hands with a hunked back, no legs, and eight octopus legs sticking out of where legs would be. This was Gyuki, the Eight Tailed Ox... Ox-stopus. The second strongest of the nine tailed beasts. Finally, the strongest of the beasts was Kurama, his own friend, a giant orange fox with long rabbit-like ears like Kaguya and nine long tails behind it. Naruto smiled at all of them, before he turned serious and looked at them all with sad eyes.

"Shukaku... Matatabi... Isobu... Son... Kokuo... Saiken... Chomei... Gyuki... Kurama... you all know what I have to do now don't you?" Naruto asked as he looked around, and he got nods from them all. They were all more than likely trapped inside of this strange place for who knows how long, and it would be best for them if they returned into him. Should they be in him, then upon his death they would be returned to their home world. It would require him sealing all of them inside of him and recombining with their fragments that they had left in him. Naruto know they wouldn't like being sealed, but inside of him they would have each other... so hopefully it wouldn't be too bad until he could find a way back and release them.

The glow on his body died down to reveal a black and orange ripped up track suit, and his hair became less spiky and flame-like, and became the normal golden color. His eyes turned back to blue, and three bar marks on his cheeks turned into whisker marks. His right sleeve was mostly gone, showing a fishnet armor undershirt underneath it. Naruto's ripped tracksuit having the zipper down halfway to his stomach. Naruto closed his eyes and placed his hands into the same seal that he had used a few times before when either resealing Kurama the first time after they fought each other, and the one that he had seen Obito use to seal the Ten Tails inside of himself.

In a swirling fashion, all of the Tailed Beasts were absorbed into his body one by one as he closed his eyes tighter. Naruto hated having to do this to them, but this way they would only have to wait a short while before they were... before they were... Naruto groaned and held his stomach for a moment in pain. Naruto felt similar to how he was when he was being summoned by somebody else, but this time instead of an instant pull Naruto could feel this... place refusing to let go of him. Naruto felt like throwing up with how he was being both pulled back to possibly his home dimension, and being pulled to stay in this new one. Naruto felt like he was going to be split any second now.

Cracks in space started to appear around him, even time being fractured by the summoning and this world fighting over who got to keep him. Naruto held his hand out, and slowly a fast spinning maelstrom of golden energy appeared in his hands that was the same size as his head. The sphere of... chakra started to spin faster and faster, before Naruto thrust it forward at the cracks in space and time, before he shattered the boundries between the two and opened up his own portal out of this place. Naruto groaned as he jumped through the portal and felt all of that tension vanish from his body the second his feet landed on grass. Naruto looked behind him, before he held his hands at the open space.

Kaguya was inside of that dimension... it would be better to just seal it off completely. Naruto held his hand over the crack, before he twisted it and the dimension itself seemed to close up to everything around it. Naruto grinned at how he completely and utterly sealed off not only Kaguya, but that strange dimension from anyone that would like to enter it. He hadn't sensed a single living thing inside of that place after the death of the dragon looking creature, so he didn't feel bad about making sure that nothing would ever be able to enter that dimension ever again. Though, with Kaguya being in there he couldn't risk anyone ever going inside of their anyway.

Naruto thanked the Sage of Six Paths for giving him the knowledge about how to seal away things, and the ability to do it. Naruto grinned to himself, feeling giddy that he had done something so awesome after days and days of constant fighting against Kaguya... that was right, this wasn't the first day in a row that he had fought her after the death of his partner Sasuke. Naruto had ended up fighting Kaguya for an entire three days after that, with today being the very last day that he had taken to seal her away. Along the way, Kaguya had destroyed over 17 different worlds that their battles had taken place it, and he felt bad about that... even though many of the worlds had no sentient life on them, Kaguya had destroyed every single one and replaced it with a new world in it's place that was filled to the brim with chakra.

He had been able to use that chakra to empower himself and keep himself going even longer than he normally could. Naruto grinned to himself, before he placed his hands behind his head and fell back onto the ground with a sigh of relief. Naruto suddenly felt tired, after days of fighting, even though he had full chakra after resealing the Tailed Beasts into himself. He was on maybe his fourth or fifth day of no sleep after all, so closing his eyes Naruto allowed sleep to take him away.

If ANYONE tried to wake him up, he would stick his foot in their ass.

He DESERVED this rest!

Chapter End!
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Kaguya would DESTROY Great Red. Truth-Seeking Balls negate all non-Senjutsu related techniques, and she could make one with enough power to destroy and recreate a planet(stated in manga). Also, the All-Killing Ash Bones is a Sure-Kill move if it hits.