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"What do you need from me Sona?" Rias asked with a sigh as she walked into the student council room. It was obvious that Rias was more than a little annoyed with something, but what she was annoyed with was up for debate. Behind her was her entire peerage, just like behind Sona was her own entire peerage.

There were a few of Serafall's maids in the room, and chairs laid out in front of a large TV.

Next to that TV were 4 LARGE speakers, and there was a magical barrier protecting the television for some reason.

Everyone was already taking seats, and Rias nodded to Sona's peerage. The peerage wasn't even near full yet, but she was getting there. At the moment, her entire peerage consisted of female members, leaving Yuuto as the only male in the room at the moment. Sona was sighing, before she gestured towards one of the maids in the room.

"Onee-sama sent me a DVD with the newest episode of her show on it, she wanted me to watch it with you. Some person named Naruto is going to be a new character in the show." Sona said with an exagerated sigh, showing that she hadn't yet watched the movie herself just yet. She had been waiting for Rias to come, and everyone was suspicious when they saw the maids place barriers around the room, over the walls, around themselves, and over the doors to keep anyone from escaping the room.

"Ufufufu, seems like we have no choice." Akeno commented when she looked at the state they were in.

"Lets just get this over with." Sona said in annoyance, and a maid nodded to her and placed the disk into the DVD player. They all waited for a few moments, before they saw the scene started out with Serafall tied to a chair.


"Okay, this is unusual. That man must be Naruto, a rather handsome man I must admit." Tsubaki, the Queen of Sona, said as she looked at the scene.

"Ninja God Naruto, no matter what you do to me I, Magical Girl Levia-tan, will never say where the secret water magic is located!"

"Okay, so his character might be a water user?" Rias asked Sona, who shrugged and looked at the TV, though she did wonder about why water magic was being used... though that could be because the Sitri clan had powerful water magic in their possession.

"Oh, so he CAN put on a neutral face." Akeno commented, not thinking it possible for Naruto to do.

"My dear Levia-tan, I will get all I want from you... as ninja doesn't play by the same after all. I will use whatever I need to get to the secret water magic you have. Mag]ke it easy on yourself and tell me now... or else."

"His grammar is deplorable, it should be a ninja does not, not, as ninja doesn't." Sona commented dryly, not really seeing where this episode was going. She did wince when she saw the wall behind Serafall crack when he pushed her up again it.

"Never, Magical Girl Levia-tan will never give you what you want!"


"What the fuck!?" Rias shouted in shock when she saw Serafall had her top ripped off of her, and her breasts freed. She wasn't the only one, everyone in the room had jumped out of their chairs out of shock when they saw what had just happened.

Sona had her jaw dropped, and her eyes wide.

"Very well, but let it be known I warned you... today Magical Girl Levia-tan will meet her match."

Sona was twitching with her eyes glued to the screen when she saw what started to happen. Rias and the others were all forced to watch, while Yuuto attempted to leave the room... only to be forced back in when he ran into a barrier. The sound of the television was now going louder as some attempted to cover their ears.

"Good will always prevail over evil!"
"Good has failed, these chains holding you are the unbreakable metal adamantine. You will not escape without first telling me the location of the secret water magic."

"Oh... my..." Akeno said with her eyes widened when she saw what was happening in front of her, her eyes magically glued to... Akeno's eyes widened further when she realized that she could not look away... literally. She and everyone else were already under a spell that was forcing them to watch the entire thing without blinking.

"You monter, Magical Girl Levia-tan will stop you and free-"

"AHHHHHHH!? What the fuck!? What the fuck!? What the FUCK!?" Sona shouted when she saw Naruto pull something out of his pants. She was close to having breakdown, but it looked like she was unable to look away either.

"I will kill the hostage if you do try anything, now Levia-tan... suck it."

"Oh come on, this must be the part that she escapes... oh my... she is sucking it... it is getting bigger because she is sucking it... the Leviathan is sucking dick." One of Sona's peerage started to say, before she was shocked, and everyone else, when Serafall was sucking Naruto's dick on camera and bringing it up to a normal, but well endowed for his age, size.

"Shut up... no... I am not watching this." Sona muttered to herself with her eyes wide open.

"Holy crap, what is going... Why didn't I marry him!?" Rias asked with wide eyes as she saw what she was seeing.

'I am SO jealous!' Yuuto thought with wide eyes.

"You vile fiend, the ultimate Magical Girl Levia-tan will find a way to esca-!?"

"... Your sister is a dick sucker." Tsubaki muttered, before she was punched in the face by Sona out of reaction alone. Everyone in the room, even the maids, were blushing at this point... having NO clue what was going on anymore as they watched the Leviathan getting 'raped' on camera.

"Shut... up." Sona told her queen.

"She is right... she is drinking the cum!" Rias called out with wide eyes, before she was punched in the eye by Sona. Rias would glare at Sona, but she was forced to watch the screen.

"There is no escape for you Levia-tan, now give me what I want to know... this is your final chance."
"Levia-tan will NEVET give you want you want! No matter what you do, the Magical Girl Levia-tan will never give in to torture."
"You were warned, lets see how Levia-tan responds to this!"

"Shit! He is spanking her!" Somebody shouted out, before that person gagged on air when they saw the Leviathan getting her pussy fingured.

Sona was complete silent at this point.


"HOLY SHIT! He has STUCK his dick inside of her!"

"Whoever yelled that is getting 1000 spankings... actually... no more spankings... ever." Sona said when she saw what was happening on screen.

Rias tried to cover her eyes with her hands, but her hands refused to move.

"Koneko passed out!" Yuuto called out in shock when he saw that Koneko had well and truly passed out at this point, a large wet spot on the front of her skirt.

"Where is the secret water magic Levia-tan!?"
"Never... you will never... OH~!"
"Magical Girl Levia-tan ice spell!"
"So you broke out of the shackles, I underestimated you Levia-tan. You are much smarter than I gave you credit for... but without your wand you are put a child before the might of the Ninja God Naruto."

"Doggy... doggy style... my sister... about to be taken from behind... like an animal." Sona whispered in horror.

"You will never get me to tell you how to find the secret water magic!
"I think I know where to find it already my dear... the secret water magic can only be learned by making a magical girl cum!"
"How did you-"
"You just told me... now all I have to do is make you come, and the secrets of the ultimate water magic will be mine.


"Oh god this is... this is... I can't look away... I can never look adults in the eye again... I can't ever be in the same room as my sister." Sona muttered in true horror, while Rias could hear the sound of Akeno panting more than a little as she watched the movie.

They were watching the most powerful woman of the underworld... filming her own rape scene, and said woman had sent that rape scene to them to watch... and they were being forced to watch it.


"He made her cum!" Akeno called out, masking the sound of how she herself had cum.

"Nononononononononono!" Sona called out in denial.

"Finally, the ultimate water magic is MINE!"


Then the screen went dead, and everyone in the room was completely silent.


Sona ran over towards the nearby bathroom, and the sounds of her forcing herself to throw up could be heard.

What. The. Fuck!?

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