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~Best and Worst of Times~
Summary: Before the start of the Seventh year term, Hermione is at home. When a Death-eater attacks. Sending her back in time. There she meets the love of her life.

Riding in her father's car Hermione looks over at her three year old little sister playing with the toys she bought for her at Diagon alley. It's been a long summer especially since I'm not talking to Ron or sometimes even Harry. Smiling softly at her sister.

Pulling the car into the driveway, Hermione glances around to see if any death eaters or suspicious persons were around. God if only it was third year again. Before Voldemort came back. I wouldn't have to worry about my family's well being.

Sirius's comment sprung to mind, you never know they might get some backbone and show up in daylight. So keep a constant look out. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Hermione feels the tension drain out of her. Helping her sister un-buckle her seat belt, Hermione hears her wondrous laughter. Watching her bound into the house, Hermione shakes her head.

Following her sister's lead, she enters the house. Taking the groceries into the back kitchen, she starts putting them away. A few seconds later, her mother strolls in.

"Mione," chuckles her mother. "I can tell Selena really did enjoy Diagon alley didn't she?"

"Yeah, Silly was ecstatic," laughs Hermione. "It was quite a day."

"I'm glad," states her mother as she helps put away the last of the groceries. "Were you able to get your school supplies?"

"Yeah plus a few extra things," states Hermione. "I've already put them in my school bag."

"I don't understand how that bag of yours holds so many things," wonders her mother. "And still only weigh five pounds."

Smirking Hermione answers, "That's because its magic."

"I know. Well," looking around the kitchen. Spotting what she is looking for, she holds up a letter. "This came for you by owl post while you were out with Silly."

Flipping it over Hermione looks at the unknown seal, she instantly looked around. "Has it been quite," asks Hermione. Flipping the envelope back around Hermione could barely make out Ron's handwriting.

"Yes every thing here has been nice and quite since you took your sister out." The kitchen door opens as Silly bounds into the room. Quickly running up to her mother and latching onto her arm.

"See toys!" Silly demands as she yanks her mother back into the other room. Intent on showing off her new toys to her mother that instant.

Running a hand over the letter, Hermione takes the stairs two at a time. Reaching her room, she closes the door softly. Not wanting to upset her mother. Flopping down on the bed, she breaks the seal.

Dear Hermione, How are you doing? It's been so long since we've talked, I miss you. I know that it was mostly my fault, but you were partly to blame.

"As if," mutters Hermione. Calming herself down a little bit, before continuing to read.

I'm inviting you to come and spend the rest of the summer at my house. Ginny misses you as does everyone.
PS: Harry sends his love.
Your friend Ron

Fuming, Hermione gets up off her bed. Pacing about the room, she glares at nothing. Your Friend Ron! Ha! That's a joke; no friend would ever do that to another friend. Taking several deep-calming breaths, she starts to slow down her pace. Who the hell does he think he's kidding?

Pausing in mid stride, Hermione contemplates the end of her sixth year. I can't believe that I'm still here! Better yet, I can't believe that Harry and Ron are still here! The images of that fateful day flash in her mind.

Voldermont with the help of Peter (wormtail) was able capture both Harry and Ron. Hermione with the help of Sirius and Remus were able to rescue both Harry and Ron before Voldermont could kill either of them.

Capturing Peter in (in rat form) an unbreakable jar was just a stroke of good luck. Hermione spent the entire summer waiting to hear word that Sirius Black's name was cleared of all charges but so far no luck. The only good thing to come out of this was Professor Snape being forced to admit that there might be some credibility to Sirius's clam of innocence.

Looking down at the letter on her bed, Hermione could feel her anger rising to the surface again. Ron and Lavender snogging in the Gryffindor's common flashes in before her. That stupid wanker! I could just hit him. It also makes her want to throw up. How could he do that to me?

Looking around her room, Hermione softly smiles at all of the muggle and wizarding book she has collected over the summer. Feeling her anger fading, she hears her sister's infectious laughter reach her. Silly can always pull me out of a bad mood. Besides the summer isn't over with. Plus no one in the wizard community knows about you Selena. Not even Harry.

Visualizing how scary the wizard community has gotten since the return of Voldermont, an involuntarily shiver runs through her. Thank god for small things. Opening up her door she goes back downstairs. Entering the living room to see her sister showing their mother the funny parchment she got today.

Upon Silly noticing that Hermione was in the room, she ran right up to her. "Play hide and seek," demands Selena.

"Later," laughs Hermione as she points to their parents. "After dinner. OK." Merlin, you wouldn't think a simple game of Hide and Seek would be so complicated. Smiling at Silly's agreement to wait, Hermione sits down next to her mother. Huh, well I don't think Harry meant his invisibility cloak to be used in that fashion.

"Do you want to go to Ron's for the rest of the summer," questions her mother. "I mean it has been nice to have you for this long, there is only a few weeks left before school starts."

"Yeah," says Hermione. "I think its time anyways. Can't hide forever now can I."

"No," agrees her father. "But you're allowed to be hurt, and lick your wounds in private." The rest of the day passes by without incident. Hermione packs up her school supplies, books and all her Hogwarts robes.

Reaching for Harry cloak before she remembers her promise to play hide and seek, she feels nothing but air. Laughing Hermione knows her sister is hiding somewhere in the house.

"Be like God," shouts Hermione code for "Be as silent as death." Hermione spent the entire summer teaching her little sister the Marauder's secret code. Putting on her time turner so she wouldn't forget to put it on later. She starts to look for Selena.

"Ready or not here I come," laughs Hermione as she walks slowly throw the house. Damn she has gotten good, half the time I can't find her. Making whispering sounds, Hermione lets Crookshanks help her with finding her sister. Slowly going through Silly's room not finding her. Hermione gently closes the door behind her. Heading downstairs, she keeps her eyes pealed for Silly.

Looking around the kitchen, and the living room Hermione was just about to head into the family room when a loud popping sound was heard outside the kitchen door.

Glancing at her watch Hermione scrounges up her face, Mrs. Weasley is early. She's never early. Turning and heading toward the kitchen she reaches it just as her mother's screams reach her ears.

God no!

Fear paralyzes her for a moment. "Be like God!" Hermione shrieks, as her father's pleas become deathly silent. Looking around the room, Hermione just reaches her wand when a figure clad in black hovers over her.


Swinging her wand around Hermione mutters off one spell before a great green light explodes around her.

Until Later