Authors note:

I've always wondered how P&P would translate into a modern world, since I love the characters so much and cannot bear to think of them always stuck in the late eighteenth century. Jane Austen has done such a wonderful job of creating such three dimensional characters that I believe they can transcend time and still retain their Austenesque characteristics.

Elizabeth was already such a modern character to me, in speaking her mind, and being remarkably independent during a time when women had little rights. I've left her largely as is, vivacious and independent.

Darcy was prized for his great fortune in Jane Austen's world, but I felt that he needed a bit more oomph in today's society. I thought to myself about what members of today's society have the elevated status that Darcy would have enjoyed in the eighteenth century, and it occurred to me that for some people, sports stars are idolised. Suddenly I pictured Darcy just wanting to play his sport, oblivious to the Caroline Bingleys of the world sighing over his signed posters at home. Then I imagined our Elizabeth not caring one whit about his fame, and how that might rock Darcy's world. So many prejudices and false impressions arise!

I chose basketball because it is a sport dear to my heart. My own husband (who reminds me of Mr Darcy- shouldn't that be the other way around?!) plays basketball professionally. A lot of the stories and anecdotes here are based on our own interactions and *ahem* arguments throughout the early years of our relationship. Of course, I've stretched, altered and squashed things around to fit the mould of a P&P adaptation, so there's mostly fiction here! Just don't tell me you don't like this Darcy, because he's extra dear to me!

As a final note for those who read Miss Elizabeth's Brother (THANK YOU! By the way), I'm updating as I go this time around, instead of writing the entire thing and then publishing the whole story within a few days. We'll see how it goes!