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She woke up early, at first not quite realizing where she was, or why she was there. Then it hit her. Today she was getting married. Growing up she occasionally had thought about her wedding day, but that vision had been quickly foregone when she was old enough to know that she couldn't do so where she lived.

But today she was. She was giddy with excitement as she sat up in bed, then she saw a flashing light on her answering machine for her hotel room. She was surprised that it hadn't woken her up, but she had been exhausted the night before, so she clicked the play button and heard the only voice she wanted to hear.

"Uh… Hey Carm. Sorry I'm calling so late, or early, or whatever. Hopefully this didn't wake you up at all. I just wanted to say thank you for last night. I was freaking out and you stopped that. I can't sleep though. I think it's nerves and excitement, or just because you aren't here and I'm so used to having you with me. These rules are bull, no offence to your mom. So, anyway, I love you, and thank you for believing in me, you make me want to be the person you think I can be. I'll see you this evening. I miss you."

Carmen's eyes teared up. That was a side of Shane she didn't see often, a side of Shane she probably doesn't realize or admit that she has, except for three o'clock the night before her wedding, and maybe one time before.

They had come back from their hike to say goodbye to Dana the day before, and although still mourning their loss, Carmen could tell that Shane was happy; happier than she'd been in a long time. They were lounging around the house, neither of them having work that day. Shane had made coffee and scrambled eggs and they were sitting on the porch eating and enjoying the morning sun.

"I could get used to this," Carmen stated, looking up at the blue sky and leaning into Shane.

"Would you like to go on a date?" Shane asked.

Carmen almost laughed, but caught on the Shane's mood and just turned and looked in her eyes. "Of course. Where and when?"

"Umm… I have an errand to run for the shop and have to help Alice out with something, but I could come back and pick you up at 5 and we could make it an all evening thing?" Shane said, obviously nervous, and Carmen hadn't a clue why.

"That sounds amazing. Where are we going?" She asked, Shane didn't reply. "Oh come on. A girl's got to know what to wear!" Carmen pleaded, half joking.

"You'll see. Wear whatever you want, you'll look great no matter what." Shane said, off hand. Carmen smiled and kissed her on the cheek, before walking into the house to do the dishes.

Later in the afternoon, "What are we doing Shane? You were really cryptic on the phone." Alice said as she met Shane on the corner of Hollywood and Briar Street. "Uh. So you know I kind of asked Carmen to marry me all out of the blew and stuff." Shane started.

"Oh God. Don't tell me you're backing out already!" Alice said.

"No, nothing like that. I just, I want her to know I meant it. I didn't just do it because I was sad or scared." Shane said as they walked. Then she stopped and Alice turned, noticing then that they were in front of a jewelry store.

"You want to get her a ring?" Alice asked incredulously.

"Well, it'll make it more official, right? Somebody is supposed to have an engagement ring, right?" Shane explained. Alice could tell that this was all foreign to Shane, but she wanted it to be just perfect for Carmen, and she appreciated that.

"Who knew Shane McCutcheon was so traditional. Yeah, I guess that's how it goes." Alice said, slightly dumbfounded.

"I can't afford too much, but I thought you could help, if nothing else to distract the salespeople so I don't have to talk to them." Alice smiled, still in awe of Shane's romantic side. "I don't know, this is probably stupid, lets just go." Shane said, losing her nerve and starting to turn away.

"Hey, we got this far, lets just go check it out." Alice said, becoming excited about the whole thing.

As they walked in they were both overwhelmed by the wide expanse of glittery metals and diamonds, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. They walked over to the engagement ring section.

"Hello ladies. What can I do for you? Who is the lucky bride?" A salesman said, sliding towards them. Shane replied, "I'm looking for a ring for my fiancée, err, girlfriend, or whatever." She said, backing out of the more serious sounding word. The man stood their puzzled.

"She already proposed, but she wants to make it more official, you know, ring and all. And Shane, fiancée is the word, get used to it." Alice explained easily, but she could tell Shane was somewhere else.

"Well, se have a variety of cuts and styles…" The salesman rambled, but nothing was actually going through Shane's head. Then she saw it. The perfect ring. She knew for Carmen she needed something big, but not traditional, overdone, but not flamboyant. And this was it. It wasn't gaudy and in the way, but it was beautiful. To her it screamed Carmen. She pointed to it, Alice looked closely. "This rose one, next to the sapphire?" She asked, and Shane nodded.

"Sir, can we look at this one here? How much is it?" Alice asked, pointing at the ring more directly.

The salesman brought the ring out and told them, "This one runs at $2,660, it is a custom design by Heidi Gibson, a 14k rose gold with white sapphire and diamond." Alice was shocked at the price, then looked over at Shane.

"That's pretty pricy sweetheart, I am sure we could find something else a little cheaper." She said.

"No. It's her. It's Carmen. She deserves it." Shane stated, still in a bit of a trance. Alice was shocked at her outright confession, normally she would just buy something without explanation.

"Well, ok. What size should we get her? Do you know?" Alice asked, getting back to business as to not make a big deal.

"Uhh. Here, I have one of her rings, she wears this one on her right ring finger." Shane grabbed a small band out of her pocket and set it on the glass. The salesman grabbed it and checked the size.

"So you are in luck, these are both size 6, so you can buy it right now and take it home with you!" He said.

Shane pulled out her card and started the transaction as the salesman put the ring in the box and handed it over. "I hope she loves it." He said, and Alice responded, "Oh she will."

For a couple of hours Alice and Shane walked around and grabbed coffee at the Planet, talking to Kit and seeing Tina and Angie briefly. At 4 o'clock Alice headed home and Shane changed into a nicer pair of pants and a button-down shirt. Then she drove back to her house, and as a joke, rang the doorbell for Carmen.

Carmen ran out of the bathroom with heels in her hand and answered the door, to only then realize that it was Shane. "Why didn't you just come in? Are we back in High School?" She teased.

Shane was speechless, Carmen had on a short sundress, low cut with a wide flowing skirt and floral prints. Her hair was done in loose curls and her lips were a luscious pink. Her dress had slits in the sides, and practically no back to it. The curve of her hip leading up to her exposed waist caught Shane's attention and left her without words.

"Is something wrong?" Carmen asked, worried for a moment, until Shane said, "Wow. You're perfect." And Carmen blushed.

"Geez, you are like a teenage boy. Wait here, I just have to grab my purse and put my shoes on and we can go. Although I wish you would tell me where." She said, while rushing around the house. She made it quickly back to the front door. "And you don't look so bad yourself." She teased and kissed Shane on the lips as she closed the door.

They first went to a park up on the hill, and took a long walk, talking about everything and nothing all at once. They were both blissfully happy, doing something they normally didn't take the time to do. They then walked to a tiny restaurant, a Tibetan place they had both always wanted to go to and had heard great reviews of from Alice. They were just finishing up their meal when Shane, all of a sudden, went quiet. Then she said "I don't want to be too cliché." Carmen stared at her, puzzled. "But I want to ask again, I want you to know I really mean it," She said, a sense of understanding washed over Carmen. Then Shane got on one knee and Carmen's jaw dropped.

"Carmen de la Pica Morales, will you marry me?" Shane said, working hard to keep her voice from quivering.

Carmen smiled, her million-dollar, ear-to-ear smile. "Of course," was all she said as she leaned over to Shane and kissed her deeply on the lips.

Carmen sat there looking at her beautiful engagement ring, the stunning flower like arrangement of white sapphires around the diamond all embedded in rose gold. A knock sounded on her door, and she peeked through the hole in the door to make sure it wasn't Shane trying to break the rules again. Instead it was her mother and she realized she was in for a long day,

Shane had finally gone to sleep at 4:30 AM, and now was up at 8:30 to get ready for a day on the mountain. She could barely stand the thought of not seeing Carmen all day, but she knew she would get reamed if she tried to go see her again, so she succumbed to the feeling of longing and started to get ready for the day ahead.