"Humans are delicate-soft. Their demure nature makes them incapable of understanding the harsh realities of the world they live in. They should be handled with care, like they are made of glass or perhaps something even more fragile-like paper dolls."


Humans. That's what we were. We lived in fear of the night and even at times, of the day. The creatures that roamed our world, that ruled our world, made sure that we knew we could never be truly safe, not even in the human sector. Our lives could go on, but in reality, we were only a food source; something to keep alive to keep them alive.

I had a feeling my world would be interrupted by one of these. It was bound to happen. One could never truly stay away from the creatures of the night. But his eyes, those are what captivated me. I was always told to never look into their eyes. Their eyes equaled your death.

I wish I had. I wish with everything in me, that I had turned away.


preview of "Paper Dolls"

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