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JOHN SNOW! =D I really don't like the red woman. As in, I'd be happy to watch her character be killed off. By Ramsey Bolton. But, after what she did for John Snow...I sort of like her. Sort of. As in very little.

I hope you all enjoy the next installment of my story. I hope it offers a twist some of you *may* not have been expecting!

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Serena looked around as she was maneuvered through different corridors; all aligned with rotted gates compared to actual walls. The nightwalker ahead of her was moving at a leisurely pace, as if he didn't seem terribly concerned on getting her to where she needed to be anytime soon.

Hearing the flap of wings, Serena looked up and smile lightly at the birds taking shelter in the open rafters. When the thunder rolled again, Serena felt a thin line of sweat whimper down her back; as if it was too scared to move prior. It was freezing and yet, her body felt like it was on fire.

"oomph!" The sudden stop had her on the floor as she rubbed her nose. The damn nightwalker could have given her a warning that he was going to stop. She glared up at him, only to see beady scarlet eyes staring back, a look of concentration on his face. He surprised her when he knelt down onto the balls of his feet.

"I truly wonder how your species survived so long." Cocking his head to the side, he looked her up and down, "You're so easy to break."

Refusing to move back, Serena stared him down, "You underestimate us, nightwalker."

He stood, offering his hand, "Perhaps."

Ignoring the offered help, Serena stood, wiping whatever dirt had stuck to her backside. Watching him open up a large door, Serena peered out into the darkness as heavy rained poured down. There were at least three nightwalkers walking along a dry, covered area.

"This is the loading dock. Your escort will be here shortly. Just stand where they tell you too and may I remind you, try not to run. While it's fun, it also lets the animal out."

Swallowing hard, Serena refused to look at him again as she marched through the door and made her way out into the glacier like air.

"Stand here, human."

Serena moved to a spot near a set of stairs that led down into a soaked driveway of sorts. Wrapping her arms around herself, she wavered slightly when the wind howled and whipped through the clothing she had on. She hated to admit it, but she was exhausted. Everything had finally settled in and with the freezing temperatures, regardless of the beasts around her, her body wanted to shut down. Hearing a sudden scream pierce the air had her head snapping up as she around, trying to figure out the source. Feeling her heart rate increase as her eyes refused to see through the darkness, Serena eyed the nightwalker that stopped beside her.

"Do you ask? Or do you stay silent?" He tapped his chin, his long bony fingers seemed like they would break if even touched.

Refusing to blink, Serena held her breath for a moment, "What was that?"

His chuckle rippled across her skin; like a snake slithering out from its hole.

"It came from the Slaughterhouse across the way. They have pens and corrals with high walls, forcing the humans to walk single file. It's to help them not see what's coming up ahead. We took the design directly from when your species used to slaughter cattle and other creatures you deemed below you." He turned and looked at her, a smile booming, showing sharp pointed teeth, "It seems some were able to see ahead and what awaited them."

The vomit was uncontrollable as Serena felt her body lurch forward; her hands and knees coming into contact with the cold pavement as her stomach emptied out whatever was left-solids and liquids. Her body shook from disgust, rage, sympathy and a foreboding future.

Spitting out the words, Serena turned her head towards the monster before her, "You are demon spawns."

She watched his smile only widen as he reached down and gripped her arm painfully, hauling her back to her feet, "We are not spawns, little human."

Before anything else could be spoken, a large black SUV pulled up beside the loading dock, bringing the nightwalker's attention away from her. Serena felt her head sag as more screams could be heard; the wind and rain seeming to echo them throughout the night.


Serena snapped her head up at the familiar sound and looked up to see Jakob staring at her, his eyes a deep shade of red. She wanted to scream. Fight. Break his nose. Cause him every injury she could think of and call him every word in the dictionary; Just seeing him standing there before her, his head cast down slightly, had Serena reeling with rage. She pulled her arm and was surprised when the nightwalker let her go.

"Serena, please, follow me."

Eyeing Jakob's outstretched hand, Serena did the only thing that came natural- she marched past him and down the small flight of stairs. She only turned when she stood beside the SUV.

She watched Jakob step off the dock, landing lightly on his feet. He didn't say a word as he gave a slight bow and opened up the back door. Serena stared up at the sky one last time, closing her eyes and letting the rain slide down her face. Jakob seemed to give her those few precious moments before she opened her eyes once again and climbed into the vehicle.

The leather seats were the first thing Serena noticed and as she sat in the nearest seat possible, she couldn't help but admire the design; anything to get her mind off of everything else.

"Hello, Serena."

Serena's head shot up at the soft feminine tone and finally took notice of the female occupant in the vehicle with her. Her sapphire eyes widened, "Ami! What? How?"

Serena took in Ami's outfit; a long black dress encased her thin body, a corset squeezing the top half up and forming a perfect curve along her sides. Her dark hair, no longer wet, but seemed to be polished and washed. Around her neck, and left upper arm, she wore gold ringlets. Gold tear drop earrings, with a diamond center, hung from her ears.

"I know that you are surprised," Ami took what looked to be a moment's breath and then continued, "I apologize for the deceit. I was asked to keep you protected; we can never be sure how the human species will react when faced with fear."

Serena swallowed loudly as the SUV began to move, the road unpaved.

"You're one of them?"

Ami looked perplexed for a moment, "One of what, Serena?"

Growing more frustrated by the moment, Serena felt like she wanted to scream, "A Vampire! A bloodsucker!"

Serena hated Ami at this moment; hated the composure she held, even as Serena felt like she would break apart at any moment.

"No, Serena. I am not a vampire. Similar to how the human race has different ethnic groups, the nightwalkers also have different groups."

Brows furrowing, Serena thought back to any information she had been told prior to confirm such a statement. Shaking her head, her golden hair sticking to the back of her neck and side of her face, she shoved it out of the way in annoyance, "What are you talking about?"

Ami seemed to sigh as she spoke, "Vampire is such a generic term and one we hold for the lowest of nightwalkers. Our most revered are our Elders. From there, the most powerful group, the Mortis Mercator, or what is known as the Death Merchants."

Serena felt like she had gulped air as she eyed the woman-no, nightwalker before her. "And what else?"

Ami continued, "Then we have the half-bloods; those who are not fully turned. Those are typically created by the vampires but retain some of their human moralities. And finally, we have the vampires."

Nodding, as if she understood, Serena bit her lip, unsure if she should ask the nagging question that stayed on the tip of her tongue- which one was Ami?

How could she not have noticed? She thought Ami's hands were cold because her hands were cold. And then a small part played in her mind. While the other woman huddled together, her and Ami stayed off to the side. Serena had thought it was because the others had heard of her treason. But, thinking further on it, she summarized that it must have been because somewhere in the human psyche, somewhere deep inside, our bodies tell us to flee from danger; to move away from it. Perhaps the other woman saw exactly what Ami was- even without fully realizing it.

Shuddering, Serena turned away from Ami and looked out the window as the rain slid across the glass.

"Did Darien purchase me?"

When silence reached her, Serena looked back to where Ami still sat. Her blue eyes, soft with concern, a characteristic not found among the nightwalkers, held her stare. A series of soft whispers began and Serena found that she didn't have the energy to fight it.

"Get some rest, Serena. It'll be a long drive. I have some water and human food here for you when you awake. Get some rest."

And without any further words, Serena felt her world be consumed by darkness.