AN: In this fanfiction, it will start when Bella is young to give background knowledge to future situations, as things that happen in her past will affect her future, and will occasionally skip several years in between various events before the main storyline settles when she is eighteen.

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Chapter One: Beach Days.

"Bells! Time to go!" Dad yelled.

"Coming!" I called back and laced my sneakers. Grabbing my backpack, I ran down the stairs and tripped into my dad's arms, "Oops."

"Careful honey." He chuckled, "You've got my balance." Holding the door open for me, I smiled and walked to the cruiser. Dad was the Chief of Police in Forks. Climbing in and flicking on the radio, I listened to Deputy Mark call in a traffic accident. Caucasian male, eighteen years old, motorcycle rider. Dad slumped into the car and started the engine, "We better be quick, Mark might need backup."

I pulled out my new book and settled in for the fifteen minute journey. Talking with dad was occasional, especially when he was listening to the police radio. But it suited us both as neither of us spoke a lot. Quiet company was better than rambled words.

The thick line of trees between Forks and La Push cast the light of a late evening than the true morning due to the dark shadows. Glimpses of early sun only breaking the cover of leaves in rare, thin bursts. But the first houses of the small reservation soon appeared between the ever present greenery and I tucked my book away.

In minutes the familiar red, barn-like house came into view and dad pulled up in the muddy drive. Hopping out, Sarah greeted us at the door with a big smile and open arms. I launched myself into them before Billy came over and I kissed his cheek in greeting. The Blacks were practically family and I was here most days. When dad had to work Sarah and Billy would babysit me if school was out. It meant long summers on First Beach, making mud pies with Jacob.

"Breakfast is ready if you want to wake Jake." Sarah smiled and I ran off to the little bedroom. I burst in and shook the boy sleeping in the single bed.

"No…" He mumbled and batted at my hands.

"Wake up Jake!" I yelled and tugged the blanket off him.

"Bella?" Jake squinted at me.

"Who else?" I laughed and left, "Breakfast!"

"Coming, coming." Smiling at Rachel and Rebecca already gathered around the tiny dinner table, I sat down and watched Jake shuffle in.

"I'm off Bells, see you tonight." Dad placed a kiss on my head, "Behave." And with that he left.

As the door closed behind him, Sarah flipped two pancakes on my plate and I smiled my thanks before digging in. Despite eating a bowl of cereal at home, Sarah always insisted I eat breakfast with them as well. I cut off some pancake and scowled as Jake forked it into his mouth. His nose scrunched when he realised I hadn't drowned it in syrup like he does with his and I stuck my tongue out.

"I've got a meeting with the gallery today, so Billy will be watching you today." Sarah informed us as we continued breakfast with clattered cutlery and chattering voices, "But that does not mean you can get candy all day." We kids snickered together and Billy fended innocence. But everyone knew Billy was notorious for giving in to our begs for ice cream and chocolate.

"The odd bit of sugar is good for them." Billy chuckled. Sarah tried to contain her smile as she glared at her husband, "Alright, it's cauliflower and lima beans for lunch then." Four faces frowned and Billy winked.

"Right." Sarah smiled and poured coffee into a thermos, "I'll be back later." She kissed each of her children and I goodbye before Billy followed her out.

Rachel and Rebecca began giggling and gossiping about school. Though only a year older than myself, we weren't close friends despite our families relations. They stuck together and were quite shy around others. Jake, on the other hand, would talk to anyone and was my best friend.

"You eating that?" Jake asked and I noticed his breakfast plate was scrapped clean of pancakes and syrup. I looked down at my half eaten pancakes and rolled my eyes. His stomach had no end. Nodding at him, he switched our plates and gobbled the remainders of my second breakfast with a greedy grin.

"Alright kids, finish your breakfast, we're going to the beach." Billy announced walking back in and gathering the empty dishes. The twins ran off to get a couple of bags packed with books and other entertaining items while Jake went to get dressed, "How's it going Bella?"

"Okay." I nodded, "I started a new book yesterday."

"What's this one called?" He asked wiping his sudsy hands.

"A book." Jake butted in cheekily, with his head poked around his bedroom door, and I sent him a pointed look until he went to finish dressing.

"A book you say? How very interesting." Billy laughed, "Come on, beach time!" Excitedly, we ran out of the house and waited as Billy locked up. We all walked down to the beach in happy babble; thankfully the day was fine enough to consider walking.

The beach was busy with other sun worshipping friends and families and we picked our way through the throngs of tourists crowding the shingles. Billy muttered about them in irritation, until Rachel and Rebecca pointed out that the tourists kept the reservation's economy up, and he soon shut up then. Jake talked animatedly as I stumbled along beside him.

Finally we reached the less crowded side of the beach where the residents normally perched. Jake's friends, Quil and Embry, ran up and pulled Jake off to play in the water, I declined the invitation to freeze in the sea. I watched the boys splash around and play fight before my eyes caught the sky. A dark grey cloud was drifting our way and I sighed sadly.

Clearly we were going to get rained off soon. But the sky moved slowly like an omen warning us of tragedy. I rolled my eyes at myself. I wasn't superstitious, no matter how much Billy told tales of magic and fantasy creatures. Pulling out my book, I dismissed the ludicrous notion.