Chapter: The Living Relative




A long glass table used for meetings was occupied by two FBI and an associate.

At the head of this table was the head of the Behavioral Bureau, Special Agent Jack Crawford. Instead of sitting in the chair, he gripped the back of it. His eyes scanned the room to take in the occupants he had requested to meet with him.

"I have specifically called the three of you today because I had received new information found in the system." Jack started.

Two of the three occupants at the table were psychiatrist. The other occupant was a special agent and professor at the FBI academy.

The two psychiatrist being Dr. Alana Bloom—who worked and taught at the FBI academy—and the other psychiatrist being Dr. Hannibal Lecter—a guide and a psychiatrist for the special agent and professor known as Will Graham.

"What is this new hidden information Jack?" Dr. Bloom asked with a slight pucker of her lips.

"We had found out that Ms. Abigail Hobbs has a living relative." Jack said.

The three stared at Jack with a perk of interest now.

The case on Abigail Hobbs had started out with her father, Garret Jacob Hobbs, who was the Minnesota Strike. He had kidnapped and killed teenage girls around the same age as his daughter, Abigail. These girls had also close resemblances to her too. Will had figured out who Garret Jacob Hobbs was, and he had killed the man. It left Abigail an orphan since her father killed her mother. There had been no relatives to take Abigail in and if there was, they would most likely not want to take Abigail, especially with all the publicly she would bring.

Holding up a file, Jack slid it across the glass table in the middle of the three. Will managed to grab the file first and pulled it open. He pulled out two pieces of paper and a photo of the individual.

"Meet Anastasia Raine Cerise. She was born in Boston, but moved to Italy at the age of four to live with her uncle since her parents were killed in an unknown accident. At sixteen, she came back to the states with her uncle, who later on died of a heart attack or some medical reason. She was put into an adoption agency where the Hobbs family had taken her in. She was the older sibling of Garret Jacob Hobbs by a few months." Jack explained.

"She is Abigail's aunt or sort of her aunt." Will mumbled as he went through the paper.

Will set the papers aside to reach for the photograph of Anastasia Cerise, but found the photo was gone. His eyes caught Hannibal holding the photograph with a small tilt of his head.

"Dr. Lecter, may I see the photo?"

"Oh, yes, and I must say she is a beauty to behold." Hannibal said.

Will and Hannibal exchanged items with each other.

Across from the two men at the table, Dr. Bloom picked up a sheet which had family information about Anastasia Cerise. However, her eyes went up to watch as Will stared at the photograph now, tilting his head a little to the side the way Hannibal done moments ago. There was a familiar stir in the pit of her stomach due to the way both men eyed the photo with a twinkle of interest in their eyes. There was no doubt in Dr. Bloom's mind about feeling jealous.

"Can I see the photo?" Dr. Bloom held her right hand out.

Will handed the photo over to her.

Dr. Bloom clenched the photo in both hands. She looked down to see what had the two men stare with interest.

The woman in the photo, Dr. Bloom had to admit with a grudge she could understand the two men peak of interest about this woman. The moment she stared at the photo, her eyes had automatically gone straight to Anastasia's eyes. Eyes which stuck out like a sore thumb. Anastasia was a natural beauty. The way she was dressed and posed in the photo reminded Dr. Bloom of a well detailed marble sculpture with color.

Anastasia Raine Cerise was a woman with very pale mint green eyes with a brush of blue in them. Light pink lips, light tan smooth skin, and chestnut wavy milk chocolate brown hair that brushed past her shoulder blades. In the photo, she was in a pair of black shorts, ankle high heel boots, and a black lacy v-neck sleeveless top. The photo showed her holding a camera and giving a small smile at whoever took her photo. The background was her in Rome, Italy, standing before the Colosseum.

"Let us see…she is thirty-eight years old, single status, stands at 5 feet and 8 inches, weighs 130 and is a professor in classics. She is trained in Brazilian jiujutsu, has been training since her last year living with the Hobbs family. Did swimming and track in high school, and stuck with track in college." Will read facts about Anastasia off one of the papers.

"She had gone abroad twice in Italy during her junior and senior year in college, was always working at a small cafe in the summertime. She moved out of the house and into her own apartment when she was halfway through of receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree. Upon looking at all of these facts about Ms. Cerise, it is almost as if she never wanted to be home." Hannibal said as he looked up from another sheet from the file.

"Maybe she sensed there was something about Garrett Jacob Hobbs; thus, never wanted to be around." Jack mused out loud with his hands set upon his hips.

"You think that Garrett Jacob Hobbs might had acted in this manner since he was younger, Jack?" Dr. Bloom asked. She set down the photo of Anastasia and slid it across the table, away from her.

"I'm suggesting that Garrett Jacob Hobbs was turning in to some dark void that Anastasia knew; thus, she had to get away." Jack waves his hand down at the photo of a smiling Anastasia in Rome, Italy.

"Where is she now?" Will asked.

"She actually lives in Baltimore." Jack stated, and he turned to stare at Hannibal with Dr. Bloom and Will.

Hannibal glanced back at the three sets of eyes on him with raised eyebrows.


The Next Day; Baltimore, Maryland


The morning was nippy, especially at six in the morning. The fall season was beginning to make its presence.

The sun was beginning to come up, lighting up the sky in splashes of warm colors. Around this time, at the park, there were a few individuals up for the day. Usually it was either older folks or fitness type of people.

The rapid beats of her heart was echoing in her ears. Her breathing was under control. Her sneakers made soft thuds against the pavement. These were the only sounds welcoming her ears.

Anastasia Cerise did not consider herself an exercise manic, but being an athlete most of her life, she could not let the mindset of working out go. Since graduating college, she would continue to workout, whether it was swimming, running, biking, or yoga. She liked to stay in shape and fit. Although sometimes she had a bit of a problem when it came to eating healthy. Her weakness was chocolate, and she found it hard to resist it.

As Anastasia rounded a bend on the sidewalk and entered a pathway leading further into the park, her eyes scanned around at the surroundings. A small grin came onto her lips as she saw a mother duck waddling toward the pond with her ducklings closely behind. Anastasia brought her attention back forward, catching sight of a bench where a man around her age sat. Being polite, Anastasia gave a nod, which the man gave her a nod in reply.

The pace of her jogging picked up, but now there was a new sound which reached her ears. Anastasia glanced over her shoulder a little to see the man from the bench was behind her. Her eyes narrowed a little as she turned her attention back forward. She knew if this man was just starting, there was no way he should be at her running speed yet. She had been jogging for a half and hour. She was warmed up more so than this mysterious jogger.

She glanced a little over her shoulder again to take in this man.

The man had dark curly hair, dark brown eyes, a five o'clock shadow, and tall. It was clear he did not want to jog, and by his heavy breathing, he was not a runner. When the man turned his head, looking like he was mumbling to himself, Anastasia caught sight of the black earpiece in his ear and a wire hooked to it, leading down the back of his neck.

Instantly, Anastasia began to get various scenarios in her head about who this man could be. She thought about him being some sort of kidnapper or a man on a mission. She faced forward to catch sight of an all-black out SUV with police lights hidden behind the front grille-guard. Now, she was on high alert.

"You want to play. Let us play, and you try to keep up." Anastasia mumbled before she took off into a sprint.


"Shit!" Zeller exclaimed as the woman Anastasia Cerise, took off into a burst of speed.

Quickly, Zeller tried to sprint after her, but she was definitely in much better shape than he was. Plus, she was fast. Too fast for him to keep up anymore.

"Keep up with her, Zeller." Jack voiced came over the earpiece.

"Have you seen how fast she is running? Shit, she is too quick."

"She knew you were trailing her with the way you stood up and began to go at the same pace as her. Then she notices the SUV. She is good with surveying her area." Will sighed.

"Well, she was a track star in high school and college." Katz stated amusedly.

"Let me guess. The sprinting parts." Zeller panted.

"The 100m, 400m and 400m relay race. She is good."

Anastasia was out of their sight. Jack pulled the SUV up along the sidewalk. Zeller was bent over and was heavily panting. Windows in the SUV slid down and everyone inside stared at Zeller with mix expressions.

"What? It's not my fault she is unbelievably fast." Zeller muttered as he accepted a water bottle from Prince.

"Or you are just unbelievably out of shape." Prince said blankly, causing Katz to snort in amusement, and Jack to shake his head in the driver's seat.

Zeller glared at Prince, who just gave Zeller an innocent smile with a shrug of the shoulders.


Few Hours Later


Walking by a marble kitchen island, Anastasia snatched a banana from the fruit bowl. She picked up her black purse from the island and slid over her right shoulder. She walked toward the front door with her keys clenched in her right hand.

Her dark tan open toes high heels clicked across the wood floors of the foyer. As she opened the front door, she thought about the weather. She wondered if she should grab a coat. But when the door was almost fully open, she came to a halt. There was a group of people on her front steps, and about to knock on the front door.

"Good morning, Ms. Cerise, I am special agent Jack Crawford, head of the behavioral department for the FBI. Do you have a few minutes to talk?" An African-American man stepped forward, pushing his sunglasses up on top of his head.

"Morning, and yes, I do. I was wondering when you guys were going to make yourselves known, especially the one man who was trying to keep up with me in running. How are you by the way?" Anastasia glanced over at Zeller, who started to blush.

"Fine." Zeller muttered.

Prince and Katz made faces, clearly trying to hold back from laughing out loud.

"Come in. I only have a few minutes to spare. I have office hours I have to be at for my students." Anastasia said, stepping aside to let everyone into her home.

Anastasia led the group into her living room, which was decorated with an Italian taste. There were Greek and Roman antiques throughout the room. Anastasia stood before everyone in her sleeveless black cutout-black dress with a v-neckline and A-line skirt. Her milk chocolate brown hair was down in soft waves and her pale green eyes were outlined in black eyeliner.

"Please, ask away." Anastasia made a small wave of the hand toward them.

"You are related to the Hobbs family right?" Jack asked.

"Adopted into the family years ago." Anastasia corrected.

"Do you associate with them anymore?" Jack asked with a slight tilt of his head.

"Not anymore, especially since they have been killed, but before that, no. Never did. I was glad to get out of the house." Anastasia answered with a perfectly calm look.

"Why is that?" A new face to Anastasia asked making her to look at him with curiosity.

Anastasia took him in, looking at his unruly brown hair, bluish green eyes behind thick black frame glasses, a beard and mustache going on. He would also not look her straight in the eyes.

"You are?"

"Will Graham."

"Pleasure. I didn't associate with them after I left because I never felt like I belong. I was sixteen when they took me in. I did not want anyone taking me in. If I was younger in age than maybe, but I was sixteen with the goal of looking for colleges I wanted to go to." Anastasia explained, setting her purse down on the glass coffee table.

"If you knew about what happen to the Hobbs family, why not take Abigail in. I'm Dr. Alana Bloom."

"She never knew who I was. Why put her through what I went through? Going into a family at an age you usually consider yourself old enough to make your own decision. Plus, I read everything about what had happened. By looking at my point of view, Abigail is most likely not going to be release by the psychiatric place she was place into. Also, she is definitely not going anywhere with your eyes train on her all the time." Anastasia said, looking straight at Jack with a small smirk.

"You are right." Jack replied with a shrug.

"Would you have taken her in if you were ask to? I'm Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Ms. Cerise."

Anastasia eyed the man, who was dress to perfection with his smooth accent. Her head tilted a bit as she studied him. She was taking in his impeccable style. She looked away to glance at everyone else, taking in their styles which did not match up to Dr. Lecter.

"Maybe, but I hold no reins over her. She would most likely be rebellious and sneak out. I mean, I did." Anastasia answered him, looking back at him.

"Why would you sneak out?" Will asked with curious eyes.

"When you don't like the atmosphere of areas, or should I say a certain person, would you not want to get away. Wouldn't you agree, Mr. Graham?" Anastasia stared directly at him with a fine raised eyebrow and a twinkle of mirth in her mint green eyes.






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