Chapter: The Nose




He had been right.

Hannibal had known that Jack would seek out those that were apart of Hannibal's life.

Jack had waltzed into Anastasia's office and sat himself down where the two entered a light conversation about random topics, but soon, the conversation melted into the real reason why he had unexpectedly showed up at her work. The questions about Hannibal's questionable personality had almost made Anastasia to laugh in Jack's face, but she had maintained a calm expression with nothing to give her away, especially as she lied straight to Jack's face about Hannibal.

Every question that had been asked, Anastasia had answered in a way that appeared to praise Hannibal as a gentleman and a flawless boyfriend to her. Whenever Jack's eyebrows rose or scrunched together between his eyes, Anastasia knew that Jack had a hard time believing her. Or he had been surprised by her answers.

When Jack was leaving, he paused in the office doorway to turn and face Anastasia who had rose from behind her desk, gathering her papers to head off to one of her classes to teach.

"Other than Hannibal, has Abigail been in touch with you?"

Anastasia lifted her head up to stare at him, lowering the lesson planner down back on her desk. She began to think about his question, shaking her head at Jack as Abigail hasn't been in touch with her.

"Surprisingly no, which is shocking. She suddenly stopped bugging me."

"Interesting, I wonder why?" Jack said more to himself than toward her.

"Is something wrong about Abigail that I should know about, Jack?" Anastasia asked, seeing if she would be able to get some sort of hint or answer out of him.

"Have you talked with Will at all?"

She gave another shake of her head with her lips a little puckered out.

"No, I have not, which is surprising to me too. He usually kept in touch with me."

Jack mumbled to himself once more, staring at the ground before he was looking away from the ground to stare at her with a serious expression.

"If either contact you, notify me."

"Of course." Anastasia gave a small nod.

With that said and done, Jack left her office. Anastasia bowed her head and clenched her lesson planner in her hands before sliding it into her backpack. She slid her laptop in next before she opened the top draw of her desk to pull a sleeve of saltine crackers out.

"Stupid morning sickness," She muttered, tossing the sleeve of crackers into the backpack too and zipped the bag up, sealing everything inside away.

Walking to the building where her class was, thoughts were running through her mind. The thoughts of whether to contact Hannibal that Jack had finally showed his face and he had asked her a series of questions, but Anastasia found herself shaking her head, finding it not a good idea to contact Hannibal yet.

It had been a half of week since she last spoke to Hannibal. She knew that he will be changing that. He will seek her out instead of her seeking him out. The idea of her being pregnant with his child was what kept her from contacting him. She didn't know how he would take it since it was unexpected.

By the time that she entered the building, Anastasia shook all the thoughts away to focus on the lesson she had planned the night before for her class.




The out of nowhere visit to her home, Anastasia somewhat expected it to happen soon. She had appeared to Hannibal as waiting for his presence. He had asked her about not being in touch for almost a week which was concerning, even for him.

There had been a small exchange of greetings, small talk, and now, Anastasia stood in the small sunroom, staring out at the backyard. Her back was to Hannibal as he stood in the doorway with a glass of pink wine.

"Are you sure that you don't want a glass?"

"No, I am good." Anastasia said softly. She wanted to blurt out the reason why could not have a glass, but she held herself from doing so.

There was a moment of silence until her ears picked up the soft thuds of Hannibal's shoes walking closer to her from behind. For a brief moment, she shut her eyes and was taking in a long inhale through her nose, getting the smell of his aftershave.

"There is something wrong." Hannibal said slowly.

Anastasia said nothing. She had no clue how to reply. She knew that she was showing that something was wrong by her not acting normal. She wanted to get the pregnancy news off her chest to feel some sort of relief even if it wasn't news that Hannibal would want to hear.

The sound of the wine glass being set down on one of the round end tables near the wicker armchairs, made Anastasia to reopen her eyes. The presence of Hannibal was closer. She felt the warmth of his body against her back and his warm breath brush against the back of her head.

"I am thinking of different subject matter."

"Do you wish to share?" Hannibal asked lowly, his hands brushing against the side of her hips.

"Jack came for a visit. It was an hour long talk, nothing bad," Anastasia replied, shutting her eyes when Hannibal placed his hands on her hips, his thumbs moved in small, slow circular motion on her pelvis.

Anastasia tensed for a moment due to the spot his fingers laid. The tension through her body caused Hannibal to stand straighter up against her back, catching her sudden muscles twitches.

"There is more. You are very tense," said Hannibal with his mouth coming to press against her left ear.

His body pressed against her own. Anastasia felt the way that Hannibal was wrapping himself around her as if he was her safety blanket. That he would protect her from anything that might come near her, but she did feel as if he wrapped himself around her, not to protect her, but to protect her for his own personal gain. He would not allow anyone to touch what he considered his. The idea made her to shut her eyes again, swallowing harder than usual.

"Do you remember the time of how you are the puppeteer master and you have strings on Jack, Will and Abigail, or rather, everyone?"

"Yes," replied Hannibal with a hint of a curiosity in his tone.

"Do I have strings attached to me too, Hannibal? Am I just a puppet that will be use for personal gain for specific events?"

The second Anastasia finished the sentence, Hannibal's arms became boa constrictors around her body, his body pressed tightly against her now. A gasped emitted from Anastasia at his sudden action, not prepared for it. Her eyes snapped open. His mouth was pressing against the shell of her left ear, moving down a little as he began to speak.

"Do you know why I call you my queen?" Hannibal began.

"Why?" She whispered, barely blinking, too shock to make any sudden moments.

Anastasia unconsciously rested her hands on top of his arms that were tightly wrapped underneath her ribcage. There was a flicker of a motherly thought of fear that his powerful arms would wrap around her lower stomach where the baby grew every second, every day.

"The queen is the strongest piece on the chessboard. She can move all around the board to either defend her king or destroy anyone in her wake. Powerful she is. She is desired for her power, her skills, her ability to stand tall and solid beside the king. Unfazed with anything set in front of her. She is desirable by many while many try to take her down because of how strong she is, but if played right, she will take over the board without an ounce of help from the king." Hannibal explained passionately.

Anastasia kept her eyes shut as the pair of lips brushed down her neck and then back up to her ear.

"Many traits that you contain, but don't give yourself credit for. You are strong and you hold your ground. You stand toe to toe with me. So, why be afraid of me now, Ana?"

Eyes snapped open at the last part of Hannibal sentence. It was obvious to him that something was off with her. She showed it in her whole posture the moment he had stepped into her home. Anastasia felt his arms unraveled from around her ribcage, but his hands came to settle below her belly button. Her eyes stayed forward even when his mouth caressed the rim of her ear.

"Is it the child that grows inside of you?"

A surprised gasp escaped from Anastasia. She was trying to pull away from Hannibal, but he kept her pressed against his frontside in a firm hold. His hands were moving in a small circle motion on her belly.

"How did you—?" Anastasia started, but he cut her off.

"I had smelled the difference almost two weeks ago."

Her eyes shut again, she let out a puff of air out of her mouth. She should had known that Hannibal would be able to smell a change in her scent. His sense of smell was extraordinary, it was abnormal. With a nose like his, it would be hard to hide the truth away. He as a bloodhound, he would find out the truth one way or another.

"Why did you not tell me sooner, Ana?"

"Because I—I thought you'll react…" She didn't know how to put what she wanted to say in words without him being offended.

"Horribly? Disgusted? Not wanted the child?" Hannibal listed a few words off.

"Sure, I mean, I—I don't know. Hannibal, your life doesn't have room for a child," Anastasia replied, sputtering a little as she was becoming confuse on how she truly saw his lifestyle.

"How would you know?" Hannibal asked, pulling away from her to allow her to turn around to face him.

Anastasia saw a flash of hurt to pass his face, but it was gone in a blink of an eye. She couldn't believe it at first, but she had caught it. She thought that she knew him well enough, knew how he acted around certain situations, but now, maybe she did not know him enough. There was much to learn about Hannibal.

"If you wanted a family, Hannibal, you would have one already."

"Maybe, but maybe the right woman did not appeal to me."

"A child, Hannibal? I can't imagine a child coming into your lifestyle. I can tell you now, I am perfectly capable of raising this child myself. It is all right for you to say—," A hand coming up prevented Anastasia from uttering another word.

"Do not finish that sentence, Anastasia. Is this why you question your presence by my side?"

"I questioned it for the past week. The child only made me think more and more about it. It made me think of the day you would be tire of me and simply brush me away," Anastasia replied lowly. If she was getting everything off her chest, she might as well do it in one swing.

A soft disbelief chuckle came from Hannibal. Anastasia stared at him, finding the chuckling unlike him. When Hannibal ran his a hand over his mouth, Anastasia found that unusual for him too. He dropped his hand to his side and stepped closer to her, reaching out to press his fingertips against her jawline.

"Have I ever given you a hint that you will be brushed aside?" Hannibal asked while intensely staring down at her.

"No," whispered Anastasia, staring up at him.

"Then why question me? Is it because of what is going on? I guarantee you, no, I promise you Ana—,"

"Do not make promises, Hannibal," Anastasia cut him off.

"I am going to promise you that you will not be taken away from me, not even from me. You were precious before and even more now," explained Hannibal as his hand dropped from her face to rest comfortably against her side.

Anastasia shut her eyes when Hannibal touched his forehead against her forehead. A small shaky breath escaped her when she felt his hand come to rest against her lower belly.

"Yes, it will be different from here on out, but don't ever think I would toss you aside because you became pregnant with our child. I can be cruel, Ana, but not that cruel." Hannibal lifted his forehead off her own and rested his lips against the center of her forehead.

"Sorry," whispered Anastasia.

"Don't be. You were concern and that is okay. I understand," Hannibal replied, resting his chin on top of her head and wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her close.


Hannibal eyed Anastasia as she slept, her body curled up along the side of his body. He decided to stay over her place for the night after the conversation and her confession of their child that was growing inside her.

He had known Anastasia was pregnant before she even knew. He didn't say anything as he wanted to see how she would confront the surprise pregnancy and how she would tell him. In the end, it had taken him to say something in order for her to open up about the pregnancy. He knew once he brought it up, Anastasia would open right up, telling him everything she knows thus far. But Hannibal also, got her to confess her fear of being pregnant with his child, in his lifestyle.

To hear Anastasia mentioned about her taking care of the baby alone because she thought he would not want a child in his lifestyle had actually made a small twist in his chest. Hannibal did not understand what it was at first, but soon, he realized that he was a tad bit hurt that Anastasia thought he would reject their child. He had laughed to hide his hurt expression, but had a feeling that Anastasia already knew he felt hurt by her confession.

Anastasia was right about a child never being in his goals of life. There was a time when he was young that he thought about having a family, to continue the Lecter name, but things changed, people changed, especially himself. But now, it appeared that he will become a father, and this time, he did not feel upset about it. He was only upset that Anastasia thought he would not want the child, that she would raise the child herself if she had to. Hannibal could say that he was happy to see that Anastasia was willing to keep their child and raise the child, even if he was the father.

Hannibal hand was moving on its own and came to settle underneath Anastasia's bellybutton, knowing the baby was a tiny little pea size, but soon, Anastasia stomach will expand with a tiny human inside her. The thought of a tiny human inside her body, a baby that was created by them.

His thumb moved a little on her stomach in a caressing manner, making small circles a half an inch underneath her bellybutton, thinking about eight to nine months from now, baby Lecter will be making his or her arrival into the world.






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