I have been brain dead...COLLEGE IS DEATH. Just Kidding! Alright, here we go.

Piccolo's P.O.V.

The young woman lay limp in my arms. Her body was already exhausted before she came to me to train, so there's no telling how long she will sleep. The woods passed by us. The rising sun cast rays all over the fields and dew sprinkled leaves of Mount Paozu. It would be a peaceful morning if it wasn't for the trouble currently in my arms. Damn, Goku will probably be pissed off. Chi-chi will be worse! I don't sense her there, so I will be safe, for now.

The small cottage came into view. There were no lights on, but I could sense Goku's ki within the walls. He was pacing from room to room. He's awake. Good. Oh, do I have a bone to pick with him. I landed in front of the door, which burst open as soon as I was in arm's reach. His tired eyes went from me to his child...who was not in the best of shape. This doesn't look good.

"Piccolo? What happened? Has Gohan been with you the whole time?" Goku's voice was higher pitched than usual. He was worried. He let me in, motioning to the couch. The saiyan father lifted a blanket off the back, waiting for me to lay his child on the cushioned surface. My arms slowly pulled from in between her body and the fabric.

"Piccolo. Answer me," Goku demanded. I turned to see him glaring at me.

"For starters, you're welcome. Secondly, she came to me. She wanted to train, and I knew if I didn't she would end up taking it out on someone innocent. After that, she told me some things that I am not too happy with," I crossed mhy arms over my chest.

"Told you what?"

"She told me that you and Chi-chi have been arguing. Apparently, your wife has been drinking as well. I know Gohan isn't one to lie, so I chose to believe her. Her mother blames her, too. May I ask for what exactly?" Goku sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Erhm. I really-I mean-Uh. She says that Gohan was the one that caused my death. She told me that I am a worthless husband, and that our child was following in my footsteps. She is only like this when she is drunk! I mean, Chi-chi is normal when she is sober. My wife stays my wife," Goku looked lost. Man, this is one big mess. I nodded slowly, looking to his daughter as she stretched a little. Her body relaxed back into the couch as she breathed deeply.

"I will watch her," I nodded to the small girl, "while you take care of your wife. Patch up what's going on. Gohan knows how to do things on her own, and I am sure if she needed you, you would know."

"Yeah I guess. Thank you, for everything. I think you should leave before my wife gets back..." Goku nervously looked back.

"Where did she go?" My brow was raised.

"I have no clue. She left in the middle of the night," I nodded once again.

"So do we have a deal? You work on your marriage, and I help Gohan figure out what she needs to do?" Goku looked at his daughter, sadness etched in his features.

"Yeah. Listen, Piccolo, thank you, but I really think you should leave now," I nodded to him. Goku seemed anxious. Chi-chi must be on her way home. I chanced another glance at Gohan before taking off out the window. Damn kid, you definitley got yourself into a situation here.

Ok, so I am almost done with my first semester. I will then have over a month to work on updates! Thank you for the support guys. I will be touch and go, but I still have tons of ideas for the stories that I have been working on.