==Chapter 1=

World War II had come to a close; the Axis powers had climbed to a near victory over the Allies, but alas, fell to Russia's unnatural strength, America's extreme patriotic personality, and England's strategic planning. The major Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan lay defeated, but united with their former enemies.

Russia and his soviet allies have seized much of Europe and Asia, and now desires to spread the word of communism to the rest of the world. America—through a mix of egotism and patriotism—opposes the idea of a communist world order, and has thus remained aligned with his former Allies. The two now exchange hostile words more often than with Germany in World War II.

On the other side of the globe, China had declared himself the leading superpower of Asia, and has aligned himself with North Korea. The slightly older brother of North Korea—South Korea—stands his ground with America holding his shoulder from a distance. Even when surrounded by hateful neighbors, South Korea finds himself proud to call himself an existing independent nation once more.

The grass of the Korean homestead moved gently with the wind, as did the brown hair of South Korea. The young man was outside of his large temple styled house watering his garden. He did so with great passion. His garden was comprised of the hot pink Jindallae, the pale pink Mugunghwa, and the common Rose. The sun perfectly shined down upon the garden, giving the perfect amount of daily light. His care for the garden was immense enough to the point where he would fret about forgetting to water them. Perhaps one would view this as an out of character hobby for a man, but South Korea was proud to consider himself one of the greatest gardeners in Asia.

Across from his home, was his dear brother. North Korea stood before his own garden, both crushed and infuriated. Unlike his brother's yard, his grass was pale, leveled, and dry. The same could be said for his garden—a graveyard for things meant to be beautiful.

North Korea's attire was comprised of a brownish-green uniform, black jackboots, black leather gloves, and shiny red star pin near his left breast. The man slowly narrowed his eyes at the dead garden—growing resentful from the sound of his much happier brother humming a joyful tune aloud.

"He indirectly boasts about his great garden and lawn, despite how hard I try myself..." he growled to himself.

After sighing, North Korea raised his head up and lowered his eyebrows in great frustration. Behind his house, massive mountains forbid the sun from shining down on his property for long. And on the other side, South Korea's temple disallowed for sunshine to come from the south. Ultimately, his yard was doomed to receive nothing but dark shade.

North Korea momentarily spun around to face his brother's yard, but only became more furious at the sight of the white and blue robed man. His crimson colored eyes disappeared as his eyelids shut, and his white teeth continued to grind in a mix of envy and hatred. Even for a brother, there was much hatred. Perhaps North Korea didn't want to see his brother perish, however, he did wish for him to feel the same pain that he was feeling. In his mind, North Korea should have been the only Korea, while his brother faded out of existence like many other ancient countries. Everything that South Korea owned, North Korea felt rightfully belonged to him. This included South Korea's pride and joy of a garden.

Having had enough of the joyful humming, North Korea growled and knelt down. He grabbed a fairly large stone and threw it into the air to catch it. While tossing the stone up constantly, North Korea made his way over towards his brother's yard.

South Korea stood up with a bright smile and wiped his forehead, "I should make some room to plant some Dumortiers..."

Just before turning his head, an abrupt amount of pain had been received. North Korea had fired the stone through the air like a dart with the successful attempt to strike South Korea across the head. He fell back about a meter whilst rubbing his forehead, only to find a stone now lying on the ground.

"Wh- what the-" He looked up and grunted in shock, North Korea stood chuckling pridefully with another stone in his hand. "B- brother, what are you doing!?"

Followed by a devilish laugh, another rock was fired towards South Korea. He gasped and ducked down, then found another stone coming at him. This one hit him on the shoulder.

"Stop! What's the matter with you!?"

North Korea chucked another stone, "Kneel before True Korea!"

South Korea quickly ducked and held up his watering pot, he proceeded to use this as a shield. The next wave of stones were all blocked by the pot, though North Korea continued to laugh. South Korea gritted his teeth and glared.

"Have you lost your marbles!?"

Finally, his younger brother ceased the chucking. Both Koreans looked each other in the eyes. North Korea stomped his foot down and forced his clenched fist forward, "I've had enough of you! Leave this place for good, or I'll take it from you!"

"Lea- leave my own house!?"

"My house! All of this land belongs to me, True Korea!"

Another stone was chucked, but South Korea blocked this one as well. He lowered the pot again and gave his brother an overly concerned look, "Mr. Russia gave you more than enough land!"

Whilst tossing a stone up in the air constantly, North Korea fired back a hostile quirked mouth, "I was cheated in the deal, the land I received sucks. You were given the best location, despite the fact that Russia did all the work in freeing us."


North Korea hissed at the name and crossed his arms, "I do not recognize that pig as a country."

South Korea lowered his watering pot even more, then smirked, "Well, say what you may believe to be true, this is my property. I'm not leaving my home."

The younger brother snarled, then grinned almost evilly and shrugged. He scratched his throat and chuckled, "Oh well! Guess we'll do this the hard way..."

Before a response could be given, another stone was sent straight to South Korea's forehead. This hit knocked him down, where he was then issued a barrage of stones. Whilst getting hit, South Korea grunted and gritted his teeth constantly.

"Wh- where are you getting all of these stones from, brother!?"

"Surrender your home to me!" He ceased throwing for a moment to lower his eyelids with a mocking smile, "Or do I need to threaten you with an AK47?"

South Korea leapt up onto his feet and quickly began to retreat, but not before grabbing his watering pot. "Okay! Okay! I'm going inside!"

"No, I said surrender your home to True Korea!"

More stones were chucked towards the older brother, who resumed protecting himself with the watering pot. Despite the clear amount of superior intimidation that North Korea offered, South Korea wasn't going to simply let him do as he wished. He quickly retreated up to the temple door with a glare.

"I'm going to stay inside until whatever alcohol is present in your body disappears!" he said before slamming the door.

North Korea listened closely, then heard the door lock behind South Korea. The communist closed his eyes and chuckled loudly, then took aim at one of the temple windows.

"No problem. I am restless! I will stand here all day and night if I have to!"

He chucked a stone straight through one of the windows, easily placing a hole the size of a baseball into it. South Korea gasped and appeared behind the window holding his head in disbelief.

"Th- that's going to cost me nearly thirty-two thousand Wons!"

"No! It's going to cost me thirty-two thousand True Korea Wons!"

Another stone was sent through a window. In horror, South Korea dropped down onto the floor and reached for his telephone. Without hesitation, he dialed up America—desperately in need of support. As a consistent amount of stones continued to fly into his temple and fall onto the floor, South Korea trembled. The phone rang, but America didn't answer.

"O-oh, pick up, pick up!" Another stone flew in, this one hitting a commemorative plate and shattering it. South Korea cringed and slammed his eyes shut. "Dammit, where are you!? Pick up!"

"Alright, dudes! It's time for yet another one of my famous all American meetings!" America cheered loudly.

Sitting beside France at the NATO round table, England grasped his forehead in clear irritation, "The only bloody American in this room is you..."

Canada lowered his eyebrows nervously and raised his trembling hand, "A- actually, I'm from North America, in case you've forgotten..." he argued in a whispering tone.

America proudly swat his fists against his waist and laughed at England, "In case you've forgotten, I, America, just won another World War by myself! So, henceforth, I think it's only fair that I assume leadership in this killa' mega sized alliance!"

"Yes, of course, what on Earth was I thinking..?" England muttered sarcastically.

France shook negatively, "I'd like to think I won that first World War on my own accord..."

America spun back around and laughed, "Yo, if it weren't for me, you'd all be speaking German right now!"

The entire room was suddenly alarmed as a fist came striking down. Germany's sapphire eyes met with America's as he growled.

"I am sick of this preposterous claim! For the last time, we were not a multicultural empire, we would never, ever, have suggested assimilating cultures of the world into our own!"

Italy pat Germany's back with a great big smile, "Axis buddies for life!"

America dipped his head down with a grin, then turned towards the drawing board that was in front of the room. "It's okay, Germany, my man! We've all had our times of evilness..." he lowered his eyelids and puckered his lips, "...except for me!"

France punched England by the arm and puckered his lips, "No one is more evil than this guy! Who hasn't he been at war with in the past?"

America raised his finger, "Belarus. That's about all that comes to mind."

With great fury, England slammed his fist down, "Oh, shut up and start the meeting!"

"Can't start the meeting if I shut up!" England lowered his eyelids while America laughed obnoxiously loud.

All NATO members remained silent as America laughed. Germany groaned and hit his forehead against the table while hyperventilating. "This is just a dream, this is just a dream..."

Italy grabbed his hand excitedly, "Nope! It's reality! We're all friends again!"

Germany raised his head slightly, but still found that America was laughing, "I feel as though I've been forced into a fan club of idiots. You never realize what you had until it's gone..."

Japan leaned forward and raised his eyebrows at Germany, "It is alright, Mr. Germany. I find America annoying as well."

"Wait, Japan? You're not part of NATO..."

"Aye, but I am an ally."

Germany sat back up straight and sighed, "Well, at least it can't get any worse..." he closed his eyes and face palmed, "Aside from the fact that America and Russia possess atomic bombs capable of destroying an entire nation..."

America shot his hands up into the air excitedly, "Alright! Now, time for a recap!"

He removed a blank white sheet from the drawing board and beamed at the drawings. Everyone in the conference room gasped in shock at the contents. England was the first one to express a negative reaction, as he widened his eyes and pointed at the board.

"Wh- wh- what the bloody Hell are those?"

America raised an eyebrow, "Um-m, drawings, obviously."

The room remained silent for a few moments, France slowly raised an appalled eyebrow and cleared his throat, "Those? Those are drawings?"

"Whoa! Friendly fire, man! I stayed up until 5 AM drawing these!"

England crossed his arms, "You should stick to sports."

America stuck his tongue out at England, then smirked, "Are my drawings as bad as your crappy food?"

The Englishman gasped in response, "My- how dare you, sir! I'll have you know, I make nothing but perfect cuisine!"

America nodded and pointed down at the drawing board, his finger landed on a terribly drawn Soviet flag, "Alright, so, we find ourselves in a cold war with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, and a bunch of other countries I can't recall the name of!"

"Yes, yes, we all understood that part..." England responded hostilely.

"Also, Germany has been split. And Prussia has now been landed the country title 'East Germany'."

Germany slammed his fist down again and growled, "I refuse to accept my brother as an East German nation! As far as I'm concerned, Eastern Germany has become Russia's playground!"

America gasped and held his hands up, "Germany, Germany, Germany..." he exhaled softly, "I need you to breathe in, and calm your Jew hating self down, please..."

A critical gasp was provided in response, but Germany sat himself down regardless and growled very loudly. Both Japan and Italy grabbed his shoulders as he cracked his knuckles.

"I do not deserve this utter bullscheiße..."

America pointed down at a poorly drawn image of Austria and Hungary, "Next! There is the Austria-Hungary emergency!" Austria lowered his eyelids sadly and dipped his head down, but did not speak a single word. "Now, Austria is not a part of NATO, nor is he a part of the Warsaw Pact; but Hungary is a part of the Warsaw Pact and has been disallowed from seeing Austria."

France gently pushed his finger up Austria's chin and chuckled sympathetically, "How tragic, that we live in a world that would forbid two lovers from seeing one another. Truly, Romeo and Juliet..."

Austria closed his eyes in slight irritation, "I simply want her to be free and visit me again."

America swat his finger down towards the bottom of the drawing board, which depicted the Asian bloc of communist nations. "Then! We have China and North Korea bound to stir up trouble. Thankfully, my good buddy, Japan, has allowed me to walk through his country freely, henceforth, I have a good angle to watch over those two."

Japan dipped his head down, "...I didn't allow you, you forced me..." he whispered aloud.

England scratched his head and raised an eyebrow, "And what on Earth are those two drawings near the bottom of the page?"

America snapped his fingers and laughed loudly, "Oh! That's Captain America and Lieutenant Seppuku joining forces to fight communism!"

"And this- wait- how are fictional heroes going to come to life and stop communism?"

"They're not, I just drew that for the Hell of it!" England rolled his eyes and sighed. America spun around beat his fists into his palm, "Now, here's a brilliant plan I came up with while watching commercials last night-"

"Hold on a minute!" England shouted loudly.

Everyone gasped and went silent. The Englishman's eyes turned sharp as he stood up, and with a straight finger, he pointed forward.

"You're not a NATO member!" he shouted hostilely.

The young boy—Sealand—remained seated with a surprised face. He then grinned and nodded, "But I'd like to be! So here I am to lend a helping hand against Russia!"

England grabbed Sealand by the ear and angrily began to drag him towards the door, "Bloody fantastic! You can help by guarding the door!"

Sealand gritted his teeth and looked up after being kicked out, "Guard the conference door? Like a sentry?"

"No, you can guard the door to the building entrance!"

"B- but I won't hear of the latest NATO plans from out there!"

England beamed, "Exactly!" he said before slamming the door shut.

The Englishman made his way back to his seat, but was met with disapproving flak by Canada. The silent Canadian raised his hand forth and lowered his eyebrows. "Y- you know, we could always use a helping hand..." he whispered.

England sat back down and faced America, "Alright, now, this plan of yours?"

"Okay, so here's plan number one!" America beat his fist into his palm and smirked, "We develop a satellite that can target any communist in the world, and launch a nuke on their asses!"

Germany widened his eyes and grunted, "B- but there are communists in our own countries. That would result in world destruction, you fool!"

America's lips puckered, but he smiled again and brought up a second finger, "Okay! I hear you! Not my best idea, but check this!" He leaned forth and swat his fists in the air excitedly, "Japan whips us up a communist fighting titan robot!"

"Russia now has nukes, it would literally be destroyed in seconds. Not to mention, that's impossible to make in the first place."

"Um, no, wait..." America raised his eyebrows curiously, "Is that true, Japan, my man?"

The black haired man nodded honorably, "Aye, we had a hard enough time designing super battleship Yamato, let alone a giant stereotypical fighting robot."

America shrugged, "Welp, that's all I had planned. If anyone has a better idea, I'm all ears!"

Canada lowered his eyebrows and raised a finger, "Maybe we should open up talks with Russia. We don't have to threaten him..."

England crossed his fingers together, "I was thinking that I'd go in deep and spy on them. You know, get on the ground level..."

Germany and Italy exchanged glances, then looked at England in unison. Germany held his hand up and shook negatively, "Nein, don't do that. They'll capture you for sure."

France winked at America and held his hand up, "I say, we send Russia and his friends a box of chocolate..."

With heavy excitement, America beamed, "Explosive chocolate!? Dude, awesome!"

The Frenchman slowly opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow, "Explosive?"

England slammed his hands down and shook negatively, "Guys, guys, we're not trying to kill Russia, we're merely trying to contain him!"

America narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "That sounds like something a communist would say..." England's eyes flashed open, but then half shut as America proceeded to laugh, "JK, man! I know you're with us through and through!"

Finally, in frustration, Germany grasped his forehead, "Enough of this! I can't take any more of it!" He stood up while rubbed his forehead, then walked towards the door, "Just fax me what we're going to do, I'm going home."

Italy leapt and pursued him, "Let's drive together!"

"Italy, I want to be alone..." he growled back.

"Okay! I'll drive Japan back to the airport myself!"

Japan lowered his eyebrows with a horrified expression, "Please, take Mr. Italy home..."

Germany turned his head and sighed, then turned towards the former Axis member, "Fine, come along, Japan."

The three left together, while the other NATO members watched silently. America was rubbing his chin the entire time, then smirked at the door shut behind the three. He opened his eyes slightly and snapped his fingers.

"I got it! We'll trade Russia and his friends some expired chocolate!"

France lowered his eyebrows, "We're still talking about chocolate?"

England gave America an aggressive stare, "Why would we send Russia chocolate that expired—let alone give him chocolate at all?"

America leapt onto the table and crawled up to America, he knocked down France's cup of coffee in the process. England grunted as America crawled up to him and grabbed him by the face.

"Because! If they eat expired chocolate, they'll all start vomiting!"


America covered his puckered lips and shut his eyes tightly while trying to refrain from laughing, "It'll be hilarious!"

Several of the NATO members exchanged glances, but even England raised his eyebrows and shrugged. Finally, he turned towards America and nodded, "Okay, we just gotta make sure they don't know it's from us."

America sat down on the table and nodded, "Glad to see we're on the same page, man!"

England grinned at him and nodded, then closed his eyes, "So it's agreed, then. We'll poison the Warsaw Pact with chocolate and put them in bed for hopefully a week."

France raised his eyebrows and smirked at America, "Not a bad plan, America."

America jumped back up and stood tall on the table, "So it's established! We prepare for Operation Sweetheart!"

To be continued...