To whom it may concern,

I apolgize to anyone who may still be waiting for the next episode of this comedy/drama. Believe it or not, despite how long it has been, Hetalia: The Iron Curtain is not a dead literary work, just on halt. For those who are unaware, I am also the author of F-Zero: Seppuku, a 1.6 million word story centered around Nintendo's F-Zero universe. That story is now complete, however, I am still devoting much time editing through it. (As you can imagine, editing through 1.6 million words is very time consuming!)

Contrary to what some may believe, I love Hetalia, and I love this story. I truly believe I'm bringing something interesting to the table in that this story seeks to stay as true to the canon theme as possible. This story has been going in a great direction and I have a lot of brilliant ideas that should hopefully muster some laughs. I will be continuing this story shortly, but I have reached the 75% mark of college and would like to focus on that and F-Zero: Seppuku above my lesser stories.

I just wanted to let anyone know that this is not a dead story, just on hold for another month or two. With these coming chapters we will get to see more from the Soviet House, the Scandinavian countries as we near the Olympics, some Vietnam War fun, the Soviet Republic of Sealand (Please note... that didn't actually happen XD), and even a little love triangle.

It is worth mentioning that romance is my #1 favorite genre. This much is evident from F-Zero: Seppuku.

See you soon!