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So freakin' cold.

'Not the way I expected to go,' The thought of her death caused a bitter smirk to form on her pale face and she didn't bother to fight the oncoming darkness washing over her body anymore, 'But I guess this is better than dying a bloody one.'

Why did the Shikon no Tama even bring her here?

Either way, it just her rotten luck that she was randomly dumped into a damn blizzard of all things – and it had been made worse by the fact she was in no way dressed for such a hostile environment.

And she was just so very tired now–

"You need to keep your eyes open."

Kagome's body jumped as best it could when she heard a calm unfamiliar male voice over her and she forced her heavy eyes to open sluggishly to find dark blue staring down at her, "Wha...?"

Arms wrapped around her back and under her knees and the Miko felt herself lifted in a princess carry that would normally have her flustered and embarrassed, though her current condition wouldn't allow it.

"Just stay awake a little longer." The male urged and Kagome stayed silent as she was too tired to barely even form a thought, let alone words. She sighed as she was pulled up against a (bare?) chest that was surprisingly warm and struggled to keep her consciousness when the person carrying her quickened their pace.

It was a failed battle.