The Shinobi, the Wizards and Something Called Friendship

Summary: The Triwizard Tournament begins. Because of Dumbledore's invitation, Tsunade sends the soon-to-be Rokudaime Kakashi and some chuunins and jounins to Hogwarts to represent their village. Will the Tournament run smoothly if the unexpected shinobi Naruto manages to be one of the champions?

Chapter 1

Warning: Typos, Grammar mistakes, ALIVE!NEJI, KAKASHI'S SHARINGAN

AN: Sorry for changing some Naruto's cannon plots. I just don't like Neji's death and how Kakashi lost his sharingan.

Albus Dumbledore stared at two weirdly dressed ninjas in front of him. Their masks of animal remind him the first time he visited this village years ago. That time, he was caught of guard by the ninjas incredible speed that made him captured easily. Good thing his friend Sarutobi helped him. Sandaime called this ninjas with masks ANBU; an elite military forces full with most talented ninjas in whole village. Based on the experience he just endured, he didn't doubt it.

"What's your business here?" The taller ANBU with a bird mask asked him. A sharp ninja weapon called kunai was in his hands. Dumbledore smiled as if he was facing a friendly acquaintance. ANBU maybe bloodthirsty but he knew that they were kind people. Konoha's ninjas were.

"I have some business with your Hokage, Sarutobi. I am his old friend. You can check your... guest list. I visited here years ago. It's Albus Dumbledore." Dumbledore said calmly. The bird ANBU nodded to his friend with a bear mask who took a rather large scroll from out of nowhere. As the bear masked ANBU was checking his scroll and the bird masked ANBU was eyeing him carefully, Dumbledore let his blue eyes wandered to the now Konoha. His eyes caught the infamous Hokage monument and he frowned. There were five heads there. The last time he was here, there were four heads. Dumbledore had a bad feeling of this but he kept silent and let the ANBU proved his thought.

"Ano...Dumbledore-san." Hearing his named was being called, Dumbledore turned around.

"Your name is on the list. We will send you to the Hokage office."

Dumbledore smiled when he saw the curious looks from the villagers. Of course, he was wearing robes and hats after all. He was considered weirdly dressed, even though their shinobi dressed weirdly as well. Dumbledore chuckled when a little boy was pointing at him and announced to his friends that maybe Dumbledore was a shinobi from somewhere far. Well, he was certainly from somewhere far, but he wasn't a shinobi.

"Come in!" A woman voice alerted the Hogwarts Headmaster and when the door was opened, the middle age woman behind the Hokage desk confirmed his suspicion.

"Can I help you?" The woman asked, folding her arms in front of her breasts. Dumbledore smiled and took out an invitation.

"I am Albus Dumbledore, Sarutobi's old friend. I am here to personally deliver this invitation for Sandaime Hokage. However, seeing you sit behind the desk, I assume he is retired already?" Dumbledore asked. The blonde woman sighed and nodded.

"I am sorry to say this, but Sandaime Hokage passed years ago. I am Tsunade, the current and soon to be retired fifth Hokage. It is nice to meet you Dumbledore-san." Tsunade said with a hint of sadness in her eyes. Dumbledore went silent for a moment before he let out a deep sigh.

"So my suspicion is true. Sandaime was such a great person. I am honoured to be his friends." He said as he took several steps to Tsunade. He put the envelope on the table, allowing Tsunade to take it.

"Even though Sandaime Hokage has passed, I'd still like to invite you and your shinobi to attend one of the legendary wizard tournaments, Lady fifth Hokage." Tsunade stopped tearing the envelope when she heard it.

"Wizard?" Dumbledore smiled warmly.

"Yes. I am sure Sandaime Hokage had told some of his trusted shinobi to know about our world. You know, wizard, Hogwarts ad stuff?" Dumbledore said as he performed a small lifting spell with his hand. Good thing Tsunade was a shinobi herself, so the weirdness of whatever Dumbledore was doing didn't really freak her out. She had seen worse.

"We're almost just like your kind. You use cakra to perform jutsu, aren't you? We use it to do this kind of magic." Dumbledore explained. Tsunade looked at him with narrowing eyes before looking down at the letter in front of him.

"A year? I'm very sorry, Dumbledore-san, but I cannot send my some of my shinobi to go to this event for a whole year."

"I know and I have a solution for it. Your shinobi will only be gone for five minutes even tough they will be in my world for a whole year. In addition, I don't want your shinobi only to attend this event. I need them to be the guard as well. You see, there will be three different schools in a place with so many students to be kept an eye. Your shinobi will be there as the guards in disguise of another wizard school." Dumbledore explained.

"Hm, so this is a mission request."

"Well, yes."

"How many shinobi do you need?" Tsunade asked as she took out a scroll. Some money for the village was good, considering its condition right now. She didn't want to ask about the five minutes-whole year thing since she would get an annoying answer like "Magic, Lady Hokage." from the long bearded old man.

"To disguise as a wizard school, maybe you can give me around ten? Complete with someone as headmaster or leader?"

Before Tsunade could decide who would be sent to this mission, the infamous Copy Ninja appeared from the door. His face was now unmasked, making his very very very handsome face became Konoha's new sensation. His sharingan was still in its place. Because of the Kyuubi cakra he got in the war, his sharingan did not drain his cakra.

"Ah, am I interrupting something?" He asked. Tsunade rolled his eyes.

"No. Good thing you come, Kakashi. I have a mission for you." Tsunade said. Kakashi raised an eyebrow as he waked into the room, ignoring the curious look from a weirdly dressed old man.

"This is Albus Dumbledore, an old friend of Sandaime. He is from a magic school of England called Hogwarts. Have you heard about it?" Kakashi titled his silver head and looked at Dumbledore.

"Yes, the magic school the Sandaime visited years ago when he took an interest in learning some divination. You know the crystal ball he usually used, right?" Kakashi said, nodding his head slightly. Beside him Dumbledore let out a chuckle, while Tsunade ran a hand over her face.

"Why didn't I know this before? Well, you were practically leading the village with him anyway." Tsunade said, shaking her blonde head.

"Kakashi, you will be in a guarding mission with Naruto, Sakura, Sai, then Ino, Hinata, Neji and Shikamaru. Oh, and take Yamato and that emo Uchiha boy."


"Yes, this will be his first redemption."

"How long we should finish this mission?"

"A year."


"Don't worry, Kakashi-san. I in your world, you all will only be gone for five minutes." Kakashi turned when Dumbledore cut his protest. Dumbledore nodded to him, trying to convince him that everything would be alright.

"Kakashi, you and your team will be guarding a wizard event. You all will be disguise as a wizard school from Japan with you as a Headmaster. Wear your Sixth Hokage robe; I don't want you to appear with Jounin gear like Yamato. Now, go inform your team." Kakashi rolled his gray-red eyes before nodding. He walked to the desk and put a red scroll, something he was about to do moment ago.

"For you, from the Kazekage." He said shortly before disappeared.

"Sixth Hokage?" Dumbledore threw a question.

"Yes, Dumbledore-san. He will be the next Hokage once he comes back here from this mission. I maybe look young, but I am actually fifty years old woman. A sick and dying fifty years old woman. The Shinobi war had remind me of my old age." Tsunade said grimly.

"War? If we knew that there was a war, we would send some helps."

"No need. It has ended. Beside, you must have some problems in your own world, right? It was a shinobi war, not your war." Tsunade said. She gave a paper to Dumbledore, who in exchanged, gave a rather large pouch of gold. Tsunade looked into the pouch and nodded.

"They'll arrive at your world the day after tomorrow."

"Well, tell them to touch this and said Hogwarts. It wills end them to my world, immediately." Dumbledore said as he put a large plate on the table. Tsunade nodded and let the ANBU led the old man out of the office. Tsunade stood up and walked to the large window. She hoped the mission went well. Wizard was involved in this and she didn't even know what they could do. That was why she sent Kakashi. He would know. She hoped, above all, that Naruto would not create a chaos with his stupid attitude once they got there. The words magic and Naruto in a sentence was something Tsunade was afraid of.


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