Sanves, Athena Nebula. Republic of Ostia. 2188

The apartment was well furnished, with two large reclining chairs on either side of a luxurious couch, a large coffee table and an expansive vid-screen hanging on the wall in front of them in the living room. A round metal table, large enough to seat a dozen individuals, was located directly across from the kitchen, with numerous pictures hanging on the walls.

The kitchen had both a full sized refrigerator for storing fruits, vegetables, and left-overs, and a large freezer for storing meat. The marble counters stretched from one end of the room to the other, with several appliances for making juices, teas, and other drinks.

The sink was made of the finest quality metals, and shined brilliantly as the early morning sun shined on it through the window. Three separate dresser sized wooden containers lined up on the wall opposite the counter, filled with tea packages, grains, canned goods, and the like.

It was all so perfect that the human walking into the kitchen still couldn't believe his luck, even after living here for nearly a year and a half. He wore a dark brown robe made specifically for humans in that it had multiple layers to it and had pants, something the man was very grateful for.

The scars that were left by the war, at least on his body, were now gone. Healed or removed by modern medicine, there was now nothing about this man to suggest he was a battle hardened soldier who had nearly been killed in the final moments of the Reaper War.

As Allen Ryan picked up a small packed, inserted it into a machine, and made himself a small cup of tea, he looked out the window and was once again reminded of the beauty of asari architecture.

In the early morning sun, the skyscrapers seemed to be glowing against the backdrop of a sky filled with all manner of blues, oranges, purples, and reds. Endless rows of sky cars were moving to and fro, and Allen could also now see millions of people on the ground going about their day.

The Athena Nebula had only fallen in the last desperate days of the war, and though the Reapers had hit the system hard to shatter the armada the asari had amassed to defend their home system, most of those ships had been pulled out to defend the Citadel against the galactic forces' offensive in the Sol system.

What was left was only a small force occupying the asari homeworld. None of which had been dispatched to any other asari world in the cluster.

Miraculously, the asari colonies of Sanves, Lusia, and Niacal, as well as the more than three billion beings living on those worlds, had been spared the horrors of the Reaper War. A fact Herja and Allen had thanked whatever deity their culture believed in more than once since coming home.

When his cup had finished Allen took it from the dispenser, though not without looking down at the bonding bracelet on his right wrist as he did so.

It was a simple band of shiny metal identical to the one Herja now wore, but it meant so much to Allen now.

It meant now he had finally found a place he belonged. That he had found and made a family for himself. That now he could finally stop just surviving and finally start truly living. Allen was, despite all he had been through in his life, content. He had everything he could ever have asked for and then some.

The human, engrossed in his own thoughts, simply smiled as he watch the sun rise, only noticing the taller asari behind him when two dark blue arms gently wrapped themselves around the man's torso and hugged him gently.

Herja kissed Allen's cheek and greeted, "Good morning Allen."

Allen just leaned back into his wife/bondmate and hummed, "Morning."

After a few moments the human asked, "So, what's on today's agenda?"

Herja, who was dressed in a dark green robe, answered as she made her own cup of tea, "Picking up Leslie and dad from the spaceport, and later going to the club to enjoy a few fights. And please at least try to look like you're interested in the show; you know how hard it is for Valkyrie to reserve the best seats."

Allen put up one of his hands in surrender, "Hey, I enjoy a good fight as much as the next guy. I was just tired is all last time."

Herja smirked at him as she sipped her tea, "Uh huh."

Allen followed her out of the room as they went to sit down at the table, "I mean it! We had just gotten back from a deployment and our sleep schedule was the opposite of the local's. Not my fault!"

Herja just shook her head and opened her omni-tool to check various things.

In short, life had simply gone on for the Pruor family after the war had ended. Hildra was deeply upset when she had heard of Prima's death, hardly eating, sleeping, or even speaking to anyone for nearly a month. And though she had managed to recover, the older asari to this day hadn't seemed to fully accept what had happened and let go of her friend.

Kara and Leslie had moved into Prima's apartment after the war, but things didn't go as smoothly as they had hoped. While Kara was able to find some small measure of peace taking care of Leo and finding work close to home, Leslie had simply been unable to go back to having a regular life style, instead choosing to become a bounty hunter alongside Herja's father Jursk.

Together they had made a good team and had taken down many of the worst figures to crop up in the galaxy since the end of the war. Herja and the others worried that Leslie wouldn't be able to find peace like the others had, but if she didn't herself actively try to make peace with herself and what had happened, than there was little anyone else could do about it.

Herja's sister Rota was now only two years away from legally being a full adult, and was looking into a career in the Ostian military, or at least as a mercenary if she couldn't get in. Herja's friend Valkyrie, who was getting ready to assume a management role in the local martial arts studio and televised fight arena, was doing what she could for Rota to make sure she would at least know what she was doing and hopefully get herself killed her first day out in the field.

As for Herja and Allen, things were going about as well as they could be for them.

The pair had bonded nearly two years ago now, just as soon as Allen was regularly conscious. They had both decided against a ceremony, instead privately exchanging a few vows to love and cherish one another and support the other for as long as they both lived. As soon as Allen had completed his therapy they had moved into a decent apartment only a few minutes from where Hildra and the others were living.

The two had also been very successful as far as their private enterprise was concerned. The mercenary company Herja now controlled, Optimal Outcomes, was now over fifteen hundred strong, with troops all across the galaxy helping to keep the vast number of displaced persons safe from raiders and establish order in the more chaotic regions of space.

Herja and Allen were at present in the last few days of some much needed leave, having recently come off a long deployment against a particularly nasty collection of pirates on the outer edges of Asari Space.

Though the doctors had warned against sending Allen into combat again due to his previous injuries, the human had proven himself still combat effective, though admittedly not at the same levels he was at in the Reaper War. Luckily, Allen had avoided injury so far. Herja knew their luck wouldn't last, but if they could just keep this up for a bit longer, than the asari hoped they could get through the chaos that had endured since the collapse of the old social order.

Just as the two finished their tea Herja received an incoming call. What was odd about this one though was it was on a channel not used since the Reaper War, and only then by a single person.

Herja knew in an instant who it was.

Looking over to the human, she only nodded to his unasked question.

Pressing a few buttons, Herja answered the call, and a holographic projection of Dr. Liara T'Soni appeared next to the table.

Liara was dressed in a dark blue robe, and while she did appear to be rather tired at the moment, it was plain to see Liara was in much better shape now than she was during the Reaper War.

Liara nodded and greeted them, "Herja, Allen. It's good to see you both."

Herja nodded back, "Hello Liara. It's good to hear from you as well but...why are you calling us? And over the old Broker Network channel?"

Liara looked hesitant for a moment before answering, "Well, I'm afraid that there's something I find myself needing your help with Herja. Something that is going to be extremely dangerous for you and Allen to involve yourselves in."

Herja was worried for her friend now, "How dangerous?"

Liara grimly replied, "Very. I feel the less you and Allen know the better if you chose not to involve yourselves, but I also can't think of anyone better than you two to help me at this moment. If you two will at least listen to what I have to say, I would be very grateful. Still, as always you both have the option to refuse to help me if that is your wish, and that I wouldn't hold it against you."

Herja looked over to her bondmate, who only gave her a smile. They all knew they were getting involved in this, so there was no reason to pretend otherwise.

Liara was too good a friend to them during the war not to help her in whatever mess she had gotten herself into.

Herja looked back to the other asari and asked, "How can we help?"

Liara visibly relaxed at hearing Herja was at least willing to hear her out. Standing up a bit straighter Liara out her hands behind her back and began to explain, "Well, as I'm sure you're aware from your own adventures out in the galaxy, the Systems Alliance hasn't been doing a very good job governing human worlds recently…"

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