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Summary: Mikan Sakura, a college student who is known for her honesty and naivete. One day, she receives a black postcard indicating that she has been selected to participate in the "Liar Game Tournament". Along with the postcard is a box with 100 million yen. Natsume Hyuuga, a genius swindler who was recently released from jail for single-handedly bankrupting one of the biggest scamming companies in Japan. After learning the story from Mikan, Natsume decided to help her to win this Liar Game.

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The Liar Game

Chapter I: The cut through battle of the brains with a hundred million yen on the line!

"Um…100 yen?"

The older police officer looked at his younger partner and sighed. How was it possible to have someone at this time and age to still be so stupidly honest? With all the crime and lies in the world who would have thought that there would still be any honest people out there. But here there was; and it was quite a sight to see.

"Yes, is there something wrong?" The girl had a very confused look on her face. Wasn't it a good thing she had just done? So why are they looking at her so strangely?

"No, but…." The older police officer just sighed. How was he going to explain to her that there was need to report something as small as this? So he just sighed and went along with it. "The owner of this coin is going to be glad that you had found it for them." He smiled as he took the coin and promised her.

"We'll take care of this, ok?" His younger partner said while trying to hold in his laughter. Man, she was just too honest.

Happy with his reply and help she gave them both a bright smile and thanked them. "Thank you both very much for your help!" She bowed politely and skipped off to continue with her day.

The two police officers could only watch in amusement as the girl skipped out of the both without a care in the world.

The older officer still holding the coin in his hands examined the coin and gave out a small chuckle of amusement. His partner picked up the police report and gave it a quick look. "That's quite rare these days. Someone that honest…but too honest for her own good." They both shared a laugh at this and also got on with the rest of their day in the small police booth.

'Too honest for her own good.'

A lot of people say that about me. I got caught in pitfalls…42 times. Unaware that I was being made fun of; I kept waiting outside for the sender of a love note. Waiting excitedly for over 5 hours, can be really exhausting. One time I almost fell for a phone fraud. The caller had claimed to be my younger brother…but I was an only child. But I don't really mind it at all. Why? Because I think it's best for people to be honest. That's why I would have never imagined this to happen. That me of all people would be caught up in such a scary game.

As the girl made it back to her apartment, she halted to a stop when she saw the huge black box in front of her door. Walking closer to examine the box, she found an envelope, also black.

"Sakura Mikan?" She read her name out loud. This was indeed addressed to her, but what could it be? She flipped it over to the back and saw a wax seal. Looking at the bottom right corner she read, "LGT Secretariat?" She was now even more confused.

Putting the envelope aside thinking nothing of its importance she turned her attention back to the big black box and opened it. "Now what is this?"

Money. Money. MONEY. It was money. The big black box she opened was full of money, lots of it. But where did it come from? Whose money is this? Because it certainly did not belong to her. She froze; it was so quiet, only the sound of the crows could be heard flying in the distance. She quickly dropped the lid back onto the box and fell back onto the floor shaking and confused and scared.

She sat there for a couple of minutes, trying to compose herself and calm down. She took deep breaths and picked herself up and kneeled next to the black box full of money. Opening the lid again to see if she was dreaming, her breath hitched. She was not.

"This can't be happening…" She frantically picked up the envelope with shaky hands and tore it open.

In bold red capital letters it read "LIAR GAME TOURNAMENT".

"Liar Game Tournament?" She was so utterly confused. What was going on?!

Bringing the box into her apartment, she counted all the money inside.

"…99…100. 100 million yen?" She couldn't believe it. This had to some sort of joke. She held one of the bills into the sun to check for authenticity.

"This is real…this is real money…" Scared, she turned back to the now empty box on the floor. She looked back inside and found that there was a vcr tape on the very bottom of the box, cushioned by all the foam.

She looked very uncertain, but she needed answers, and explanation, something! So she put the tape into her vcr player. As it turned on, a man with a mask over his face appeared. The mask was very creepy, some would even say scary. But right now, what she cared about most was why she got all this money.

"Allow me to introduce myself, Miss Sakura Mikan." The masked man said. "I am the dealer, Leronira. If you are watching this, that must mean that you decided to participate in the 'Liar Game', didn't you?"

"Participate…?" She was sitting on the rug paying very close attention to the things the mysterious man, who claimed himself to be the Dealer Leronira, was saying.

"Cancellation of this decision will not be accepted." At this, she turned back to look at the letter from the envelope she opened. In clear letters it said, 'Open this box only if you want to participate. Cancellation will not be accepted.'

Oh no.

"I am now going to explain the rules of the 'Liar Game'." She put her attention back onto the TV.

"The rules are very simple. In this game, both opponents must try to rob each other's money. It does not matter how you accomplish this. As the game is based on mutual consent, taking your opponent's money is not considered a criminal act. So, there is no need to worry. The game lasts 30 days; starting from the day the opponents are decided. The person with the most money in the end wins the game. After the game has ended, LGT Secretariat will send someone to retrieve the money. We will retrieve the complete sum handed out in the beginning, that is, 100 million yen. If you succeed in obtaining any money from your opponent, that sum will become your prize money. This means, you can earn a maximum of 100 million yen. If you have lost any money to your opponent, you are to compensate for the missing sum, even if you have to make a loan."

"Compensate?" Now she was beyond scared. How did she even end up in this game in the first place?!

"That is to say, if you lose. The highest possible amount of compensation is 100 million yen." Mikan's eyes were huge. She didn't even know how she got into this game in the first place, and now she had to compensate 100 million yen if she had lost?! She doesn't have that kind of money!

"I wish you a successful fight." And with that, the tape ended and the Dealer's face was gone.

Silence. That was all there was. Mikan sat there on the center of her rug, speechless.

"A loan…of 100 million yen?" She shook her head, refusing to believe it. She even stated to laugh at the silly thought. "You've got to be kidding…" But the smile disappeared as quickly as it came as she stared at the pile of money she had next to her along with the opened envelope.

Quickly, she ran to lock all her doors and windows, she even shut all the blinds. No one could look in and she couldn't look out. She lost her balance and fell onto the floor. This was taking a huge toll on her and it was still not making any sense.

'Deep breaths Mikan, deep breaths. You can do this. It's going to be ok.' That's what she wanted to believe. That it was ok. But it wasn't, not one bit.

"Please, I'm begging you! I have no idea where this came from!" Mikan had gone back to the police booth from earlier this morning. She didn't know what to but go to the police. It was all she could think of.

The older police officer from this morning was still on duty. "But this box was placed with your name on it, wasn't it?" He picked up the envelope and examined it. "And you already opened it…at this stage we can't accept it as 'lost property'.


"You know, the police can't act unless it turns into a real incident. Think about it, you could just be using us to hold onto the money for you." He was packing up his things getting ready to leave.

"But…maybe someone will come steal this money!" She picked up the box of money and dropped it onto the counter. Startling the officer.

"You can still file a damage report when it comes to that, alright? For now the police can't do anything for you." He smiled and she took notice of the solid gold cap on his front tooth.

"Then what…" She sighed. What was she going to do?!

The next morning, Mikan couldn't get out of bed. She had her covers over her head and she was scared and shaking. She hasn't slept all night. All she could do was stare at the pile of money. She couldn't sleep knowing that she had 100 million yen in her room.

Bam. She jumped at the sudden noise. It was her mail slot. It was the sound of someone slipping something into her mail slot. She was too scared to check. But she knew it must have had something to do with the game. So she went to check it out…more like crawled.

When she got to her mail slot, she hesitated to open it. But she remembered the Dealer's words , she couldn't back out now since she had already opened the box. So she opened the mail slot and sure enough, there was a black envelope inside.

On the front of the envelope it said 'My Opponent'. Turning it over she noticed the same wax seal as yesterday's envelope. Pushing that aside, she quickly opened it.

She stared at the letter inside for a moment before choosing to take it out. Closing her eyes she took it out and opened it, her eyes also opening just in time to see who her opponent was.

Her eyes widened in shock at who the person in the picture was. Her opponent. It was her old high school homeroom teacher.

"It can't be…" she was in disbelief. "Mr. Narumi."


100 Yen = $0.8631 U.S. Dollars

100 Million Yen = $8,630,700.00 U.S. Dollars

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