It was almost Winter in Arendelle and in her ice castle, Elsa was using her powers and letting them go but things had gotten better since the eternal winter but was thinking of a certain wrecker as she loved being around him andVanellope, who was like a daughter to her or another little sister who was happy using her glitch powers racing knowing that during the festive season, you needed friends and family knowing her sister Anna was worrying since she had promised to come back before sunset.

She was leaving the ice castle seeing Marshmallow or Princess Marshmallow as he liked being called that after finding her crown knowing he guarded her castle while she was away going down the staircase leading to her castle, finding Anna there, as she'd been playing with Olaf while waiting for her sister.

"Are you okay, were you thinking about Ralph again?" The red head said as she nodded.

"Maybe he can spend Christmas with us, his little sister too!" Anna said as Olaf agreed.

"You should go see them, after we get the tree!" Olaf said making Elsa smile.

She and Anna were going to get a tree for the castle but Olaf was with them, talking excitedly about the holidays because Anna had explained Christmas to him while waiting for Elsa as the Snow Queen giggled.

"This is going to be the best Christmas ever, eith lights, and presents and snow!" Olaf said as both sisters chuckled picking out the perfect tree but bringing it back to the castle, making the servants impressed with what the young Queen and princess of Arendelle had chosen.

They had brought the decorations from long ago when Anna and Elsa were little and close before the accident with Anna and after the eternal winter, they were becoming close again knowing that the holidays would make their sisterly bond stronger.

Elsa felt a little sad seeing those decorations as they reminded her of when they were little and close, making Anna understand.

"Things are okay now, you don't have to worry.

Plus the kingdom accepted you and your powers." Anna told her.

Elsa felt better at her younger sister's words hoping that Christmas would be okay plus it would be a good time like always, seeing Olaf studying the ornaments, baubles and tinsel with child like wonder but frowned seeing a snowman one.

"Aw it's okay plus you're more special than normal snowmen." Elsa said.

Anna thought that was sweet of her to tell him that knowing that Christmas was interesting sending Elsa was distracted thinking of Ralph.

She would go see him later.