Rated T mainly for Hidan. There's no stopping that man and his colorful vocabulary.

Normal POV

As a kid, she'd seen Freaky Friday. As a tween, she'd read a book about some kid who'd gotten sucked into the world of a video game and had to figure his way out. As a nearly-legal adult…she didn't read books like that, because English teachers didn't assign fun reading material…but that's not the point!

People who got thrown into such crazy situations were unique, pinpoint individuals. They were being bullied and needed an escape; they had a severe amount of family issues and needed a life-changing event to show them the way.

Skylar—as far as she was concerned—was normal.

In a week she would be a high school senior. Her family was (nearly) perfect. She had an older brother who was currently studying to be an engineer at a university a couple hours away. Her father was a risk control manager for a fairly large insurance company, so he was always traveling around the country, looking at cases his company assigned him. Her mother…passed away when she was ten.

It was saddening, but life went on—whether she was ready for it to or not.

So, just to say it again, Skylar thought that her family was nearly perfect—almost completely normal.

Of course, main characters had some kind of superb skill or outstanding feature too—but she seemed unable to fit the bill once again.

So, she reiterates: she was a mere high school senior. She didn't dress fashionably or participate in any sport, club, or after school activity. She minded her own business and had a small, remote group of friends—it was all she desired and all she received. She had no physical features that stood out; she was neither skinny nor fat, nor short or tall.

In every way her life was average, and she was fine with it.

She had no desire to stand out in a crowd, or draw attention to herself. She was content—most of the time—in her own presence. Her only goal in life was to go to a University, figure out what the hell she wanted to do with her life, and get a well paying job.

Of course, at some point a husband and family would be nice too—but at the moment she was still working on getting a solid boyfriend.

And so, once again: she was normal.

Then why, one day, did she become the subject of a—at the time—seemingly regular, fake fortune cookie.

"The next time you fall asleep in a different place—adventure awaits," Skylar quoted, frowning at the tiny slip of paper. It was actually quite puzzling, considering that most fortune cookies read something along the lines of "luck awaits next Tuesday".

This one seemed different.

However, it was quickly forgotten, because the carry-out Wonton soup she had gotten was ready and waiting, so she shoved the slip of paper in the pocket of her jeans and then indulged in the soup.

Her father was gone on a business trip, and her brother had recently returned to his dorm to get settled in for the incoming semester, so Skylar was having another dinner alone.

It didn't really bother her too much.

So, she finished her soup, cleaned up, and then occupied herself with watching Criminal Minds for two hours.

Marathons were great.

After Criminal Minds ended, Skylar debated watching some kind of ghost show and then thought against it, because she really liked the idea of sleeping at night.

At ten o'clock she finally retired to her bedroom and changed into her pajamas, being one of those weird teenagers who actually chose to go to bed when she was tired.

Therefore, Skylar turned off the light, climbed under the sheets, and then shut her eyes.

The next morning she awoke at the wonderful time of 10 AM, and slowly slipped out of bed. She spared a glace on her way out of the bedroom at the fortune-slip she had pulled from her meal the day before and abandoned on her dresser, and internally chided herself to throw it out later.

There was no reason to keep it—the little hope she had kept for the fortune to maybe come true had dispersed. Skylar had slept—nothing had happened. It was—as normal—another fake fortune.

Yawning, she padded into the kitchen and fixed herself up some eggs and toast for brunch. Once the meal was done she taxed herself with chores—mainly cleaning the dishes and folding the clothes.

Criminal Minds was having an all day marathon again, so once Skylar had piled up the clean clothes, she hopped onto the couch and laid down, getting comfy. She then turned the volume up, focused her attention, and proceed to watch serial killers murder innocent victims.


Eyes snapping open, on instinct Skylar's body shot upright and her heart thrummed in shock. Who the hell was yelling so loud?!

Finally taking in her surrounding, she realized that she was no longer on her couch in the living room of her house, but was instead on a hard, black table. Around her were surprisingly familiar faces—those of the Akatsuki from Naruto—a manga that she'd been reading for a while now—…and they all looked just as shocked as she felt.

"Who the hell is this girl, yeah?" somebody whispered, and Skylar immediately recognized the speech impediment, turning to find the man who it belonged to.

Deidara was standing to her right, Sasori directly beside him. Both were in defensive stances, looking very weary as their eyes trailed her over.

Skylar would've dared said something, but for some reason fear constricted her voice.

Even if fictional, the Akatsuki—while mostly sexy and badass—were still very much evil and also murderers…

"How did she enter the base?" Another voice put in, and Skylar turned to find Kisame whispering to Itachi. The shark-like male had his hand on the hilt of Samehada, his eyes still locked on her despite the fact that he was speaking to his partner. "She just appeared out of nowhere…"

"Well, I'm not sure who the bitch is or how the fuck she got in—!" Hidan said and Skylar once again whipped her head around to find him standing a couple feet away. His eyes flared with anger, but the grin on his face was sadistic. He grabbed the handle of his scythe and swung it in front of him. "—but she ain't gonna be here much longer!"

Suddenly he jumped onto the table and swung his scythe at her. Skylar took in a breath, frozen in fear as the three blades neared her, and then the next thing she knew—she was on her couch.

"Holy shit," she gasped breathlessly. She was sweating and fear still shook through her bones. Instinctively she raised a hand to her chest, expecting to see blood and blades sticking through it.

There was none. No blood. No blades.

No Akatsuki.

She was fine. It…it had been a dream?

Confusion filled her head. That had felt real—well, actually, getting a scythe through her hadn't, surprisingly—but the rest had. The emotion, the details, the faces, the setting…

"Fuck me…," Skylar sighed and ran a hand through her hair, trying to calm her heart down.

What a dream. The last time she'd had one like it she'd been ten and it had involved Sonic the Hedgehog. Now she was having dreams about anime characters and evil organizations.

Some things never change, apparently…

Even so, Skylar had never dreamed of Naruto before. She'd been watching the anime and reading the manga since she was in middle school, but never had she experienced a dream pertaining to it or anything like that…

It was strange.

"Well, whatever," she finally mumbled after a couple more minutes of calming her heart and brain down. Skylar then stood and sulked into the bathroom, wanting to wash away the layer of sweat that had stained her skin.

That had certainly been weird, but she doubted anything like it would ever happen again.

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