A/N: This takes place years after the Denton Affair and the mess of Miss Mental Health. This is set during the unmade sequel that many fans are quite fond of like myself: Revenge of the Old Queen. As always, AnnaleaseTurner and I only own our OC's, Richard O'Brien owns others, Read & Review!

Many years have passed since the events o the Denton Affair, Miss Mental Health and many more. Frank-N-Furter has married Nation McKinley with a new addition to their little family, Cosmo McKinley has married Miracle Vitus with twins they named Crystal and Richard, and the Queen of Transsexual is stressed. She has no one to take over the kingdom after she dies and refuses to give the throne to her cousin, DeLordy, she couldn't force Frank into it due to him denouncing the throne with his daughter, but she knows there is another one who could do it. But, who is that person?

LP is with Miracle as Miracle feeds the twins in her new home with Cosmo in Transsexual. "Did you hear that Brad died?" LP asked out of the blue, looking out the radiant moon of her home planet.

"Vhat?" Miracle asked, seeming surprised. She hadn't expected that to be said, she didn't react loudly though so she wouldn't scare the babies.

"Yes," LP looked back. She had changed since the Earthly events, she now wore her hair in a ponytail and had on golden and black clothes almost like a general uniform. She even wore high heeled boots and plain stockings, unlike everyone else who wore fishnets. "They say he was an act as a trapeze artist, he fell in front of millions of people and fell dead like that. Also because of Janet, their twins have to live with Brad's brother now... David told me all about it yesterday."

"Vell, that is surprising," Miracle was still taken by shock. She had changed as well, she was a lot thinner and her makeup was a lot more like her mother's. She was wearing a stomach showing red top with black shorts with a gold lining along the bottom of her legs. She had some red heels which had gold soles.

"I'm sorry Miracle, it's big news down on Earth, I thought you'd know," LP shrugged. "Also we're kind of celebrities," she sounded excited now. "Brad and Janet told Judge Wright about us and they made a movie out of it, they call it The Rocky Horror Show... A lot of Earth kids these days watch it once a month together like a ritual and throw things at the movie screen and blurt out random stuff..."

"Vell, good on them." Miracle chuckled as she started to burp the baby she was feeding.

LP smiled at the babies.

Riff Raff came in, he was wearing his general uniform and he looked very exhausted. He smiled slowly at Miracle. "I swear... the older you get, the more you are like your mother... Only no one has to go to the hospital when you get angered."

"Hi, Dad." Miracle smiled softly at her father, rocking the suddenly, sleeping baby. "Cosmo, do you have Crystal down?"

Cosmo rocked the other baby and smiled. "Indeed." he replied in a hushed tone.

LP giggled at Riff's remark, then cleared her throat. "No, I'm an adult now, I must act like one..." she stood tall. "We are on Transylvania now, we must be like the others and be like how we want without Earthlings to judge us!" She then grinned sheepishly at Riff in his uniform. She looked a lot like her father now and even did an eyebrow hook to lull him into her trap.

"Princess, please stop looking at me like that." Riff glanced back.

"Like what?" LP teased.

"Stop it."

"LP, please," Miracle looked at her friend. "That's my dad..."

"I'm only teasin'!" LP giggled.

"Are you?" Riff rolled his eyes. He was happy to have grandchildren, he teased Magenta while being a grandmother, but he outgrew it and both were very proud grandparents. "They truly are as beautiful as their mother and grandmother..."

"They me in them too ya know." Cosmo joked.

"Yes, they do have a bit of Cosmo in them," Miracle smiled, taking Crystal to bed as well, making sure Richard was in bed too. "Night, my little moon beams..." she reached a finger to stroke each of their cheeks and headed back in the living room.

"Nana still needs someone to take the throne of Transsexual, and Lord knows that DeLordy must not get it, Daddy and I don't want to, but who else is there?" LP recollected.

Riff's face twitched and he faced the floor, then looked back up. "There is another...Little Precious, do you remember when you went on a stroll with Nation and you two met a lad named Sonny?"

"Yeah, he dressed a lot like Daddy with Daddy's eyes, but had a hint of Janet Weiss in him..." LP replied, then her eyes widened. "Riff Raff... What are you suggesting?"

"Little Precious, I feel Sonny may have Furter blood in him..." Riff suggested.

Miracle came into the living room as LP had mentioned how Sonny had bits of both Frank and Janet in. She stopped dead in her tracks and blinked.

"Little Precious, you know how your father used to be." Riff continued to explain.

LP nodded and thought about it. "Yeah... Do we know where he is?"

"Probably still on Earth, sometime after the Denton Affair, Janet must have been pregnant with Sonny and put him up for adoption sometime before Mark and Sara were born." Riff continued. "We have to find him."

"Now?" LP whined, not wanting to leave Transylvania after just getting there.

"We'll see, I'm going to talk with my lovely sister now..." Riff nodded, then walked into the next room.

"See you later, Dad," Miracle muttered as he went away. She then went to her best friend. "Are you okay?"

LP glanced back at her. "I'll be okay... I'm just shocked... I like Earth and all, it's kinda nice, but Transylvania is my home... Plus a child born from my father and Janet Weiss..."

Miracle gently hugged her friend. "Vell, ve vill return again, and it makes everyvun happy... Your grandmother vill have an heir, and you and Frank von't have to take over, plus DeLordy von't be able to take the throne..." Miracle had never met this DeLordy guy, but had only heard bad things about him."

LP smirked, breaking from the hug. "You're the best friend I ever had..."

Miracle smiled at LP.

Just then a girl who looked a lot like Annette came in with long black hair with blue streaks wearing a red and black dress covering her feet which wore boots. "Your Grandmother wants you, Little Precious."

"Thanks Andrea." LP told her.

The girl, Andrea, nodded and walked back off. Miracle studied and looked at Andrea. "Annette's cousin is so much like her..." she couldn't help, but mutter. Though, Andrea wasn't mentally like Annette.

LP lightly giggled remembering when she first met Annette before Farley Flavors was taken away during the Miss Mental Health mess. "At least we don't have to be butterflies and ladybugs anymore."

"I don't know, being a butterfly vould be cool." Miracle giggled.

"I thought we were all gonna get an aneurysm from Annette's word choices," LP lightly laughed. She had been a lot happier than she used to be since she met Miracle, became friends with her, met David for the first time and Nation adopting her and her father married. She was a princess, but her not so royal life was more tolerable.

Both girls then looked at the throne room with the old queen waiting for her granddaughter's appearance. Miracle patted LP's shoulder. "I hope she doesn't upset you..."

LP then turned to the throne room. "I hope so too, I'll see you later..." she walked slowly, adjusting her robes.

Miracle watched her go and then sighed softly. She felt bad that LP's grandmother was quite mean at times to LP.

Riff Raff came to his daughter, rubbing his eyes. "The Great Furter wishes us to find her grandson and have him claim the throne, apparently he is interesting in Transsexual subculture. Janet gave him up for adoption and he is raised by a detective named Ray Ammbo." he informed Miracle. "We have to go to Earth, you can stay here and take care of your mother."

Miracle looked at her father, her eyes wide with a flash of anger briefly passed them. "Who else is going vith you?" she asked, bringing a small sign in her voice that the person who she used that tone on was 'treading on the ice'.

"Well... You can come if you want, dear..." Riff said, slightly scared from her anger. She sounded like him when she was angry but looked a lot like Magenta. "Maybe, you and LP could go if you want... Someone needs to take care of your mother... she's been ill for a while now and doesn't seem to be recovering... I hope she isn't dying..."

Miracle frowned suddenly her anger being taken over by sadness. "Has she gotten that bad?" She hadn't really seen her mother a while as both thought it had been just a bad cold and didn't want the babies catching it. Then, worried the babies would be in danger if it were a contagious disease, though she did call her mother at times. Magenta always sounded fine on the phone, or when they did face-to-face calls.

"She's been throwing up a lot in the morning and craved meat a lot lately... so I don't know if that's natural for a woman or if she's terribly sick..." Riff sounded deeply concerned. "I can always watch her and the babies..."

Miracle's face relaxed though she still seemed slightly worried. She knew that feeling, gone through twice as long with the babies, but it could be something else as well. She went up and hugged her father. "I'll call everyday, I promise."

Riff dangled his arms to his side as Miracle hugged him suddenly. He then gently patted her back with his mouth twitching. "Yes... Be careful and be safe... I'll update you on your mother..."

Miracle looked as well and released her dad from her 'sudden hug of doom' as they fondly called it. The hug often was so surprising and once Miracle had shouted 'doom' when hugging someone in a sugar rush.

Riff Raff then glanced back to see LP kneeling before her own grandmother. "Let's just hope the Queen doesn't behead her spawn's angel..."

"I'll vhoop her butt if she does." Miracle grumbled. She then decided to get ready to leave get ready for the happening on the distant planet.

Riff chuckled, patting her head before letting her go to her chamber. "You were always as fiery as your mother... Now, carry on. I hope you two will be alright."

LP listened carefully to her grandmother's demands before leaving. She was also intrigued to see Earth again, maybe she would see David again. When they all left for Transylvania after being gone for nearly 20 years, she told David that she had to move away with her family after Dentonvale was cancelled. Too many people rather went to the "Rocky Horror Show" as they called it and Cosmo and Nation were put out of work and decided to return with everyone to Transsexual.

Miracle saw that LP had left fine before she got ready for their trip to earth. She was going to miss her family while away but needed to help with this 'mission'. She got changed into a more Earthly type outfit but it still 'reeked' of Transsexual, Transylvania.

LP came out, wearing her uniform.

"You can't go to Earth wearing that." Riff tilted his head.

LP growled, stomping her foot. "I WANNA WEAR IT!"

"Princess, don't." Riff hardened his gaze to keep her from being a spoiled brat.

LP gulped, calming down. His harsh stare always scared her. probably because he raised Magenta since they were little kids and he could find a way to control one's rage from a female specimen.

Miracle came out in her outfit. It was a tight fitting blouse with a lower cut top than normal earth blouses. She had a skirt that was kind of like a corset attached to a knee length puffy skirt. Her make up was still like her mother's though. And she was wearing boots similar to Riff's on her feet, though her's were higher heeled. She looked around to see if Cosmo was about, wanting to make sure he knew about the times the babies had to be fed and stuff.

Cosmo was sitting in a chair with a desk, looking closely at some sort of book with a magnifying glass. His eye looked wider and creepier than normal and he sensed a presence. Miracle had come in and he smiled at her. "Don't we look lovely? Though you don't need that makeup to look beautiful..." he smirked, looking rather devilish, but very thrilled to see her in such beautiful clothes. "Why are you dressed like an Earthling?"

Miracle went up to him, butterflies erupting in her stomach as they always did when he pulled that sort of face. And the fact he looked wilder than normal also added to this. "Ve, me and LP, are going to Earth to bring the boy who vill be the heir to the throne." she told him, then wrapped her arms around his neck, in a 'hug from behind' sort of way. She still had a big rush of want around him, though she controlled it most of the time.

"Oh... Don't be too long, dear... Earth is a dangerous, simplistic place... a planet in which fools rule the world with their...President of the united States." Cosmo advised, praying she would be alright. "Don't forget about me..."

Miracle smiled sweetly, looking coy. "How could I forget, my love muffin?" she teased, though she meant she wouldn't forget. She lightly nipped his earlobe before kissing his cheek in a sashay way.

Cosmo chuckled, turning bright red. he grew as nervous as a school boy, adjusting his glasses and shuffled his foot in the floor. "I'll be sure to take good care of the twins." he added, quickly as she was on her way.

LP was out, wearing the best Earthling attire someone her age would wear she could. She wore a hooded sweatshirt with sweat pants and sneakers with a light blue streak, still in her hair without anything Transylvanian related. She had a ring though that doubled as a communicator like her old button when Riff Raff and Magenta would contact her when she would be out on her own before Miracle came into her life. "Ready?" she asked, holding her suitcase handle.

Miracle had glanced back, smiled and winked at her husband. She then looked at LP when she was in the room with LP and her dad in. "Yes, everything is ready" she said, having got a small bag with a couple of changes of clothes in. "Let's go and fetch Sonny home."

LP released a deep breath and followed Miracle to the castle transporter. "Feels like we just got here... but it'll be good to see Earth again, I suppose... it's no Transsexual, but it's not that bad a planet... I hope Daddy and Nation will be okay without us a while... Daddy needs to stay here with Nation, the baby could be born any day now."

"Have a good time, honey, don't take any strange boys home!" Frank called from his room, catering to Nation.

"Yes, Dad..." LP grunted in annoyance.

Miracle giggled and decided to briefly tease Frank, knowing he couldn't do much. Plus Cosmo would be able to tell she was joking too. "That's fine Frank, I'll bring them home to give to her!"

"Oh, no you don't!" Frank barked, then settled down. He smiled at Nation, but he kept worrying over every little thing with leaving Nation alone as she was to the third and final month of pregnancy. "Oh, dear... Should I call someone? Or maybe I should deliver with Riff Raff... what if the baby hates me?"

Nation was laying down, as the doctors and Frank wouldn't want the baby to be harmed by any accidental rough movements. She reached out and grabbed his hand. "Frank, love, calm down... We're fine, the doctor will come when it's time to deliver, and I know she'll love you... Especially if she is anything like me..."

"I guess so..." Frank sighed, sharply. "have you picked out a name you liked yet? If it was going to be a boy I wanted to name the kid Tim, but we can't now..."

Nation looked contemplative a moment. "How about Joey?"

"Joey..." Frank thought, then smiled. "What a beautiful name for a... beautiful baby..." Frank sniffled, petting her bump. "Joey McKinley Furter..."

Nation giggled softly and kept Feank's hand on her stomach as Joey moved slightly as Frank said her now chosen name.

LP pushed the final button. The girls then grabbed onto each other as the transporter whirred and vooped. There was a static zap and instantly, the girls were transported with the beam of light which sent them to Earth.