Hello everybody! It's new story time! You know the JATNLP special, Battle for the Book, right? Well, this is just like the special, but instead of the Darlings, it's the characters of the Disney Channel show/sequel to the 90s show Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World. This story will be told through the mind of Riley Matthews, the main character of GMW, so this will be fun. I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1: The book is stolen

Riley's POV

It sure was a very clear night out tonight in New York City, but as always this place was pretty noisy. It started out like any other night. My mom and dad had gone out for some dinner, so they put me in charge of the apartment... and my little brother, Auggie. Now, I did love Auggie, and I usually didn't mind looking after him, but him being five, it could be a pain.

But not only was I watching Auggie tonight, my friends from school were coming over for a sleepover. Including my best friend, Maya Hart. My awkward but loving friend, Farkle Minkus, and my love interest from Texas, Lucas Friar.

And for all of us, little did we know that we would be in for a big night.

"Riley! Will you read me a story?" Auggie asked as he followed Maya and I to my room. I've never read a story to Auggie before. That was usually Mom's job. In fact, even I felt a bit unsure about reading Auggie a story as I replied, "I don't know, don't you prefer for Mom to tell you stories?"

"But Mommy's not here tonight. So I want you to read to me."

As much as I wanted to say no, I didn't want to make my little brother sad. So I smiled. "Okay then, what would you like for me to read?"

That's when he suggested, "Peter Pan! Tell me about Peter Pan!"

Peter Pan... I sighed. That was one of my favorite stories growing up. My Mom used to read that to me when I was growing up. In fact, I actually have the book in my room.

"Peter Pan... my mom never read me that... in fact she's never read any story to me." Maya spoke up. I frowned a bit, knowing about Maya's homelife. But then I smiled. "Well, you're about to find out what it's like..." I told her.


I knew that voice anywhere. "Farkle..." Maya and I said at the same time. As if on cue, our weird little friend... and Lucas, came through the window of my room. I don't know why they always did that... well, Farkle always did. I guess I'll never know. But I wonder what they're even doing here right now. Oh yeah, they were invited to the sleepover too.

"Howdy girls." Lucas greeted. Oh, he's so cute when he talks all Texas like.

"What's up, doofs?" Maya greeted back in her usually way. Maya was a tough girl, like of like that blonde girl on that TV show, iCarly. That's when I spoke up. "Oh I was about to read the story of Peter Pan to Auggie."

Farkle grinned. "Ah, Peter Pan. The kid that every boy wants to be."

"Really?" Lucas asked. "I thought every boy wanted to be a man."

"But Peter Pan doesn't." Farkle replied. "He's the boy who never grows up. He is the symbol of every boy in the world...including me... but of course I want my ladies in my life." He then looked at Maya and I when he said that. You see, Farkle has a crush on me and Maya. Can't see how he loves two girls at the same time, but let's just go with it.

I felt Auggie tugging on my dress. "C'mon, Riley! Read the story." He said, very impatient.

"Okay, okay..." With that, I sat by the window, and Auggie sat next to me, holding his Mr. Googly toy. Maya, Farkle, and Lucas sat around me as I began to read the story from my Mom's old copy of the book.

Little did I know, was that far far away... someone else was listening to the story...

Third Person POV

Meanwhile over in Never Land, Captain James Hook and his crew was looking for treasure, when they stumbled about a fountain that let's you see visions. Hook looked at the fountain, and inside the fountain he saw a twelve year old girl reading a story. He frowned when he realized the story was about Peter Pan.

"Peter came to the rescue!" The girl said. "He flew onto the deck and with one hand before his back, he knocked Hook's sword overboard. The silly captain soon gave up the fight and promised to go away forever. Peter Pan 'All you have to do is say you're a codfish, and I'll let you go'" And then the girl shouted in her best Captain Hook impression. "'I am a codfish!' Said Hook. 'I AM A CODFISH!'"

Mr. Smee, Sharky, and Bones seemed to be amused by this story, but the captain himself sure was not. "Just what in blundering waters is this?! This young little girl dares to make a fool of the great Captain Hook?!"

That's when he heard the girl read some more. "Peter zigged and he zagged, but Hook couldn't catch him. The silly captain fell into the Never Seas, where that hungry old Tic Toc Croc was waiting..."

Mr. Smee chuckled. "Well, the capn' never was a match for that plucky Pan."

Hook sneered. "Mr. Smee, just whose side are you on?!"

"Oh sorry, capn'. It's just that this story is so interesting. Why, that girl reading reminds me of that lovely Wendy child."

"Geeh.. Wendy?!"

Captain Hook looked at the girl in the fountain. Indeed, she reminded him so much of Wendy Darling, a girl from London. The sneaky captain growled as he looked up at the stars. "I will not stand to let this go on any further, mark my words. I shall get me hands on that blasted book, and destroy it for good!"

Riley's POV

I currently turned to the next page in the book as I kept reading, "And so, Peter brought Wendy and her brothers back home to London. Wendy told her mother and father all about their adventures in Never Land, and she knew that no matter what, she would always believe in Peter Pan."

Auggie grinned. "Read it again, Riley."

I chuckled. "Sorry, Auggie it's getting late. You best be getting to bed."

As I was about to take my brother back to his own room, the window started to shutter. I noticed that there was something outside trying to get in... but who?

"How curious." I heard Farkle comment.

"Who could that be?" Maya asked.

"Maybe it's Peter Pan. Maybe he wants to take us to Never Land." Auggie suggested, getting excited. Could it possibly be him? Unfortunately it wasn't, for as the window doors flew open. Instead of Peter, it was Captain Hook himself. Hook?! Real?! It couldn't be!

I gasped a little, and so did Maya. Lucas, Farkle, and Auggie looked shocked. "Captain Hook?!" We asked in unison, very surprised.

"In the living flesh!" He replied with an evil grin as he walked into my room. I held Auggie close to me. What was this sneaky snook doing here? I don't understand. Suddenly, Farkle jumped in front of us. "Don't worry, my woman. I'll protect you. Stay back, you old bildgerat! As long as Farkle is here, you won't take any of my woman."

I have to say, Farkle is very brave, even in front of Captain Hook, who scoffed. "Best move out of me way you scurvy swab." Hook said as he shooed Farkle aside, and approached me. "I've come here for your precious book."

My book? My mom's book? Why does he want my book? I was thinking so many questions that I didn't noticed until now that Hook took my book out my hands. I gasped. "That is not yours!" I told him. And I immediately lunged in and grabbed the edge of the book and tried to pull it away from Hook. But he seemed to have a tight grip, but so did I.

"Let go, you wicked pirate!" I demanded. Soon I noticed my friends jumping in to help me as well.

Now Captain Hook was getting annoyed as he pulled on the book. At this point, it was practically a tug of war for possession of the book. It looked pretty evened up, until we all fell to the floor, and my Mom's book flew in the air. I was hoping it would fall in my lap, but instead, Hook used a plunger thing to grab it.

"Ha, ha, ha! The book is mine, and now I shall see to it that it shall never be used to make me look like a fool."

With that, Hook jumped out of the window. "NO!" I shouted, getting up and running to the window. And I watched as I saw Hook flying to the sky, and towards what looked like the Jolly Roger. Much to my horror! So that's how he got here, but how he was able to find me, I'll never know. My friends joined me at the window as we watched the Jolly Roger fly.

"This... isn't good." Lucas said.

"A tragedy at the up most." Farkle added.

"This stinks." Maya finished.

My thoughts exactly.

"Riley, you can't let that old pirate get away with this." Maya told me. "You have to get your mom's book back." I nodded. "I know... but I don't know how... we need help."

But just what were we suppose to do?

That's when I felt Auggie tugging on my desk again. I looked down at him as he spoke. "Riley... sing a song. A song to call Peter Pan."

A song?

Will that work?

"I saw it on a TV show once." Auggie explained.

Although I was unsure about this, it just might work. "Well... I guess I could give it a try." I told them. With that, I looked up at the stars in the sky, and I began to sing a song that I've heard once before, and memorized well.

By the second star that shines

On New York down below

Over wind and waves

You'll hear me now I know...

Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell my friends were really liking the song, even Maya. I smiled as I continued to sing.

Peter Pan, help us please

We need you wherever you are

Peter Pan, hear my song

By the light of the Never Star

Only you can help us now

Only you can help us now...

As I looked at the stars, and one seemed to shine very bright. Could that be the second star to the right? Maybe. I could only hope that Peter would hear my call and help me.

Peter Pan, help us please

We need you wherever you are...

That was an interesting start to this story. You shall expect the next chapter very soon in the future. So will Riley's song get to Peter, and will she get her mother's book back? Let's hope so. I'll see you guys later, and don't forget to review, please. Thank you.

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