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Chapter 4: Remember Peter Pan

Riley's POV

As soon as we took care of that whole ordeal with the policeman, we all went back aboard Bucky and soared into the sky. It wasn't long before we made it to Never Land...

And just it was in New York, it was nighttime around here as well. "Wow... look guys. Never Land is much more beautiful in person than in storybooks..." I told everyone.

"Never Land sure is a big place!" Auggie added, and he was not wrong. But then I realized... since Never Land is such a big place, it could take forever to find my book. That's when I had an idea. "Jake. I suggest we go to the hideout." I told the pirate beside me. He looked at me and smiled, "Good idea, Riley. To Pirate Island!"

But I shook my head as I told Jake, "Not your hideout, Jake... Peter Pan's hideout..."

Jake and his friends looked confused, but I'm was gonna show them what I meant. As soon as we reached Never Land, we walked off of Bucky and follow a trail leading into the forest, with me in the lead of course. "Now... the hideout should be around here somewhere..."

I tried to find it by knocking on some trees. But so far I haven't had any luck, while at the same time, it seem to have made Jake and his crew a bit more confused with what I was doing. "Gosh... I can't remember where the hideout is...?"

That's when I heard Jake ask me, "Riley, is this it?"

I turned to see Jake standing by a familiar tree... that was the one I was looking for as I smiled and happily replied, "Yes, Jake! You've found it!"

So we all ran towards the tree, and my friends tried to find an entrance. But we're having no luck. "Is this the entrance?" I heard Lucas say, as he pulled a rope, opening up a little doorway. He actually found it! That's when Farkle stepped forward, "Ladies first!"

I rolled my eyes, as Izzy, Maya, and I walked into the hideout, with the boys following. As we walked down the path, we entered a room full of stuff. This was indeed Peter's hideout. Jake and his crew looked amazed, considering this was their first time inside Peter's hideout. "This is one sweet hideout." Izzy commented. "You mean to tell us that Peter never took you here?" Maya asked.

"Not exactly." Jake replied.

How strange. I noticed Auggie walked towards an area of the room. "Look. Tunnels."

We turned and saw that there were indeed tunnels. Lots of them! "If I'm correct, these tunnels must lead to places all over Never Land." Farkle stated. You know, I think he's got a point. Maybe it can help us find out where Hook is with the book. So we decided to listen carefully.

With each of us listening into each of the tunnels. We each heard a different kind of sound coming from each one, as for me. With the tunnel I listened too, I could of sworn I heard the sound of blazing flames blowing. Not only that, but I then also heard Captain Hook's voice, the one sound we needed to hear most.

"Hey, I think I found the direction where Hook his." I told everyone.

Jake runs up to the tunnel I was near as he took a close listen and hears the same kind of sounds I heard, including Hook's voice.

"Yo ho, all right Riley. Now will be able to catch up with that Sneaky snook before it's too late." Jake told me and the others. And I sure hope that Jake was right about that.

"But I wonder where Hook is heading to anyway?" Farkle asked.

"Guess there's only one way to find out" Jake said as he points his sword down the slide. "Let's take the slide and see where it takes us."

"Me first!" Auggie said with excitement as he went down the slide. Soon we all followed him as we all went down, a very twisty but very fun slide. It sure was long, and it had a lot of twists and turns. But hey, it's a lot of fun experiencing this kind of ride.

Soon we all made it down to the end, and ended up outside again. But where exactly did we end up?

"Now where are we?" Maya asked.

That's when Cubby pulled out his map and took a good look, as then tells us. "Hmm, well. According to the map, it looks were in. The Valley of Fury!" The Valley of Fury? I've never heard of that before. But then we felt and heard the sounds of harsh winds as we looked to our right and saw what looked like a gigantic swirling vortex full of blue swirling flames.

"Of course. I remember hearing about this place. Anything thrown into the vortex gets shredded and blown away into pieces, never to be heard from ever again." Jake said. "I'll bet this is what Captain Hook has planned on doing with your book."

"Captain who?" I suddenly asked, feeling like I lost a bit of my memory.

"Captain Hook, the sneaky snook. The one that Peter Pan always battles." Cubby answered me. However I still felt a bit stumped, "Hold on.. Never what.. Peter who?"

"Yay hey no way. Now Riley doesn't remember about Never Land." Izzy said. "And she doesn't remember the story of Peter Pan?"

"The story of Peter Pan?" Lucas suddenly questioned.

"I haven't heard of that one before." Auggie then added. Then I heard Maya add in, "Me neither. Think you can tell us it Riley."

"Well.. I would.. But I haven't heard of that one." I said.

"This is coconuts! We've got to help them remember." Cubby said.

That's when I spoke up again. "This is strange! Usually I would have those kind of memories stored in my mind, but now there not there anymore. I don't understand why?" Just then I felt Jake holding my hand as he began to sing.

Jake: You must remember Peter Pan.

Then I could see Izzy walk up to me, and right by Lucas and Farkle as she sang too.

Izzy: You must remember Never Land.

Next thing we knew, we listened to all three of our pirate friends begin to sing at the same time.

All: What about Skull Rock?

Or Tic-Toc-Croc?

Remember if you can.

"We're really trying, you know." I told the pirate crew.

Izzy: Do you remember Captain Hook?

"Captain Who now?" Lucas asked Izzy.

Jake: Or all the stories in your book?

"I don't think so" I replied as I saw Jake frown a little.

Cubby: Or how it feels to fly,

All: Through the Never Sky!

"Hi, I'm Auggie. What's your name?" I saw Auggie introduce himself to Cubby, who slapped his forehead.

All: Do you remember Peter Pan?

Dressed in green from head to toe,

Cheering like a rooster crow,

Remember Peter Pan?

Where's his shadow? Never can tell.

Cubby: "Follow me." Says Tinker Bell.

We suddenly watch Tinker Bell fly into the sky drawing a picture of a familiar boy that I seemed to have forgotten.

All: Remember

Suddenly, we all then hear the sound of a rooster crow and then see a boy flying down towards us. "Peter Pan!" The pirate crew said in excitement.

"Sorry I'm late everyone, but I got here as fast as I could to help." The boy said, that's when it all hit me now. And I immediately said, "Peter! Oh Peter! How could I ever have forgotten you?"

"Forget me?!" Peter said as he chuckled. "That's impossible."

"As strange as it seems, it's true." Lucas said.

"We've all forgot somehow." Farkle added.

That's when Jake spoke up about this matter. Did he know what was going on? "Hold up! I think I know what's going on here. Ever since Captain Hook stole the book, each of you have been forgetting about Peter. And the longer it's gone, the longer all of you will end up forgetting your memories of Peter Pan and Never Land."

Peter frowned at the mention of Captain Hook. "I figured the old codfish would be behind all this."

"But we've got to find Hook and stop him." Jake said.

That's when I said, "Yeah! He's gonna destroy my mother's book!"

"Destroy it? But why?" Peter asked.

"I think he said because the book made him look like a 'bumbling fool'." I replied, using air quotes. Peter just scoffed. Figures. Whenever there's something that makes him feel like a bumbling fool. He'd make sure to get rid of it for good."

"Come on, pirate team. We've gotta stop Hook from destroying our greatest Never Land treasure!" Jake declared.

With that, everyone gets on the move towards the Valley of Fury. And to hopefully find Mom's book.

Well, it looks like they remember Peter and Never Land. Now it's off to get Riley's mother's book back. Will they succeed? Let's hope so. I'll see you guys later, and don't forget to review, please. Thank you.