A/N: A Wish/Card Captor Sakura crossover. Like no one else ever thought of it, I know. _ But I came up with an idea that I felt was quite simply too delicious to ignore, so here it is! I kept telling myself I wouldn't start working on it until I finished a few other projects, but it seems I was lying. So I hope you like it- I'm putting off other perfectly good stories for this one's sake!

FYI: The CCS characters are set a little while after the series' completion (Sakura is sixteen, Touya is twenty-three and fresh out of college). Gets them on a more even level with Wish's gang, and means more sexy bits! Whoo! Wish is currently at an undetermined point after the arrival of Hisui and Kokuyo, somewhere around the end of book two. As I get the later books, there may be minor changes in past installments for the sake of accuracy, but I'll make a note of those should it be necessary.

This storyline is going to be as close to canon as I can make it, so there WILL be shounen ai and possibly yaoi, there WILL most likely be mentions of pedophilia, and there WILL be Japanese names used. If any or all of this bugs you, you probably shouldn't be a CLAMP fan anyway, should you?

"Transform the Devil"

The angel Kohaku fluttered down the street helplessly, her powers mostly gone for the night and stuck not only in her body's chibi-version but a vicious downpour as she fled from a crow that had attacked her- no doubt Koryu was up to something mean again.

"Shuichiro . . . " she sniffled to herself.

"Are you alright?" a curious voice inquired as the rain magically cut out.

Kohaku looked up through tear-filled eyes and saw what she took to be Shuichiro standing over her with an umbrella. "Shuichiroooooo!" she cried tearfully, flinging herself at the man, who started in surprise. "I'm so sorry, I'm causing trouble for you again!"

"'Again?'" he repeated blankly, and it was only then that she took a closer look and realized her mistake.

"Oh!" Kohaku gasped in alarm, quickly pulling back. "You're not Shuichiro!"

"Afraid not," he agreed, nodding his head to her. "Kinomoto Touya. And you?"

"I'm Kohaku," she replied, returning the bow. "Um, thank you for helping me," she added after a moment, blushing in embarrassment. "Sorry to be a bother."

"Not a problem, Kohaku-san," he assured her, casually slinging off his duffel bag and whacking the crow that had been trying to sneak up on them with it into the ground. "Need a ride home?"

"I- I don't mean to be any trouble," the girl stammered, somewhat intimidated by his easy detection and defeat of the bird. "I can get there myself. Just let me thank you, and I'll go."

"No thanks required," he assured her, and Kohaku got a sinking feeling suspiciously akin to déjà vu.

"I could give you a wish!" she suggested hopefully. "You'd like that, right?"

"Not really," he replied. "What's the use of it? If I can't get whatever it is I want on my own, then I probably shouldn't have it anyway."

Kohaku twitched slightly. Oh, these stupid, stupid Earthlings- time was when a human would be GRATEFUL to get a wish from an angel, would be THANKING her. But nooo, that was just too much to ask, wasn't it? Just her luck to find the only two men on the face of the earth with absolutely no interest in making their deepest, truest desires come to life. She was this close to getting stuck with another person to whom she owed a great debt, and still no way to repay either.

Yeah, Earth sucked.

. . . hm, better stop hanging around Koryu so much. She was getting slightly sarcastic.

Kohaku gave Touya her most super-fierce Official "Offended Chibi" Glare/Pout and stamped her foot. "You have to let me thank you properly!" she declared stubbornly.

"I don't need anything," he insisted just as stubbornly. "Now, where do you live? I'll give you a lift."

"And put me FURTHER in debt to you?!" she wailed in dismay.

"Well then, sucks to be you, kid," he retorted, scooping the angel into his arms and stepping off the sidewalk to straddle a motorcycle she had not noticed before. "Which way?"

"The left," Kohaku replied automatically; then belatedly realized what she'd just done. "Wait!" she squeaked in alarm.

Too late. Touya gunned the engine and took off as Kohaku shrieked in alarm.

"Directions, please?" he asked dryly as soon as she'd calmed down enough to stop screaming. Embarrassed (and more so when she realized that they were barely moving faster than a brisk walk), Kohaku meekly gave him the route to Shuichiro's house.

'He really does look like Shuichiro, but much younger,' she noticed with a faint trace of surprise. A moment later, she realized that he reminded her far more of Kokuyo than Shuichiro, and she shuddered at the thought. Luckily, they weren't far from the house, so the ride was mercifully brief.

Less luckily, when Kohaku asked again at the door, Touya still insisted that he didn't want a reward. She was beyond distressed by that- the angel did not want to have to chase after him, nor take time away from her (admittedly few) chores for Shuichiro.

"Please?!" she begged. "Just one little gift! I can't let your kindness go unreturned!"

"It's not kindness if you're paid for it, Kohaku-san," the boy said, a slight hint of irritation creeping into his voice.

'Oh no!' Kohaku wailed mentally. 'Now I made him mad!' She barely resisted the urge to cry.

Touya sighed and went to return to his bike. "Just don't worry about it, okay?" he said. "It's not a big deal."

"Yes it is!" Kohaku cried, tears on the brink of overflowing. "I have to thank you! I can't keep getting favors and not repaying them!" She began to sob. "I- I'm so useless! I can't help anyone!"

"You don't have to CRY about it!" Touya protested, clearly in over his head. He could take care of his sister, sure, but when it came down to it, Kinomoto Touya and crying girls had difficulty getting along.

"B- But I just want to thank you, and I can't even do THAT right!" Kohaku bawled, her frustration with both the present situation and her troubles with Shuichiro overwhelming her in a single mad rush. "I try and I try, and nothing EVER works out for me! I'm a disgrace to my kind!"

Suddenly looking exhausted, Touya slumped back against the doorframe, his eyes falling shut. "Suppose I know what you mean there," he muttered distractedly. "Sometimes, the only thing I want is to be anything but what I am."

Kohaku stopped crying with a startled gasp. "W- What did you say?" she whispered.

"Er, nothing," he lied quickly, but she had heard him and beamed up at him in delight. This was wonderful! She knew exactly what to do, and now he'd be nowhere NEAR as scary as Kokuyo!

"I can do that!" Kohaku exclaimed happily. "I can, I can!"

"Wait, what- " Touya began in confusion, but Kohaku's tattoos were already on her face and glowing.

"I promise, I'll give you exactly what you asked for!" she vowed solemnly, and Touya suddenly got that good ol' sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach

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