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It had been a little more than 10 years since the world was saved from the powerful gigantic demon king Mordecai. The destruction was on a massive scale and yet that didn't stop most of the world to forget about those events. To the point of even thinking that it never even happened. But that wasn't a concern for 16 year old Ranko Saotome. The younger sister of Ranma Saotome was currently thinking of only one thing. What to pack in her suitcases as she gets ready for her first day at her new school. She had been wanting to go the same school as her cousin for years now. But her family couldn't afford it but that didn't stop her from trying every year to get her parents to find some way to get the money she needed to go. It didn't take long for her to realize that her parents could never afford to do so since their food bill alone was too high for them to save up the money. So she had to find another way. She was able to save up the money herself thanks to her parents allowing her to join her brother in his escapades at his job. It was a certain company known for being the go to company for all supernatural and paranormal investigations and eliminations. She had to start at the bottom despite her martial arts skill and the role she served in destroying the former demon king. But she didn't care too much as she got to learn so much during that time. And once she got the chance to go out do the field work she quickly became one of the best. But that isn't hard when you are a practitioner of Anything Goes Martial Arts despite how that shouldn't be a factor at all. But if you knew anyone who studied that style then you would know why it does.

But that was all in the past. Ranko was too excited to think on her past. Instead she was thinking of her future. A future where she would get to hang out with her cousin at a school that might actually be able to challenger her….okay so her marks in Math and History weren't the best. But her marks in English and Science should more than make up for that. She had to laugh at herself as she thought of that. And then realized she forgot to actually pack some clothes. So far the only things she had packed up in one of her suitcases were gadgets of all sorts. A Blu-Ray DVD player and DVDs, several books, and a tool kit of some sort in one suitcase. A high tech computer with monitor in another. And the third that she was currently working on was packed away with the very things she brought the tool kit for. The gadgets that were the instruments of her trade as a Paranormal and Supernatural Investigator and Eliminator. So she quickly shut that large suitcase and went to her final suitcase and quickly packed it with some random clothes. She was currently wearing the uniform of her new school anyway so there was no need to pack that. So with the packing quickly done she grabbed her things and ran to the front door from her room up on the second floor of the Saotome household. She said her final goodbyes to her mother and father as they wished her luck in her new endeavor. Ranko's Sister in law Akane was outside waiting for her in her small red Toyota with a smile on her face. Where was Ranma during this big moment for his little sister? Well about that…..

Outside a small building that was looking much better than it ever had during his time as a professor at this large private school Professor Takahata was currently trying to figure out what was the dean thinking. The dean allowing a new student to join the school was one thing. But to have said student join a certain class being taught by a 10 year old Welsh Boy? A 10 year Welsh Boy that also happened to be a wizard that made probationary contracts with his whole class to be his wizard partners? This just screamed like a bad idea in his mind. But he did promise the dean that he would help the new student move, but since there was no more room at the dorms so they had to get creative with the move. What he didn't expect was the new student's older brother to show up at the school and help. Not only that but he also didn't expect an older brother to be a bust red headed woman. The red head had laughed it off saying she figured that since it was an all-girls school that she figured that she'd show up as a girl. Sure she explained how she had gained control of her Jusenkyo Curse but the very fact that someone had gained control of a Jusenkyo Curse was making Takahata worry. The fact that this person was able to control their curse and actually chose to be in their cursed form was something he never heard of. Hell he never heard of anyone gaining control of a Jusenkyo Curse. Takahata was becoming worried for the boy wizard more so than anything or anyone else. He was starting to wonder if the dean knew that the boy was going to have a challenge as challenging as his last with the Star Crystal. Or was this something else? After all he had never seen some of the things that this Ranma person was installing in the building's basement. Hell he never seen many of the equipment that Ranma was bring into the building. And he was also hoping that Ranma was joking when he said to leave room for a car. Sure the building had a large garage door like that of a firehouse but why would a student need a car. He decided to save his questions for the dean for when he saw him again. In the meantime he and Ranma were finishing up the final touches to make sure that the building's living area was looking its best. The renovation of this old building had taken a full week of repair work and it was finally done. The new student was expected in an hour or two depending on traffic as he was informed that she was going to arrive by car. With their work basically now done he turned to the red head next to him and says, "It's 5 to 10 now. You want me to place an order with a local food cart? We can have an early lunch as we wait for your sister."

Ranma stood up from behind the giant TV stand that she had just finished putting together and smiled nodding her head saying, "Sounds like a good idea. Just place a deluxe order of whatever you think is best and I'll be good. Thank you for helping by the way". She then began to pick up the giant flat screen TV and easily placed it in position and then began on the cable box so that her sister can at least have a TV that was set up for her when she got to the school. Knowing her sister she was going to completely forget that she would need one to get use out of her Blu-Ray player. Ranma lover her sister but despite her intelligence she did tend to have air head moments.

Takahata nodded acknowledging Ranma's thanks and says, "It's no problem. I am happy to help out any of the students at this school. Both new and returning students can always use a helping hand every now and then. By the way why was it that your sister needed a place like this again? You were the one who chose this building when we asked what kind of place she would like. It's just an odd choice that a young girl would want to live in an old garage like this."

Ranma had to laugh at that question and says, "That you are right about. Normal girls would not want a place like this. A normal girl would probably want to live in a small cottage or something if the dorms were full. But instead my sister would love a place like this."

"But why an actual garage if you don't mind me asking. I know the dean said something about some deal your sister made with the dean. But the dean for some reason feels like keeping this deal a secret even to me." Takahata replied back as he got out his cellphone and began dialing the number of one of the student's Pork Bun stand.

Ranma had to smirk at that and like she had practiced since she had seen the anime she leaned forward just a tad bit while wagging her finger at Takahata with her eyes closed and says, "Now that dear Professor Takamichi Takahata is a secret."

Even Takahata had seen that anime. He couldn't stop himself from smacking himself in the face at that one and thinks to himself 'I should have seen that one coming. Somehow I should have known that was coming'

Ranma was laughing now and says, "Sorry but I couldn't help myself. I finally had the chance to use that line. Anyway the reason why I can't answer is because I don't know the exact details of the deal. Only that it involves Ranko continuing her work here as a way to help offset the price of tuition for a year. Ranko is hoping that she will be busy enough to save enough money to pay the full price for next year. She figured with how old Mahora is there is bound to be more than enough haunting to keep her busy."

Takamichi was thankfully done ordering their order and had ending his call when he looked to Ranma again with a confused look and says, "Hauntings?"

Ranma smiles at this question but this time more in the way of pride than playfulness like before when she joked with Takamichi and says, "Yeah. She's like me. She's a Ghostbuster."

The only thing in Takamichi's mind at this point was what was he going to have to do to keep this new girl from causing the sole ghost of class 3-A. Then he suddenly realized something else about that class. 'Great, not only do I have to worry about what Ranko will do to Sayo. But I have to worry about what she might do to Evangeline. What did I do to deserve this?'