If asked, Severa will never be able to give anyone a decent explanation as to how she found herself in a situation like this with the Justice Cabal.

This problem, like many others of the same nature stemmed from the war with Valm. Robin, ever wary of things regarding the war, had predicted that the enemy forces that they'll soon be facing will be of a considerably higher skill. This lead to a final, more intensive wave of training that ended up in the promotion of most of the children from the future.

Severa herself had become a bow knight after days of training. She had been promoted as soon as she learned how to shoot a bow properly, with her mother personally giving her the master seal for her promotion. Among the children, the last ones to be promoted had been Kjelle, Brady and Laurent, who became a General, a War Monk and a Dark Knight respectively. The royal siblings had both taken up secondary classes to study new fighting styles and learn new skills before being promoted.

In Severa's opinion, both Lucina and Morgan looked absolutely regal in their new uniforms and their parents had been quite proud of their children. The siblings were ecstatic with the fact that they were now just a bit closer in achieving equal standing with their parents. While promotion and training was all well and good, the increase of activities and skill meant there was definitely an increase in the demand for new and more advanced weapons. Lucina was already trusted to handle silver lances while Morgan is now able to use higher tiered anima magic like Mjolnir and Bolganone. Severa herself is already training for a steel bow.

With all the demands for weapons increasing, Robin and Chrom had to purchase them in bulk, along with vulneraries and healing staves. Despite that, it still seemed lacking, and when Anna presented a map to the outrealms, Robin finally figured out what was missing.

They needed a powerful weapon that can see them across the fight against the Valmese forces. Two Falchions were well and good, but other than that, they were truly behind in terms of weaponry. They needed something stronger. That was how they ended up in a holy temple in some desolate outrealm, facing off with 36 Deadlords who were led by powerful and legendary figures from history. Severa thought it was unfair. They were here to collect Regalia and now, they were fighting the Twelve Demon Generals of legend that wielded them. Of course, Chrom was confident that Robin could produce a plan that could safely get them through and his tactician certainly delivered.

Leaving the others to look after the camp, Robin and Chrom had brought only twelve among the army join in the quest. This included a majority of the future children, with eight of them and only four from their parents' generation. After a quick scout, Robin had determined that the battle area could be divided into three parts and thus, resolved to divide the group into three as well, for the initial formation. Chrom and Robin were positioned in the middle, off to face the enemy commander with Owain's parents, Lissa and Frederick. Meanwhile, they were flanked by two more units, flanked by Morgan and Lucina. Lucina's unit consisted of Gerome, Inigo and Noire while Severa found herself with Morgan and the rest of the Justice Cabal.

Owain and Cynthia had been so excited by the thought of fighting the famed Demon Generals, that they were restless. When Owain's quick eyes had immediately spotted a sword master wielding the sword Mystletainn, Severa could swear that he was close to frothing in the mouth out of excitement. He had to be scolded by his father to keep still. Lissa wasn't any better, restless due to anxiety. Frederick had wrapped a protective arm around her and although she secretly found it sweet, how Lissa had leant against her husband in comfort, Owain basically just groaned out loud, probably suffering from second-hand embarrassment. Morgan and Lucina were both attentive in listening to Robin's instructions, absorbing any detail and making sure everything was polished and clear before they were to begin their assault. They were made to repeat the plan in order to test if they knew what to do and by the time they had finished, even the other members of the unit knew even the most insignificant details.

Of course, the plan for Morgan's unit was simple enough. They were to make their way to the Regalia as fast as possible. Morgan's proficiency with magic came in handy because he would be able to strike the enemy from a distance, with the goal of finishing them; or at least to weaken them enough for the others to finish the enemy. He is to be supported by Cynthia, seeing as she's the fastest among their unit. This thought soured Severa's mood. She wouldn't admit it to herself, but she was aware that she was jealous that she wasn't able to fight by his side. Though she had no qualms about fighting alongside Owain, she just really wanted to be beside Morgan. It was a childish notion, but she just couldn't dismiss those thoughts away from her head.

When they were getting ready for the fight, Severa fiddled with the strap of her saddle, aware of Morgan and Cynthia's banter as the two fixed the Pegasus Knight's saddle. Truthfully, Severa felt all too bothered as she looked at the two. More than her, Cynthia seemed better suited to be beside Morgan, seeing as the two were closer and were on the same wavelength. Whatever Morgan lacked, Cynthia provided and it was the same the other way around. With all the fun they had, it would only make sense that Morgan would like her.

"Severa? What ails you, friend? Speak now, lest we fall in battle!" Lissa's son exclaimed, with no consideration towards the fact that she was standing no more than two feet beside him. She winced and pushed him away, before climbing up her horse. "No really, what's up?" the swordsman inquired.

"Maybe I just don't want to fight with you, ever thought about that?" Severa said, rolling her eyes. She did, however, snuck a glance in front of them, where Cynthia and Morgan were gearing up and waiting for Robin's cue. This gesture did not go unnoticed by Owain, who simply followed her line of sight. He gave a hum of understanding. "Ah I see now, what ails you, fellow warrior!" he exclaimed proudly, grinning to himself as he crossed his arms. He even leaned against Severa's horse. "W-What?" Severa spluttered, knowing that Owain may be getting an idea of what was going on in her mind at that moment. Owain looked back at his fellow Justice Cabal colleagues and shook his head. "Severa most fair, the ailments of the heart are truly formidable! It pierces the chest and leaves you dying in the agony of unreturned affections! Nay, worse still, the sight of his eyes trained not unto you, what suffering!" he exclaimed in a theatrical manner, throwing his arms up then clutching at his heart like he was dying.

"Shut up! What do you know?" Severa spat out, face alight in embarrassment.

"Oh I know you have a crush on my cousin." He smiled at her just a bit too sadly.

"Y-Yeah? Well so what? Apparently it's common knowledge already right?"

Owain merely shrugged and looked back at his two teammates. There was a sad look in his eyes that Severa couldn't miss. "I really have no idea, honest. I do know, however, that you and Cynthia aren't the only girls enamoured with him. Cousin has this charm or something." He said before shifting his head to look around. For a brief moment, Severa thought that he was looking over at Lucina's unit with a longing look in his eyes. It was only brief though, as the swordsman had bounced back to his cheerful self at the drop of a hat.

"Right, no use getting distracted now Severa. Come! The dark force of the Twelve Demon Generals of Legend waits!" Owain cried before taking his position behind Morgan and Cynthia. Severa, though wondering about Owain's reaction, pushed it aside and followed after the swordsman with a sigh. Morgan stood in front of the three of them, while Cynthia positioned herself right behind the prince. Owain and Severa flanked the Pegasus Knight. They were positioned in the left wing of the temple and stood idly, waiting for Robin's signal as the checked their gear. In the event that Robin did give the signal, Morgan had immediately blasted a Thoron in the distance and a loud groan that came from the long hallway was evidence enough that it had connected with a Risen. That was their unit's signal. Morgan charged ahead, followed by Cynthia, Owain and Severa.

More than anything else, the Justice Cabal seemed quite excited about the fight and Severa was still trying to figure out why. She stuck close to Morgan, with Cynthia and Owain automatically supporting each other as if they had prepared and rehearsed movements. With Morgan adamant on pursuing enemies alone, Severa had steered her horse in his general direction to assist him. Having been trained with a bow even before her promotion, she found it easy to switch from a sword to a bow and vice versa, though she definitely had more room for improvement.

"Slow down!" Severa had to call after Morgan, who was then shooting at a swordsman, a few meters away. From where the two of them stood, they could already see the treasure chest in the distance, with only six more enemies—two of them Deadlords—in the distance.

Though Morgan didn't reply to her right away, he did stop for a moment to allow Severa to catch up. She had just switched to a bow and taken down an enemy Risen that the prince had just weakened. "You're way too excited you know? Cool your head for a moment!" she huffed, wiping the sweat that trickled down her forehead. Morgan smiled. "Sorry. It's hard in battle." It was true of course; in battle, there wasn't any time to relax, but Severa thought that Morgan, of all people, knew not to charge ahead without support. "You could at least wait for us to catch up! You're being impulsive!" Severa chided and it was satisfying to see him look at least apologetic and guilty after she had pointed it out. Severa could not deny that he was definitely Robin's son, with all his wits and intelligence, but there were moments like these that made it clear that he had a bit of his father in him too. "Sorry, sorry. It's just—I can almost see it, y'know?" the prince shrugged. Severa had to agree; of course they were getting closer.

"Yeah, I can too, Morgan! I'm not blind. Anyway, all I'm saying is, wait for us, you dolt! No use going in blind without support. Now come on, n-now that I'm here, let's finish this!" she said and Severa had to fight back the urge to cringe at what she said. Morgan, for his part, merely chuckled and agreed, before charging up his magic again. Both of them continued attacking from a distance, finishing off the Risen once they were in a closer range. From behind, Severa could already hear Owain's shouting and the frantic beat of the wings of Cynthia's Pegasus. Severa and Morgan pushed on, with as much effort as they could give.

It didn't take long before the two of them were already in the section of the temple that housed the treasure chest. Standing in between them and the chest were only two Deadlords, the others having been defeated in the flurry of battle. These two, Severa noticed, were both female and carried notable Regalia themselves. One was a Valkyrie who looked just a bit out of place in her horse, almost as if she was more used to fighting on foot. In her hands was a Valflame and Severa sincerely wished that Morgan still had his Thoron tome, as he had already used up his anima magic just moments before, leaving him with only a silver sword. The other Deadlord was a Dark Knight that seemed much too graceful to be on a simple horse. The elegant yet sure way she sat on the saddle and the graceful curve of her back made it look better suited to a Pegasus. In her hands, she carried a Thoron.

Both Deadlords didn't move just yet and instead, merely stared at the two of them. Then, in an instant, both Deadlords shot magic out of their fingertips, burning Valflame and crackling Thoron dancing and mixing to create an explosive attack. The magic then moved sideways, almost as if they were making an attempt to catch Severa and Morgan in on attack. Thankfully, Morgan and Severa were alert enough to move out of the way as the magic passed through. Though they were safe enough, albeit a bit rattled by the sudden attack, they were too late in noticing that they were trapped in with the two Deadlords, their magic having hit the walls and the pillars. The pillars had begun collapsing in on themselves, closing all four openings in the area and trapping them in the midst of rubble and boulders. With the supports and walls damaged, part of the roof collapsed and Severa could only spur her horse into immediate action. As the loud rumbling and crashing continued in the background, Severa's horse ran off towards Morgan, slipping and losing its footing in rubble so that Severa was thrown off and had hit a portion of a former pillar that had fallen nearby. Maybe it was for the best, because it wasn't long till Severa's horse got caught up in the falling roof, and ended up getting crushed by the debris. Severa could only look in despair as the war horse that had been given to her just a few weeks before, now lay dead under a pile of rocks. She fought the urge to throw up, though she found her legs unable to support her any longer. Trapped without a mount and almost without weapon in the midst of two Deadlords, Severa could honestly say she would be afraid, if it hadn't been for the young prince that knelt beside her and had placed a hand on the flat of her back.

"Severa! Are you alright?" Morgan had asked, his voice threatening to raise its volume. Dazed, Severa merely nodded, before moving her eyes to where her mount now lay. Noticing this, Morgan moved his hand from her back to her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I'm sorry, but not now." The prince said. She turned her eyes back to him and nodded, letting him lead her to a place hidden from the enemy: behind debris that has stacked up as it fell. "This is bad, we're stuck here and I'm out of magic. It'll be hard to attack with swords." Morgan said and Severa noticed that his hands were shaking, though he made no move to hide them. She had the urge to hold them, though she fought to ignore it.

"I'll think up of a plan quick, be on the lookout please." He said and if they weren't in such a precarious situation, Severa would have laughed at his insistence at being so polite. Even so, Severa, who had calmed down by then, looked out from where they were hiding, squirming impatiently as Morgan tried to come up with a strategy. From above them, the gloomy skies peered out from the part of the roof that had caved down. Severa wished it wouldn't rain. It was enough that the cloud of dust from the explosion hadn't settled yet, as it was the one of the few things that kept them hidden, given the low visibility.

Averting her eyes away from the roof, Severa suddenly found the chest just a few feet away from them and when she inspected it further, she found herself unable to stifle a gasp. Morgan, who had heard it, sat up straighter and peered out as well. "What is it?" he said, his voice sounding urgent. "The chest, it's open!" Severa whispered with the same urgency that he had. Morgan looked around and he let out a gasp of his own when he saw the chest. It was, as Severa said, open.

"What the—who opened it?" Severa hissed.

"It couldn't have been the Deadlords. I think they would have done that earlier." The young prince stated, sitting back down so that he was quite hidden from view. As the dust was beginning to settle, Morgan continued thinking in silence while Severa kept her lookout. She immediately shrugged Morgan alert upon seeing the two Deadlords advancing towards their hiding place. "Let's move!" Severa ordered and the young prince didn't even question it. They moved quietly and quickly, from one area to another, making as little noise as possible. The Dark Knight had blasted off a shot of Thoron at their previous location, narrowly missing them by half a minute. They heard the Dark Knight's thoughtful hum as another, thinner cloud of dust flew into the air, another wave of rocks spilling.

Severa exhaled slowly. As she shifted her eyes, she saw another body close to where they now stood and the corpse certainly wasn't her horse. Far from being an animal, Severa noticed that it was a human thief. Not a Risen, but a thief, with a thick book in its hands. Inching forward, Severa carefully pried the book away from the thief's hands and Morgan, who only just noticed her moving away, nearly panicked in surprise. "Severa, what are you—"

"Shh!" Severa silenced him as she moved back to where she originally sat beside him, thick book in hand. She gazed at it, a thick tome with strong, dark binding. Golden accents decorated the book and in the middle, inside a diamond shaped plate, was a carving of the Divine Dragon, Naga. Seeing this, Morgan was absolutely thrilled, though he made no move to take it from her hands.

"That's the Regalia!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Severa, that's the holy tome; the Book of Naga! Severa, you're amazing, you found it!" he said, and though he was too thrilled to panic in their current situation, his voice never raised its volume from that of a whisper's. "The Book of Naga? Holy tome? Isn't that the one that's exclusive to those with holy blood in them?" Severa asked, finally handing the prince the tome. This question elicited a wide grin from the prince, who then looked at his companion with the happiest eyes, almost as if they weren't in a deadly situation. "Well, Father's the one to thank this time. I don't have this mark for nothing." He said, patting the tome comfortably before gesturing to the Brand of Naga in his right eye, mirroring Lucina's who has hers on her left.

Severa tried to steady her breathing. All this was making her nervous. Though she trusted Morgan's strategies, it was more comforting to have him beside her and the fact that he was in the other side of the room hardly reassured her.

The plan was to separate for a pincer attack, though it didn't seem quite effective, given that there are only two of them. Morgan was to blast off the Dark Knight to her part of the room where Severa could finish her off. He was to deal with the Valkyrie. It was easier said than done, because catching the two Deadlords unguarded was like waiting for pigs to fly. "Gods dammit Morgan." Severa muttered under her breath. She sincerely hoped that this plan would work and that Morgan was doing a better job at hiding himself than she was. With little coverage in her area, she was almost lying down on the floor and that wasn't a very good position for someone that had to stay alert. Moving slowly as she tried to sit up, she tried counting. By the time she reached seventeen, a blast of light magic erupted from Morgan's part of the room and as promised, a horse and its rider came flying towards her. Diving out of the way, the Dark Knight slammed against the debris, half of her body crushed by her horse. Severa wasted no time in getting up and ran off to where the Dark Knight was clawing for the Thoron tome that had flown out of her hands and landed a few ways off. When Severa came into view, the Dark Knight stopped moving and simply laid her eyes on Severa. It surprised the Severa and even she had stopped in her advance. In a short distance away, she could feel Morgan stop too. "Tight formation, good teamwork… No wonder your treasure is unclaimed. You Deadlords have a fine tactician among you; but not good enough. My mother is the better tactical mind, I'm sure of it!" she heard him exclaim before another blast of magic rattled what was left of the walls around them. There was a slight ringing in her ears and Severa forced herself to focus on the enemy at hand. The Dark Knight in front of her was still staring, as if transfixed and there was a pool of blood forming near her feet.

"Why do you keep staring at me like that?" Severa growled as she continued her advance, raising her sword above her head and preparing to strike. Suddenly, the Risen in front of her started crying, fat tears trickling down her cheeks. For a moment, Severa nearly stopped. "Huh? W-Wait, are you crying? But you're a Risen!" she growled and moved faster, suddenly angered by the show of acting. "You won't move me to tears! I won't be deceived!" she shouted, before bringing down her sword to slice the Dark Knight's head clean off of her shoulders. Blood started trickling out of her decapitated neck and as her helmet came off, it startled her to see that her hair was almost the same colour of her blood.

Surprisingly, Morgan had quite a hard time dealing with his opponent, with the Valkyrie managing to read most of his movements. It was an irritating event and his counters were met with even more assault and his assaults were met with well executed counters. His salvation came in the form of Severa, who had jumped to his rescue right after she had dealt with her opponent. That somehow gave them more advantage, two against one, though it still took a while to overpower the Risen. With a quick blast of magic from Morgan and a deft slice to the back from Severa when they finally spotted an opening, the Valkyrie finally stilled and the battle was done, though Morgan had admitted that their opponent and her fighting style seemed awfully familiar to him.

With both Deadlords finished and the Regalia successfully taken, all that was left was to get out of this place and meet up with the others. With the power of the Book of Naga, it would only take one blast to create an opening. Surely, Morgan would have thought of it already. Severa turned to prince, only to see him slumped against a large rock. Needless to say, Severa didn't hesitate to run over to him.

"Morgan? Morgan, are you alright?" she asked, lifting his arms to inspect him. He continued to clutch the tome in his hands, though he couldn't even bring himself to lift up his head. "Morgan you dolt, answer me!" Severa screamed, believing that that would at least jolt the prince into awareness. Morgan did lift his head and despite Severa's panic, managed to give her a weak smile. "What are you smiling for, idiot? Are you alright or not?" she screeched. The laugh he gave her irritated her all the more.

"Morgan be serious! I can't have you dying on me now!"

"I-I'm fine Severa, no wounds here… I'm just really tired, that's all." He said and true enough, he slumped back down, chest heaving hard. "Let's just rest for a bit. Stay with me Severa, please?" he asked and even without waiting for her answer, Morgan had drifted off to sleep, leaving her to worry about the matter at hand alone. Though flustered, Severa proceeded to inspect the young prince. It was true that he looked fine; no wounds or bruises, just minor, non-life threatening scratches. There were no burns or signs of him getting hit by magic. If that were so, then he definitely was just tired. Further proof of this was how calm and peaceful he looked as he dozed off. Well, as long as he's fine, Severa thought.

The bow knight sat down beside him and, upon noticing his unnatural sleeping position, how he looked close to toppling over as he slept while sitting up, she decided to just pull him closer and laid his head on her lap. This seemed to comfort the prince, because he had immediately curled up like a cat and snuggled closer to her. Severa tried hard to ignore the loud pounding of her heart. "Honestly, you're so troublesome…" she muttered begrudgingly though she didn't stop herself from running a hand through his hair. It was soft, though just a bit ruffled and dirty thanks to battle. Though she wouldn't admit it out loud, she wouldn't mind doing this again and again and again…

"Morgan! Severa!" Cynthia's voice was unmistakable. It was a bit muffled because of the debris separating them, but Severa knew Cynthia's voice. "Morgan, Severa, are you two alright?" the Pegasus Knight's voice was frantic. Severa felt her mood sink in disappointment.

"Severa, are you there?" she called after, when Morgan didn't answer. Severa cleared her throat before answering. She got up, carefully laying Morgan's head down on the floor. She pried the Book of Naga away from his hands and laid it under his head to use as a pillow. She probably shouldn't be using a holy relic like that, but there was really no use to think about the matter so much. Once she had settled Morgan down well enough, Severa walked over to the part of the wall where she heard Cynthia's voice. "Severa! Morgan!" the Pegasus Knight kept calling.

"I'm here, we're alright so stop screaming, geez!" she answered. Morgan has yet to be woken up. He must really be very tired.

"Well answer immediately if you're alright! I-I'm coming to get you guys, hold on!" Cynthia exclaimed and at that, Severa walked back to where she left Morgan on the floor. Sitting beside him, she waited for her childhood friend to arrive while she busied herself with playing with the young prince's hair. He just wouldn't stir awake. He did, however, grabbed hold of her hand and gave it a tight squeeze.

"Wh-what the—" Severa was taken aback by Morgan's sudden movements. He didn't seem to have woken up so it looked more like he had just grabbed her hand out of reflex. Severa was just about to pry her hand away when Cynthia came diving down from where the roof of the temple collapsed, her Pegasus landing gracefully in front of where she sat. The Pegasus Knight leapt off her horse without a delay and ran off to Morgan. Seeing him lying on the floor, unmoving made her panic.

"Severa, what happened here?!" she screamed. The Bow Knight merely gave her a glare and pressed her free hand on her childhood friend's mouth. "He's tired, he's asleep. If you don't kindly shut up, then he's going to wake up, stupid!" she hissed. That seemed to calm Cynthia down enough though that didn't stop the Pegasus Knight from inspecting the prince with gentle hands.

"W-Well, we should get him out of here first!" Cynthia suggested.

"Well duh. But how? On top of your Pegasus? No chance, we're not jostling him out of here. He might even fall off." Severa refused, still pulling her hand away from Morgan's grip discreetly, but to no avail; his grip was like iron. "Then do you have any ideas?" Cynthia spat, irritated at her childhood friend's attitude and even more so when she noticed what Severa had been doing for the past minute. The Bow Knight dropped her hands and frowned.

Of course, it would only take a simple thing to get them out of this mess.

"If I knew how to use magic, I'd blast off that debris over there to clear the opening. But since I can't and Morgan's fast asleep, our best chance is his Mother, right? Shouldn't you call Robin for help?" Severa asked. Though she hated asking for help and looking useless in front of others, this was something she couldn't do alone. Of course, she wasn't going to risk putting an unconscious Morgan on top of a flying Pegasus. It's not like the three of them would fit, the poor animal would never be able to fly. Also, not to mention they would probably have a hard time carrying the young man on top of the beast in the first place.

Cynthia looked hesitant to leave Morgan alone, seeing as she couldn't tear her eyes away from him. Knowing this irritated Severa more.

"If I can ride a Pegasus then I'd do it myself. Now just suck it up or we'll be stuck here all day!" Severa said and that earned her a glare from the Pegasus Knight. "Okay, fine! I was already going, so you can stop being such a jerk now!" Cynthia exclaimed, though she did look back at Morgan before heading off. "Just watch over him, okay?" she asked voice gentle. Severa rolled her eyes. "Well, what else am I going to do?"

Robin was quick to come to their aid once she found out from Cynthia. The other two units had also just finished off their opponents and it was no secret that the earlier loud explosion had worried them, though they couldn't afford to be distracted. Everyone was noticeably tired and worn out, but upon hearing Severa and Morgan's predicament, their fatigue seemed to disappear. Morgan's family, in particular, had rushed off to the location where the prince and the bow knight were trapped in.

With Robin's magic, it didn't take two hits for the debris to be cleared, though Severa had to drag Morgan off to the safest place she could find, to avoid getting themselves hit with magic and debris. While they were busy clearing the opening, Severa had pulled him close and cradled him against her for extra protection, hoping that he wouldn't wake up due to the explosive blast of magic, or simply due to the loud hammering of her heart against her chest.

Once a path was cleared for them, Frederick himself had carried his nephew on his horse, with Morgan's family hovering behind the Great Knight and the young prince with worry.

"Robin?" Severa called, the Book of Naga in her hands. She handed the tome to the tactician, who took it wordlessly. "He's fine, he's just tired from all the fighting." Severa said, and that seemed to put the royal family at ease. Robin looked at the tome in her hands curiously and smiled.

"Is that the Regalia? Did he use it?" she asked.

"Erm, yeah. He used it quite a bit actually." Severa replied.

"Well that seems to be why he's so tired. This tome requires considerable skill, especially since this is light magic. It absorbs immense energy too. To be able to release more than three spells, that itself is notable." Robin chuckled, stashing the tome somewhere in her cloak for safekeeping. "Well, he's your son. There's no doubt that he'd be talented in magic." Chrom chimed in when he heard his wife's comment. He stood so close to her that Severa just couldn't help but notice. Other than relief, they looked absolutely proud. Robin chuckled, closing what little distance between them.

"He's you're son too." She replied. "He knew about this book but that didn't stop him from exhausting himself just to use it. Just as stubborn as you, it seems." Robin smiled and somehow, Severa couldn't help but agree.


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