Switching Places

Sequel to "Gibbs's New Girl"

By MchakotayParis

Chapter 6

The next day Gibbs starting working tirelessly with his physical therapist to regain his mobility only leaving Ali's room to go to his physical therapy sessions. Ali slowly began to heal and as promised the catheter was removed and Gibbs put her back in diapers. Gibbs asked Tim and Abby to copy Allison's sleep music off her computer onto an ipad and bring it to the hospital along with some of her personal items.

After spending a only a week in CCICU Ali was transferred to a regular room and the others started spending time with Ali coming in after work and on weekends. During this time Gibbs continued to make progress on his physical therapy until finally Ali asked Gibbs a tough question. It was just after lunch and Ali was sitting up in the bed. They had been letting her partially sit up for the past few days and she was becoming bored with just staying within the four walls of her room. After Ali had gotten hurt Gibbs had spoken with Director Vance about acting as a consultant for NCIS until he was able to fully able to come back to work. Vance had agreed and Gibbs was looking over the latest case files when Ali got his attention with a surprising question.

"Daddy when you go to your next therapy session can I go with you?"

As Gibbs's head shot up from the files Ali looked at the older man and smiled. He had been making great progress during his sessions as the therapist still came by and gave her daily reports. She knew that she needed to trust Gibbs and she did but she was getting bored and hoped that he felt comfortable enough with her now to let her go with him. As she watched his face she could see the conflicting emotions cross his face until finally a smile emerged on his face.

"Of course princess, but you know you're not going to be able to help," stated Gibbs as he put down the file he was holding and wheeled himself over to the bed. He knew that Ali was getting bored but he hadn't expected her to ask to come to his therapy session.

"I know Daddy, but really want to get out of this room," whined Ali.

"How about we check with Dr. Evanson and my therapist, but if they agree then you can come," answered Gibbs.

"Thanks Daddy. Can we ask them now? Please...please" pleaded Ali as she reached for Gibbs' hand.

As he took her hand he smiled at her enthusiasm "Let me go see if can talk to them now. Sit tight sweetheart." then patted her hand and left. A few minutes later Gibbs returned followed closely by Dr. Evanson.

"Well I hear that someone is itching to get out of her little room here," said Dr. Evanson with a smile.

"Hey Dr. Evanson. Can I...can I...please...please!" asked Allison slightly bouncing in the bed.

"Well let's take a look and see how you're doing," answered Dr. Evanson then started checking her over.

She was healing remarkably well considering how injured she had been in the accident. Her ankle, knee, hip and shoulder were healing nicely but he still didn't want her to put any weight on them just yet. So far they'd just been letting her sit up in bed and as well as she was doing he didn't see any reason she couldn't go down with Gibbs as long as she didn't over excite herself.

As Dr. Evanson finished checking her and stepped back he smiled at both of patience's. Former and present patients' were now following his instructions to the letter so he felt she deserved a treat.

"Well as far as I'm concerned you can go Ali, but you have to promise me not to overexert yourself," said Dr. Evanson.

"Oh I won't...I promise. Thank you... thank you!" cried Ali.

"Ali, calm down. We still need to talk to Alex," reminded Gibbs

"Sorry Daddy, but I'm sure he won't mind since I..." started Ali but stopped when she saw they look Gibbs was giving her.

"Allison Grayson," said Gibbs in his threatening voice.

"Sorry Daddy, but it's just a habit. Alex was texting me about your progress before I got hurt and he just thought I'd like to stay informed," answered Allison sheepishly.

Gibbs wasn't happy to know that Allison was still checking up on him but given everything he had put her through he didn't blame her for having difficulty giving up the control she'd been forced to have for so long.

"Ali we will discuss this later, but for now you win. Let me call Alex and see if he can stop by before my session today." said Gibbs as he moved out of the room to make the call.

A few minutes later Gibbs returned "He said he'd try to stop by before my session. As for you young lady, I want you to take a nap before we talk to Alex," stated Gibbs firmly.

"But Daddy" whined Ali.

"Well I'll leave you to it Agent Gibbs. And remember Allison, if Alex agrees don't get overexcited." reminded Dr. Evanson then left as Gibbs wheeled himself over to Allison's bedside.

"Ali what did I say about whining?" asked Gibbs firmly.

"That if I kept it up I'd feel your hand again," said Ali quietly.

"And I meant it young lady, now get ready for your nap," he reminded her.

"Daddy...I" said Allison shyly.

"It's alright baby girl, just relax. I'll take care of you," said Gibbs as he gathered her supplies then lowered her bed, then pulled himself up to the bed and quickly changed her. "Do you want a bottle or just your pacifier?" asked Gibbs as he sat back down then went to throw the diaper away and wash his hands.

"A bottle please Daddy" said Allison as she leaned back and closed her eyes.

Gibbs left returning a few minutes later with a bottle of juice to find Ali already almost asleep, with a smile he put the bottle to her lips then smiled as she started sucking not even opening her eyes. He returned to his place by the window after turning off the light to continue working and await Alex's visit.


It turned out that Alex was able to stop by about an hour before Gibbs' session and after speaking with Allison's doctor agreed but with the restriction that she was to only watch. So when it came time for Gibbs' therapy session one of the nurses came in and helped transfer Allison to a wheelchair. Her ankle and knee were still wrapped in ace bandages while she wore a sling on her left shoulder. After a few minutes of getting her situated and comfortable they were off with Ali and the nurse following Gibbs down to the physical therapy department. When they arrived the room was empty except for Alex who was working in a small office off to the side.

"Hello Agent Gibbs, Allison," Said Alex came out of the office and greeted them.

"Hi Alex, what are we doing today?" asked Ali as she was wheeled over to him.

"WE, are sitting right there and watching Gibbs work on the parallel bars and stairs today. Are you ready Gibbs?" asked Alex as he came over beside him and watched him move to the mat on the floor.

After about ten minutes of stretching and warming up Alex handed Gibbs the leg braces and helped him back into the chair. As Gibbs wheeled over to the parallel bars, he locked his chair then taking a deep breath pulled himself to a standing position. After a few minutes he took his first step and slowly started making his way down the bar. After several tries they both moved to the small staircase a few feet away.

As Alex and Gibbs made their way up the small stairs Allison's hip had begun hurting her. She tried moving around in the chair but that only gave her minimal relief until finally it became unbearable. She didn't want to interrupted Alex and Gibbs so she finally just scooted to the edge of the chair and then after locking the wheels fell out of the chair onto the mat landing on her right shoulder and side. As she rolled onto her right hip Gibbs and Alex both looked up just finishing the last step descending the stairs.

"Allison!" yelled Gibbs and quickly sat back down in his chair and wheeled over to her side, then transferred himself to the mat and made his way over to Ali's side.

"I'll call upstairs for a nurse," said Alex as he moved toward his office and make the call.

Gibbs scooped Ali into his arms holding her against his chest. Her eyes were closed and he could see tears beginning to brim around her eyes.

"Ali baby, what's wrong? Where are you hurt?" asked Gibbs as he quickly looked her over.

"My hip, it sometimes hurt when I sit all the way up." said Allison softly.

"Why didn't you say something sweetheart," asked Gibbs firmly.

"Because I was afraid you wouldn't want me to come and watch, Daddy. I'm very proud of you," said Allison as she opened her eyes and looked at the man holding her.

He had been working so hard to get back to the place where he could take care of her and she was sure that he would eventually make it. It may take some time but together they could make it. She knew that he still wanted her and to be her daddy to and because of that she would stick it out and put up with all the second b for bastard that he could dish out. Especially now that he knew she could dish out as good as she could take.

At that moment Alex returned to the pair saying. "Someone from upstairs is on their way down now. Did you fall or transfer yourself out Ali?" asked Alex as he came closer to the pair, he quickly checked her out not seeing any new or aggravated injuries.

"Sort of fell, my hips hurting really badly." answered Allison the tears beginning to form in her eyes again.

"It's alright baby girl, someone's on their way." said Gibbs soothing and just then Stacy and an orderly came rushing in.

"What happened Agent Gibbs?" asked Stacy as she knelt down beside the two.

"Her left hip started hurting and she couldn't stay in the chair so she fell out onto the mat," answered Gibbs as leaned back to let them look at her, but Ali wrapped her arm tighter around his waist and wouldn't let go.

"It's alright Ali. I don't see any new injuries but Dr. Evanson wants us to do another x-ray and MRI just to make sure. Ali can you let go of your daddy just long enough for us to get you on a gurney then we'll take you upstairs and find out why you're hip is hurting so bad. Ok sweetheart?" asked Stacy in a gentle soothing voice.

At Ali's shake of her head she had to smile. Well she certainly was a "daddy's" girl and she could see why, even in his present condition Gibbs was still a nice looking man.

At Gibbs laugh Ali raised her head and opened her eyes. "It's alright baby girl, I'll be right behind you I promise."

With Gibbs' reassurance Ali let go of his waist and was quickly transferred from Gibbs' lap to the gurney waiting beside them. They covered her up then buckled her down and after only a few seconds were heading upstairs. Alex moved Gibbs's chair closer to him and he quickly transferred back into it then followed them upstairs.

The x-rays and MRI discovered that Ali had some bone chips floating around so surgery was scheduled for the next day to remove them, along with some swelling which was pressing on the nerves in her hip. They kept her in bed for the rest of the day on moderate pain medication and by the next morning the swelling had gone down some. The surgery was a success but that put a damper on her getting out of bed until her new surgery healed.

In the meantime Gibbs progressed enough that he started wearing the leg braces all the time and was now walking using arm crutches. The first time he walked into Ali's room using the crutches she almost jumped out of the bed and would have too if she hadn't still been on pain medicine.

"Oh Daddy! I'm so happy for you!" cried Ali as he came over to her bed as she could finally throw her arm around his neck.

"Offff, thank you princess but just remember I've still got a while to go." reminded Gibbs as he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"I know daddy but we're both on the mend now and things are getting back to normal. Or as normal as it can for us." Laughed Allison.

"You're right about that baby girl. Your office called and asked if you still had the files from the Ramirez case."

"Oh damn, I forgot all about them. There in the desk drawer at home, bottom right hand side." stated Allison.

"I'll get Tony or Ziva get them and take them over to your office this afternoon. How are you feeling?"

"A little tired and bored" answered Allison.

"Then how about you take a nap and I'll have Ducky and Palmer bring you something to do when they come this evening."

"Can I have my iPad? Please, daddy…. Please?" asked Allison.

After her second surgery they had taken away all her electronic things, only wanting her to watch television or rest but she was already getting bored with the game shows, soap operas or talk shows that dominated television in the afternoons.

"If you take a nap and rest, I'll ask Ducky to bring your iPad. But can't stay up all night playing on it you still have to rest." said Gibbs firmly.

"I know Daddy and I promise I won't" exclaimed Allison happily.

"Okay now get comfortable and go to sleep so you'll feel good when Ducky and Palmer come to see you tonight." said Gibbs as he watched her settle down into a comfortable position then shift slightly onto her right side.

Her left hip still hurt sometimes so they had started putting a pillow under her hip so mostly she slept on her right side now. As Gibbs pulled up the covers he leaned down and kissed her forehead then whispered.

"I'm very proud of you to baby girl," then quietly moved away from the bed to call Ducky and ask him about her request. As he moved away Allison reopened her eyes for a second, smiled then slid them closed again as she drifted off to sleep.