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Chapter 1 - The Montogmery

Chuck was having a bad day, a really bad day. The five year plan that he'd told Ellie he was starting was of course put on hold, his cover girlfriend who he'd thought he had a chance to be more than a cover with, was back to being a cover, and to make matters worse, he was still a slave to the Government. Of course there was always the fact that he was still alive, that's a good thing.

He blew out a deep breath as the closeness of the other Buy More employees around him was really making him nervous and a little nauseous. The great Lester Patel had called a meeting and it was taking Chuck all his will power to not get up and walk out of the break room. This suck's he thought.

Chuck couldn't help but let his mind wonder to his recent first real date, or second real date, however one looked at it. Sarah really seemed interested and she looked absolutely amazing in her purple dress. Of course Sarah always looked amazing, but there was something about seeing her as a 'real girl' that just intensified her beauty.

Chuck actually did something his body sure didn't feel like doing up to that point, he smiled. He thought about the almost kiss which he knew was going to happen till he started flashing. Then when he asked her about a gun and she said 'you don't bring a gun on a real date', it just confirmed to him that it was a real date. From that point it was one big nightmare with Casey crashing his car into the restaurant, the massive and very imposing Colt throwing him off a building, and to top it off, the idiots in the Government didn't think to test the Cypher before they used it with the Intersect.

Chuck was depressed once again, thinking of all those lives lost. Graham wasn't his favorite person but he was his boss. They weren't close by any means but it was still somewhat sad that he was dead. Great Chuck thought, as if he couldn't get more depressed.

He recalled being asked something by Lester and in his zombie like state gave a mechanical response, not really caring one way or the other. Luckily the meeting was quickly over and he walked out of the break room with his buddy Morgan, the one bright spot in the cesspool of Chuck's lone and dreary world.

Chuck was trying to find some relief for his depression by pouring out some of his troubles on his best bud. He knew Morgan, for whatever reason, always looked at him with rose colored glasses. His little buddy always treated him like a king and he really could use a lift me up right about now.

"Chuck, I know you're destined for great things. But until that time, no matter how bad it gets, you still get to go home to that." Morgan pointed to the entrance of the Buy More.

Chuck slowly followed Morgan's directional guidance as his gaze fell to the front door. Instantly all his depression seemed to disappear like a magician pulling back the magical handkerchief. His eyes went from a dull glow, to a sparkle of light as they beheld what could possibly be the most beautiful creature on earth.

Time seemed to stand still and as if he was looking through a beautiful prism, Sarah became the only focal point in the entire store. Of course his day dreaming mind took over as he pictured Sarah sauntering towards him in what could possibly be the most erotic dance slash crawl that he'd ever imagined. He had to remind himself to later chide his ungentlemanly like thoughts, but for now he just stood and enjoyed the brief show.

At the last second, as Sarah's gentle hands grabbed a hold of his tie, he leaned forward kissing her softly on the lips. He swore it almost felt like electricity coursing through his whole body, each tendril attacking and eliminating any last remnant of depression and sadness left in him. Wow was she incredible and that is why Chuck had a sudden burst of courage.

"Is that a real kiss?" Chuck placed a loving hand behind her back pulling her up to him. "Or a cover kiss, because I'm really confused right now."

Sarah had to gather her thoughts; she wasn't expecting that adorable look to be on her cover boyfriends face as she walked into the Buy More. Of course by now she should expect it because Chuck always made her feel like the center of the Universe. That had a lot to do with why she put a little more 'non cover' feeling into her kiss. "It's a we have a national security issue and I need to speak to you privately kiss." Ok a little lie.

"See I knew I felt something." God did she felt good against him. Sarah turned and pulled him out the door causing him to reply, "Who's your mamma."

. . .

As they were walking through the door to the Orange Orange, Chuck once again got a fit of courage, falling into what he felt was a playful banter between he and Sarah. "Why don't we blow off this National Security thing and go down to Mexico for a few days. I'll get the daiquiris if the Government picks up the airplane tickets." Chuck put up both hands, "Coach is fine."

Sarah had to school her expression, not wanting to give away to Chuck just how nice that sounded. It still wouldn't work, not now, not with the importance of Chuck being the only Intersect. "Chuck I told you, we can't be together, it would be unprofessional." Well at least it wasn't really a lie.

Chuck followed Sarah into the Freezer not exactly liking her response and momentarily wondering why they were in a freezer. "Wait a minute, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you have a relationship with Bryce Larkin, super spy when you two were working together?"

Sarah turned to face him, trying to be strong, she needed to do this, she was the Agent but it didn't help that once again she had to hurt him with the thought of Bryce. "Bryce is a spy and you're an Asset." Sarah paused at the look of hurt in his eyes, God this sucked. "My job is to protect you."

Sarah was about to turn around when Chuck gently took her arm pleading with her with his eyes to just listen.

"Sarah, but wouldn't us being a real couple just motivate you more to protect me and motivate me to listen to you more?" Chuck without really thinking starting rubbing her arm gently.

Okay, could she really argue that point, her thoughts momentarily going back to their date before Colt showed up. "Chuck it's not that simple, there are rules against a relationship between an Asset and their handler." There, that wasn't too bad.

"Well, was this rule just put in place recently?" Chuck tilted his head waiting for an answer.

"What do you mean, of course not, it's always been there." Sarah was confused at his question.

"So the rule was in place when you were going to shoot Longshore for taking me underground? Or what about the Bryce Bomb at the docs, and the real date, I was still and asset then wasn't I?" Chuck wasn't trying to push her or make her agitated but he had to try and just get her to listen to reason.

Damn why is he always right? "Chuck those were different circumstances." That was weak and she knew she had to get this over with quick or she would lose her resolve.

Chuck lowered his head, realizing that she was trying to fight this and he wasn't sure if she would ever let him in. "All I'm asking for is a chance Sarah."

"A chance Chuck?" Sarah tried to bend her head to look him in the eyes, big mistake.

"I just want a chance to show you this could work. I'm not asking for any kind of commitment or asking you to marry me. I just want a chance to show you we can make this work. We'll go as slow as you want and I swear to you, I will not do anything to jeopardize our work relationship."

Her resolve was quickly crumbling like the Berlin Wall and she was running out of excuses as her heart was waging a war with the inner Agent. "But Chuck, how would we make this work? You know you'd never settle for what I could give you?"

Chuck snapped his head up to her, staring right through her. "You know I hate when you think that. You could never be more wrong. What do you think I want from you?"

She was a little taken back by the intensity of his stare. "You want me to be a normal girl living a normal life with you."

"You're wrong Sarah." Chuck held up one hand telling her to wait a minute as he slowly slid his other hand down her arm to her hand where he held it softly. "All I want from you is a chance to know it's real. I don't care about normal anymore, I don't even want what I thought was normal before." Chuck thought back to Lou and how that didn't work out. "I just want you and to know that it's real. We can pretend it's a cover while were working and under surveillance, but when were alone and not under surveillance then it can be real."

Sarah just stood there, feeling the warmth of his touch as each gentle stroke of his thumb against her hand seemed to wipe away her resolve. She wasn't sure she had anything left.

Chuck took her silence as a hopeful sign. "I swear to you Sarah I'll listen to you, I'll do everything in my power to make this easier on you. I'll stay in the car I'll work my tail off to be a better Intersect. If you just let me in, I swear you won't regret it." Chuck cautiously leaned a little forward, saying a silent prayer that she would let him in.

Sarah could only stare at his warm inviting lips as they agonizingly slowly made their way towards her. It was like a powerful magnet and her body just reacted beyond her control as she reached up and kissed him.

Chuck reached his hands around to the sides of her face as he deepened the kiss, not rushing it, but letting her know that this was more than a cover kiss. This was the sealing of his promises to her that he would make this work.

After a long moment, they both broke the kiss, leaning their foreheads against one another. Sarah spoke first.

"Chuck I can't promise you anything. I don't even know how to make this work." Her words were sincere and heartfelt and that's why it surprised her a bit when Chuck pulled his head back, a stern look on his face.

"Listen Sarah, I've made it more than clear what my feelings are for you. I've committed to making this work and doing everything I can to make it easier on you. But understand something, I'm not going to be some love sick puppy following you around all day waiting for a scrap here or there. I acted like that after our kiss on the dock and I didn't like the result." Chuck was determined to let her know. "I'm putting myself out there too you know, this isn't exactly easy for me either. But I'm willing to fight for us, for this. However, Sarah If you're not willing to fight for us then let me know now and I will reluctantly fall on my sword and walk away."

Sarah could see the conviction in his eyes. She knew he had every right to feel that way. She had strung him along long enough and she didn't blame him for not wanting her to continue doing it. She was struggling with what her heart wanted and what her mind was telling her. "Chuck we just can't do this, I don't see any way this works. I can't be compromised; it could mean life or death for you."

"What do you mean, I don't understand how acting on our feelings for each other would be a bad thing?" Chuck was trying to understand this. He hated that people always did this to him. From his parents to Bryce, he was tired of people trying to take away his freewill to live the life he wanted.

Sarah could see Chuck was really hurt by this and she had to convince him why being compromised would be bad. "Chuck, what if you were taken hostage and I had to take a kill shot, if I was compromised, I don't think I could take the shot."

Chuck shook his head. "And that's a bad thing? What if you missed and shot me and killed me? Is that really what a handler's job is, to take that chance for their asset? Isn't my safety the most important thing?"

Sarah just stared at him, unable to form a logical response. He was right and honestly she wasn't sure she could take the shot now anyway.

"Look Sarah, this is different than before because trust me, I know what you're going through. I've been around you long enough to know a part of what you have to deal with. So I'm not wanting to go into this blindly. I want to work with you; I want to understand you and your concerns even more. And most of all, I want to make this work so I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it easier for you."

Sarah let out a sigh. She just couldn't fight the feeling any longer. She lowered her head and barely above a whisper replied, "Chuck, we have to take this slow. I'll do my best to give you something real, but you have to be patient with me. This will not be easy for me."

Chuck instantly smiled his megawatt smile reserved only for Sarah.

Sarah's heart melted when she saw that smile and no longer did her brain interfere with her heart. She knew she made the right decision. "Slow, and when were alone, it's real." Sarah this time brought her finger up. "But I decide when and where our relationship can be 'real'. And I'm not budging on that."

Chuck leaned down and quickly kissed her. "Fair enough."

Sarah took a quick breath almost forgetting why she got him in the first place. She had to gather herself, burying her sudden feeling of excitement down deep. It would have to wait till tonight. "I want you to come over to my place and we'll talk more tonight okay? And remember, slow." Okay, slow starting after one passionate kiss. Sarah smiled at the look on Chuck's face as she crashed into his lips.

{* * *}

Chuck had made his way to Sarah's apartment, bringing with him one beautiful white gardenia as he made sure to hide it in under his jacket. Sarah had scheduled a meeting with the 'Intersect' to go over how to utilize the information concerning Roan Montgomery. That is what brought Chuck to her apartment tonight.

Chuck knocked on the door, trying to act as normal as he could. It didn't take long and Sarah opened the door, a slight smile on her face.

Sarah quickly ushered him in as she shut the door, taking the beautiful flower from Chuck's outstretched hand.

Chuck just stood there, his hands behind his back, not wanting to push anything.

Sarah saw the strange look on his face. "What?"

"I was… you know… just wondering if it would be okay if I… if I gave you a quick kiss?" Chuck shyly looked into her eyes.

Oh my God is he adorable; remember slow Sarah… She reached up and gave him a quick kiss. "Chuck this is my private residence so there's no surveillance or anything."

"Okay, I just want you to set the pace and I don't want to push anything."

"Well thank you Chuck, but I think it's okay for a boyfriend to kiss his girlfriend." Sarah smiled seeing the sparkle in his gorgeous brown eyes.

"So I'm your boyfriend now?" Chuck couldn't help glowing with happiness at hearing her say that.

"I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works." Okay one more kiss. Sarah kissed him on the lips.

Sarah wanted him to know how proud of him she was for not objecting to helping them find Roan earlier today. She was also very proud of him for not once giving anything away about their 'new' relationship. Matter of fact, if she really thought about it, Chuck was amazing in how he was able to control himself especially around Casey. She was still nervous about this whole thing but it was definitely starting out beautifully.

Chuck loved the softness of her kiss as when they broke it, he gave her a caring hug. "Did I do okay today?"

Sarah loved this feeling as she felt almost safe in his arms. "Mmmmhmm. You were perfect."

"Good, good. Please let me know if I do something I shouldn't or you see me slipping. I don't want to screw this up."

"We just both need to be real careful Chuck no matter where we are." Sarah shyly looked away, knowing that this was going to be just as hard for her.

Chuck kissed her one more time. "So kissing and snuggling is okay right?"

Sarah just smiled, "Yes kissing and especially snuggling is okay."

"What about if were on an overnighter, and one of us forgets our tooth brush, do we share?" Chuck tried to hold back his laughter.

"I'm ready to share a toothbrush with you." Sarah smirked at him.

"Okay, one of us has to use the bathroom, door open or shu…"

"Shut, always shut." Sarah was not ready for that, maybe ever.

"Touché. I definitely agree with that." Chuck walked over to the couch, holding Sarah's hand as she walked with him, both sitting comfortably close to one another.

"Sarah, what about when were on a mission?" Chuck raised his free hand, knowing she was going to object. "No I understand no 'real' on a mission. But is there something we could do, you know like a hidden code, just to let each other know that we're 'really' thinking about each other?" Chuck turned to look at her.

Sarah wasn't too sure about that because it was seriously close to crossing a line. "Chuck I don't think that would be a good idea."

Chuck couldn't hide the slight disappointment as he lowered his head. He still gave her a smile, just happy for what they had now. "Okay, I didn't mean to push. I'm sorry."

Her heart dropped at the look on his face. Argh this was harder than she thought. "Well, what about if we use the okay sign?" She knew she'd cave.

Chuck's smile brightened. "Are you serious?"

Sarah just shook her head. "Yes." Sarah's heart just warmed exponentially seeing the look of happiness on his face.

"Thank you Sarah. So the okay sign when were on a mission or in public, then we know we're thinking about each other."

Sarah held up a finger, "Now wait a minute, it can't be when we're thinking about each other because then we'd always have are fingers in the okay sign." She couldn't help giggling a bit.

"Okay, I see where you're going with that. Your right, I'd probably have to tattoo the sign above my heart just so my fingers could be free." Chuck let out a little laugh.

Sarah couldn't hide her quick intake of breath at Chuck's statement. That was the most beautiful thing she'd ever heard.

"So we use the sign when we think the other person needs it. You know like if your yelling at me to stay in the car, you just flash me the sign and I know to keep my butt in the car." Chuck gave her a questioning look.

"I think I like the sound of that." Sarah took his hand in hers. "Now let's talk about how this mission with Roan is going to play out."

{* * *}

{Two Days later}

Chuck was remembering the day after they found Roan and he was trying to teach Chuck how to seduce Sasha Bannichek. Chuck was actually quite proud of himself as he acted like he didn't want to kiss Sarah yesterday with Roan. He thought he'd win an Emmy or something until Roan kept prodding him, the mention of Casey kissing Sarah was the last straw. He thought he'd did exactly what he should have, okay maybe the kiss was a little more intense but he definitely wasn't expecting Sarah to excuse herself to 'fix her lipstick'; that kind of put him on the spot.

Sure enough, Roan saw right through him as he told Chuck he'd show him how to get Sarah too. Well it was a little redundant now but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

So that was yesterday and it's been quite the whirlwind since. He was able to recover the real Cypher from Ms. Bannichek, save Sarah and Casey with the help of Roan, and now he was on his way to Sarah's to use the technique Roan taught him.

He quickly looked down, making sure his rented white jacket was not to wrinkly and the red rose and bottle of wine was securely in his hands. He walked down the hall to Sarah's room a certain hop in his step. It took him only a few seconds later to make it to Sarah's door as he now stood in front, waiting to knock.

After a quick breath he knocked on the door. It took only seconds before it opened and he saw his beautiful girlfriend.

Sarah hated herself right now, realizing what a mistake it was to not kick Bryce out sooner. Why wasn't she stronger than that? She didn't have any feelings for Bryce, but she could not let him know about her and Chuck. If he found out, he could ruin them by filling Chuck's head with all kinds of crazy scenarios and they just started this new relationship. "Chuck?"

Chuck just smiled as he was about to lean in to give her a kiss. That's when another hand appeared opening the door wider.

"Chuck Bartowski, so did you miss me?"

Chuck's heart fell as he looked at his former nemesis. "Bryce?"

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