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Chapter 3 - Picture Says A Thousand Words

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"You know Sarah; you really don't have to buy something every time you come see me."

Sarah was standing at the checkout counter. "Chuck, you knew I needed Wi-Fi speakers so I'm just picking them up. I expect you to help me set them up later." Sarah gave him a devious smile.

"What about dinner plans?" Chuck could see Sarah was being playful and he had to be real careful.

"Well sweetie, what are you in the mood for, Thai or Chinese?" Sarah asked in a sing song voice.

"Doesn't matter to me, whatever… you… want." Chuck could tell instantly something was wrong.

Sarah saw the suspicious woman eyeing Chuck as she snaked her arm through his bringing him over near Casey.

Chuck knew something was wrong and so did exactly what Sarah taught him, 'act like nothing's wrong.' "So what time should we have dinner, I'm still a little full from breakfast but anytime is fine, just need to plan for lunch."

Sarah brought him around to Casey, keeping an eye on her tale. "Casey, six o'clock, possible threat."

Casey casually glanced behind him, seeing the perp. "Roger that, secure the Asset at the Orange Orange and I will follow the girl."

Sarah nodded her head in agreement and brought Chuck out of the store and to the Orange Orange.

. . .

Sarah brought Chuck down to Castle and made sure he was secured in the server room, she figured that would keep him out of trouble. "You stay here."

"Sarah what's going on?"

"There's a suspicious POI and until we establish the depth of the threat you're staying put. Don't move, touch nothing." Sarah gave him a stern look. "Wait for me, got it?"

"I know." Chuck mumbled under his breath.

Sarah did a quick scan of the area and grabbed his tie pulling him to her for a quick kiss. "I'll be back."

Chuck laughed, "You're so hot right now."

Sarah just shook her head, playfully slapping his arm. "Remember…"

"I know I know, don't touch anything."

Okay, one more kiss and then she hurried up the stairs to the Orange Orange.

Once his 'distraction' was gone, Chuck finally realized where exactly he was… Heaven that's where. "Oh wow." Chuck's eyes were bulging at the second most beautiful sight he's ever seen. "I can't believe I'm this close to an actual D97 Freon cooled configurable 32 terabyte architecture with modules for crypt analysis and video monitoring. She's so beautiful."

Chuck couldn't help himself as he sat down at the computer terminal. He cracked his knuckles and brought up the display, dying to give this little baby a run. Chuck was running through the surveillance images.

"Huh, the Buy More. The court yard. Awkward." Chuck quickly changed the monitor from Ellie and Devon's bedroom. He settled on the Orange Orange, where he saw Sarah talking to another woman.

Chuck turned up the volume realizing that he probably shouldn't be listening but he really wanted to see his girlfriend in action.

"Jenny. That's it Jenny Burton from James Buchanan High, go Cougars."

Chuck quickly cut the feed. "Oh crap." Chuck face suddenly became really red realizing that he just invaded Sarah's privacy. Sure he was officially her boyfriend now, but he never wanted to push her with things that were private to her. He wanted her to tell him when she was ready and now he just did something so stupid.

Chuck's heart started beating faster the more he thought about it and thought how mad Sarah would be. "I have to make this right."

Chuck seeing that the threat was actually an old high school friend of Sarah's decided to try and sneak by and limit the damage. He quickly ran up the stairs and through the door. He stopped in the freezer to pick up a small tub of Oreo toppings. He then took a deep breath as he walked through the freezer doors into the Orange Orange.

Sarah quickly turned, surprised to see Chuck. "Chuck?"

"Hey, just bringing you the Oreo toppings. Sorry that took so long. I'll be seeing yah." Chuck quickly excused himself as he walked past Sarah's friend who looked to be with another man now, and headed to the door.

"Hi, I'm Heather's husband, Mark Ratner."

Chuck stopped dead in his tracks as he began to flash.

Sarah was still shocked at everything going on, but it didn't keep her from seeing Chuck flash, it was one of those things she was just attuned with.

Chuck quickly turned to face her, making sure to stay out of sight of her friends from High School. 'Sorry' he mouthed as he had a hurt look on his face. He hated doing this to Sarah but they couldn't let this guy go without gathering some more intel. He had to think of something and what better way to find out more than to invite them for dinner.

. . .

"I'm sorry Sarah; I honestly just wanted to see you. I didn't mean to hear your conversation and I swear to you, the minute it got personal I shut it off."

Sarah was pulling him along down the stairs of Castle not believing that he actually set up a dinner date with Heather and her husband. "Chuck that was personal and you had no right to do that."

Chuck stopped causing Sarah to spin around facing him. "Actually I think I do have that right. But for your information, I realized my mistake as I said. But when I flashed on Mr. Ratner, I had to think of something. I'm sorry you still feel you can't share anything personal with you know… your boyfriend." Chuck just shook his head as he walked past her and went to sit down at the conference table.

Sarah just stared at him, stunned that he just left her. She was so frustrated with him right now. She knew Chuck, and sure a small part of her was touched that he didn't try to push her and she did believe him that he cut the feed. That was evident at how fast he came up through the Orange Orange.

She frowned remembering now about how he tried to play it off by acting like he was getting her the Oreo toppings. He didn't even try to push that he was her boyfriend. So why was she so upset with him?

It was then Sarah realized, she wasn't upset with Chuck, she was upset with the fact Heather Chandler, her arch nemesis from High School just showed up back in her life.

She quickly went down the stairs, realizing that she was being unfair to Chuck. It didn't help when she saw the hurt in his eyes as she sat down across from him. She wanted so bad to reach out and hold his hand but of course that couldn't happen in front of Casey. So instead, she clasped her hands together, making an okay sign with her right hand so Chuck could see it.

Her heart melted when she saw the sudden change in Chuck when he looked at her and smiled. He made a quick okay sign near his heart and mouthed to her 'I'm sorry'. She just gave a slight nod, letting him know it would be alright. Everything was going to be fine.

{* * *}

Sarah was finishing getting ready for tonight's dinner which she was forced by Beckman to go to. Even so, she couldn't hide her smile thinking back to how Chuck defended her privacy in front of Beckman. He was so adamant to try and find another way to get information from this Ratner guy, one that wouldn't make her uncomfortable, but of course Beckman took the easy way out and forced them to go to the dinner.

She heard a knock on the door and she quickly ran to make sure it was Chuck.

"Hey Sarah." Chuck waited shyly at the door, not wanting to push anything.

"Well, are you going to come in and give your girlfriend a kiss or stay out there all night?" Sarah was standing in her black dress, waiting for him to come in.

Chuck cautiously stepped through the doorway, making sure to close the door before picking his girlfriend up in his arms and kissing her gently.

"Mmmhmm, that's more like it." Sarah adjusted his jacket as she never moved from his arms.

"I'm so sorry about earlier Sarah. I promise you I don't want to invade your privacy."

"Chuck, it's okay. It just caught me off guard and I wasn't ready to share that part of me with you yet." Sarah could see the sadness in his eyes. "Hey, I just said I wasn't ready yet. I didn't say I never would, I just need some time okay?"

"Fair enough. All I want is for you to share stuff like that with me when you're ready. I never wanted to find out something personal about you from someone else. I want you to want to tell me." Chuck moved a strand of her loose hair behind her ear.

"I know Chuck, and I will, I promise. Just be patient with me okay?" She reached up and gave him another kiss.

"So anything I need to know about tonight or do we just go with our cover stories and work with that?" Chuck took her hand as she walked him near the bathroom so she could finish getting ready.

"Just do me a favor okay, don't freak out if you hear something tonight over dinner. If something comes up, then we'll talk about it when we get home okay?" Sarah hoped that would be good enough. "Just please don't push."

"I won't and I'm sorry you think that way." Chuck let her hand go as he went and sat on her bed.

"That was unfair what I said. I shouldn't jump to conclusions that you would push for more answers." Sarah laughed a little. "I must say this is a different side of you lately. And I really like it." Sarah gave him a wink, trying to lift his spirits.

"Well get used to it. I'm chalked full of surprises." Chuck gave her his special smile, thankful she wasn't still pissed at him.

"Oh yeah?" Sarah scrunched up her face as she looked over at him. "I can't wait to find out what those surprises are."

{* * *}

Chuck was standing outside Sarah's apartment, walking her back after their somewhat successful dinner with the Ratner's. Unfortunately there were a few things that came from the undercover mission. One, Sarah and Chuck would have to go to Sarah's reunion to try and locate the Russian arms dealer, two Ratner thought Chuck was some super spy after Casey came in and took care of the bad guys in the bathroom and then left before Mr. Ratner came out of the stalls, and three Sarah's dad.

Chuck had his hands behind his back as he nervously kicked the door jam to Sarah's room. "I think I'm just going to head back to my apartment." Chuck looked up at Sarah's confused demeanor. "If you need anything just call." He turned to walk away when he heard Sarah call his name.

Sarah really didn't know what to do. The dinner was actually very nice with Chuck being such a gentlemen and even though their covers were not exactly successful careers, the way Chuck talked about her, one would think she was a movie star. He was so thoughtful and concerned when Heather brought up her dad. He even excused himself to use the bathroom so he wouldn't eaves drop into anything.

So she stood there, knowing what she wanted but not allowing herself to just let him in, both figuratively and relatively. But seeing even now, he was willing to give her space, she just didn't want to be without him tonight. "Chuck, please stay."

Chuck turned back to her, almost giving up hope that she would want him to stay. "Are you sure?"

Sarah was shyly gripping the door, leaning her head against it as she pleaded with him to stay. "Yeah."

Chuck stepped through the door and took her hand. He didn't want to push anything so he let her lead, let her dictate the pace of physical contact.

She held tightly to his hand as she pulled him close, giving him a warm, inviting kiss. As it always did, the kiss started off slow but quickly intensified. It wasn't rushed or lustful as so many before were, this kiss had a feeling of softness, comfort, and caring. It was exactly what she needed and why she was so thankful that she agreed to be Chuck's real girlfriend.

"It's going to be okay Sarah. I'll be right there with you and we'll get through this." Chuck knew how uncomfortable she was with going back to her high school reunion.

Sarah walked them around so they could sit on her couch. She brought her legs up as she held his hand in her lap, leaning her head against his shoulder. "Chuck I couldn't do this if you weren't with me."

She felt him squeeze her hand and she was so thankful to have him here. Sure she always had to be the strong one, even growing up, she was never able to just relax and let go. But being her with Chuck, being his girlfriend for real, she found it so easy to just relax and let him take care of her for once. "It's so hard for me when it's something real from my past. I can become anyone in the world that the Agency wants me to be but when it comes to my own personal history, it just scares me. And I never get scared."

"Do you understand a little bit now why I wanted… no why I needed to have something real with you?"

Sarah looked up to his concerned face.

"I had been through so much from my mom leaving, to Stanford, to the Intersect. When you came along, I finally had someone who I really thought cared for me, someone I could talk to about things, someone I know that would keep me safe. It scared me to think that one day you'd be gone and I'd never be able to repay the huge sacrifice that you've made for me." Chuck leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. "I just want you to know that I'll always be there for you Sarah, whenever you need me."

Her heart melted as she felt something deeper transpire between her and Chuck. They had their fair share of death defying moments, but for some reason, this intimate moment between them now meant more than anything they've experienced before. "Chuck, my dad was a con-man."

Chuck stayed neutral; he didn't acknowledge his inner feelings one way or the other. "That must have been tough on you growing up." Chuck put his arm around her comforting her the best he could.

Sarah was trying to hold in her tears as she saw the concerned and caring look in Chuck's eyes. Why did she deserve this man, she just couldn't believe someone like Chuck would ever want her. And instead of him freaking out or judging her because of her dad, his first thought was how it affected her. Her resolve to hold back her past was quickly dissolving as the feeling of being here with Chuck, telling him this detail, was helping her cope so much more.

Chuck seeing her saddened look, and worry about her continued silence, Chuck wanted to comfort her the best he could. "You know Sarah; you are not responsible for the sins of your father. Whether you think so or not, I know who you are now. You're such a caring and compassionate person even in a profession where those two things don't exactly mix. I know you think you've done some bad things, but Sarah the good you do on a daily basis is what defines who you are and trust me, you're amazing."

Okay now she couldn't hold back as a tear fell from her eyes. Her sudden feelings toward Chuck scared her in its intensity. She'd never felt like this before and she most definitely did not know how to act or what to say. Well there was one thing she knew she wanted to do, she just hope Chuck felt the same way.

Sarah scooted sideways, as she gently pulled Chuck down on top of her as she moved down the couch. She needed the feeling of his whole body on her and it didn't matter whether it was uncomfortable or not, all she cared about was having his body crushing into her.

Chuck was surprised at her brashness as he maneuvered himself carefully on top of her. He was not rushing anything or letting this turn into something more. He just let her lead and he wanted to comfort her in any way she wanted. He just stared into her eyes as he hovered over her, trying his hardest to show his love and care towards her.

Sarah was having a hard time keeping it together, let alone being able to focus. Chuck's warmth and the wonderful feeling of him on top of her was just pushing her emotions over the edge. "I'm so sorry for not letting you in sooner Chuck. You were right, you've always been right."

"Hey don't beat yourself up over this Sarah. We're both new at this kind of relationship and you had a job to do. I had no responsibility so of course it was a little easier for me to push it. But trust me; I don't blame you at all. If anything, my respect for you is off the charts for what you had to go through. "

Sarah was biting her lower lip, she wanted him to stay the night with her, she wanted to just have him hold her all night. But the damn job once again would get in their way. Casey would definitely expect something if Chuck didn't go back home. It was bad enough the last few days they've spent more time at her hotel than possibly the entire time she's been here. This sucks she depressively thought to herself. "I want you to stay Chuck."

Chuck gave her a slight frown, he knew the rules and they just couldn't take the chance. "I want to stay too, more than you can imagine." He leaned down to kiss her lips ever so softly. "But we can't chance it can we?"

Sarah couldn't speak, she wasn't sure she'd have the strength to say what needed to be said anyway. All she could do is shake her head in agreement.

"You know I hate to leave you?" Chuck gave her a comforting look as he desperately wanted the pained look in her eyes to disappear.

Sarah reached up one hand to stroke his cheek. "I know."

"Will you please call…" Chuck suddenly had a thought. He took out his phone as he initiated the camera app. He looked at Sarah for approval and she just nodded her head. He leaned down so both their cheeks were touching as they turned to the camera. "Say cheese."

Sarah couldn't help but smile at her adorable boyfriend as the flash from the camera phone lit up her apartment.

"Not bad, I like it." Chuck showed Sarah the picture. He could tell by the warmth in her eyes that she really liked the picture.

Sarah then took out her phone and gave it to Chuck. "One for me?"

Chuck looked at the locked screen. He then tried to give the phone back to Sarah. "Hey, just unlock and I will take it." Chuck turned his head as to not look while Sarah was supposed to enter the code.


Chuck shot his face back around to her, a questioningly look on his face. "Sarah, that's my birthday."

Sarah looked shyly away. "I know."

Chuck just gave her the biggest smile as he entered his birthday in her phone unlocking it. He then took the same picture he did before except this time Sarah kissed his cheek as he took the picture causing a huge smile to spread across his face.

Sarah looked at the picture and her heart melted. That smile made everything better… always. She took her phone and held it to her chest, knowing that she'd be staring at that photo till she fell asleep tonight.

"Okay, I have to get back. I'm going to miss you like crazy." He rested his forehead once again against hers.

"Same." Sarah rubbed her nose against his. "I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Will you please stop by the Orange Orange before you go to work? We'll play it off like planning for the Reunion."

Chuck let out a quick breath, God this was so hard. "Sweet dreams?"

"I hope so. Drive safe okay?"

"Definitely. By Sarah." He kissed her one more time as he got up and walked out the door. He never noticed Sarah turn on her side, both hands holding her phone as she stared at their most recent picture. He never saw the tear fall as the deadliest CIA Assassin known to man was brought to her emotional knees by the simplest of things. A picture of her boyfriend.