TITLE:  "A Little Bit of Fluff"

AUTHOR:  Ardeth Saunders [a.k.a., Cruecial or Cruecial411]

RATING:  R [language and sexual content]

SYNOPSIS:  Absolutely no plot, just fun, fun, fun.

DISCLAIMERUC:  Undercover and its cast of characters belong to the writers, creators, NBC, and a dozen others.  NO infringement intended.  All other original characters belong solely to the sick, twisted, and vivid imagination of the author.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  The following fic will probably not have much of a plot, nor will it be very lengthy.  As the title suggests, it's a bit of fluff and is meant to be a fun little jaunt with the characters I enjoy writing endlessly about [namely Donovan and Loralei].  After all the hell I've put Donovan and Loralei through, I thought it was time for something light.  I do enjoy writing about intense situations and psychotic characters [duh], but I thought I'd put that to rest for a bit.  I hope you enjoy the fluff, the mush, and yes…the SEX.  Okay.  There.  I said it!  HA!  As always, I appreciate all feedback, negative as well as positive.  I have truly enjoyed delving into the world of UC fanfiction.  THANK YOU!



"Oh my God," Loralei exclaimed as she dropped a box into the middle of the room.  She collapsed onto the floor dramatically and propped her hands behind her head.  "I will never move again.  We will stay here until we're old and toothless."

Earlier that day, most of their furniture had been moved in and Loralei stood and directed the movers where to put everything.  Donovan had stood back with his hands in his pockets.  At first, he tried to give his opinion on where things should be, but she overruled him.  Eventually, he backed off and watched her with a little smile.  She reminded him of an overwrought Marine colonel.  And she says I'm bossy.

Amused, Donovan glanced down at his wife.  How in the hell could she plop down so unceremoniously on that hardwood floor?  If he tried that trick, he wouldn't be able to walk for six months.  "I hope you know you can't stay there that long.  We still have to unpack some stuff, and then there's Rachel.  We can't burden Angie all night."  He approached her and stood over her.  Presenting his hand, he said, "Come on, give me your hand, and I'll help you up."

She smiled up at him.  "Uh uh.  No way.  I'm staying here until dawn.  You can work around me.  I promise I won't get in your way."

He shook his head incredulously.  "Come on, Loralei.  If you don't get up, I'll pick you up."

She laughed.  "Will you now?"  She crossed one leg over the other, obviously showing him she intended to make herself even more comfortable than she already appeared to be.  "So, if you got it in you, knock yourself out."

Her mischievous grin did two things to him.  The first was slight annoyance.  She had and always would be an incredible tease.  The second, of course, was a little subtler, but a bit more urgent.  How she loved challenging him, but that was fine with him.  He didn't mind taking it.  In fact, he was quite up to it.  Suddenly, unexpectedly, he grasped her arms and lifted her body off the floor.  She thought he would let her go after that, but he had something else in mind.  He threw her body over his shoulder and was heading for the stairs.  The bed was set up, but it just hadn't been made.  However, that thought was inconsequential.  Before his foot touched the first stair, they heard a loud, but embarrassed ahem.  Donovan's back was turned to the door, and he couldn't see their visitor.  Loralei looked up and gave an embarrassed four-finger wave.

"Are we caught," Donovan whispered from the corner of his mouth.

Does he think he's trying to outwit a suspect or something?  What's next?  Whipping out our code names?  "Uh, yes, methinks we are," she whispered back to him.  "Put me down, you big turd."

With a little smile, he set Loralei down on her feet, and they turned around to face the young woman who stood tentatively in the doorway.  She was their next-door neighbor, if one could call her that.  Her house was actually a bit further down the road than 'next-door,' but she lived within walking distance.  The three of them stood staring at each other with pinked cheeks, ears, and necks.  Actually, Donovan wasn't that embarrassed, he always felt like a goofy kid when he was with Loralei.  She had an infectious child-like quality that radiated out and affected everyone around her.  Neither of the Donovans could remember her name.  He felt Loralei poke him in the side as if prompting him to tell her the woman's name. 

"I'm sorry," she said with a slight Southern accent.  "Did I interrupt something?"

Loralei couldn't control her laughter any longer.  She turned around and heehawed until she thought she might vomit.  Donovan was controlling his own laughter amazingly.  She didn't know how he could do it.  The woman stood quietly in the doorway, politely gazing at the couple, perhaps wondering if they were serial murderers trolling the neighborhood for victims.  Donovan playfully elbowed his wife in the ribs.  Knock it off, the gesture said.  She couldn't, no matter how hard she tried.  Oh, is losing one's mind part of growing older, she thought before breaking into yet more braying laughs.

Oh, what the hell.  "No, you didn't," Donovan said.  "Please forgive us."  Stage whispered to Loralei:  "My wife especially."  His own hearty laughter was threatening to overtake him.  "Please, excuse us.  It's been a long day, and we're a little crazy."

She nodded and smiled.  "I understand.  Move ins are always interesting.  I'm Kara, Kara Everett."

Thank God she said her name, I never would have remembered, he thought.  Turning toward his wife, he gently took her by the arm and turned her back around.  She had finally stopped laughing, but there were tears streaking down her cheeks, and she was biting down hard on her bottom lip.  "I'm Frank, and this is my wife, Loralei."

Loralei wiped her tears away and exhaled a deep breath.  "I'm sorry, really.  He's right; it's been a bit hectic.  Lots of changes.  Please come in."  I'd ask her to sit down, but the furniture is covered in boxes.  That thought almost sent her off again, but she fought it back.

She entered the living room and approached them.  "I can't stay very long, I just wanted to drop in and say hello again.  This house was empty for so long.  Didn't I see you come in yesterday with a baby?"

"Yes," Donovan said.  "We have a daughter, she's almost eight-months old."

"How sweet," she said with a smile.  "From what I saw, she's a beautiful baby.  If you ever need a sitter, don't hesitate to call.  Once again, I'm sorry for barging in on you, but I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."

"Thank you, we do appreciate it," Loralei said with a smile.

Their new neighbor had been gone approximately five seconds before Loralei approached Donovan and wrapped her arms around his waist.  He was standing on the bottom stair.  "Weren't we in the middle of something," she asked.

He tapped his chin thoughtfully.  "I think so," he said.  "Hmm, weren't we after some boxes out in the truck?"

"No," she said, placing a kiss on his lower chest.  "Don't think so."  She moved away after a moment, and climbed up a step behind him.  She ran her hand along his side and progressed up another couple of steps.  "Would you rather continue to unload the truck, or would you prefer to go upstairs?  You know, we have yet to make love in our new house.  Don't you think it's about time we did?  No interruptions, baby, I closed and locked the front door.  What do you say?"

He turned toward her with a sigh.  "Loralei, we still have so much to do.  We have to finish unloading, we need to pick up Rachel, and both of us have to get back to the grind in less than forty-eight hours."

"Okay," she said, resigned.  "You win."  She tried to make her way past him, but he took hold of her arm. 

"What are you doing," she asked mocking his patented eyebrow lift. 

"Have you ever made love on a flight of stairs," he asked with a grin.

"Not that I recall," she told him, keeping her eyebrow lifted.

"Neither have I."  He kissed her very gently.  "There's always a first time for everything."

"Will you promise not to break my neck?"

He laughed.  "I'll promise not to try."

*  *  *

Loralei came into the bedroom running a brush through her damp hair.  There wasn't any furniture in the room yet save for their bed.  The movers would bring the rest of their things in the morning.  Donovan had already climbed beneath the lone blanket that covered the bed.  She wasn't certain, but she thought he was already asleep.  She glanced out the window.  It was nice to look out and see woods and grass rather than concrete and skyscrapers.  It wasn't that she hated the city, but this was a nice change.  Their bedroom was gigantic, almost big enough to make into two rooms.  Like downstairs, several floor-to-ceiling windows also surrounded it.  She almost hated the thought of putting up blinds.  However, the view was lovely only at night, and she was sure that she didn't want to be awakened every day by the blaring sun.  Her husband and daughter might be early risers, but she was not.  She wondered what the hell they were going to do with such a large room.  Their old bedroom was three times as small. 

"Rachel settled in," Donovan suddenly asked.

She turned toward the bed.  He had propped up on one elbow and was watching her intensely.  "Yeah.  I think the size of her room freaked her out a little, but she finally passed out.  And tomorrow night, you get the ultimate joy of coaxing her to sleep.  I think you cheated on the coin toss."

"Nope," he said.  "I won fair and square.  Besides, that little tryst on the stairs wore me out.  You should have volunteered, should have felt sorry for me."

She shook her head.  "Poor baby.  Who's got the creases in her ass?  Baby, I'm all for experimentation, but if you ever want to have sex on a staircase again, you're going to fly solo."

"Aren't you coming to bed?  Or would you rather sleep in the window seat?"

She didn't immediately move away from the window.  She ran the brush through her hair a few more times.  "Hmm, not sure.  At least the window seat is cushioned, unlike the damn stairs.  I'll be along in a minute."  She left for a moment before returning.  She noticed that Donovan was still propped on his arm, gazing at her curiously.

"Where did you go," he asked.

"Man hunting.  What do you think?  I had to put away my brush.  You didn't want me to drag it into bed with me, did you?"

"Nope.  Getting a spanking with a brush doesn't appeal to me.  I'm all for kinky shit, but not that kinky."  He threw back the blanket for her.

She immediately noticed he was without attire and a little on the frisky side.  "Damn, Frank.  You are insatiable.  I would have hated to have been your girlfriend when you were at your sexual peak." 

She slid into bed beside him and drew the blanket over her body.  He kissed her ever so gently, but as usual, the kiss deepened when he felt her lips part against his.  Her tongue teased his and danced over his teeth.  She drew away suddenly, startling him a little.  Oh God, don't tell me she's going to tease me.  I can't handle it, he thought.  Of course, she would do exactly what he hoped she would not.

"You know," she said, "I've been thinking.  We have this huge house with tons of room in it, a couple of extra bedrooms, the whole nine yards.  What bedrooms we don't have are made up for by floor space."

"Loralei, what the hell are you talking about," he asked peering at her incredulously.

She smiled.  "I'm getting to it, Frank.  I have to set things up, you know.  We have a long weekend coming up in a few weeks, and if something huge doesn't come in, why don't we invite some people over for like a mini-vacation of sorts.  They could stay here through the weekend, and we could have a house warming party and everything."

"Who are we talking about inviting?"

Loralei kissed his lips and giggled at the serious, stoic expression on his face.  He knew where she was going.  Besides, she wanted to play cupid as well.  "Alex, Jake, Cody, Monica, maybe even your brother if you don't object.  Some of them [Alex and Jake] might even want to spend the weekend.  What do you say?"

"Loralei, what are you up to," he asked suspiciously.

She laughed and kissed his eyebrow that seemed eternally lifted.  "Nothing," she said innocently.  "I miss everybody.  I haven't really seen them since I came back from D.C.  Come on, Frank, don't be such a fuddy duddy.  It'll be fun."

"It might be weird," he admitted, "but I don't know about fun.  Are you sure about putting Alex and Farron together?"

"Oh, sure," she said.  "Alex said they were okay.  Your brother is hard to shake anyway.  If you're worried, I'll run it by Alex and see what she says.  What do think?  Do you want to do this?"

He reached over and ran his hand through her damp hair.  "Do I have a choice," he asked with a smile.  "Really, Loralei, I have no problem with it.  I just don't want this to turn into something awkward.  You realize Farron and Jake don't get along?"

"Mmm hmm, I know.  But I think they'll be okay around each other, especially now."

"Especially now?"  He gazed at her curiously and repeated, "What are you up to, Loralei?"

She laughed a little before kissing him.  "Nothing, really.  So, is that a yes?"

He shrugged.  "A tentative one.  Make love to me, and it'll become a definite yes."

She laughed again.  "Oh ho, isn't this rich?  Former hostage negotiator blackmailing me?"  She drew a finger down the middle of his chest.  "Well, work on me a little, and we'll see."

"I'll be happy to oblige," he said against her lips.