A/N: I must be insane starting another fic the same day I already ended one! But maybe this will get the canon trolls off my back lol (and anway I came up with my own inspiration list and then outlined the entire thing in two hours, plus got a bunch of chapters banged out already ^^; )

I can ship whatever I want, whoever I want, it just so happens I ship multiple ships. Deal with it.

So! As promised in Touching Fates, here's the NarutoxHinata drabblefic! With a side pairing of SasukexSakura. To be honest, it's been a plot bunny hopping around in my mind for awhile. :)

This is a DRABBLEFIC meaning each chapter rounds in at 100 words. Please don't complain about the length, you have been warned.

WARNINGS: This fic is based on CANON. If you're not up to date in the manga, there are mentions of character deaths, events, and relationships etc.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto. I write this for my own entertainment and the entertainment of others.

Chapter One: Return

He took a deep breath and stepped through the gates. Konoha had changed while he'd fought in the war.

He didn't recognize much of it, and his heart fell.

However as he walked through the streets and was greeted with smiles and cheers he realized it wasn't just Konoha that had changed.

"Naruto-kun!" A soft voice gasped, and he turned and a small smile tugged his lips. Her face was flushed red and she looked as nervous as she always did around him. Only recently he came to understand why.

"Hello Hinata-chan!" He smiled wider and waved enthusiastically.